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Fabien. Étienne Naud called out a greeting to Fabien, who they passed on the road. [1943-CAD]

Fabre, Paul. René Josselin's daughter, Véronique Fabre, was married to Dr. Paul Fabre, a pediatrician, assistant to Prof. Baron at the Children's Hospital.[Hôpital des Enfants Malades]. ... Goulet said there was a rumor that if he wished, Paul Fabre would soon be one of the youngest professors in the Medical Faculty. [1961-BRA]

Fabre, Véronique. René Josselin's daughter, Véronique Fabre, was married to Dr. Paul Fabre, a pediatrician, assistant to Prof. Baron at the Children's Hospital.[Hôpital des Enfants Malades] [1961-BRA]

Fachin, Oscar. Oscar Fachin was one of the boarders at Mlle. Clément's. Student. Made a living copying out music. Room looked on the yard. [1951-MEU]

Faculty of Science. Antoine Batille's father would have liked him to have enrolled in the Faculty of Science, and studied Chemistry so that he could later take over the business, but Antoine had no interest. [1969-TUE]

Fagonet, Albert. Edgar Fagonet's father, Albert Jean-Marie Fagonet, had been foreman at the Lecoeur Works in Lille. [1939-MAJ]

Fagonet, Albertine. Edgar Fagonet's mother, Albertine Octavio Hautebois Fagonet, 54, 57 Rue Caulaincourt, where Edgar lived with her and his sister. [1939-MAJ]

Fagonet, Edgar. On the studio portraits, Zebio was called Eusebio Fualdès, but his real name was Edgar Fagonet, born in Lille.... Torrence supplied M with a report on Edgar Fagonet. His father, dead 3 years, had been Albert Jean-Marie Fagonet, foreman at the Lecoeur Works in Lille. Mother, 54, housewife, Albertine Octavio Hautebois (Albertine Fagonet), 57 Rue Caulaincourt, where Edgar lived with her and his sister. Some information came from the Gasworks district of Lille. Also contacted was the Chevalet Sanatorium in Megève, and the Imperia movie theater, on Boulevard des Capucines. Fagonet had been sent to a sanatorium on the island of Oléron for his health; at 17 he was sent to Chevalet. Dr. Chevalet remembered him. His sister, Émilie Fagonet, 19, had a bone disorder and was mentally retarded. Fagonet had tried to find employment in Lille and Roubaix, finally came to Paris and became a theater usher. Because of his Latin American appearance was called Zebio, went to work at the Majestic as a professional dancing partner. His mother was from the north of France; apparently he'd only been to the Riviera for a few days, while still at the Imperia. [1939-MAJ]

Fagonet, Émilie. Edgar Fagonet's sister, Émilie, 19, had a bone disorder and was mentally retarded. [1939-MAJ]

Faisanderie, Rue de la. [Paris. 16e, Passy. from Avenue Foch to Avenue Victor-Hugo]

Robert Courmont had a house on Rue de la Faisanderie. [1954-MIN]

Aristide Fumel was calling from the station in the Rue de la Faisanderie. [1961-PAR]

Faisant. On the first floor was Madame Faisant, a widow, saleswoman in a couture house, and a couple named Lanier, of private means. [1963-FAN]

Fajon. Renée Planchon called Roger Prou at Mme. Fajon's house on the Rue Lamarck, where he was working, to tell him the police were searching their house. [1962-CLI]

Falaise. [commune, NW France, Calvados dept. pop. 1962: 6,711. 19 mi. SE of Caen.]

The proprieter of the café came from Falaise, offered M and Boissier Calvadoes. [1951-GRA]

Falconet. M tried to think of inspectors who'd left the Criminal Investigation Department employ. Baudelin, tall pale young man, probably left for ill health. Falconet, over 50, asked to retire early because of his drinking. Little Valencourt. Fischer, weighed at least 200 pounds. [1954-MIN]

Falconi. Falconi and Scapucci were two regulars at the Eucalyptus, two men with records who cropped up periodically around Pigalle. [1959-ASS]

Falconi, Albert. The moment they'd come into Pickwick's Bar, M recognized the barman, Albert Falconi, a Corsican, whom he'd sent to prison at least twice for running an unlicensed gaming house, and once for trafficking in gold with Belgians. Another time he'd been suspected of involvement in the murder of a Marseilles gang member in Montmartre. About 35. [1954-JEU]

Falk, René. René Falk was Joseph Mascoulin's secretary. Not more than 25, fair-haired, frail. Photostated the copies of Mascoulin's statement for M. [1954-MIN]

Fallut, Octave. The captain, Octave Fallut, had boarded with a widow in the Rue d'Étretat, Mme. Bernard. He'd been sailing for La Morue Française for 15 years.... The director said Octave Fallut was the only one who used red ink, when he was at home. The face in the photo Léon found under Pierre Le Clinche's table cloth had been scribbled over in red ink.... A uniformed policeman came up to M on the beach with a note they'd received, signed Octave Fallut, which said no one was to be accused of his death. [1931-REN]

