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J & J. The two young Frenchmen, about 20, had both come from Bayonne. One was Joseph [Joseph Daumale] and the other Joachim [John Maura]. It was the Gay Nineties, what in Paris were called the bastringues. They put together a comedy act called J & J. [1946-NEW]

J&  JA  JE  JI  JO  JU  



Jack, Tattoo. see: Tattoo Jack

Jack the Ripper. M had been studying all the historical cases which bore some resemblance... Jack the Ripper, the Düsseldorf Vampire, the Viennese lamplighter, and the Pole who operated among the farms in the Aisne Department.... The proprieter of the Brasserie Dauphine said some people said the killer would never be caught, like Jack the Ripper. [1955-TEN]

Jacob. The postman told M Émile Gallet recevied letters from M. Jacob every few months, cheap blue envelopes Gallet had asked him to hold at the post office for him.... One of the words in the documents reconstructed by Moers was Clignancourt. Another was Monsieur Jacob.... The oldest newspaper dealer in the neighborhood, had his stall on the corner of Rue Clignancourt and Boulevard Rochechouart. Received a parcel once a month, probably banknotes. Daughter a housemaid in a furnished flat in the Rue Lepic, pregnant. M. Émile Gallet had once come looking for him. [1930-GAL]

Jacob Levy. see: Levy, Jacob

Jacob, Rue. [Paris. 6e, Luxembourg. from Rue de Seine to Rue des Saints Pères]

Philippe de Moricourt's last address was a furnished house on the left bank of Paris, Rue Jaccob, 17b. [1949-AMI]

Jules Jules Piquemal lived at the Hôtel du Berry, Rue Jacob. [1954-MIN]

John Arnold and Muriel Halligan had gone for lunch at a little restaurant on the Rue Jacob which looked like a bistro but was very expensive. Torrence had followed them there said the food was marvelous but the prices were steep. [1957-VOY]

Comte Armand de Saint-Hilaire's nephew, Alain Mazeron, was an antique dealer in the Rue Jacob. [1960-VIE]

Nicole Prieur said she remembered passing the Rue Jacob with M after they left Chez Désiré, and going down a little street into a bar. [1964-DEF]

M said François Ricain had mentioned the Zero Club, near the Rue Jacob, where Walter Carus often went. [1966-VOL]

Jeanne Chabut said her father had a bookshop on the Rue Jacob, not far from the École des Beaux-Arts., where all the best antique shops were. [1969-VIN]

Jacobs. Brand of clay pipes. M. Jacob had a hooked nose like on those, and a forked beard. [1930-GAL]

Jacquart. Jacquart came to relieve Sergeant Simon at 7:00 am. [1950-PIC]

Jacqueline. One of Mme. Parendon's best friends, the wife of the Minister of the Interior. [1968-HES]

Jacqueline Beaudet. see: Beaudet, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Lussac. see: Lussac, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Page. see: Page, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Rousselet. see: Rousselet, Jacqueline

Jacquemain. On the same floor of the little hotel in which M first lived in Paris, on the Left Bank, was a man called Jacquemain, about 40 who interested him. He once met him at the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Michel talking to someone who would have been described, at that period, as an 'apache'. M was on the point of taking a job at a firm that made passementerie, on the Rue des Victoires. Jacquemain walked with him to the Palais de Justice, the Police Judiciaire, and that night, walking up and down the Seine, talked about his job as a police inspector. He was killed three years later, in the neighborhood of the Porte d'Italie, hit in the chest by a bullet not intended for him. His photograph hangs among the rest in one of those black frames. [1950-MEM]

Jacques. Husband of Françoise, Aurore Gallet's sister, owner of "one of the biggest tanneries in the Vosges." [1930-GAL]

Jacques d'Anseval. Anseval, Jacques d'. [1948-PRE]

Jacques Fleury. see: Fleury, Jacques

Jacques Huguet. see: Huguet, Jacques

Jacques Mercier. see: Mercier, Jacques

Jacques Pétillon. see: Pétillon, Jacques

Jacques Riolle. see: Riolle, Jacques

Jacques Rivaud. see: Rivaud, Jacques

Jacques Sainval. see: Sainval, Jacques

Jacquin. Jacquin went to question the woman who lived in the house in Rue Tholozé, with a studio at the back of the court, an ex-café-concert singer. [1950-PIC]

Jacquot. Véronique Lachaume's boyfriend was called Jacques Sainval, 44, 23 Rue de Ponthieu. His real name was Arthur Baquet. She called him Jacquot. He called her Nique. [1958-TEM]

Jadin. The old woman told M that Lucile Duffieux's teacher's name was Mme. Jadin, who lived near the cemetery, in a new house with the front painted yellow. [1947-VAC]

Jadot. A call came in from Jadot, the Superintendent [Police Commissioner in Hamilton] of the 15th. Gérard Sabin-Levesque's body had been found in the Seine. [1972-CHA]

Jaguar. Marco Paverini said they'd left in Anna de Groot's Jaguar. [1957-VOY]

Returning to the Avenue Junot, Langeron had seen a yellow Jaguar outside Norris Jonker's house, with a red "TT" in the license plate. [1963-FAN]

Oscar Coutant told M that Nicole Prieur was in what they called the Étoile set, drove to school in Jaguars and Ferraris. Most of the group lived near the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foch, and so on. Martinez, the son of a South American ambassador drove an open blue Ferrari. Another, son of Dariman, of the chemical company. They went to a club on the Avenue de la Grande-Armée, or near there, called the Hundred Keys Club. [1964-DEF]

Évelina Nahour and Vicente Alvaredo, who had been let out through a side door, got into the Alfa-Romeo [Jaguar in Penguin] and drove off to an unknown destination. [1966-NAH]

Fernand Courcel drove a pale blue Jaguar convertible. [1968-ENF]

Oscar Chabut's car was a red Jaguar. [1969-VIN]

A red Jaguar pulled up, Manuel Mori's car. [1971-IND]

Jaja. 45-50, fat, smiling, self-confident, the owner of Liberty Bar.... Fat Jaja said she'd owned Liberty Bar 15 years. Had been married to an Englishman who'd been an acrobat, so English sailors used to come. He'd drowned in a regatta. [1932-LIB]

Jaja, one of the regulars at the Hôtel Beauséjour, came in while they were talking. [1942-FEL]

Jalon, Marie. There was an old woman at work in the kitchen, Marie Jalon. [1972-CHA]

Jamar. Dr. Jamar was the police doctor, also in charge of one of the departments of the local hospital. [1947-VAC]

James. James cornered M at the Vieux Garçon, and enlisted him to play the notary.... Feinstein said that James worked at an English bank in the Place Vendôme. Usually could be found in one of the bars in the Rue Royale. [1931-GUI]

Harry Brown told James to take the telephone to the next room. [1932-LIB]

James Fenimore Cooper. see: Cooper, James Fenimore

James Stuart. see: Stuart, James

Jamet, Félicien. Félicien Jamet, the mayor (called Félicien) wore an ironmonger's grey smock, very long. Kept the grocer shop next to the Arche de Noé. Brought M to the town hall to be used for interrogations: single room with benches, table, flags for July 14, bust of the Republic. [1949-AMI]

Jamin. Janvier had Lourtie, Jamin and Lagrume out checking the possible places Marinette Augier might be, one in each district, though all were outside of the Seine district... [1963-FAN]

Jamin had found the old flower seller whom M. Charles had bought from the night of the 18th. [1972-CHA]

Jaminet. A man named Jaminet, a bookmaker, had presented a check at the Brussels office of the Société Générale, for 280,000 francs. [1939-MAJ]

Janin. Lucas called the police station in the Goutte d'Or district, near Boulevard Rochechouart, and asked to speak to Janin. Lucas told him about Pierrot [Pierre Eyraud] and to wait for Janvier. [1953-TRO]

Janin phoned to say that Ferdinand Fumal's secretary was waiting for him, in the waiting room. [1956-ECH]

There were 3 men in the inspectors' office when M arrived at the Quai des Orfèvres with Jenny and Gisèle Marton. He picked Janin at random to stay with the two women. The other two were Baron and Bonfils. Asked him to take Jenny to the green office while he interrogated Gisèle. [1957-SCR]

M sent Janin with Vacher, to stay at the garage with Torrence. [1962-COL]

M called Lucas at the PJ, told him to go to the Rue des Acacias and bring Janin with him... Janin was skinny, when he walked he flung out his left leg. He always seemed to expect to be beaten. [1965-PAT]

M called Lucas when he returned from Toulon and asked who was available. Neveu, Janin, Lourtie. M said he wanted a 24-hour watch on Angèle Louette. Janin was on duty when M arrived at her apartment. [1970-FOL]

Janin, Émile. A telegram came from the Flying Squad at Nantes. The corpse had been identified as Dr. Émile Janin, 35, Rue des Églises, Nantes. Medical School at Montpellier University, born in Roussillon, two years resident at Sainte-Anne's (so he had experience with psychiatric cases); had been ship's doctor on the Vengeur, sailed on a world cruise. [1940-JUG]

Janin, Gaston. Gaston Janin, the short man with the beard, was a sculptor in Paris, Rue Lepic. [1930-31-PHO]

Janiveau, Berthe. Age 23. Joseph Mascouvin's foster sister. Stenographer at a travel agency on Boulevard de la Madeleine, but took the métro another four stops that morning to Châtelet, to see M in the Palais de Justice. Lived in two rooms and a kitchen not far from Place des Ternes. Her father, a carpenter in a village not far from Clermont (Clermont-Ferrand), had adopted Mascouvin, an orphan. She had been sent to a convent school at Montmorency by Mascouvin when her parents died, where she stayed till she was 18. Then Mascouvin rented the place near Place des Ternes for her, 5th floor, elevator. A quiet street, contasting with the noise and bustle of Place des Ternes. [1941-SIG]

Janvier. see Maigret's Faithful Four (Les quatre fidèles de Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

Joseph Heurtin had headed off towards Boulevard Arago. Dufour and Janvier were following him.... Janvier was only 25 [20 years younger than M], and he sounded on the verge of tears.... Janvier, like all beginners, thought he was playing his part well, by hiding behind a newspaper whose pages he never turned.... Johann Radek said that Janvier had already made a pass at a little dark girl. [1930-31-TET]

M had Janvier try to locate Lola, who'd been at the Bar des Églantiers. M said for all he knew she may have married an English lord by now. [1931-GUI]

Janvier informed the District Police Superintendent, the people from the DPP, and the Records Department, while M paced the room scowling. [1936-fen]

Inspector Janvier and Sergeant Lucas took it in relays, and M had put in 100 hours already. [1936-pei]

Who would have guessed that the tall, thin, somewhat clumsy waiter at the Tonnelet Bourguignon was Inspector Janvier. [1937-38-sta]

Inspector Janvier came in and verified Georges Bompard's address. He'd been a commerical traveler. [1937-38-eto]

Janvier had followed a likely subject. Called in from the Nain Jaune bar in the Boulevard Rochechouart. Said his man [Stephan Strevzki] had thrown something into the Seine as they crossed a bridge. [1939-hom]

