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Ibsen. [Henrik Johan Ibsen, born Skien, Norway, 1828, died Kristiana (now Oslo), 1906. Norwegian playwright who introduced to the European stage a new order of moral analysis...]
Marguerite Van de Weert had written out the opening lines of the Song of Solveig by Ibsen on the photograph. [1932-FLA]

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icebox. The long, glass-partitioned waiting room at the QDO with pale green walls which ran along one side of the corridor. the "glacière". [1966-VOL]

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Ideal Homes. Véronique Lachaume's kitchen was white-painted, with chromium-plated electrical gadgets like those at Ideal Homes expositions. [1958-TEM]

Marinette Augier's kitchen looked more like an Ideal Homes [a model kitchen in a trade exposition] setup than one in an old building in Paris. [1963-FAN]

Identification Records. Upstairs was the Indentification Records room. [1948-PRE]

Identité judiciaire. M told M. Louis to arrange with the Criminal Records [Identité judiciaire] office to get a proof copy." [1938-owe]

Identité Judiciaire. The men from the Identité Judiciaire make up a dead man's face, and touch up the print so it looks like a living man's. [1946-obs]

M told Janvier to wait for the Public Prosecutor and the people from the Identité Judiciaire. [1950-PIC]

Before leaving the house M called Moers at Identité Judiciaire at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1953-TRO]

Identity. The photographer of the Identity Department was eating a little further along. [1934-MAI]

M told Janvier to phone the Identity people. [1954-JEU]

M had Lucas call the Public Prosecutor's office. Lachaume of Lachaume's Biscuits had been shot in the heart. He reminded him to call the Identity people as well. [1958-TEM]

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Iéna, Avenue d'. [Paris. 16e, Passy. from Avenue Albert-de-Mun to Place de l'Étoile]

When Valentine Besson had been very rich their private house had been in the Avenue d'Iéna. [1949-DAM]

Rosalie Moncoeur worked for some South Americans who had a villa at Nice and an apartment in Paris, 132 Avenue d'Iéna. [1950-PIC]

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Île d'Amour. M. Jean told M the former proprieter of the Cadran lived in Joinville, in a villa opposite the Île d'Amour, beyond the bridge, with a boathouse in front. It was called "The Nest", and the man's name was Désiré Loiseau, the Bird. [1947-MOR]

Mme M recognized the restaurant they had not set foot in for 20 years, Chez le Père Jules. They had come to Joinville in Dr Pardon's car, and it was M who had chosen the restaurant, facing the Island of Love [Île d'Amour], around which canoes and boats were gliding. [1956-AMU]

Île de France. Émile Boulay went back to work as a deputy chief steward on the Île de France. [1962-COL]

Île-de-France. [Historical region of NC France, bounded anciently on N by Picardy, E by Champagne, S by Orléanais, W by Normandy. Political center of old France, captial: Paris.]

A horizon of fields, a farmhouse roof, completed the Île-de-France symphony. [1931-NUI]

Île de la Cité. The roar of the traffic on the Île de la Cité. Below, in the courtyard of Police Headquarters... [1941-SIG]

Île de Puteaux. A branch of the Seine flowed sullenly round the deserted Île de Puteaux, with its thickets and tall poplars and patches of waste ground. [1936-lun]

Île de Ré. [island, W France, Charente-Maritime dept. pop. 1959: 9,300. 9.5 mi. W of La Rochelle, about 15.5 mi long, 3-4 mi broad.]

One month earlier a newspaper photo showed Ernest Michoux embarking from the Île de Ré, on the Martinière, which was carrying 180 convicts to Devil's Island. [1931-JAU]

M said that Martino's brother, who'd set off the day before from the Île de Ré (for Guiana) sent his regards. [1936-pig]

Mme M said she had mutton stew and fresh asparagus that a relative sent from the Île de Ré... [1938-ceu]

Every two minutes could be heard the foghorn on the Pointe des Baleines, on the Île de Ré across the harbor. [1940-JUG]

Rosalie Bourdon made a trip to the Île de Ré every month to visit Pierre Sabatini. [1961-PAR]

Goulet was on the Île de Ré with his wife and three children. [1961-BRA]

Île Saint-Louis. [Paris. 1er, Louvre. at . (Island in the Seine, connected with the Cité by the Pont St-Louis, created in 1614 and 1630 by the amalgamation of two islets. The narrow Rue St-Louis-en-l'Île traverses the whole island.)]