False-Noses. Mattei was the boss of the False-Noses of Marseilles, who pulled off about twenty hold-ups before they were stopped. [1962-COL]

[A sportsman and elegant member of high society when not wearing his mask, Fantômas transforms himself into a ferocious criminal as soon as he slips into his black outfit. Created in 1911 by Pierre Souvestre (1874-1914) and Marcel Allain (1885-1969), this evil genius terrorized generations of readers, and was often brought to the screen.] (typo in Eng. ed. as: Fantômes) The grandson of the old Comte d'Anseval was Jacques d'Anseval, penniless, who was seeing Lise Gendreau-Balthazar. 25, good-looking. Germaine Baboeuf imagined he carried a gun. She'd read Fantômas. [1948-PRE]

Farano, Ada. Antonio Farano's sister, Ada, lived with Émile Boulay's family, worked as his secretary. Ada Farano was barely 22. She said that about 2:00 they'd gone over to the Place Pigalle. [1962-COL]

Farano, Antonio. M saw Lucas at the Brasserie Dauphine, who came over and introduced him to Antonio Farano. It seemed to him he could have already seen the face of this Italian who could have been a film star.... Antonio Farano drove off in a red sports-car. [1962-COL]

Farms and Castles. M found magazines on the shelf at the villa; Farms and Castles, Country Life, The Connoisseur. [Fermes et Châteaux, La Vie à la Campagne, Connaissance des Arts]. [1971-IND]

Farnheim, Countess von. M got a call from Police-Secours [le central de Police-Secours] that a Countess von Farnheim had been found strangled in Rue Victor-Massé.... Dr. Bloch said Countess von Farnheim was about 48 or 49, probably a morphine addict for 15 years. Said she'd been married to Count Hans von Farnheim, an Austrian he thought, lived on the Côte d'Azur in a big estate. [1950-PIC]

Farnheim, Count Hans von. The photograph showed a dry little man with a little white beard and a monocle. 65 when he married on Capri, three years before the photograph. He bought the Oasis right after their return from Italy. [1950-PIC]

Faron. [SE France, Var dept. Mount Faron (alt. 584m, 1816') is the small, limestone massif, bordered by deep valleys, which immediately overlooks Toulon.]

Blanc said Alfred Meurant was living in a boarding house called the Eucalyptus [les Eucalyptus], quite a way outside Toulon on the hill between Faron and La Vallette. [1959-ASS]

Fast, Billy. Bob asked Luigi if he'd seen Billy Fast, a kind of bookmaker who lived in the Maisons-Lafitte, actually in an inn in the forest near there, the Au Bon Vivant, run by an American woman who used to be a chorus girl. [1951-LOG]

Fat Boy. One of the "transient" members of Stan the Killer's gang they nicknamed Fat Boy, a rotund, short-winded little fellow, better dressed than the others. [1937-38-sta]

Fat Fred. Fat Fred, associated with Pietr, passed the forged check at the Federal Bank in Berne, was killed while being arrested. Had passed himself off as Major Howard of the American Legion, but was a former New York bootlegger, known as Fat Fred. [1929-30-LET]

Father Christmas. Colette Martin told Mme. Doncoeur she'd had a visit from Father Christmas, and he'd left her a doll. She said Father Christmas was probably making a hole in her floor to get down to the Delormes', where there was a boy of three. [1950-noe]

It was true that in the police they no longer believed in Father Christmas. [1958-TEM]

Father Sertillange. see: Sertillange, Father

Fat Jaja. Some people called her Fat Jaja to tease her. La Grosse Jaja. [1932-LIB]

Fat Louis. see: Louis, Fat

Faubourg-Montmartre, Rue du. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Boulevard Montmartre to Rue Lamartine]

Janvier said he'd checked restaurants as far as the Faubourg-Montmartre [Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre] and that Torrence had reached the Place Clichy [Place de Clichy]. [1947-MOR]

M walked down the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette after the Hôtel Beauséjour, and took a taxi at the Faubourg Montmartre after stopping by a bar for a beer. [1949-MME]

M walked from the hotel on Rue Richier in the direction of Faubourg-Montmartre in the hopes of finding a taxi.... M told Bonfils to take several uniformed men and cut off the Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre. [1951-LOG]

Ten minutes later, as the car was on its way up the Faubourg-Montmartre, M had already forgotten that he hadn't slept that night. [1954-JEU]

M said they'd start by going down the Saint-Pierre steps. Then they'd stroll along the Boulevard Rochechouart, and then go down the Rue des Martyrs, where M liked the swarming crowds. He liked the Faubourg-Montmartre too.... They turned the corner of Faubourg-Montmartre and the Grands Boulevards, and spotted a little cinema playing some early Charlie Chaplins. [1956-AMU]