M heard Lucas' kindly voice, reporting that Janvier had been following Ellen Darroman.... M spoke to Lucas from Cannes, where he learned of Justin Colleboeuf's murder. [1939-MAJ]

At Le Vieux Normand, a little café on Rue Saint-Antoine. Janvier had been there since 7:00 am. seated at one of the tables he could keep watch on the Hôtel des Arcades. Reported that 'they were all tucked up safe and sound - the woman has just got back'. Lucas was at his post.... Janvier had called about the Poles, but M didn't want to hear about them. [1940-CEC]

In Paris M would have had his trusted team to call on, Lucas, recently promoted to Inspector, Janvier, Torrence, and all the boys in Criminal Records and Forensics.... Any one of his staff at the Quai des Orfèvres, Lucas or Janvier for instance, would have recognized the signs at a glance. Someone was "in for it." [1940-JUG]

Janvier joined M on the street when he left the Octave Le Cloaguens. M told him to stay near the house.... On the Boulevard des Batignolles, not far from the lights of Place Clichy [Place de Clichy] , Janvier got up now and then to stroll under the trees. Torrence walked along the Boulevard, looking for Janvier, to relieve him. [1941-SIG]

Félicie said she'd changed trains six times to shake the tall man with red hair. M thought it must have been Janvier, who'd got on her track as soon as the mechanic, Louvet, set her down at Porte Maillot.... Janvier went on to say, in those flat tones of his which to some seemed to denote callousness, "It's in the bag." [1942-FEL]

If M had been in his own jurisdiction he would simply have called Janvier and had him follow Justin Cavre. [1943-CAD]

At 2:00 Lucas had come in to talk to him about a case of currency fraud, then about Inspector Janvier, whose wife was expecting another child. [1945-pip]

Lucas said he'd have Janvier check on Amorelle and Campois. [1945-FAC]

Janvier was questioning the tradespeople of the Quai de la Mégisserie and the Quai du Louvre. [1946-pau]

Joseph had been a waiter for 10 years at the Brasserie Dauphine, had become friends with Janvier, and had married his sister-in-law. Joseph called Janvier to come over and check out his strange customer, Raymond Auger. [1946-obs]

M called to Janvier and Lucas. Told them to take the Commodore's tie and shoelaces, and put cuffs on him. [1946-mal]

M called Police Headquarters in Paris, spoke to Janvier, to have him see if anyone had come for letters at the poste restante for Émile Duffieux. Said to give his regards to Marie-France. [1947-VAC]

Janvier said he'd checked restaurants as far as the Faubourg-Montmartre [Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre] and that Torrence had reached the Place Clichy [Place de Clichy].... M asked Janvier to keep watch till 9, when Lucas would relieve him.... M sent Janvier over to Aux Caves du Beaujolais. [1947-MOR]

One of the inspectors who interrogated Caracci regarding the shooting in front of his club, along with Torrence, Sergeant Lucas, and M. His wife had a baby while M was in Porquerolles. [1949-AMI]

Janvier lived not far away, in the Rue Réaumur... Janvier was standing on a table reading a newspaper article to everyone when M walked in. [1949-MME]

Lucas said that it was Janvier who'd been putting a copy of the novel on M's desk every day.... Little Janvier as M always called him, was still at the Quai des Orfèvres. Did they still call him Little Janvier? In his last letter he'd said his daughter was engaged to a young man from the École Polytechnique. [1950-MEM]

M took Janvier with him to Arlette's, since Lucas and Lapointe were at Quai de Javel.... Janvier said his wife was waiting for him and that the baby woke them early. [1950-PIC]

M had set Janvier to work. The Police Judiciaire had procured a list of all the passengers who had arrived at Le Havre and Cherbourg in the past few weeks. [1951-LOG]

Janvier had been shot in the chest, taken to Cochin. He had been alone on the street since 7:00. ... Apart from Lucas - his right hand - Janvier had always been his favorite inspector. He had been with M as a youngster, like Lapointe now, and he still sometimes called him "young" Janvier. "Albert," his wife cried out.... It was 9 years since Janvier had introduced M to his chubby-faced fiancée, whose cheeks dimpled when she laughed, and now she already had that sexless, too-serious look... M called Mme. Janvier in Juvisy to pass along the news that Janvier was doing well. Mlle. Clément told M that Janvier was hoping for a girl this time.... M told Mlle. Clément that Janvier had 2 children and a third on the way. [1951-MEU]

M called Janvier, who'd taken his vacation in June, because of a family wedding, and had him check on Guillaume Serre's Dutch wife.... It was Janvier's eldest son's birthday, so M sent him home. [1951-GRA]

Janvier was dictating a letter, and Torrence hadn't yet returned, so M had Janvier go to Rue Popincourt to watch #37B, François Lagrange's. Janvier was waiting at Police Judiciaire when M came back from Jeanne Debul's. He'd left Houard to watch Lagrange's house in the Rue Popincourt. M poured himself a brandy. Janvier had three children, the youngest not a year old. ... M had called him from keeping watch in the courtyard to come up to Lagrange's room, to take Lagrange to the Police Infirmary. [1952-REV]

Neither Lucas nor Janvier, nor even young Lapointe were in the Inspector's office.... Janvier and four colleagues were still checking the hardware stores.... M called his office and Janvier answered, told M the inspectors were out checking the hardware stores about the knife used to kill Louis Thouret. M considered asking him to help Neveu checking the shopkeepers on the Boulevard Saint-Martin, but instead had him send photos to all the newspapers. [1952-BAN]

Of all the officers at the Police Judiciaire, Janvier looked least like a policeman.... M told Moers to send the fingerprints to the Index Office. He told him to give the slippers and dressing-gown to Janvier or Torrence to bring to the shops where they were bought.... Janvier called and said Étienne Gouin had come to Lulu [Louise Filon]'s apartment. He said he had an important operation at the American Hospital at Neuilly that afternoon. [1953-TRO]

Janvier handed them the papers and a pen, to sign their confessions. [1954-JEU]

M said he'd had dinner with the boss and Lucas and Janvier at the Brasserie Dauphine.... M had Janvier check on Blanche Lamotte. Janvier, who had just had his fourth child, made a face when told he might have to play up to her. [1954-MIN]

Lucas said Janvier, Lamaire and Lapointe were available to accompany M to Quai de Valmy,... As Lucas was not there when M arrived with Aline Calas , M had Janvier take her to a room and stay with her. [1955-COR]

M pressed a button on the floor with his foot, and a moment later Janvier came in. [1955-TEN]

Janvier was ill. Lucas too. The inspectors were going down in batches.... M asked if Aillevard were in, but he hadn't come in yet, though Janvier was back. His kids all had the flu. [1956-ECH]

M was annoyed that Janvier, who for the first time was in charge of a major case, had concealed too much from the press. [1956-AMU]

M had once said to Janvier, one night when they were crossing Pont-Neuf returning to the Quai des Orfèvres, that the most frustrating cases are often the ones that start out seeming run-of-the-mill.... M looked around for who to bring with him to the Hôtel George-V. Janvier was there, but working on the robbery with assault. He called to Lapointe to come, and told Lucas where they'd be.... M wondered whether to call Janvier, as well as Lucas and Lapointe, but he lived outside of Paris and would probably take too long finding a taxi. [1957-VOY]

Janvier and Lucas were playing cards, something they did less than three times a year. M asked them if they'd seen Xavier Marton leave, but they hadn't noticed. M had Janvier go to the Grands Magasins du Louvre to look for Marton, pretending to be a customer.... M had Janvier and Lucas go to the Magasins du Louvre, for Janvier to point out Marton to Lucas, who would follow him.... Told M that Marton had spotted him at the Grands Magasins, and had been annoyed. M sent him to Avenue de Châtillon, to enquire discreetly of the neighbors, pretending to be an insurance agent.... Called M while he was interviewing Gisèle Marton, so she wouldn't see him. [1957-SCR]

M told Janvier, who'd just come in, to come with him. [1958-TEM]

M called to Janvier to have him have beer and sandwiches sent up for the Adrien Josset interrogation.... Janvier called M during the Josset interrogation to show him a newspaper with the news of Josset's scene with Annette Duché's father. [1959-CON]

M hadn't mentioned anything about buying the house to Janvier or Lucas, nor to anyone else.... M met Janvier outside the door, who said Lucas had arrested two young men in the robbery of a branch bank in the 20th. They were at the house of the mother of one of the boys. The other had been hiding under the bed and the mother never new. The son 18, friend 20.... M had asked Janvier to trace the call, but he was unsuccessful.... Janvier said he knew the way [to Chelles] as he'd once gone there for lunch on a Sunday with the wife and kids. [1959-ASS]

M chose Janvier to accompany him to the Foreign Ministry at the Quai d'Orsay. [1960-VIE]

Like Janvier, Lucas and a score or so of M's men, Aristide Fumel was of the old school.... M had once overheard Lucas telling Janvier, then a newcomer to the Préfecture, "When he's in a brown study it doesn't necessarily mean he's in a bad temper. [1961-PAR]

Janvier was on vacation, and Lucas had come back the day before, hadn't yet returned to work. [1961-BRA]

Lucas asked M if he should leave Janvier at the Crillon, and M said not too late, that someone should be sent to relieve him.... Janvier called in to say he'd done Boulevard Rochechouart as far as Place d'Anvers looking for links to Léonard Planchon.... Janvier or Lucas had nicknamed Léonard Planchon "the Saturday caller". [1962-CLI]

Janvier was at a nursing home, waiting for his wife to deliver their fourth child. [1962-CLO]

M and Janvier left the office together, around 1:00 am. M had a taxi waiting and dropped Janvier at Châtelet métro station. [1963-FAN]

Janvier drove M to Manuel Palmari's. They drove up the Champs-Élysées, around the Arc de Triomphe, down Avenue MacMahon, to turn left into Rue des Acacias. The district was bourgeois and peaceful.... Lucas and Janvier looked up in suprise when M said he was going to the Chief Commissioner's.... Lucas was away. Young Lapointe was on vacation. Janvier was typing a report. Besides Lapointe, Janvier was the best stenographer [shorthand] in the squad. M dictated his statement to him.... M sent Janvier out with Nicole Prieur's photo, to the Clou Doré to show the waiters, and around the neighborhood.... Janvier had a small car. Lucas was thinking of getting one.... M told Lucas and Janvier he'd been put on leave. [1964-DEF]

"M's longest interrogation", 27 hours, was still being discussed. During that time the waiters from the Brasserie Dauphine never ceased bringing up beer and sandwiches. Lucas and Janvier had participated.... Janvier was leading the investigation of the jeweler's windows burglaries. The last one had been on Thursday, Boulevard du Montparnasse.... Janvier told M the car used in the jewel robbery had been found in a side street in Les Halles.... Janvier had been working with M ever since he'd joined the PJ.... M sent Janvier to go down to the Central Police Station and bring back Fernand Barillard. [1965-PAT]