M went to visit M. de Saint-Marc's, where, overlooking the Place des Vosges, there were 15-foot high windows, of the type only to be found in Place des Vosges or Île Saint-Louis. [1931-OMB]

They'd crossed the Pont de la Tournelle and were now on the Île Saint-Louis. [1933-ECL]

Unhurriedly, M made his way back to his office, just as he used to do in the old days, by way of the Saint-Antoine district and the Île Saint-Louis, when things were slack at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1940-JUG]

M had often noticed the offices of Amorelle and Campois in the Île Saint-Louis when he'd worked at the QDO. [1945-FAC]

The race-course clerk lived nearby, in the Île Saint-Louis, if they needed him. [1947-MOR]

In the evenings Fernande Steuvals and Frans Steuvels would go for a walk in the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois neighborhood, or on the Île Saint-Louis, or for dinner at a little restaurant near the Pont-Neuf. [1949-MME]

M walked towards Ile Saint-Louis, skirted Notre-Dame, crossed a little iron footbridge, and soon found himself in the narrow, crowded Rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile. ... Lucette Calas had a room above a grocer's shop on the Rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile, 3rd floor, left-hand side, Ile Saint-Louis. [1955-COR]

On another occasion he had travelled the whole length of the quays on foot, from the Charenton lock as far as the Île Saint-Louis, on the heels of a tugboat owner whom he had eventually consigned to prison. [1956-AMU]

The tugs could be heard hooting to their barges downstream from the Île Saint-Louis. [1957-VOY]

Jacques Sainval said he'd taken Paulette Lachaume to an English friend's flat on the Île Saint-Louis. [1958-TEM]

The restoration trend had started in the Île Saint-Louis. [1961-PAR]

Crossing the iron foot-bridge, they had reached the Île Saint-Louis. Lapointe observed that the Seine was still high, as they had a month of rain.... During the months that M had spent in Place des Vosges, while the house on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir was undergoing alterations, he and Mme M had often walked in the evenings round the Île Saint-Louis.... Mme. Keller lived at 29b Quai d'Orléans, in the Île Saint-Louis, overlooking the Quai des Tournelles. [1962-CLO]

M told François Ricain he'd have Janvier put him up at the Stork, a small hotel on the Île Saint-Louis. [1966-VOL]

It was so warm that M and Mme M walked home from the Latin Quarter, making a detour to walk throught the Ile Saint-Louis. [1968-HES]

The young man found stabbed in the Rue Popincourt was Antoine Batille, 21, Quai d'Anjou, on the Île Saint-Louis, not far from Pont Marie. M knew the Île Saint-Louis fairly well, since he used to live on the Place des Vosges, and at that time they often walked arm in arm around the island in the evening. [1969-TUE]

The Poupard's had a magnificent apartment on the Île Saint-Louis. [1969-VIN]

Îles et du Bon Pasteur, Hôtel des. see: Hôtel des Îles et du Bon Pas

Îles, Hôtel des. see: Hôtel des Îles

illness. M told Joseph Audiat he just had a touch of synovitis. [1934-MAI]

Jean-Charles Gaillard's wife suffered from polyneuritis. [1962-COL]

Illustration. The Russian girl asked the waiter to get her Illustration, and the professional directory. [1930-31-TET]

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Imperia. Edgar Fagonet had worked as an usher at the Imperia movie house on the Boulevard des Capucines. [1939-MAJ]

Impressionists. Norris Jonker said that while the Impressionists couldn't have painted at night, many modern painters preferred artificial light. [1963-FAN]

Impressions of a Traveler in Italy. There were some books in Honoré Cuendet's room in the Hôtel Lambert, Impressions of a Traveler in Italy and Every Man his Own Doctor (published in 1899), and an adventure story. [1961-PAR]

Imprimerie du Croissant. Marcelle Luquet worked as a proofreader in the Imprimerie du Croissant, on the night shift [1954-MIN]