The editor of one of the largest morning papers, Frémiet, called M. They'd known each other for many years. An anonymous letter had come by pneumatique, from the Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre pneumatique office. [1969-TUE]

Faubourg Saint-Antoine. A week before, in the lower-class district of Faubourg Saint-Antoine, M had dealt with a man who'd stabbed his lover and her husband, and then tried to commit suicide. [1960-VIE]

Twice Jef Claes had returned to Paris with Mina Claes, had found a furnished room near Sacré-Coeur, or in Faubourg Saint-Antoine. [1965-PAT]

Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, Rue du. [Paris. 11e, Popincourt - 12e, Reuilly. from Rue de la Roquette to Place de la Nation]

In October of the previous winter a Pole, who had attacked a number of farms in the north of France, had holed up in a small hotel at the corner of the Rue de Birague and the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine. [1946-mal]

There were certain shady places around Faubourg-Saint-Antoine where false identity cards were produced. [1947-MOR]

Paul Martin had had a good job in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, in a furniture store, but after the accident in which his wife was killed had taken to drink. [1950-noe]

Gaston Meurant's wife, Ginette Meurant, 27, petite, excellent figure. She'd gone to the movies on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine the night of the crime. She'd worked as a waitress in a restaurant on that street 8 years earlier when they were married. [1959-ASS]

"M's most dangerous arrest" was the arrest of the gang of Poles in broad daylight on the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, without a shot being fired. [1965-PAT]

Faubourg Saint-Denis. As far as M could remember, Post Office 26 was in the Faubourg Saint-Denis, near the Grands Boulevards. [1947-VAC]

Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Rue du. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt. from Boulevard Saint-Denis to Boulevard de la Chapelle]

The postmaster called from the #28 post office in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis. He'd spoken to the clerk, Mlle. Denfer, who said he'd seemed frightened. He'd left a message for M, that he was coming towards the Quai des Orfèvres. [1947-MOR]

Lecoeur called M from the Faubourg-Saint-Denis police station, to report on Alain Lagrange's robbing Gaston Grimal, a businessman from the provinces. [1952-REV]

Faubourg Saint-Germain. John Arnold looked at the photographs. "That's Nanette of Faubourg Saint-Germain." [1957-VOY]

After all, Les Chartrons, where Victor Lamotte lived, was the Faubourg Saint-Germain of Bordeaux. [1968-ENF]

Gérard Sabin-Levesque inherited one of the best practices in Paris, practically the whole of the Faubourg Saint-Germain. [1972-CHA]

Faubourg-Saint-Germain, Rue du. There were still rich, titled old ladies, with their own mansion in the Avenue du Bois [Avenue du Bois de Boulogne] or the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Germain, who have been frequenting the same night-clubs for the past 40 years. [1947-MOR]

Ginette Meurant took a taxi from Boulevard de Charonne, but when they reached Boulevard Saint-Michel, the cab made a sudden right into Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Germain. [1959-ASS]

Faubourg Saint-Honoré. John Arnold had gone to a hotel in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Bristol, where the English solicitor, Donald Philps was staying, opposite the British Embassy. [1957-VOY]

Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Rue du. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Rue Royale to Place des Ternes]

Rue de la Paix, Place Vendôme, Faubourg Saint-Honoré... Pietr strolled on. [1929-30-LET]

Mrs. Mimi Clark had bought the automatic found in her bag the day before at a gunsmith's on the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.... The taxi stopped at Boulevard Haussmann, right on the corner of Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. M and the two women got out. [1939-MAJ]

When they came to a grocers in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, M said he didn't think Jacques Pétillon was in any condition to eat., but Félicie bought a fine bunch of Spanish grapes, some oranges and a bottle of champagne. [1942-FEL]

Maxime Le Bret's wife was supposed to have tea with Lise Gendreau-Balthazar and the Comtesse Bernadette d'Estireau at the Pihan Tearooms in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. [1948-PRE]

Maître Orin told M the club had already moved from Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré to Avenue Hoche when Alain Serre came back again. [1951-GRA]

M had just had two Calvados on Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, and it had been a long time since he'd tasted whisky... [1951-LOG]

When Léon Zirkt dropped them at the corner of the Boulevard Haussmann and Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, he saw Louise Laboine still walking. [1954-JEU]

Éveline Jave's jewel case had been made by a well-known saddler in the Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. [1956-AMU]

Ferdinand Fumal's wife's father had been one of the biggest butchers in Paris, in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré at a time when Fumal wasn't yet rich. [1956-ECH]

Adrien Josset was working in an English drugstore on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, where he met his future wife, a customer. [1959-CON]

Three days later they did a luxury jewelers on the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. But one of the thieves had dropped his scarf, and was arrested the next day at his workplace, a locksmithe on Rue Saint-Paul. [1963-FAN]