Apart from his closest collaboarators, like Lucas, Janvier, Torrence, and, more recently, Lapointe, Dr Pardon was M's only friend.... Two black cars pulled up, Janvier and Lapointe. [1966-NAH]

Janvier was wearing a light suit which M had never seen beforem, though it was only the 15th of March.... M had Janvier drive him to the Boulevard de Grenelle to meet François Ricain.... M told Torrence to have Janvier come in to take notes while M questioned François Ricain. [1966-VOL]

M thought of Janvier, who had taken over his office. [1967-VIC]

Took his children to his mother-in-law's at Vaucresson on Sunday. (Monday, March 4). At the morning briefing M mentioned that Janvier was on the point of arresting the man who had killed the postmistress, who was living with a young, pregnant girl.... Janvier relieved Lapointe at the Émile Parendon's. [1968-HES]

M looked uncertainly from Janvier to Lapaointe, both at their desks. He finally told Janvier to call Moers and ask him to join them at 17B Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.... They got into one of the little row of black cars parked in the forecourt, with Janvier at the wheel.... Janvier said he'd spent Sunday at his sister-in-law's. There was a fair in the market place and the children spent a small fortune shooting at clay pigeons. [1968-ENF]

M told Janvier to come in after he'd finished what he was typing. Asked if there was a car free in the car-park and had him drive him to the Rue Popincourt, near Rue du Chemin-Vert.... M sent Janvier to Records in the morning. The name was Julien Mila: Mila, Julien Joseph François, born in Marseilles, bartender, bachelor... Last address a furnished room in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. Served two years of a four-year sentence for an armed robbery at a factory entrance in Puteaux.... Janvier said he'd like to go home as it was the birthday of one of his children. March 19, Wednesday. M said to wish him a happy birthday.... Janvier said Sunday was his day for mother-in-law and the children's mothers and aunts. [1969-TUE]

Janvier was on another case. M had Mme M call Lucas to pick him up. [1969-VIN]

M was in conference with Janvier and Lapointe when Old Joseph came in with Léontine Antoine's request to see M. [1970-FOL]

Janvier and Torrence had taken their holidays in July. M would have taken Janvier with him, but it was essential to have someone in charge at the Quai des Orfèvres who could be thoroughly relied on and who was capable of acting on his own initiative. M was surprised to find Janvier at the office when he called on his return from La Baule. There'd been an armed robbery in a post office. Janvier was the only one whom M regularly addressed by the familiar tu, though occasionally he did so to Lapointe, the most junior of the officers. [1971-SEU]

M had lunch with Janvier at the Brasserie Dauphine. Janvier's wife was at her mother's.... M called his office and spoke with Janvier. He said Dr Bourdet had called. The gun was probably a short-barreled revolver, a .32 or .38.... M told Janvier he'd probably need him, as well as Lucas and Lapointe. [1971-IND]

Lapointe was typing, Janvier was looking out the window and Lucas was on the phone. Janvier was not getting any younger either - he had a promising pot belly. He told him to watch Nathalie Sabin-Levesque, and to have Lourtie relieve him in the morning. [1972-CHA]

Janvier, Mme. Couldn't leave the children on their own to go to Cochin, so she left them with a neighbor, Mme. Dambois, whose husband accompanied her. She was visibly pregnant, with reddish patches under her eyes. They lived in the suburbs, a small house Janvier had built three years earlier, when it became too difficult to bring up the children in a Paris flat. Janvier was proud of his garden. [1951-MEU]

Janvier, Monique. Janvier's daughter. Janvier asked on the phone if her little brother had been good. [1954-MIN]

Janvier, Pierrot. Janvier's son. [1954-MIN]

Japan. Julien Calame had been a consultant for large projects in countries as different as Japan and South America. [1954-MIN]

Some of the trees along the Allier were rare specimins, from America, India and Japan, with little metal plates in Latin and French. [1967-VIC]

Germain Parendon said people came from as far as Japan to consult with Émile Parendon. [1968-HES]

Antoine Batille had been waiting for a miniature tape recorder to arrive from Japan. [1969-TUE]

Japanese. A paper-thin Japanese cup with a mended handle at Juliette Boynet's. [1940-CEC]

Japy, Estelle. Mme. Estelle Japy, widowed or divorced, lived alone on the Boulevard Haussmann. Hadn't seen Oscar Chabut for months. [1969-VIN]

Jaquemain. Jaquemain was on duty at Manuel Palmari's when M and Mme M walked by. [1964-DEF]

Jaquette Larrieu. see: Larrieu, Jaquette

Jardin. Line Marcia said Maurice Marcia had been seeing Prof. Jardin for a heart ailment. [1971-IND]

Jardin des Plantes. [Paris. 5e, Panthéon. from Quai Saint Bernard to Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire]

From time to time Francine Tremblet would meet her father and they'd go to the Jardin des Plantes or to the movies. [1946-pau]

Paris, 5e. François Lagrange had lived on the Rue Cuvier, opposite the Jardin des Plantes, at the time he'd been at Lycée Henri IV with Dr Pardon. [1952-REV]

Jardins du Luxembourg. Children were sliding on the snow in the Jardins du Luxembourg. [1966-NAH]

Jardins-Saint-Paul, Rue des. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Quai des Célestins to Rue Charlemagne]

Léa said she'd seen Doc (François Keller) buy wine at a bistrot on the Rue de l'Ave-Maria, at the corner of Rue des Jardins-Saint-Paul. [1962-CLO]

Jaspar. Émile Ducrau introduced M to the manager of the Freight Department, Jaspar, 32, who was a cross-word puzzle champion. [1933-ECL]

Jatte, La. see: La Jatte The silence in the car lasted until the La Jatte bridge. [1951-LOG]

Jaureguy. M. Jaureguy, a Lyons businessman, owned the Alcyon, the enormous white yacht kept at Porquerolles, almost entirely metal. [1949-AMI]

Java. Fred Alfonsi told M to wait till they played a Java, and then Jean-Jean would play the accordion. [1950-PIC]

Java. In a few years Cornélius Barens career would begin, Rotterdam to Java and back... [1931-HOL]

Jave, Éveline. The body in the cupboard, naked, was Éveline Jave, who had been believed to have been in Cannes.... Philippe Jave settled in Issy-les-Moulineaux after his marriage 5 years ago to Éveline Le Guérec, 16 years his junior, making her 28 at the time of her death. [1956-AMU]

Javel. Mme. Siran was the cook-housekeeper at the Adrien Jossets'. Lived with her son in Javel, across the Pont Mirabeau. Son, about 30, in poor health, worked for the métro. [1959-CON]

Antonio Farano had been working at Renault's in the body assembly shop, lived in the Javel district. [1962-COL]

Javel, Quai de. [Paris. 15e, Grenele. from Place Fernandd-Forest to Boulevard Victor]

From his red trade union card, the dead man was Victor Poliensky, Czech nationality, a worker at the Citroën factory. His address was 132 Quai de Javel.... Most of the people in the gang turned up in the neighborhood of the Quai de Javel. Victor Poliensky was still working at Citroën a few weeks before the first attack. [1947-MOR]

Lucas had another case on his agenda, a robbery with housebreaking in a warehouse on the Quai de Javel. [1950-PIC]

Would Angelot have been as punctilious in dealing with the Canon, or with a navvy from the Quai de Javel? [1958-TEM]

The wounded gangster, Joseph Raison, 42, a metal-fitter, lived in Fontenay-aux-Roses. He worked in a factory on the Quai de Javel. [1961-PAR]

Jave, Michèle. The Philippe Javes had a baby daughter, Michèle, 3. [1956-AMU]

Jave, Philippe. M called Dr Pardon to ask if he knew who Dr J-- of Boulevard Haussmann was. Pardon said he'd check the Medical Register, and found it was Dr Philippe Jave, probably 45, sound practitioner, good-looking. The other doctor was Gilbert Négrel, about 30, one of Professor Lebier's assistants.... Philippe Jave was born at Poitiers, was a student at the École de Médecine de Paris. Settled in Issy-les-Moulineaux after his marriage 5 years ago to Éveline Le Guérec, 16 years his junior, making her 28 at the time of her death. The Javes had a baby daughter, Michèle Jave, 3. [1956-AMU]

J&  JA  JE  JI  JO  JU  



Jean. While M waited for Jaja in front of the Aux Vrais Marins, a woman called down to him from a window... Is that you Jean? [1932-LIB]

M rushed to the telephone exchange. Charlotte had just put through a call to Jean at the Brasserie des Artistes in Cannes, Cannes 18-43. M listened in.... Jean, the proprieter at the Brasserie des Artistes, said he'd been a barman at the Café de la Paix in Monte Carlo before Cannes. [1939-MAJ]

The current owners of Judge Forlacroix's house in Versailles were Angela Dodds and Mrs. Perkins. The doorman was Jean. [1940-JUG]

At first Betty was with Jean, and Raymonde with Riri. But in the morning they had switched partners. [1942-men]

The footman at Ernest Malik's. [1945-FAC]

Jean, the waiter at À l'Escargot, was elderly, white haired. [1946-obs]

Fred said he knew a big dope dealer, called Monsieur Jean, and that maybe he'd have some news of him soon. [1947-MOR]

M spoke to M. Jean, the proprieter of the Cadran. He hadn't known Albert Rochain, known as Little Albert. He said that an old waiter, Ernest, had known him, but he'd gone back to the Dordogne. [1947-MOR]

Jean was the night desk clerk at the Hôtel de Bretagne. [1951-LOG]

Marthe Jusserand had asked her boyfriend, Jean, to meet her on the Place du Tertre. [1955-TEN]

The concierge called Joseph Van Meulen's secretary, Jean. [1957-VOY]

The barman at the Select, had known Adrien Josset for years. [1959-CON]

The proprieter of the café in Place des Abbesses where M enquired about Léonard Planchon. Some customer's had been playing belote when Planchon was last in. [1962-CLI]

Jean or Pierre or Gaston... M imagined the murderer's wife's surprise... [1967-VIC]

M called Jean, the hall porter of the Hôtel Scribe. M knew the hall porters of all the big hotels in Paris, some since they'd joined the staff as bell-hops. [1968-ENF]

Jean. With a parting glance at his stove, which looked about to blow up, M called out to Jean "Don't forget my fire, will you," and began to descend the stairs.... It was past midnight when M returned to the QDO, but Jean was still at his post, in the waiting room. M told Jean to order some beer and sandwiches, rolls, not sliced bread. [1929-30-LET]

M called Jean to ask if there'd been any other messages for him. [1930-31-TET]

Jean, M's clerk, came in to say that Lucas had called and asked for him to go to Rue des Blancs-Manteaux, the principal street in the Jewish quarter. [1931-GUI]

M rang up Jean, the office boy at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1931-OMB]

M spoke to Dr. Paul's assistant, Jean, told him to have Dr. Paul find out what Michel Goldfinger's last meal had been. [1946-mal]

Jean-Baptiste. Delcourt called to Jean-Baptiste to get a ladder. [1932-POR]

Jean-Baptiste Meyer. see: Meyer, Jean-Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Prieur. see: Prieur, Jean-Baptiste