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Index Office. M told Moers to send the fingerprints to the Index Office. He told him to give the slippers and dressing-gown to Janvier or Torrence to bring to the shops where they were bought. [1953-TRO]

India. M read the paper. "Daughter of Mohammedan Ruler married at Nice. festivities in India and Afghanistan... A dinner in Nice at the Palais de la Mediterranée..." A Moslem princess marrying at Nice... [1932-LIB]

India. Cornélius Barens' parents lived in India, and he had just learned of his mother's death. [1931-HOL]

Jean Maura said every year he spent two or three months with his father, vacationing in Italy, Greece, Egypt, India. [1946-NEW]

Major Bellam was a retired Indian army officer. [1949-AMI]

When Étienne Gouin had gone to Belgium to operate, as he'd gone to the US and India, he stayed in a hotel in Liège where he bought a small automatic. [1953-TRO]

David Ward had had a brother who'd been killed in Indai at the age of 22. [1957-VOY]

Norris Jonker said the greater part of his life had been frittered away going out in London, the US, India, Australia... [1963-FAN]

There'd been one flight to Amsterdam, one to India via Geneva. [1966-NAH]

Some of the trees along the Allier were rare specimins, from America, India and Japan, with little metal plates in Latin and French. [1967-VIC]

Indian. The owner of the Southern Cross, husband of the dead woman, Mary Lampson, introducted himself to M: Sir Walter Lampson, retired colonel of the Indian Army....Willy Marco said Walter Lampson had been up and coming in Delhi when a problem with the daughter of an important Indian put him on the retired list. [1930-PRO]

The dance hall where Félicie spent her Sundays was a wooden building overlooking the Seine. The proprietor was an Indian in a sweater who M recognized [Fernand] - he'd been a fairground wrestler and had gotten into trouble with the police. [1942-FEL]

The jurors included one Negro, an Indian with a strong jaw, a Mexican... [1949-CHE]

Indo-China. [French Indochina, former name for the E part of the Indochina peninsula in SE Asia, bordering China on the N, Burma on NW, Thailand on the W. Capital, Hanoi. Now Vietnam.]

M got a letter from Padailhan, the Inspector of Taxes at Nevers. Ten years in Indo-China. . No great boulevards in Saigon then. There he knew Émile Gallet.... Aurore Gallet had no photos of her husband from his Indo-China years, which he never spoke of.... Mme. Gallet told M he had had 30,000 francs when they married, had had a difficult time as a child, and spent several years in Indo-China.... Tiburce de Saint-Hilaire told M his mother died soon after he was born. Father died when he was 12. Went to college in Bourges till he was 19. Received a legacy from a second cousin in Indo-China when he was 28, a Duranty de la Roche. [1930-GAL]

Mlle. Clément had a brother who was now married and lived in Indo-China. [1951-MEU]

Guillaume Serre's first wife had been Jeanne Devoisin, whom they'd met one summer at Dieppe, a widow with no relatives except a sister in Indo-China. Died of a heart attack. [1951-GRA]

Mme. Cornet's son, in the army in Indo-China, had been operated on by Prof. Étienne Gouin. [1953-TRO]

Honoré Cuendet had joined the Foreign Legion on leaving Switzerland, and spent five years in Sidi-bel-Abbès and Indo-China. [1961-PAR]

Jean de Caramé's brother was a Colonel, killed in Indo-China. [1970-FOL]

Inland Revenue. Louis Thouret caught the bus at the corner, which got him to Juvisy station at 8:17. He traveleved with a neighbor, M. Beaudoin, who worked in Inland Revenue. [1952-BAN]

Mme. Crêmieux was 65-70, small, thin and lively. M told her they weren't from Inland Revenue, and didn't care about what she declared on her taxes. [1954-JEU]

The man from the Finance Department said the Inland Revenue would cetainly be looking into Ferdinand Fumal's affairs. [1956-ECH]

M said he imagined certain payments were made in cash, to dodge Inland Revenue. [1962-COL]