Gèron and Sons had had the Morvan Paper Mills at Autun for three or four generations. Made the Morvan Vellum paper the anonymous note had come on. Handmade. Worked with two stationers, one on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and one Avenue de l'Opéra. [1968-HES]

Faubourg-Saint-Jacques. Étienne Gouin had taken his wife, when she was his nurse, to a restaurant in the Faubourg-Saint-Jacques. She'd told him her father was a fisherman in Brittany.... When M reached the Cochin hospital in the Faubourg-Saint-Jacques, Étienne Gouin had already left with his assistant for the Saint-Joseph Clinic at Passy. [1953-TRO]

Faubourg-Saint-Martin, Rue du. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt. from Boulevard Saint-Denis to Boulevard Villette]

M thought of the book he had seen Justin Cavre holding at Alban Groult-Cotelle's, one of those disgustingly salacious books that are sold under the counter in seedy shops on Faubourg Saint-Martin. [1943-CAD]

Blancpain had chased Antoine Cristin along the Rue des Récollets but lost him in the traffic of Faubourg Saint-Martin. [1955-COR]

Fauchois, Ferdinand. The butler at the Émile Parendon's. Came from Berry, like Parendon. Bachelor. Had been in the foreign legion. From Aubagne. Had been in military prison, in Africa. Had done "stupid things" in Toulon, bad company.... Had joined the foreign legion saying he was Belgian. Had worked for Parendon for eight years. [1968-HES]

Fauchon's. The concierge said Line Marcia sometimes went to Fauchon's or some other luxury shop to buy things she couldn't get in the neighborhood. [1971-IND]

Faute, La. see: La Faute The village on the other side of the bridge was La Faute, just a cluster of little bungalows for renting to summer visitors. [1940-JUG]

Faverges, Léontine. M had seen a plaque on the wall in the name of Mme. Léontine Faverges (62) at Rue Manuel.... Léontine Faverges came from a poor family in Le Havre. She'd left home and become a salesgirl for a big department store in Paris and married soon after. Her sister Hélène, the younger, had worked in a dairy, then in a haberdasher's on Rue d'Hauteville.. [1959-ASS]

Fayet. As in previous years, they had stayed at a hotel in Meung-sur-Loire, and the landlords, the Fayets, treated them as members of the family. [1959-ASS]

Fayette, Rue, La. see: La Fayette, Rue

Fay, Josette. Mlle. Fay, known as Mlle. Josette, lived in the attic at Aline's. An old maid, 82, did her own shopping and housework. [1965-PAT]

Fazio, Joe. The dead man was Joe Fazio, came from Marseilles four or five years ago. Was a barman in a sleazy bar called the Paréo. [1972-CHA]

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FBI. Once M had left Jos MacGill, he'd called Special Agent Michael O'Brien, of the FBI, whom he had known in France several years before, in the course of an important international case. [1946-NEW]

M was perfectly aware that Harry Cole had "shelved: him, but M would have done the same in the FBI man's place. [1949-CHE]

(J.J.) Jimmy MacDonald was one of J Edgard Hoover's chief aides in the FBI in Washington. [1951-LOG]

When M had spent several weeks in the US at the invitation of the FBI, they had presented him with a revolver, a Smith & Wesson .45 special, with short barrel and highly sensitive trigger mechanism, and his name engraved on it: 'To J.-J. Maigret, from his FBI friends.' [1952-REV]

Albert Falconi said he'd told Jimmy O'Malley about another American, and he'd thought it might be the FBI.... M asked what time it was in Washington, told Janvier to call the FBI and ask for Clark. [1954-JEU]

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Fécamp. [seaport, N France, Seine-Maritime dept. pop. 1968: 21,406. on English Channel, 40 mi. NW of Rouen.]

M would catch the 5:30 train to Fécamp.... La Bréauté station, where M left the main-line train from Paris to Le Havre, gave him a foretaste of Fécamp.... A dense reek of salt cod and herring. Stacks of barrels.... The photo that had been in the envelope in the dead man's pocket had been signed Léon Moutel, art photographer, Quai des Belges, Fécamp. [1929-30-LET]

Pierre Le Clinche had been a pupil of Jorissen's, 20, sailed 3 months earlier on the Océan, a Fécamp trawler which fished cod in Newfoundland. M said Fécamp would be no worse a place for a holiday than anywhere else.. [1931-REN]

Delcourt told M that the Saint-Michel was at Fécamp and should reach Ouistreham next evening. [1932-POR]

Jules Lapie had been a bookkeeper for a firm in Fécamp, a ship chandler, suppliers of sails, rope, winches and all kinds of ship's stores and provisions.... Jules Lapie had engaged Félicie, a girl he had known as a child in Fécamp, since she was 17, for 7 years.... M knew Fécamp well, its mean, cramped little terraced houses huddled at the foot of the cliffs, upstream from the estuary, its streets awash with dirty water, children playing amid the sickening stench of fish. [1942-FEL]