Jean Bauche. see: Bauche, Jean

Jean Bronsky. see: Bronsky, Jean

Jean Chabaud. see: Chabaud, Jean

Jean Chabot. see: Chabot, Jean

Jean-Charles Gaillard. see: Gaillard, Jean-Charles

Jean-Claude Malik. see: Malik, Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Rialand. see: Rialand. Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Ternel. see: Ternel, Jean-Claude

Jean de Caramé. see: Caramé, Jean de

Jean Destouches. see: Destouches, Jean

Jean-Dolent, Rue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Rue de la Santé to Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Jacques]

M left the Santé, gave a look into the empty street, and turned the corner of Rue Jean-Dolent. [1930-31-TET]

Jean Duclos. see: Duclos, Jean

Jean Ducrau. see: Ducrau, Jean

Jean Évariste Darchambaux. see: Darchambaux, Jean Évariste

Jeanfils. The son-in-law of the last Mullerbach had Jeanfils check to see who'd bought the buttons. There were about 40 tailors, 4 at Lyons, 2 at Bordeaux, 1 at Lille, a few in other towns, the rest in Paris. [1955-TEN]

Jean-Goujon, Rue. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt to Place de la Reine-Astrid]

A call came in of a dead man in the Rue Jean-Goujon, five bullets in the chest. [1972-CHA]

Jean Goyard. see: Goyard, Jean

Jean Guillot. see: Guillot, Jean

Jeanine. Annette Duché's friend, who worked with her at Avenue Marceau, was there when M came by. [1959-CON]

Jeanine Armenieu. see: Armenieu, Jeanine

Jeanine de Lara. see: Lara, Jeanine de

Jeanine Dupin. see: Dupin, Jeanine

Jeanine Gaillard. see: Gaillard, Jeanine

Jeanine Hérel. see: Hérel, Jeanine

Jeanine Laurent. see: Laurent, Jeanine

Jean-Jean. Fred Alfonsi told M to wait till they played a Java, and then Jean-Jean would play the accordion. [1950-PIC]

Jean Lecocq d'Arneville. see: Lecocq d'Arneville, Jean

Jean Lecureur. see: Lecureur, Jean

Jean Lemke. see: Lemke, Jean

Jean Lenoir. see: Lenoir, Jean

Jean Liberge. see: Liberge, Jean

Jean Lorigan. see: Lorigan, Jean

Jean-Loup Pernelle. see: Pernelle, Jean-Loup

Jean-Luc Bodard. see: Bodard, Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Caucasson. see: Caucasson, Jean-Luc

Jean-Marie Canut. see: Canut, Jean-Marie

Jean Martin. see: Martin, Jean

Jean Martineau. see: Martineau, Jean

Jean Maura. see: Maura, Jean

Jean Métayer. see: Métayer, Jean

Jeanne. Groslin, the reporter for the Petit Parisien, arrived at the Admiral Hotel, called Mlle. Germaine at his office to speak to Jeanne at the steno service. [1931-JAU]

There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Bob [Robert] and Jeanne. [1932-POR]

Mlle. M got a call from the Rue DamrémontPolice Station, that Mlle. Jeanne, a fortuneteller at 67 bis Rue Caulaincourt had been murdered. Her real name was Marie Picard. Came to Paris and worked for a dressmaker, for sewing, then as a model. Later, her own dressmaking place on Rue Saint-Georges, Chez Jeanne, which name she used when she became a fortuneteller. [1941-SIG]

At the Anneau d'Or, Mme. Jeanne, the landlord's wife, was rinsing glasses. [1942-FEL]

Mlle. Jeanne was Désiré's stepsister. He was at her house. [1943-CAD]

Bernadette Amorelle told M he should stay at the Angel in Orsenne, an inn run by a woman named Jeanne. [1945-FAC]

Francis Decoin said when Jeanne, the chambermaid had been in Philippe Bellamy's wife's room he'd gone in, and Bellamy had been furious to see him there. [1947-VAC]

M finally located Mlle. Jeanne, on the Rue du Saint-Gothard, who remembered Francine de Lancieux's father, the Colonel, as she'd lived there 40 years. She remembered that he had shot himself. She remembered a son too, about ten years younger than Francine [Francine Josselin]. [1961-BRA]

Mlle. Jeanne was the receptionist at Dr. Rian's. [1967-VIC]

Jeanne, Big. Albert Falconi said he'd gotten Bianchi to help him. M knew he lived with Big Jeanne. He'd arrested him at least 10 times. M called Torrence to go to Big Jeanne's at Rue Lepic to arrest Bianchi. [1954-JEU]

Jeanne Chabut. see: Chabut, Jeanne

Jeanne Debul. see: Debul, Jeanne

Jeanne de Caudeuils. see: Caudeuils, Jeanne de

Jeanne Devoisin. see: Devoisin, Jeanne

Jeanne Ducrau. see: Ducrau, Jeanne

Jeanne Fénard. see: Fénard, Jeanne

Jeanne Fumal. see: Fumal, Jeanne

Jeanne Grosbois. see: Grosbois, Jeanne

Jeanne Jeunet. see: Jeunet, Jeanne

Jeanne Leleu. see: Leleu, Jeanne

Jeanne Magnin. see: Magnin, Jeanne

Jeanne-Marie Leleu. see: Leleu, Jeanne-Marie

Jeannet. The detective Adrien Josset saw at Auteuil Police Station. [1959-CON]

Jeanne Trochu. see: Trochu, Jeanne

Jeanne Vernoux. see: Vernoux, Jeanne

Jeanneville. A few miles from Paris M had diverged from the route along the Seine. At Poissy he'd climbed the hill, and suddenly, surrounded by real fields and orchards, was this little isolated community, Jeanneville Estate. [1942-FEL]

Jean Nicolier. see: Nicolier, Jean

Jean Niel. see: Niel, Jean

Jeannot. see: Bauche, Jean

Jeannot Rousselet. see: Rousselet, Jeannot

Jean Owen. see: Owen, Jean

Jean-Paul Gastin. see: Gastin, Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Lachaume. see: Lachaume, Jean-Paul

Jean Peeters. see: Peeters, Jean

Jean Ramuel. see: Ramuel, Jean

Jean Rolland. see: Rolland, Jean

Jean Rougin. see: Rougin, Jean

Jean's. Nora said she'd had a drink at Jean's in the Rue Marbeuf. [1966-VOL]

Jean Servières. see: Servières, Jean

Jean Siveschi. see: Siveschi, Jean

Jean Tinchant. see: Tinchant, Jean

Jean Vertbois. see: Vertbois, Jean

Jean Vidier. see: Vidier, Jean

Jef. Alfred Moss had been a member of an acrobatic act, "Moss, Jef and Joe ["Jeff" in Eng. ed.]." [1949-MME]

Jef Bebelmans. See: Bebelmans, Jef [1936-arr]

Jef, Big. see: Big Jef

Jef Claes. see: Claes, Jef

Jef de Greef. see: de Greef, Jef

Jef Keulemans. see: Keulemans, Jef

Jef Lombard. see: Lombard, Jef

Jef Schrameck. see: Schrameck, Jef

Jef Van Cauwelaert. see: Van Cauwelaert, Jef

Jef Van Damme. see: Van Damme, Jef

Jef van Houtte. see: Houtte, Jef van

Jef Van Meulen. see: Van Meulen, Jef

Jef Van Roeten. see: Van Roeten, Jef

Jehan d'Oulmont. see: Oulmont, Jehan d'

Jem Bureau. The mail for Prosper Donge sent to the Rue Réaumur was being forwarded to the Jem Bureau, 42 Boulevard Haussmann. [1939-MAJ]

Jemmapes, Quai de. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt. from Rue du Faubourg du Temple to Boulevard de la Villette]

Ernestine Jussiaume and Alfred Jussiaume Jussiaume lived on the Quai de Jemmapes, just opposite the Saint Martin lock, two rooms over a café painted green. [1951-GRA]

The lock The Two Brothers was preparing to enter when their propeller got fouled on a man's arm was between Quai de Jemmapes on the left, and Quai de Valmy, on the right... At the far end of the Quai de Jemmapes was Police Headquarters, 3rd Division... M and Dieudonné Pape left Chez Calas, crossed the footbridge to the Quai de Jemmapes, only a few yards from the Rue des Écluses-Saint-Martin, behind the Hospital of Saint-Louis. [1955-COR]

Jenny. Gisèle Marton's sister, about 35. Living with them. Janvier met her when he was checking out the place. She told him the Xavier Martons had taken out heavy insurance policies the previous year with the Mutual. Had lived in the US, at Green Village in New Jersey, in a pretty country house with her husband, Edgar, who was an engineer in a petrol-refining company. Killed two years earlier in an explosion at the laboratories. She'd tried to commit suicide when he died. Returned to France and stayed with the Martons. Married at 20, while still living with her parents.... Caught the Port d'Orléans bus after meeting Xavier Marton for lunch at the Trou Normand. [1957-SCR]

Jenton. Divisional Superintendent of the 1st Arrondissement. Called M to tell him Léontine Antoine had been found murdered. [1970-FOL]

Jérôme. Albert, the valet, was a jockey till he was 21. He was also from Anseval. He slept above the stables with Jérôme, the coachman. [1948-PRE]

Jérôme, one of the waiters M interviewed at the Café des Amis. [1969-TUE]

Jérôme. At the far end of the corridor, the old night watchman, Jérôme, who'd been there 30 years and had snow-white hair, was reading, through steel spectacles, the medical book he'd been reading for years. [1946-mal]

Jérôme Lacroix. see: Lacroix, Jérôme

Jersey City. Small dark boats jammed with people, suburbanites from Jersey City or Hoboken on their way to work. [1946-NEW]

Jessie Dewey. see: Dewey, Jessie

Jesuit. Maria Peeters was a régente in a school kept by the Ursulines, who held in the teaching world a position comparable with that of the Jesuits, with whom they formed, so to speak, the aristocracy of Catholic education. [1932-FLA]

Jesus Christ. They'd talked about everything, a mixture of Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Moses, Confucius and Jesus Christ. [1930-31-PHO]

The sergeant from Lagny kept dropping names as you might say Jesus Christ or Pasteur, and Old Mother Hébart, or Hobart... (see: Hubart) [1949-MME]

Jeumont. [commune, N France, Nord dept. pop. 1962: 9,660. near Belgian frontier; French customs station]

There was a call from Jeumont that Carl Anderson's car had been found abandoned near the station. [1931-NUI]

Maigret had Edgar Martin removed from the Belgium train at Jeumont. [1931-OMB]

By 2:14 the train was already on the move to cross the frontier and reach Jeumont at 2:17. [1936-arr]

Jef van Houtte said he'd come from Jeumont with a load of slate for Rouen; had intended to pass through Paris and stop at the Suresnes lock, but noticed he had engine trouble. [1962-CLO]

Jeunet, Gaston. Investigation at Aubervilliers produced nothing. The civil register showed a Louis Jeunet, son of Gaston Jeunet and Berthe Marie Dufoin. Gaston had died ten years before and his wife had left the district. [1930-31-PHO]