Inland Waterways. François Paré, in his early 50s, was head of a Department in the Ministry of Public Works, Inland Waterways. He lived in Versailles.... M crossed the Pont Saint-Michel, making for the Boulevard Saint-Germain. He'd never been to the Ministry of Public Works. He asked for the Department of Inland Waterways. Staircase C, top floor. [1968-ENF]

Inspectors' Room. see A Visit to the Inspectors' Office (Visite dans le bureau des inspecteurs ) by Murielle Wenger

M went into the Inspectors' Room to see if he'd left his pipe there. [1945-pip]

M went into the Inspectors' Duty Room to give them their orders for the day. [1955-COR]

Instanbul. At Instanbul Germaine Laboine met a man called Julius Van Cram, a Dutchman apparently, staying at the Pera Palace. [1954-JEU]

Institute. Robert Courmont had been an ambassador for more than thirty years, in Tokyo and in London, a member of the Institute. [1954-MIN]

Institute of Comparative Law. Pierre Nahour had studied at the Law School in Paris, then at the Institute of Comparative Law. [1966-NAH]

Institute of Criminology of Philadelphia. Spencer Oats, American criminologist from the Institute of Criminology of Philadelphia, wanted to observe M's methods. [1940-CEC]

Institute of Forensic Medicine. Roger Couchet's body was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. [1931-OMB]

Intelligence. During the war William Brown had worked for French Intelligence, the Deuxième Bureau. [1932-LIB]

M said it was a problem for Intelligence. [1937-38-amo]

Ramire of Intelligence was talking with the concierge near the Ministry when he went to check on Blanche Lamotte. [1954-MIN]

David Ward had acquired his Colonel's rank during the war as head of a branch of Intelligence. [1957-VOY]

International Criminal Police Association. Interpol, the International Criminal Police Association, at that time had its headquarters in Vienna.... A coded telegram from Interpol read, To Sûreté Générale, Paris. Police Cracow report Pietr the Lett passed through on way to Bremen. [1929-30-LET]

International Law. Vicente Alvaredo said he worked as an apprentice for Maître Puget, in the Boulevard Raspail, a professor of International Law. [1966-NAH]

International Police Congress. M had been attending the International Police Congress, held this year in Bordeaux. [1953-PEU]

International Society of Criminology. M had seen some of them (Sengés, Levy-Valensi, Maxwell) quoted in the journals of the International Society of Criminology. And he had in fact read the works of others, Lagache, Ruyssen, Genil-Perrin. [1968-HES]

International Theosophical League. Jules Piquemal also belonged to the International Theosophical League, based in Switzerland. [1954-MIN]

Interpol. The International Criminal Police Association, at that time had its headquarters in Vienna.... A coded telegram from Interpol read, To Sûreté Générale, Paris. Police Cracow report Pietr the Lett passed through on way to Bremen. [1929-30-LET]

Interpol had produced a poster describing Philippe de Lancieux. [1961-BRA]

A young Englishman was identified as the thief in the jewel robberies; Interpol was on his track in Australia. [1962-CLI]

M told Manuel Mori that if he left France Interpol would find him quickly enough. [1971-IND]

interrogation. The interrogation of Carl Anderson had lasted exactly 17 hours. [1931-NUI]

M told Céline Germain that three years earlier a man had spent 37 hours in the chair she was sitting in, and was now a convict in Guiana. [1937-38-eto]

M had at times manipulated an interrogation - which might last for 20 hours or more - to induce this state of collapse. [1942-FEL]

When M saw Alban Groult-Cotelle's rash break out he was reminded of how a rather celebrated murderer, after a 28-hour interrogation, during which he had defended himself inch by inch, had suddenly wet his pants like a frightened child. M and Lucas had known they'd gotten the upper hand. [1943-CAD]

People at the Quai des Orfèvres still cited the 27-hour interrogation, at the end of which M was as exhausted as the man who had confessed. [1956-AMU]

As M drove with Jaquette Larrieu to the Quai des Orfèvres he thought that for the first time in his life he was to interrogate an old woman. [1960-VIE]

Honoré Cuendet's interrogation had lasted 24 hours. [1961-PAR]

He had just conducted one of the most difficult interrogations of his career (Francine Josselin). It was rather like throwing a ball that didn't bounce back. [1961-BRA]