Some 15 years earlier, in late Autumn, for 3 days and 2 nights M had stayed glued to a garden gate on a deserted road in the neighborhood of Fécamp, waiting for a man to come out of the village opposite. Nobody knew he was there. He had not foreseen himself that he would be there. [see: LET] [1947-MOR]

The Chief had received a call from the Minister. Charles Besson, who lived at Fécamp, was elected Deputy for the Seine-Inférieure two years ago. His step-mother, Valentine Besson, lived at Étretat. [1949-DAM]

The other man, Loubières, burly, hirsute, born at Fécamp, kept a garage at Puteaux Married, two children. [1961-PAR]

Federigo Palestri. see: Palestri, Federigo

Fédor Yurovich. see: Yurovich, Fédor

Feignies. [commune, N France, Nord dept. pop. 1959: 5,600. arr. d'Avesnes]

[Feignes in HBJ] The two policemen who brought Gérard Pardon back to the Gare du Nord in Paris had come from Feignies. Told them they could catch the 5-7 back. Stopped the taxi at Rue La Fayette to sign their expense sheets. They got out and went into a bar. [1940-CEC]

Feinstein. Feinstein, a hosier with a shop in the Grands Boulevards, introduced himself to M. Said he traded under the name Marcel. His wife had played the bride in the mock marriage. [1931-GUI]

Feinstein, Mado. Feinstein's wife, Mado, who was in shock from her husband's death.... Mado Feinstein said the revolver was hers. [1931-GUI]

Félicie. Félicie walked beside him, or rather, a little ahead of him, since she had to take two steps for every one of his.... Slim figure, quaint clothes, big blue eyes, supercillious nose, her outrageous scarlet confection of a hat, trimmed with a stiff, iridescent green feather. She'd given him more trouble than all the hardened criminals in his career. [1942-FEL]

Félicien. see: Jamet, Félicien

Félicien Gendreau. see: Gendreau, Félicien

Félix. The barman at the Folies-Bergère. Jean Bronsky would talk with Félix while waiting for Francine Latour. [1947-MOR]

Arlette had called Marco for Mariette Gibon from a restaurant on the Boulevard Voltaire, to tell him not to come to the house till she told him it was clear. Left a message for him with Félix, a waiter in Le Poker d'As, a bar in Rue de Douai. [1952-BAN]

Louise Bourges said she didn't quit her job because of the chauffeur, Félix, to whom she was engaged. When they had enough money they planned to move to Giens, where they both came from. [1956-ECH]

Someone at the Cric-Crac told M if he was looking for M. Félix, the barman, he wasn't in. [1972-CHA]

Félix et Félicie. Jean-Claude Ternel had gone with Marinette Augier to Félix et Félicie at Pomponne, on the Marne, not far from Lagny, which she especially liked. [1963-FAN]

Félix Jubert. see: Jubert, Félix

Félix Lachaume. see: Lachaume, Félix

Félix Nahour. see: Nahour, Félix

Fénard, Jeanne. Jeanne Fénard, the elder of the two maids was a slattern in her late 20s. She had a four-year-old son. [1937-38-man]

Fenton. Inspector Pyke had posted a man at the Lancaster Hotel, Fenton, red-haired, with a moustache, to check on Alain Lagrange. [1952-REV]

Ferchaud, Pierre. Étienne Naud greeted the stationmaster, Pierre Ferchaud.... Pierre Ferchaud, the stationmaster, had discovered Albert Retailleau's body. He'd telephoned the town hall, and the Deputy Mayor had contacted the Benet Police Headquarters, as there was no police Sergeant in Saint-Aubin-les-Marais. [1943-CAD]

Ferdinand. Boxer Jo introduced M to Ferdinand, who kept a garage not far from the Porte Maillot. Long, thin figure, huge nose, lively little eyes like a mouse. [1947-MOR]

Ferdinand Besson. see: Besson, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Cornu. see: Cornu, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Fauchois. see: Fauchois, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Fumal. see: Fumal, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Voivin. see: Voivin, Ferdinand

Féret. M called Detective-Sergeant Féret, of the Flying Squad at Nice. He'd worked under M before transferring there because of his wife's health. [1954-JEU]

Ferme, Rue de la. Boissier found the name on the list where a safe had been installed: Guillaume Serre, dentist, 43b, Rue de la Ferme, Neuilly. Just past the Zoo, a street parallel with Boulevard Richard-Wallace. [1951-GRA]

Fermes et Châteaux. M found magazines on the shelf at the villa; Farms and Castles, Country Life, The Connoisseur. [Fermes et Châteaux, La Vie à la Campagne, Connaissance des Arts]. [1971-IND]

Fernand. Gassin asked Fernand for another drink. He was an old man with a yellow beard, and his right arm was bandaged. [1933-ECL]