Jeunet, Jeanne. Six years ago Jeanne Jeunet met Louis Jeunet, a driller in a workshop in Belleville. [1930-31-PHO]

Jeunet, Louis. They found nothing except a passport in the name Louis Jeunet, mechanic, born in Aubervilliers. [1930-31-PHO]

Jeûneurs, Rue des. The three men were standing opposite 116b Rue Montmartre, almost at the corner of the Rue des Jeûneurs. [1936-fen]

Jew. At last Pietr came to the Rue du Roi de Sicile, a crooked street fringed with blind alleys, still half-Jewish, but already half a Polish colony.... Anna Gorskin, 25, born at Odessa. Registered with Fédor Yurovich at Au Roi-de-Sicile. Looked older than 25. Like many Jewish women of her age, she had put on weight, but without losing all trace of beauty.... Reaching the Jewish quarter, centered on the Rue des Rosiers, Pietr walked past the shops with Yiddish inscriptions, kosher butchers and bakeries that displayed unleavened bread.... On the first floor of the Au Roi-de-Sicile, a Jewish family was eating. The Jew wore a black skull cap... In a letter from Anna Gorskin's father: We are caught between the Lithuanians and the Poles, they both hate the Jews.... M said of the area of Pskov, some of the intelligentsia are in favor of German culture, others prefer Slav. Some of the peasants look like Lapps or Kalmuks... there's a whole mass of Jews and part-Jews, who eat garlic and slaughter their livestock differently from the rest.... Pskov was in Russia. M had looked it up in an atlas. Near the Baltic. Several little countries there, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, encircled by Poland and Russia.... and there are Jews as well, scattered everywhere. [1929-30-LET]

Walter Lampson introduced his friend, Willy Marco. M, noting his obvious Jewish features, asked if he was Spanish. "Greek on my father's side, Hungarian on my mother's." was the answer. [1930-PRO]

When Petit was asked if he knew a M. Jacob, answered "Good Heavens, no! It must be a Jew."... M went to the Rue Clignancourt and made his way from house to house asking about M. Jacob. "Try next door, there are some Jews there." [1930-GAL]

They'd gotten to know Willy Mortier, a Jew, whose father owned a sausage-skin and tripe shop not far from there. [1930-31-PHO]

Isaac Goldberg's corpse was in the morturary at Étampes. 45, with a pronounced Jewish look. [1931-NUI]

Jean, M's clerk, came in to say that Lucas had called and asked for him to go to Rue des Blancs-Manteaux, the principal street in the Jewish quarter. [1931-GUI]

M said "Samuel Meyer. Sounds Jewish to me. The family counts a lot with the Jews... they're thrifty, too..."... Between Budapest and Odessa, between Tallinn and Constinatinople, there were large tracts of country where the population was too dense. In particular there were hundred of thousands of hungry Jews whose only ambition was to seek a better existence in some other land.... All the year round, by tens, hundreds, thousands, Poles , Jews, Rumanians, Italians were streaming outwards to the four corners of the globe.Jew. M said suddenly to Jacques Rivaud, "One would hardly take you for a Jew."... M thought Jacques Rivaud could quite well be a Jew, though it was by no means certain. [1932-FOU]

Otto Braun, born at Bremen, a former banker from Stuttgart, pronounced Jewish type.... Lena Leinbach said in Germany a Jew was not entitled to make advances to an Aryan woman. [1936-arr]

Frans Steuvels said he'd had a suit made a few years earlier by a neighbor, a Polish Jew, who'd since disappeared, perhaps gone to America.... Dr Paul told stories of autopsies which were as funny as Jewish jokes or jokes about lunatics. [1949-MME]

M said his little Jewish tailor on Rue de Turenne was not anxious to have him stared at in the street. He resented the bowler and the velvet-colored overcoat becoming a permanent feature when he hardly wore them at all.... At the Quai des Orfèvres there are maps on which little islands are marked, the Jews of the Rue des Rosiers, the Italians of the Hôtel de Ville district, the Russians of Les Ternes and Denfert-Rochereau... [1950-MEM]

During the war Steiner refused to wear the yellow star, claiming he hadn't a drop of Jewish blood. The Germans proved him wrong and sent him to a concentration camp. The Faculty contained a certain number of Jewish professors. [1957-SCR]

Mme. Kruger phoned Dr Pardon during the dinner. Husband a kind of tailor in the Rue Popincourt above an herbalist's, a Polish Jew. [1959-CON]

In Antwerp, when the diamond cutters retreated before the German advance, they were all directed to Royan and then to the US. Some of them came back to Paris, the Marais and Saint-Antoine. They're almost all Jews. [1965-PAT]

jewel robberies. There had been a series of jewel robberies from the deluxe hotels on the Champs-Élysées, and a discrete watch was being kept on them. Janvier was on watch at the Crillon. ... It was possible that the story might end in London, Cannes or Rome, unless they found signs of the jewels in Amsterdam or Antwerp.... A young Englishman was identified as the thief in the robberies; Interpol was on his track in Australia. [1962-CLI]

jewel robbery. Three days earlier on the Boulevard Saint-Denis, a new technique of jewel robbery had come to pass, placing a big packing case against a door, and cutting a hole in the case and the door. [1950-MEM]

J&  JA  JE  JI  JO  JU  



Jim. A man came up and Harry Cole introduced him to M as Bill. Then another named Jim. It seemed everyone had only first names. [1949-CHE]

Jimmy MacDonald. see: MacDonald, Jimmy

Jimmy O'Malley. see: O'Malley, Jimmy

Jimmy Van Fleet. see: Van Fleet, Jimmy

Jim Parson. see: Parson, Jim

J&  JA  JE  JI  JO  JU  



Jo. M went of to see Jo at Chez Jo, whom everyone called Jo-the-Wrestler. His bar was close to Pigalle and the Place Blanche and the pavements where a crowd of women paced endlessly all night. [1962-COL]

Joachim Maura. see: Maura, Joachim

Job. Carl Anderson told M to have Else Anderson read the Bible, Job. [1931-NUI]

Jobe. M called the Pension des Palmiers in Mougins to speak to Mlle Jobe, the nurse. [1966-NAH]

Jo, Big-armed. see: Big-armed Jo

Jo, Boxer. see: Boxer Jo

Jocelyne Huguet. see: Huguet, Jocelyne

Jockey Club. M looked through the members list of the Hundred Keys Club. ... Viscomte d'Arceau, father a member of the Jockey Club... [1964-DEF]

Joe. Alfred Moss had been a member of an acrobatic act, "Moss, Jef and Joe." [1949-MME]

Joe, Big. see: Big Joe

Joe Fazio. see: Fazio, Joe

Joey. There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Please make Denise pass her exam, Let Joey [Jojo] learn to read soon... [1932-POR]

Joey Hogan. see: Hogan, Joey

Joffre. Inspector. Called M from the emergency service. Received a call from a woman, (Gisèle Marton)... M was not listed in the directory... He nearly asked Joffre to call the police station in the 14e, to have them send someone, but decided not to. [1957-SCR]

Johann Radek. see: Radek, Johann

Johansson, Hans. Pietr's twin. Had killed Pietr on the North Star and taken over his identity. [1929-30-LET]

Johansson, Max. The father of Pietr and Hans [Hans Johansson]. The photo M found in Anna Gorskin's room, a house in a photo, 6 Rütsep, Max Johansson, Tailor. A family picture, with two boys, 6 or 8 years old. [1929-30-LET]

Johansson, Pietr. Pietr's real name. [1929-30-LET]

John Arnold. see: Arnold, John

John Donley. see: Donley, John

John D Rockefeller. see: Rockefeller, John D

John, Little. see: Little John

John Maura. see: Maura, John

John Miller. see: Miller, John

John Perkins. see: Perkins, John

Joinville. [commune, N France, Val-de-Marne dept. pop. 1968: 17,467. Joinville-le-Pont. ESE suburb of Paris.]

If Berthe Janiveau went to the country with Joseph Mascouvin, it was to Joinville, on the Marne. [1941-SIG]

M. Jean told M the former proprieter of the Cadran lived in Joinville, in a villa opposite the Île d'Amour, beyond the bridge, with a boathouse in front. It was called "The Nest", and the man's name was Désiré Loiseau, the Bird.... M had Janvier go over to Joinville with the betting clerk from Vincennes, to see if he could identify the actress the heavy-betting Czech gentleman was always with. He told him there were some studios just beyond the bridge.... M returned from the suburbs, Joinville Bridge. He had the taxi go to the Pont de Charenton, to tell Émile Chevrier it was over. [1947-MOR]

Mme M recognized the restaurant they had not set foot in for 20 years, Chez le Père Jules. They had come to Joinville in Dr Pardon's car, and it was M who had chosen the restaurant, facing the Island of Love [Île d'Amour], around which canoes and boats were gliding. [1956-AMU]

To interrogate the night concierge, Lapointe had had to go as far as Joinville. [1957-VOY]

Jacques Huguet was in Joinville, in the studios, taking stills for a film being made, when he learned Sophie Ricain had been murdered. [1966-VOL]

Jojo. A baker's van went by, and the garage proprieter, Oscar, called out to Clément to ask Jojo for his horn, which was ready. [1931-NUI]

Joseph Peeters son by Germaine Piedboeuf, Jojo. [1932-FLA]

There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Please make Denise pass her exam, Let Joey [Jojo] learn to read soon... [1932-POR]

Small dark servant girl at the Arche de Noé, 19. showed M and Inspector Pyke to their rooms dressed in black, broad smile, small pointed breasts. She told M that Marcellin had boasted to her that he could make a bundle any time he wanted, providing M with his first substantial clue to the murder motive. [1949-AMI]

Jojo Bourcier. see: Bourcier, Jojo

Jolivet, Étienne. The old page gave M the card of the man waiting to see him, Étienne Jolivet, assistant manger, Crédit Lyonnais, O Branch. [1939-MAJ]

Jolly. Joseph Heurtin was given Maîte Jolly as his lawyer, a young man just turned 30. [1930-31-TET]

Valentine Besson said when they found La Rose dying in her bed her daughter ran to get Dr. Jolly. [1949-DAM]

Jo Mori. see: Mori, Jo

Jonard, Hôtel. see: Hôtel Jonard

Jones, Mark. The American producer who'd been playing cards with John Arnold was Mark P. Jones. [1957-VOY]

Jongen. On a sheet of paper Lucile Duffieux had written her raffle sales records, 1 book apiece to: Malterre, Jongen, Mathis, Bellamy. [1947-VAC]

Jonker, Haag and Company. Norris Jonker's father owned a bank in Holland, Jonker, Haag and Company. Jonker's brother, Hans Jonker, ran the bank after his father's death. [1963-FAN]

Jonker, Hans. Norris Jonker's father, Kees Jonker, owned a bank in Holland, Jonker, Haag and Company. Jonker's brother, Hans Jonker, ran the bank after his father's death. [1963-FAN]