Intransigeant. In the letter she said was from Albert Marcinelle, he said he was in Calais, and wanted to cross the frontier. He said he'd put an ad in the Intransigeant. [1937-38-ber]

Invalides. Some horses went by in the Place Saint-Georges. There had been a parade at the Invalides that morning. Everyone was headed towards the Élysée. [1948-PRE]

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Irène. There was a tab on the dress, Mademoiselle Irène, 35b, Rue de Douai.... Mlle. Irène was fat, middle-aged, with big blue eyes in a moonish face, sparse fair hair faded to grey at the roots. Her real name was Élizabeth Coumar. [1954-JEU]

Irène de Marchangy. see: Marchangy, Irène de

Irish. Mike O'Rourke told M the waitress in the Penguin Bar was Irish, like himself. [1949-CHE]

Iris, Les. see: Les Iris The name of Hélène Lange house on the Rue du Bourbonnais, where she took in boarders. [1967-VIC]

Irma. Fernand had his wife Irma draw a fresh beer for M. [1933-ECL]

In the pantry, Irma, the 15-year-old maid was polishing silver. [1937-38-man]

Irma, the kitchen girl Rosalie Moncoeur was watching while talking to M. [1950-PIC]

Irma Chevrier. see: Chevrier, Irma

Irma Strauss. see: Strauss, Irma

Irvitch. M made a call to Vienna, and wrote a telegram to Warsaw, as one passenger was a woman from Vilna named Irvitch. An elderly Jewish lady, stout, dark, with puffy legs, wearing an astrakhan coat, the wife of a fur-dealer. [1936-arr]

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Isaac Goldberg. see: Goldberg, Isaac

Isabelle. Mlle. Lived on the 2nd floor at Mlle. Clément's. Typist in an office on the Rue Montmartre. In the mornings usually ate a croissant in the Rue Gay-Lussac. Cousin came to visit sometimes, and on Sundays they went to the country. [1951-MEU]

Isabelle Auger. see: Auger, Isabelle

Isabelle Catroux. see: Catroux, Isabelle

Isabelle de V--. see: V--, Isabelle de

Isabelle Planchon. see: Planchon, Isabelle

Isabelle Vernoux. see: Vernoux, Isabelle

Isi. The letters in Armand de Saint-Hilaire's study were from Isabelle de V--, signed Isi. [1960-VIE]

Isidore. Tall, thin, angular man with a drooping mustache. Jack-of-all-trades at the Pretty Pigeon.... He was always busy. Drove over by car to Corbeil to fetch the meat. Worked at the Pretty Pigeon, taking care of the fishermen. Had caught some tench, which Mme. Roy brought to Paris for Mlle. Jeanne. [1941-SIG]

Island of Love. see: Île d'Amour

Issoudun. [city, C France, Indre dept. pop. 1968: 15,108. 19 mi. NE of Châteauroux.]

Mme. Leroy said her husband's sister-in-law was called Marcelle, but died in childbirth at Issoudun. [1945-pip]

Issy-les-Moulineaux. [commune, N France, Hauts-de-Seine dept. pop. 1968: 50,442. SW suburb of Paris on Seine river.]

Armand Lecocq d'Arneville was a messenger in a factory in Issy-les-Moulineaux, lived in Grenelle with his wife. [1930-31-PHO]

Dufour called to say they were at the Citanguette, a café for bargemen, on the Left Bank, between Grenelle and Issy-les-Moulineaux. [1930-31-TET]

Philippe Jave settled in Issy-les-Moulineaux after his marriage 5 years ago to Éveline Le Guérec. [1956-AMU]

Istanbul. [city, capital of Turkey, on both sides of the Bosporus; old part of city on W side. pop. 1970: 2,312,751. shipbuilding yards, textiles, leather goods, cement, pottery, tourism.]