Lucas knocked at the dance-hall, all in darkness. A woman in curlers, out the window said "Fernand, it's for you." [1942-FEL]

When M found Laurence Decoin, she protested to the giant of a butcher, "I don't know him, Fernand." [1947-VAC]

Neveu had been in a bar in the Rue Blondel, very near Porte Saint-Martin, called Chez Fernand. Fernand was a former jockey. When he saw Monsieur Louis [Louis Thouret]'s photo, he said he'd been in a few times with Fred the Clown. [1952-BAN]

Fernand had been Pierre Sabatini's cell-mate at Saint-Martin-de-Ré. [1961-PAR]

Fernand Barillard. see: Barillard, Fernand

Fernand Courcel. see: Courcel, Fernand

Fernande. The girl Fernande asked M to come back to her house with him. She gone to a hotel in the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette the night before with three young men who wanted to try taking ether …. Fernande's pajama jacket had parted, showing a glimpse of her pointed breasts. She must have been 27 or 28, but her body was that of a young girl, and the nipples were pale pink and scarcely formed. [1934-MAI]

Fernande, a customer at the Old Wine Press. [1966-VOL]

Fernande Steuvels. see: Steuvels, Fernande

Fernand, Handsome. Mickey Boubée asked M if he remembered Fat Louis, who owned the three brothels in the Rue de Provence. And One-eyed Eugène? And Handsome Fernand... [1962-COL]

Féron. Inspector, Fontenay-le-Comte Police Superintendent in charge of the Robert de Courçon case. Short, brown-haired man. Knew the town, though he came from Arles, in Midi. [1953-PEU]

Féronstrée, Rue. (Liège.)

Jean Chabot's father asked him if he knew whether the big apartment on the Rue Féronstrée was going up for sale. [1931-GAI]

Ferrari. Oscar Coutant told M that Nicole Prieur was in what they called the Étoile set, drove to school in Jaguars and Ferraris. Most of the group lived near the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foch, and so on. Martinez, the son of a South American ambassador drove an open blue Ferrari. [1964-DEF]

M told Freddy Strazzia he'd seen no less than five Ferraris at the funeral in Bandol. [1971-IND]

Ferrari, Guido. Guido Ferrari, the Italian who was with Oscar, did the killings. [1931-NUI]

Ferté-Alais, La. see: La Ferté-Alais A military map showed some limestone roads between La Ferté-Alais and Arpajon. [1931-GUI]

Ferté-sous-Jouarre, La. see: La Ferté-sous-Jouarre

Février. The waiter from the buffet at the Gare Saint-Lazare called on behalf of Janvier, whose name he thought was Février, to say he was on his way to Rouen. [1942-FEL]

Feynerou, Alice. Féret said he'd had a call from a fishmonger, Alice Feynerou, who'd recognized the photo which had been in the Éclaireur [Nice]. Said she'd known Louise Laboine and her mother four or five years earlier, and they'd lived not far from the Avenue Clemenceau. [1954-JEU]

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FF. M's badge was silver-plated copper, on one side the Republic's Marianne with her Phrygian cap, the letters "FF" and the word "Police" outlined in red enamel. [1966-VOL]

FA  FB  FE  FF  FI  FL  FO  FR  FU  



fiacre. At Antibes M got into a horse-drawn fiacre with Boutigues - a cream-colored awning fringed with little tassels. [1932-LIB]

Fiat. Mme. Nathalie Sabin-Levesque said they had two cars, a Bentley for her husband, a Fiat which she used. [1972-CHA]

Fiesole. Mrs. Ellen Wilcox had a villa in Italy, Fiesole, on a hill, overlooking Florence. [1949-AMI]

Fifth Avenue. The cab stopped on the corner of an avenue M did not yet know was Fifth Avenue. [1946-NEW]

Ward said he'd been in a bar on Fifth Avenue in Tucson when he'd heard about Bessie Mitchell's death. [1949-CHE]

Figaro. Joseph offered newspapers to Raymond Auger: Le Temps, Figaro, Les Débats. [1946-obs]

Almost all the people who'd lived in those houses had had names that could be read any morning in the Figaro or Gaulois. [1957-VOY]

Mace, from Figaro, had managed to follow the taxi. Lamblin and Ginette Meurant had gone to a seafood restaurant on Place de l'Odéon specializing in bouillabaisse. [1959-ASS]

The writer of the anonymous letter (Gus Parendon) requested a response to "K.R." in Le Figaro or Le Monde. [1968-HES]

Two months later Blanche Bonnard saw their wedding picture in the Figaro. [1972-CHA]

Filet de Sole. M knew that Joseph Mascoulin lunched everyday at a restaurant in Place des Victoires called "Filet de Sole". [1954-MIN]

Filipino. Carl Lipschitz's wallet contained a second identity card in the Italian name Filipino. [1947-MOR]