Jonker, Kees. Norris Jonker's father, Kees Jonker, owned a bank in Holland, Jonker, Haag and Company, Amsterdam. Jonker's brother, Hans Jonker, ran the bank after his father's death. [1963-FAN]

Jonker, Mirella. Norris Jonker's wife, Mirella Jonker, 34, born in Nice.Norris Jonker called his wife Mirella. No doubt she'd originally been called Mireille.... Mirella Jonker's maiden name was Marcelle Maillant. [1963-FAN]

Jonker, Norris. Maclet talked mostly of the Dutchman, Norris Jonker, who lived in the house opposite, 64, married to a fine-looking woman much younger than himself. Father owned a bank in Holland, Jonker, Haag and Company.... Manessi said Norris Jonker grew up surrounded by Van Goghs, Pissaros, Manets and Renoirs. Thought he had an Oxford degree, stayed in England many years, had attained the rank of colonel in the British Army. [1963-FAN]

Jonzac. Dr Pardon brought out a Pineau from Charentes, which the vineyard owner Jonzac had sent him. [1952-REV]

Joris. M called the Central Police Station. Joris told him that Aline Calas had called begging for a drink many times. [1955-COR]

Jorisse, Albert. 19. Monique Thouret's boyfriend, Albert Jorisse, was a salesman in a big bookshop on Boulevard Saint-Michel. Known each other about 4 months and met everyday at the same restaurant on Boulevard Sébastopol. Only worked mornings. Lived with his parents on Avenue de Chântillon, opposite the church of Montrouge. Father worked for a wholesaler of fabrics in the Rue de Victoire. [1952-BAN]

Jorissen. M was reading a letter from Jorissen, who he had been friends with at school. He'd become a teacher at Quimper. [1931-REN]

Joris, Yves. Captain Yves Joris was asleep. Stockily built seaman in his early 50s.... Capt. Joris had left a will: I, Yves Anotoine Joris... Everything went to Julie Legrand, who was to give his dinghy to Capt. Delcourt... [1932-POR]

Josaphat. The postman, an alcoholic, was called that because when his wife had died he'd said "Good-by, Céline... We'll meet again in the valley of Josaphat." [1943-CAD]

José. The conversation between Mrs. Kirby and Edna Reichberg seemed to be about a certain José, whom Edna had met at the Ritz, and who'd flirted with her and offered her cocaine. [1930-31-TET]

The husband of the daughter of the Argentine Dr. Octave Le Cloaguen had saved many years earlier, the South American heiress, married to a foreign prince. Lived in a private house near the Étoile. 50, but dressed as a debutante. M visited to see if she'd prosecute Mme. Antoinette Le Cloaguen for fraud. She found the whole affair amusing. [1941-SIG]

Josée Papet. see: Papet, Josée

Josef van Houtte. see: Houtte, Josef van

José Latourie. see: Latourie, José

Joseph. One of the two boys from a barge watching the Southern Cross in the rain was Joseph. [1930-PRO]

Joseph, a waiter at the Gai-Moulin, along with Victor. [1931-GAI]

The proprietor of M's hotel told Joseph, the night-porter, to get a saw for M. [1934-MAI]

The landlord of the Anneau d'Or was M. Joseph. He had a run of three and belote. [1942-FEL]

M called Mme M and told her to take Joseph's car, or rather that Joseph would pick her up and take her to Les Aubrais, and she'd arrive at 6 o'clock at Quai d'Orsay. By taxi she'd be at the Place des Vosges in ten minutes. [1945-FAC]

M was sitting on the terrace of the Brasserie Dauphine, in the shade of the red and yellow striped awning. M called out to Joseph to ask what he owed. It was four francs. [1946-pau]

M remembered the beers that Joseph, the waiter from the Brasserie Dauphine had often brought up. [1946-NEW]

The waiter at the Café des Ministères. Had been a waiter for 30 years, knew everyone by name, mostly head clerks or civil servants from the nearby government offices.... Joseph had been a waiter for 10 years at the Brasserie Dauphine, had become friends with Janvier, and had married his sister-in-law. Had three kids. [1946-obs]

M called Joseph at the Brasserie Dauphine to bring up a pint and some sandwiches. [1947-MOR]

M called the Brasserie Dauphine, spoke to Joseph, told him to send up six ham sandwiches for M and Albert Jorisse. [1952-BAN]

The usher at the Ministry of Public Works, who'd probably been on duty when Eugène Benoît had come. [1954-MIN]

Walter Carus called to Joseph (?) at the Old Wine Press to bring a champagne glass for M. [1966-VOL]

Proprieter of the School of Hairdressing and Manicure in the Rue Saint-Denis, where Marcel Vivien got his haircuts. Between 60 and 75. Lived in the building on the first floor, overhead, with his wife. [1971-SEU]

Josépha Chauvet. see: Chauvet, Josépha

Joseph Aerts. see: Aerts, Joseph

Joseph Ambrosini. see: Ambrosini, Joseph

Joseph Antoine. see: Antoine, Joseph

Joseph Audiat. see: Audiat, Joseph

Joseph Boynet. see: Boynet, Joseph

Joseph Daumale. see: Daumale, Joseph

Joseph Dufieu. see: Dufieu, Joseph

Joseph Dumourois. see: Dumourois, Joseph

Joseph Gastin. see: Gastin, Joseph

Joseph Goldman. see: Goldman, Joseph

Joseph Heurtin. see: Heurtin, Joseph

Joséphine. Zoé said the last time she'd seen M. Charles was Feb. 18, as it had been her birthday, and he'd bought her flowers from Joséphine. [1972-CHA]

Joséphine Beausoleil. see: Beausoleil, Joséphine

Joséphine Bollant. see: Bollant, Joséphine

Joséphine Crozier. see: Crozier, Joséphine

Joséphine Ménard. see: Ménard, Joséphine

Joséphine Millard. see: Millard, Joséphine

Joséphine Papet. see: Papet, Joséphine

Joséphine Simmer. see: Simmer, Joséphine

Joseph Langlois. see: Langlois, Joseph

Joseph Lecoin. see: Lecoin, Joseph

Joseph Leroy. see: Leroy, Joseph

Joseph Mascoulin. see: Mascoulin, Joseph

Joseph Mascouvin. see: Mascouvin, Joseph

Joseph Mérillon. see: Mérillon, Joseph

Joseph, Old. A quarter of an hour later, the old page knocked softly on M's door. [no mention of "Joseph" or other name] [1939-MAJ]

M went to the barbers, after warning the office messenger, Old Joseph, to keep his prospective visitor waiting. He went into the first barber's in the Boulevard Saint-Michel.... Joseph, the messenger on night duty, greeted him, and it was good to see his kindly face again. [1947-MOR]

Lucas was planning to call Joseph at Quai des Orfèvres to have him shut his window when it started hailing, when M took the phone, put it down and said "Not now, son."... Greeted M when he returned to the Quai des Orfèvres with Julien Foucrier. [1951-MEU]

M glanced to see if Old Joseph had read the message, but the white-haired "boy" didn't move. He was probably the only one in the whole of Police Headquarters that morning who wasn't in shirtsleeves, and M wondered why he had to wear the heavy chain with the huge seal around his neck. [1951-GRA]

Joseph, the office messenger, tapped on the door, his bald head surrounded by a halo of white hair. [1956-ECH]

M told the boy Ernest that he might see an old doorman with a chain around his neck. [1956-AMU]

The porter at Quai des Orfèvres, made no noise as he walked. Announced that Xavier Marton was there to see M. Later M remembered only that the first name had been Xavier, the same as his first chief at the Quai des Orfèvres, old Xavier Guichard .... M went into the corridor where he found Joseph reading a paper. He told M that Marton had told him to tell M that he hadn't been able to wait. [1957-SCR]

Old Joseph, who had for some mysterious reason escaped the retired-list, greeted him with "Inspector Lapointe is waiting for you." [1958-TEM]

Joseph, the old porter, asked Gaston Meurant what he wanted. [1959-ASS]

Old Joseph interrupted M to tell him that Julien de V--, Isabelle de V--'s grandson, was there. [1960-VIE]

Old Joseph, the office messenger, came in, and said the Director of Judicial Police wanted to see him in his office. [1961-PAR]

Old Joseph, the PJ clerk with the silver chain, answered M's electric bell, to say that only the Madwoman remained. [1962-CLI]

Joseph, the old usher, knocked at the door in a way familiar to everyone in the building.... In fact Barnacle was not the oldest member of the building - it was Old Joseph, the usher with the silver chain... told M the Chief wanted to see him. [1964-DEF]

Old Joseph, the ancient attendant, knocked and came in as usual without waiting for an answer. [1966-VOL]

Old Joseph, the messenger, brought in an engraved visiting card, Léon Florentin, Antique Dealer. [1968-ENF]

Joseph, the old usher, was framed in the doorway, and behind him stood a man in a beige uniform. [1969-TUE]

Without waiting for an answer, Joseph, an old man, the oldest of the departmental messengers, came in. [1969-VIN]

Old Joseph asked Léontine Antoine if she needed any help.... There was no mistaking Old Joseph's distinctive knock. [1970-FOL]

Old Joseph, the messenger at the Quai des Orfèvres, knocked at the door. [1971-SEU]

Joseph Peeters. See: Peeters, Joseph [1932-FLA]

Joseph Raison. see: Raison, Joseph

Joseph Rateau. see: Rateau, Joseph

Joseph Retailleau. see: Retailleau, Joseph

Joseph Ruchon. see: Ruchon, Joseph

Joseph Thomas. see: Thomas, Joseph

Joseph Van Cram. see: Van Cram, Joseph

Joseph Van Damme. see: Van Damme, Joseph

Joseph Van Meulen. see: Van Meulen, Joseph

Josette Fay. see: Fay, Josette

Jos MacGill. see: MacGill, Jos

Josselin, Francine. Francine Josselin, née Francine de Lancieux, was the daughter of a retired colonel. ... Francine Josselin was 51, much younger than her husband, who'd married at 35. [1961-BRA]

Josselin, René. Saint-Hubert said he was in the apartment of René Josselin, 37B Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, just next door to the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor. [Petites Soeurs des Pauvres].... René Josselin had owned a cardboard factory in the Rue du Saint-Gothard until two years earlier. 65 or 66. That evening his son-in-law, Paul Fabre, joined him and they played chess. [1961-BRA]

Josset & Virieu. The drug company Christine Josset set up for Adrien Josset to head. Offices were on Avenue Marceau. Laboratories at Saint-Mondé, and in Switzerland and Belgium. [1959-CON]

Josset, Adrien. A handsome man of 40, lived in the Rue Lopert in a house which had been his wife's before they were married. Born in Sète, in the Hérault region. Accused of having murdered his wife, Christine Josset. M told the story to Dr Pardon. Father was a primary school teacher, dead ten years. Mother lived in the same house in Sète. Took his degree as a pharmacist in Montpellier. When he was 25 he worked in an English drugstore on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, where he met his future wife, a customer. Lived in a furnished room in the Place des Ternes at the time. Found guilty and executed, though M wasn't convinced of his guilt. [1959-CON]