A month later Fernande joined Eugène Berniard in Stamboul [Istanbul], where he had opened a big night club in the chief street. [1934-MAI]

Mrs. Ellen Wilcox sometimes shopped in Instabul. [1949-AMI]

On the walls of Jef Claes room were colored prints of Nice, Naples, Instanbul... [1965-PAT]

Pierre Nahour had a sister whose husband directed the same sort of bank in Istanbul. [1966-NAH]

Léon Florentin said he had just come back from Istanbul, when M met him 20 years earlier. [1968-ENF]

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Italian. It had started the previous evening in Brussels, where M had been conferring with the Belgian CID [Criminal Investigation Department], about some Italian refugees who had been expelled from France. [1930-31-PHO]

Guido Ferrari, the Italian who was with Oscar. [1931-NUI]

All the year round, by tens, hundreds, thousands, Poles , Jews, Rumanians, Italians were streaming outwards to the four corners of the globe. [1932-FOU]

Mme M said in the shops they spoke many languages, Italian, Hungarian, Polish... Rita had seemed to understand what they were saying. [1937-38-amo]

They followed [Stephan Strevzki] into a small Italian restaurant in the Place Blanche. [1939-hom]

Jean Ramuel's mother was Italian, whereabouts unknown. [1939-MAJ]

Although M didn't know the neighborhood, M was sure the crowd was in front of the Italian's tailor shop. [1946-NEW]

Asked if there were any Czechs in the neighborhood, the answer would invariably be, "Poles, Italians, and Armenian... but no Czechs."... Carl Lipschitz's wallet contained a second identity card in the Italian name Filipino. [1947-MOR]

In a little Italian restaurant M found Dédé. He had a highly-colored complexion and his blond hair was parted in the middle. M told him he was a friend of Bob d'Anseval's arrived from Lyons.... 22 years later, he would meet Lise Gendreau-Balthazar again, though under another name, an aristocratic Italian name, that of her husband. [1948-PRE]

Since Mme M had been out searching for the hat, she brought back cold food from the Italian place: Parma ham, pickled mushrooms, ready-to-eat hors-d'oeuvres. The dinner reminded M of their first meals together, when she was discovering Paris, and was delighted by all the little ready-to-eat items sold in the Italian shops. [1949-MME]

At the Quai des Orfèvres there are maps on which little islands are marked, the Jews of the Rue des Rosiers, the Italians of the Hôtel de Ville district, the Russians of Les Ternes and Denfert-Rochereau... [1950-MEM]

Fred Alfonsi had gone to Panama on an Italian ship with 5 or 6 girls. [1950-PIC]

Mme. Lognon said the two men were very dark, like Italians, but were probably speaking English.... Luigi said that he was of Neapolitan origin, not Italian origin. He said Pozzo was Sicilian. It would be like confusing a Corsican with someone from Marseilles. [1951-LOG]

An anonymous letter came in suggesting that they find out what Alain Vernoux had been doing at Louise Sabati's. Daughter of an Italian builder, supposed to be working in Nantes. [1953-PEU]

Janvier first tried an Italian restaurant on the Boulevard Rochechouart, but they said it wasn't Pierre Eyraud's day. [1953-TRO]

At the Roméo that night had been the wedding of Marco Santoni, representative in France of a well-known Italian vermouth.... Julius Van Cram and Germaine Laboine took an Italian boat to Marseilles.... Hans Ziegler spoke fluent French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and a little Polish. [1954-JEU]

Gino's was a little Italian restaurant, famous for its spaghetti and especially its ravioli. [1956-ECH]

M had decided to take Mme M out for lunch to an Italian restaurant in the Boulevard de Clichy. [1956-AMU]

An Italian named Gino, on duty on the third floor, knocked on Colonel David Ward's door but got no answer.... Countess Louise Paverini Had an Italian passport. She'd married Count Marco Paverini.... John Arnold said once while driving together on the Italian Riviera, some trouble with his Rolls [Rolls Royce] forced David Ward to stop at a little inn. That night in Rome he arranged to buy 5,000 acres in the area. [1957-VOY]

Germain Lombras, a piano teacher who lived in the Rue Picpus, came to Gaston Meurant's shop looking for a frame for an Italian gouache, a Neapolitan landscape he'd bought that day from an antique shop. [1959-ASS]

Stuart Wilton's son married Lida Wilton, a Hungarian model. They divorced when he discovered she was his father's mistress. Living in Rome with an Italian prince. [1961-PAR]