Fillou. Louis Fillou's father had worked in a clog factory, which employed 50 people. It was a time when there were endless strikes. He'd gone in to lodge a complaint, and been thrown out bodily. He'd died two years before of stomach cancer. [1943-CAD]

Fillou, Louis. One of the four men, the young one, Louis Fillou, had been Albert Retailleau's friend. [1943-CAD]

Filon, Ernest. M had Lucas call Béziers to see if Ernest Filon, who was in the hospital some years ago, still lived there. (earlier: Louis Filon). [1953-TRO]

Filon, Louis. Lucas had found a box with Louise Filon's birth certificate: Louise Marie Josephine Filon, born in Paris, 18th, daughter of Louis Filon, tripe seller, Rue de Cambrai, near the slaughter houses of La Villette, and Philippine Le Flem, washerwoman. [1953-TRO]

Filon, Louise. Dupeu said he'd got a call from the charwoman at the Avenue Carnot, almost next door. She'd found the body of Louise Filon, a young woman, probably a murder.... Louise Filon had been picked up more than 100 times by the Black Maria, between the ages of 15 and 24.... Louise Filon had told Désirée Brault she came from the 18th, practically the gutter, and spent most of her life in the Chapelle district.... Lucas had found a box with Louise Filon's birth certificate: Louise Marie Josephine Filon, born in Paris, 18th, daughter of Louis Filon, tripe seller, Rue de Cambrai, near the slaughter houses of La Villette, and Philippine Le Flem, washerwoman. [1953-TRO]

Finance Department. see: Financial Section

Finance Squad. see: Financial Section.

Financial Section. Lucas told M he had to arrest Oscar Laget at 4:00, that the warrant was signed by the Financial Section [section financière] of the DPP. [1936-fen]

M had the taxi take him to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Financial Section [Section Financière]. [1939-MAJ]

The Superintendent of the Finance Squad [Section financière] was as stiff as a poker. If he was in his office it meant there'd be trouble in the Bourse the next morning. [1946-mal]

There were two squads in which he hadn't worked, Sports Squad and Financial Squad [brigade financière]. [1950-MEM]

M had asked Bodard, of the Financial Section [Section Financière], to summon the man the papers were talking about every day, Max Bernat, a central figure in the latest financial scandal, from the Santé. [1955-TEN]

M had asked for someone from the Finance Department [brigade financière] to help with Ferdinand Fumal's papers. [1956-ECH]

M said the Crime Squad was less important, in the eyes of the Minister of the Interior, than General Information or the Finance Section [Section Financière]. [1961-PAR]

M called the Financial Section [Brigade financière] and spoke with Superintendent Belhomme. [1965-PAT]

Financial Squad. see: Financial Section

Findlay. Michael O'Brien said it was too bad M didn't know the Bronx. Findlay, 169th St... O'Brien said there was still a tailor shop opposite the house.... M asked the cab driver to take him to the corner of Findlay and 169th St. [1946-NEW]

fingerprints. The Judicial Identification people took some photos, but they found no fingerprints. Except the dead man's, of course, which weren't on file. [1929-30-LET]

M ... sent a motorcyclist to Épernay with Jean Liberge's prints to be sent to Paris by Belin telephotograph... Benoît was up in the attics at the Palais de Justice, and had found the files for Jean Liberge's fingerprints. [1930-PRO]

M had made a note about fingerprints on the knife... only the victims prints would be on it. [1930-GAL]

It remained only to compare the fingerprints with Joseph Heurtin's - they matched. [1930-31-TET]

Leroy spent half the night constructing a package for transporting objects without losing the fingerprints on them. [1931-JAU]

Jean Duclos had spoken on fingerprints, the analysis of all sorts of remains... [1931-HOL]

The photographers from the Technical Branch, who worked in the basement of the Palais de Justice, said no interesting fingerprints had been found. [1931-OMB]

Leduc said Bertillon claimed that the chance of two men's fingerprints being the same was one in 200,000. [1932-FOU]

On the top floor of the Palais de Justice, two men in gray overalls were painstakingly checking fingerprints. [1937-38-amo]

The man's fingerprints, sent to Paris by tele-photo [bélino], did not appear in the files at the Palais de Justice. [1938-owe]

Two men from the Forensic Laboratory had come for the body, two specialists from Criminal Records Office had worked on locker 89 looking for fingerprints. [1939-MAJ]

M told Dambois to have the revolver checked for fingerprints, then sent to the expert Gastinne-Renette. [1946-mal]

Moers had passed on the clearest prints to the Anthropometric Department, but they hadn't found a match... Carl Lipschitz's fingerprints were found on file... Moers came to Au Petit Albert to check for fingerprints... M went up to the Records Office, where they had no fingerprints on file for the man [Albert Rochain]. [1947-MOR]

Castaing had been upstairs with Cornu, from the Criminal Records Department, taking photographs and fingerprints. [1949-DAM]