Josset, Christine. Adrien Josset's wife, whom he was accused of stabbing to death. Used the name of her former husband, Lowell, of the English brewery family, till she remarried, at 29, a widow for several months. Grew up in the 16th Arrondissement, in a middle-class family, father a director on the boards of several companies. [1959-CON]

Jo-the-Wrestler. M went of to see Jo at Chez Jo, whom everyone called Jo-the-Wrestler. [1962-COL]

Jouane. M. Jouane managed mainly the artistic side of the box business, Goulet the manufacturing and business side. Goulet was on vacation.... Jouane was about 45, tall, with an expressive face. Lived near Versailles with his wife and three children in a smal house he'd had built. [1961-BRA]

Jean-Charles Gaillard was a probationer advocat under Maîte Jouane, the common lawyer, and wasn't earning much. [1962-COL]

Joublin, Gaston. Adrien Josset left his wife in Montmartre with some friends, the Joublins. Gaston Joublin was a lawyer, lived on Rue Washington. [1959-CON]

Jouffroy, Lucienne. Lucienne Jouffroy, 45, from Moissac. [1937-38-eto]

Jouffroy, Passage. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Boulevard Montmartre to Rue Grange-Batelière]

M told Bonfils to have Nicolas and Danvers on the steps of Passage Jouffroy. [1951-LOG]

Jouffroy, Rosine. Joseph Dufieu was Lucienne Jouffroy's brother-in-law. Her daughter, Rosine Jouffroy, had died of an abortion at 16, three years ago in Moissac. [1937-38-eto]

Jourdan. Inspector Jourdan was still on guard outside Cécile Pardon's building.... M told Janvier he was sending Jourdan to relieve him. [1940-CEC]

Journal. Vasco, a reporter from the Journal, had his photographer take a picture of the dog. [1931-JAU]

Journal de Clermont-Ferrand. M read the Journal de Clermont-Ferrand every day, which had two pages of news and features about life at Vichy. [1967-VIC]

Journal de la Boucherie, Le. see: Le Journal de la Boucherie Oscar Laget published trade journals, Le Journal de la Boucherie, Le Bulletin des Mandataires, Le Moniteur des Cuirs et Peaux, and others, in the Rue Beaubourg. [1936-fen]

Journal de Liège. Jean Chabot stopped the Journal de Liège, Liège newspaper office, to deliver legal notices. [1931-GAI]

Journal de Moulins. Jean Métayer had written some articles for the Journal de Moulins. [1932-FIA]

journalist. see "to see the hallway still filled with journalists..." ("voir le couloir encore plein de journalistes...") by Murielle Wenger

Journal Officiel. There was so many regulations - the Journal Officiel published shoals. [1961-PAR]

Journe. Professor Journe answered the phone at the Police Infirmary. Jussieu had wanted to invite Journe to the dinner at Dr Pardon's, but he never dined in town. [1952-REV]

Jouy-en-Josas. [commune, N France, Yvelines dept. pop. 1966: 5,733. SE of Versailles.]

The Citroën turned left at Châtenay-Malabry, then right towards Jouy-en-Josas. They slowed, turned left, and soon stopped. [1969-TUE]

Jouy, toile de. [(Fr: "fabric of Jouy"), also called Jouy Print, cotton or linen printed with designs of landscapes and figures for which the 18th-century factory of Jouy-en-Josas, near Versailles, Fr., was famous.]
The walls of Beetje Liewens' bedroom were covered with toile de Jouy. [1931-HOL]

J&  JA  JE  JI  JO  JU  



Juan-les-Pins. [village, SE France, Alpes-Maritimes dept. on Cap d'Antibes SW of Antibes; coastal resort.]

Ernest Michoux's mother tried to establish a real estate development at Juan-les-Pins, tried again at Concarneau. [1931-JAU]

Ernest Grandmaison's wife, Hélène Grandmaison, had just got back from Juan-les-Pins. Their son was 15. [1932-POR]

Boutigues asked M if he'd like to go to the Casino at Juan-les-Pins after dinner.... Harry Brown was staying in Juan-les-Pins at a big hotel. Expecting calls from Antwerp and Amsterdam. [1932-LIB]

For a few months the Countess von Farnheim and her husband were seen going to the casinos at Monte Carlo, Cannes, and Juan-les-Pins. [1950-PIC]

Féret said he had to head off to Juan-les-Pins, where someone had just been caught cheating at the Casino. [1954-JEU]

Jubelin. M called M. Jubelin, Inspector of Taxes for the 9th arrondissement. [1962-COL]

Jubert, Félix. One day, when M was walking down the Boulevard Saint-Michel, he heard someone running after him, and it was Félix Jubert, who'd been in medical school with him at Nantes. He was tall and bony, with a big nose, coarse features, red hair, and a blotchy complexion. He'd dropped out of school about the same time as M, and lived in the Cherche-Midi district. He'd been working in a pharmacy for some weeks. [1950-MEM]

Judel. Inspector on duty at the scene of the barge and the man's arm, young conscientious policeman of the 10th Arrondissement, somewhat dull. M found him there when he arrived, before Lapointe. Called M at the Forensic Laboratory to announce that they'd found the torso... M called Judel, who reported that Victor Cadet had found the whole body except for the head... Vicomte told M that he'd just spoken to Judel on the phone, and that they'd not yet found the head. [1955-COR]

Judge. Justin had said it was in front of #61 Rue Sainte-Catherine, the Judge's house, that he'd seen the body. A retired magistrate, he said "I hear you're the famous Superintendent M who's been sent to our town to reorganize the Flying Squad." [1946-cho]

Some people called Maurice Marcia the Judge. [1971-IND]

judges. see Maigret and the Judges (Maigret et les juges) by Murielle Wenger

Judicial Identification Laboratory. M and Torrence set out following a maze of corridors and staircases, up to the attics of the Palais de Justice, where the Judicial Identification Laboratory was located. [1929-30-LET]

Judicial Identity. M turned to the plan of the house at Ivry, drawn up by the Judicial Identity branch. [1958-TEM]

M suggested that the Judicial Identity men be informed. [1961-PAR]

Judicial Police. M told the policeman from the Place Saint-Paul to call the Judicial Police, and tell them to send an inspector, Dufour if possible, to the Au Roi-de-Sicile. [1929-30-LET]

The Chief said he'd gotten a letter from the Minister. That meant the Minister of the Interior, to whom the Judicial Police are responsible. [1956-ECH]

In his capacity as a chief-inspector of the Judicial Police, it was his duty to identify a criminal and to get a confession. [1960-VIE]

M wasn't the only member of the Judicial Police who had a sense of discouragement, and twice the Director had threatened to resign. [1961-PAR]

M told Demarie to call him at Judicial Police when the constables came back. [1966-NAH]

judo. Among Jules Piquemal's books were two about yoga and a manual of judo. [1954-MIN]

Jugoslavia. The police report said Samuel Meyer came from Eastern Europe, possibly Jugoslavia.... M imagined a letter from Samuel Meyer. "To Mr. N.A. Levy, Bucharest . I am dispatching 200 rare stamps of Jugoslavia, Rumania and other countries... I hope to shortly find the Greek ones you were asking about." Of course, they wouldn't be postage stamps... [1932-FOU]

Jujube. M found himself thinking of Saint-Fiacre, the school playground, the fat boy nobody liked and whom they called Boum-Boum or sometimes Jujube: Ferdinand Fumal. [1956-ECH]

Jules. M. Oscar called out to a passing truck, "Evening, Jules!" [1931-NUI]

The butcher said he knew someone who wanted to buy Jules' house - the Belgian, who wanted to turn it into a cinema. [1938-ceu]

Emma had arrived in Paris a few months before, worked in a dairy on Rue Caulaincourtfor M. Jules. [1941-SIG]

Jules was the second waiter at the Café des Ministères. Had been there three years, came on at 1:30. Said he'd have sent Raymond Auger off to the nearest crémerie. Went home at 10:30, since his wife was expecting a baby. [1946-obs]

M. Jean, proprieter of the Cadran, called out to a waiter, Jules, to take care of No. 24. Then to François to take care of a woman's luggage. [1947-MOR]

One of the men at Au Petit Albert, Jules, said he thought Nine Rochain might be 30... or 50. [1947-MOR]

Someone called out "Jules" in the Arche de Noé hotel while M was there. [1949-AMI]

When M told people his name was Jules they quickly Americanized it to Julius, which he found a little less distressing. [1949-CHE]

One of the letters said "I met cousin Jules in the street - he was dead drunk and I thought he didn't recognize me." [1953-ECO]

Mme M recognized the restaurant they had not set foot in for 20 years, Chez le Père Jules. They had come to Joinville in Dr Pardon's car, and it was M who had chosen the restaurant, facing the Island of Love [Île d'Amour], around which canoes and boats were gliding. The extraordinary thing was that Père Jules was still there, and seemed to have grown no older. [1956-AMU]

It was a call for the room waiter, Jules, to bring a bottle of Danish beer to one of the guests.... The Countess Louise Paverini had told Jules, the room waiter, "the usual", which meant a bottle of Krug 1947 and a sealed bottle of Johnny Walker. [1957-VOY]

The personnel manger at Josset & Virieu was M. Jules.... M. Jules was the oldest employee at Josset & Virieu.... M. Jules was 65, bushy eyebrows, dark hairs sprouting out of his nose and ears. [1959-CON]

Rosalie Bourdon told René Lussac that Jules was getting impatient, wanted to go off on a trip. [1961-PAR]

Oscar Coutant met M and Lucas at a bar on Rue Monsieur-le-Prince, where he always went for an aperitif after work; barman was named Jules. [1964-DEF]

Jules, the proprieter of Chez Jules, said the young man hadn't seemed particularly nervous.... Jules suggested Sancerre, which came from his cousin. [1969-TUE]

Jules Brault. see: Brault, Jules

Jules Dartoin. see: Dartoin, Jules

Jules, Grand. see: Grand Jules

Jules Lapie. see: Lapie, Jules

Jules Lavisse. see: Lavisse, Jules

Jules Marchandon. see: Marchandon, Jules

Jules Mosselet. see: Mosselet, Jules

Jules Naud. see: Naud, Jules

Jules Piquemal. see: Piquemal, Jules

Jules Raison. see: Raison, Jules

Jules Sandeau. see: Sandeau, Jules

Jules Streib. see: Streib, Jules

Julia. Frédéric Michaux's wife, or nearly so, was Julia, whom M had known as Julia of the Place des Ternes. [1939-ven]

Julia Darchambaux. see: Darchambaux, Julia

Julie. Léon called to Julie, the barmaid at Au Rendez-Vous des Terre-Neuvas. [1931-REN]

Julie, the slatternly Breton serving girl, was kneeling on the floor wiping the legs of the table at Marina's. [1936-pig]

The wife of the patron of the Restaurant du Triage looked at the photo of Ernest Combarieu, and said it was the man from next door, at the Hôtel du Chemin de Fer. [1946-obs]

At 8:00 Julie, the smaller and swarthier of the two maids, brought him coffee in bed. [1947-VAC]