M and Lapointe went into Au Petit Turin, where the Italian proprieter served them Chianti and asked about Doc (François Keller), who'd helped cure his wife of eczema. [1962-CLO]

Norris Jonker said he'd let a painter named Pedro use his studio. M asked if he was Italian, Spanish... Jonker said he'd never asked.... Norris Jonker said he had a Chirico which had been smuggled across the Italian border, and a Manet which came from Russia.... M said if Mario de Lucia wasn't in his records he'd check with the Italian police. [1963-FAN]

Félix Nahour spoke French, English, Spanish, Italian and a little German, besides Arabic. [1966-NAH]

Walter Carus had financed 3 or 4 films, German and Italian co-productions. [1966-VOL]

. Mme. Blanc went down the Rue Saint-Georges, stopping to go into an Italian grocer's. [1968-ENF]

The proprietor of Le Chat Botté, Mazotti, looked like an Italian, with brilliantined hair and a small mustache. [1972-CHA]

Italie, Avenue d'. [Paris. 13e, Gobelins. from Place d'Italie to Boulevard Masséna]

Dupeu said he'd seen Gaston Mauran again at a gas station in the Avenue d'Italie. [1962-COL]

Italiens, Boulevard des. [Paris. 2e, Bourse - 9e, Opéra. from Rue de Richelieu to Rue de la Chausée-d'Antin]

[Stephan Strevzki's] coat had the label "Old England" shop, on the Boulevard des Italiens. [1939-hom]

For a moment M forgot he was on Broadway and not the Boulevard des Italiens. [1946-NEW]

Meyer, the cashier from the Boulevard des Italiens had been picked up in Amsterdam by the Dutch police with a red-haired girl. [1951-MEU]

Mme. Gaudry's husband worked in a bank on Boulevard des Italiens. [1954-MIN]

Ed Gollan said his yellow Jaguar had been stolen. Had been with the Mexican consul at his home on the Boulevard des Italiens the night before. [1963-FAN]

Department of Social Security, where the Crédit Lyonnais sent closed accounts after a few months, was located. [1971-SEU]

Italie, Place d'. [Paris. 13e, Gobelins. from Boulevard de la Gare to Avenue des Gobelins]

M told Bonneau that he'd seen Fred-the-Marseillais at Angelino's on Place d'Italie about three weeks earlier. [1939-MAJ]

The taxi had led the policeman on a wild goose chase, ending up at the Place d'Italie, enpty. [1942-FEL]

There was a fight between two Arabs in a bistro in the Place d'Italie. [1946-mal]

Torrence said Lucas had just left for the Place d'Italie , where Arabs had been in a knife fight. [1951-MEU]

Victor Ricou told M he hadn't left Paris, satyed in a small hotel in the Place d'Italie for three months, then to Le Havre, where he'd stowed away on a boat for Panama. [1956-ECH]

Italie, Porte d'. [Paris. 13e, Gobelins. from Avenue d'Italie to Avenue Porte d'Italie]

At 3:00 M was in his office at the Quai des Orfèvres, when a call came in about some Algerians knifing one another in the neighborhood of the Porte d'Italie. Algerians were the special concern of Sergeant Lucas. [1936-fen]

The misery of the poor quarters of Paris, of the little bistros around the Porte d'Italie or Saint-Ouen, the filthy wretchedness of the Zone and the more decent wretchedness of Montmartre or Père-Lachaise were all familiar to him. The bottom-line misery of the piers, too, of Place Maubert or the Salvation Army. [1949-CHE]

Jacquemain walked with him to the Palais de Justice, the Police Judiciaire, and that night, walking up and down the Seine, talked about his job as a police inspector. He was killed three years later, in the neighborhood of the Porte d'Italie, hit in the chest by a bullet not intended for him. His photograph hangs among the rest in one of those black frames.... There were a certain number of streets, in La Villette, Ménilmontant, and the Porte d'Italie, where one ventured reluctantly. [1950-MEM]

They stopped on the way to Juvisy at the Porte d'Italie, to have a glass of beer standing at a bar. [1952-BAN]