François Lalinde lived across the street from Adrien Josset. 76, retired colonial adminstrator. Cared for by Julie, a maid he'd brought back from Africa. [1959-CON]

Julie Lapie. see: Lapie, Julie

Julie Legrand. see: Legrand, Julie

Julien. Waiter at the Brasserie Cyrano, Place Blanche, who recognized Marcel Vivien's photo. Lived on Boulevard de la Chapelle, some distance away. His first café waiter job. Before that he'd been employed as a floor waiter in one of the smart hotels on the boulevards. [1971-SEU]

Julien. Detective Julien was the son of a detective who'd worked with M a long time and retired to the Côte d'Azur. Had been transferred from Limoges to Nice a few weeks earlier. [1950-PIC]

Lecoeur was talking on the phone with Inspector Julien of the 9th arrondissement, when M came in. He'd located the place in Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette where Hélène Lange had lived for 4 years, from 28 to 32. The concierge was still there. Regularly went to work by métro from Saint-Georges. [1967-VIC]

Julien Baud. see: Baud, Julien

Julien Blond. see: Blond, Julien

Julien Boissy. see: Boissy, Julien

Julien Calame. see: Calame, Julien

Julien Calas. see: Calas, Julien

Julien Chabot. see: Chabot, Julien

Julien Chabot. see: Chabot, Julien

Julien de V--. see: V--, Julien de

Julien Foucrier. see: Foucrier, Julien

Julien Landin. see: Landin, Julien

Julien Mila. see: Mila, Julien

Julienne. The Reverend Mother said she'd send Mère Julienne to Maria Peeters' room. [1932-FLA]

Julien Sellier. see: Sellier, Julien

Julien Sudre. see: Sudre, Julien

Julien Vendre. see: Vendre, Julien

Julie, Rue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Rue des Suisses to Rue Joanès. (Now: part of Rue de l'Abbé-Carton.)]

Someone had called Paul Fabre to 28 Rue Julie, named Lesage or Lechat or Lachat. [1961-BRA]

Juliette. Maître Orin's housekeeper, almost as old as him, lived in. [1951-GRA]

Juliette Boynet. see: Boynet, Juliette

Juliette Cazenove. see: Boynet, Juliette

Juliette Lapointe. see: Lapointe, Juliette

Juliette Martin. see: Martin, Juliette

Juliette Perrin. see: Perrin, Juliette

Juliette Tremblet. see: Tremblet, Juliette

Juliette Van Damme. see: Van Damme, Juliette

Julius. When M told people his name was Jules they quickly Americanized it to Julius, which he found a little less distressing. [1949-CHE]

Julius Van Cram. see: Van Cram, Julius

Jullian. Police-Constable Jullian had noted a De Dion Bouton in the Rue Mansart outside No. 28. After ten minutes it drove off towards the Rue Blanche. [1948-PRE]

Julot. M imagined the kind of conversation Boissier might have with a thief, like Julot. [1951-GRA]

Junot, Avenue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Rue Girardon to Rue Caulaincourt]

M had the driver turn towards Place Constantin-Pecqueur, by Avenue Junot. On Place Constantin-Pequeur two cafés were still open... there was no light in Lognon's window. Suddenly it seemed they heard footsteps further up, towards Avenue Junot, and a whistle. Something had happened. [1955-TEN]

Lognon had been on the sidewalk on Avenue Junot when he'd been shot.... M remembered the Avenue Junot as it had been at the beginning of his career. It had scarcely been an avenue then, only a few buildings in multiple occupation, with gardens and patches of waste ground. The first person to build a private house there had been a painter, and it had seemed daringly modern. Others followed, a novelist, and opera singer, and it had developed into a fashionable address. [1963-FAN]

They'd just found the body of Maurice Marcia on the sidewalk of the Avenue Junot, right at the top of the Butte Montmartre, not far from the Place du Tertre.... An old man whose white hair formed a halo around his head, a well-known painter, M thought, said he lived in the villa across the way... had spotted Maurice Marcia's body. [1971-IND]

Jura. [Mountain range extending 143 m. along the boundary between France and Switzerland.]

Chief Inspector Priollet of the Vice Squad was in the Jura attending the funeral of a relative, resulting in M's handling the Caracci interrogation. (Jura is a Department in E. France, adjacent to Switzerland.) [1949-AMI]

Jusseau, Hervé. Hervé Jusseau, a man about 30, who owned mussel beds and had got married a month earlier, had run into Joseph Rateau with his motor bike. [1953-ECO]

Jusserand, Claire. Philippe Jave and his wife, daughter and the child's nurse, Mlle. Claire Jusserand, left for a six-weeks stay in Cannes, where they'd rented the Villa Marie-Thérèse.... Philippe Jave had hired the nurse Claire Jusserand from a Paris clinic. [1956-AMU]

Jusserand, Marthe. Marthe Jusserand, whom M had recognized as one of his auxiliaries, said she was 25. [1955-TEN]

Jussiaume. Officer Jussiaume was on duty near Picratt's. He'd taken shelter in a doorway at the corner of Rue Fontaine and Rue Pigalle. Picratt's red sign was one of the few still lit. [1950-PIC]

Jussiaume, Alfred. Sad Freddie, the safe-cracker. Ernestine Micou's husband, who'd spotted the dead woman's body in Guillaume Serre's house in Neuilly. [1951-GRA]

Jussiaume, Ernestine. The appointment slip read: "Ernestine Micou, alias "Lofty" (now Jussiaume), ... who you arrested 17 years ago on Rue de la Lune..." Ernestine Jussiaume had been born in Nevers, in a village called Saint Martin des Près. [1951-GRA]

Jussiaume, Théodore. Théodore Jussiaume sold birds on the Quai du Louvre. Said that Maurice Tremblet had been one of his best customers, had bought many canaries, though he'd known him as Monsieur Charles. [1946-pau]

Jussieu. Called M to see if he was going to dinner at Dr Pardon's that evening. Didn't think Dr. Paul could come. Head of the Forensic Laboratory, had first taken M to Dr Pardon's. Worked at Sainte-Anne, recounted memories of Charcot after dinner. When they left, he caught the metro at Place Voltaire. About 10 years younger than M and Pardon. Mme M said he was a confirmed bachelor. He'd wanted to invite Professor Journe, but he never dined in town. [1952-REV]

The voice at the other end of the line, Raymond, at the Exchange, said "Jussieu?" That was the sergeant who should have been on duty, but M had sent him home at ten.... Jussieu, who worked under him, told M that Lucas was looking for him. [1954-JEU]

Jussieu, smelling strongly of tobacco smoke, pointed out the window to M. [1959-ASS]

Upstairs M found Lucas, Jussieu and Lourtie. [Lourite in Penguin p 260] [1966-NAH]

Jussieux. Doctor Jussieux, an old friend of Julien Chabot's, had examined Gobillard's body. [1953-PEU]

Justin. Justin was 12, an altar-boy at the hospital. He'd seen a dead body in the Rue Sainte-Catherine, but the body had disappeared. [1946-cho]

M called the Brasserie Dauphine and asked Justin to bring up two beers for M and a coffee for Julien Foucrier. [1951-MEU]

Justin was a waiter at the Clou Doré. [1965-PAT]

Justin. The man at the Exchange would plug into another hole, and say "Is that the station in the Rue de Grenelle? That you Justin? Send a car to the Quai, outside No. 210..." [1954-JEU]

At 5:30, Detective Inspector Justin, of the 8th, questioned the night concierge of the Hôtel George-V, and went to the hospital at Neuilly. [1957-VOY]

Justin Brême. see: Brême, Justin

Justin Cavre. see: Cavre, Justin

Justin Colleboeuf. see: Colleboeuf, Justin

Justin Crotton. see: Crotton, Justin

Justin Crozier. see: Crozier, Justin

Justine. 79, mother of Émile. Proprieter of the Fleurs at Marseilles, the Sirènes at Nice, two or three houses at Toulon, Béziers, Avignon.... Justine called M. Louis in Paris to get girls. [1949-AMI]

Justine Cuendet. see: Cuendet, Justine

Justin Goulet. see: Goulet, Justin

Justin Hulot. see: Hulot, Justin

Justin Lavancher. see: Lavancher, Justin

Justin-le-Tatoué. One of the pictures of criminals M showed to Emma. [1941-SIG]

Justin, Mad. One of Jean-Charles Gaillard's cases was Gaston Mauran, stealing cars. Dupeu had been in charge of the case. 19, red-haired. He'd kept watch while Mad Justin stole the cars. [1962-COL]

Justin Minard. see: Minard, Justin

Justin of Toulon. Emma, who worked in a dairy on Rue Caulaincourtfor M. Jules, had seen a tall, dark man (Justin de Toulon) with a green sportscar go into Mlle. Jeanne's apartment the day she was murdered. One of the pictures of criminals M showed to Emma. The murderer of Marie Picard. [1941-SIG]

Justin Rozier. see: Rozier, Justin

Juteaux, Monique. April 17, Rue Etex, running alongside the Montmartre cemetery, nearly opposite the Hôpital Bretonneau, Monique Juteaux, 24, living with her mother on the Boulevard des Batignolles, visited a friend on Avenue de Saint-Ouen, stabbed three times. [1955-TEN]

Juva. Ferdinand Besson, Valentine Besson's late husband, had founded Juva Products. When M was quite young he had seen the name Juva in the newspaper advertising pages, and he thought his mother had used Juva Cream when she prepared for an evening out. [1949-DAM]

Juvenile Court. M had come to the little paved courtyard, where poor people waited outside the Juvenile Court. [1934-MAI]

Juvigny. A carter from the Providence, a horse barge, told the lock-keeper his skipper wanted to get to Juvigny by the next night.... The lock-keeper said the Phénix might be at the Juvigny reach, three miles up from Aigny. [1930-PRO]

Juvisy. [commune, N France, Essone dept. pop. 1968: 12,507. Juvisy-sur-Orge. S of Paris, important railroad junction.]

The car was going through Juvisy as M talked to Marcel Basso. At Orly the searchlights of the airport swept the air. [1931-GUI]

They went through Corbeil, Juvisy, Villejuif, passed the week-enders' cars coming back to Paris. [1933-ECL]

In Ernest Combarieu's pocket was a third-class railway ticket from Juvisy to Paris, from the previous day. [1946-obs]

M called Mme. Janvier in Juvisy to pass along the news that Janvier was doing well. Mlle. Clément told M that Janvier was hoping for a girl this time. [1951-MEU]

The identity card of the man stabbed in the alley was in his wallet. Louis Thouret, warehouse foreman, 37 Rue des Peupliers, Juvisy. Between 40 and 50.... They sped along the expressway until they reached the railroad station at Juvisy, and asked directions to Rue des Peupliers. It was part of a new housing development at the far end of town. [1952-BAN]

Juziers. The head lock-keeper at Suresnes said De Zwarte Zwaan should have been at Juziers, or at any rate beyond Poissy, depending on how long they'd had to wait at the locks at Bougival and Carrière. [1962-CLO]

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