M and Janvier left Paris by the Porte d'Italie, Janvier driving, on their way to Seineport. [1954-MIN]

The car which had been used in the hold-up was found near the Porte d'Italie. It had been a stolen car. [1961-PAR]

It had happened between two Poles, in a hovel near the Porte d'Italie. A laborer who spoke bad French, a wretched puny man called Stéphane, with an unpronouncable last name, lived there with a woman and four small children. The woman was the wife of Majewski, who'd been a farm laborer on farms in the north. The two eldest children were Majewski's. Stéphane said Majewski had given him his wife... sold her to him. Majewski had come back, and during the night Stéphane had stabbed him and the wife. [1961-BRA]

There had been a knifing at a bistro in the Porte d'Italie. [1966-NAH]

The Senegalese had been killed in a knife fight in a bistro on Porte d'Italie. [1966-VOL]

Italy. Walter Lampson's yacht was the Southern Cross. He said he always lived on it, in France, England, sometimes Italy. [1930-PRO]

Marcel Basso said he'd thought of going to Italy, or Egypt. [1931-GUI]

Ernest Grandmaison had married his cousin's lover. The son was born in Italy. [1932-POR]

Joséphine Beausoleil said she'd gone on tour in Italy, Turkey, Syria and Egypt. [1932-FOU]

M told Atoum the send him to Italy, where he was wanted for forgery. [1939-MAJ]

Judge Forlacroix had gone on holiday to Italy and Greece when he'd lived in Versailles. [1940-JUG]

Jean Maura said every year he spent two or three months with his father, vacationing in Italy, Greece, Egypt, India. [1946-NEW]

Old Benoît was from Italy, but by accent probably not Genoa or Naples.... Mrs. Ellen Wilcox had a villa in Italy, Fiesole, on a hill, overlooking Florence. [1949-AMI]

On the last day the first witness was Angelino Pozzi, originally from Italy, a fruit and vegetable dealer, who had picked up the men in his Pontiac. [1949-CHE]

Maria Van Aerts had lived in Italy and Egypt, traveled a lot. [1951-GRA]

Priollet said he couldn't contact Marco Santoni's wife as they were honeymooning in Italy. [1954-JEU]

Charles, M's brother-in-law, had just bought a new car, and decided to take the family on a trip to Italy. [1956-AMU]

Blanc suspected that Falconi and Scapucci had been selling cars in Italy, stolen and repainted in the suburbs of Paris. [1959-ASS]

A year later Isabelle de V-- was at court in Italy. [1960-VIE]

The Pardons (Dr Pardon) had taken a vacation to Italy by car, planning to visit Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice and Milan. [1961-BRA]

Émile Boulay had learned that one of his musicians was trafficking in drugs on a small scale, and fired him. He'd left France and was working in Italy. [1962-COL]

Félix Nahour had lived in Italy, a year in Cuba before the revolution, and had a villa in Deauville. [1966-NAH]

The tenants of the apartment overlooking the courtyard were in Italy for the past month; in the catering business. [1968-ENF]

IB  IC  ID  IE  IL  IM  IN  IR  IS  IT  IV  



Ivry. [pop. 1968: 60,455. Ivry-sur-Seine. SE suburb of Paris on the Seine R.]

Mimile called M from Ivry. Told M he was at À ma Bourgogne, a little hotel, three stories, ground floor brown, just opposite the gas works. [1945-FAC]

M picked up the phone. Lachaume, Quai de la Gare, Ivry... It was difficult to tell if they were in Paris or Ivry, had probably just crossed the dividing street. [1958-TEM]

They drove in silence to Ivry, and almost the entire length of the great, sprawling cemetery. The grave was in one of the new extensions, where trees had not yet had time to grow. [1968-ENF]

Jeanne Chabut had arranged for three cars to drive to the Ivry cemetery. [1969-VIN]

Her neighbor, the 2nd floor tenant, said that Léontine Antoine used to say that Ivry was too far out, and she felt lost among all those thousands of graves. Joseph Antoine was buried at Ivry. [1970-FOL]

The cemetery at Ivry was where Marcel Vivien was to be buried, like his wife's mother. [1971-SEU]

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