The burglars had not left a single fingerprint, nor any compromising object... More than a year later, I received another invitation, written this time on one of our fingerprint cards. [1950-MEM]

They went to the Forensic Laboratory, on the Pont d'Austerlitz to view Louis Thouret's body.... M told Janvier to get a hold of Moers or someone from the Forensics Lab to fingerprint Thouret's room at Mariette Gibon's. [1952-BAN]

Julien Chabot told M that even for taking fingerprints he was obliged to send for someone from Poitiers. [1953-PEU]

M told Moers to send the fingerprints to the Index Office. [1953-TRO]

"Any fingerprints?" "They bear out our theory. Calas's prints are all over the drawers and cupboard, only on the inside, though." [1955-COR]

Near Porte Saint-Denis he went into a bar, ordered a beer, and wrote a note to Janvier. M could imagine Moers expression in the laboratory, if he checked the fingerprints. [1956-AMU]

M told Lucas to show Ferdinand Fumal's letters to Moers, on the off chance. Moers knew very type of paper, ink... probably every make of pencil too. And there might be fingerprints. [1956-ECH]

Only the fingerprints of the two residents and, in the kitchen, those of a delivery boy had been found. [1959-ASS]

M could hear the voices of Mercier, the delegate from the D.A.'s office, and Étienne Gossard, a young coroner [Examining Magistrate]. The men from Forensics would soon take over.... M called Moers in Forensics to send a man over to René Josselin's to check the maid's room for fingerprints. [1961-BRA]

Moers told M he'd have the photographs and an enlargement of the fingerprints around three o'clock. [1965-PAT]

M said not to use the phone on the desk, as there might be some fingerprints on the receiver. [1966-NAH]

M told the reporters the men from Criminal Records hadn't finished fingerprinting. [1970-FOL]

Inspector Lebel had taken Marcel Vivien's fingerprints at the crime scene... The first of the two reports attached concerning Nina Lassave's murder was his stating that no fingerprints were found. [1971-SEU]

Finistère. [dept, NW France pop. 1968: 768,929.]

Jean Servières said if he told the strychnine story in his article it would close every bar in Finistère.... Ernest Michoux was sentenced to 20 years' hard labor by the Finistère Criminal Court. But one month earlier a newspaper photo showed him embarking from the Île de Ré, on the Martinière, which was carrying 180 convicts to Devil's Island. [1931-JAU]

Olga Boulanger's father kept an inn somewhere in Finistère. [1936-lun]

Germaine Gouin's father was still alive in Finistère. [1953-TRO]

Finland. The ships that came in usually came from Riga or Finland, carrying lumber.... Conrad Popinga had been appointed vice-consul of Finland the week before. [1931-HOL]

Finnish. A tug was towing a Finnish ship out to the harbor. [1931-HOL]

Firmin. A man held out a glass to Marcellin Rateau, but Dr. Xavier Bresselles took it away. "Can't you see he's had a skinful, Firmin?" [1953-ECO]

Fischer. M tried to think of inspectors who'd left the Criminal Investigation Department employ. Baudelin, tall pale young man, probably left for ill health. Falconet, over 50, asked to retire early because of his drinking. Little Valencourt. Fischer, weighed at least 200 pounds. [1954-MIN]

fish. On the kitchen floor: pink hog-fish, blue and green fish M didn't know, sort of sea serpent with red and yellow blotches. [1949-AMI]

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Flamande, Brasserie. see: Brasserie Flamande

Flanders. [midieval county extending along coast of Low Countries, now constitutes Beligian provinces of East Flanders and West Flanders, and part of the French dept. of Nord.]

Frans Steuvels had originally come from Flanders. [1949-MME]

Dr. Nobel said that in the villages of Holland, Flanders and the Pas-de-Calais, many town halls had been destroyed or plundered, registers burned. [1965-PAT]

Flandre, Rue de. [Paris. 19e, La Villette. from Boulevard de la Villette to Porte de la Villette]

As all the trains, buses and trams had stopped running, M had to walk along the endless Rue de Flandre, before he came to a livelier part of the city. [1948-PRE]

Pierre Eyraud was first arrested at 20 in a brawl in a bar on the Rue de Flandre. Some time later he'd been dependent on a girl named Ernestine. [1953-TRO]

There'd been a knifing on the Rue de Flandre, and the Countess Louise Paverini, née Louise La Serte's attempted suicide. [1957-VOY]

Flaubert. The Vieux Garçon had been frequented in the past by Balzac and Alexandre Dumas, and later on, literary luncheon parties brought together by the Goncourt brothers, Flaubert, Zola, Alphonse Daudet and others. [1962-COL]

Hélène Lange restricted her reading to the first half of the 19th century, grandly dismissing Flaubert, Hugo, Zola, Maupassant. [1967-VIC]

Flea. It was through Manuel Mori that M learned that the informer was the man known as the Flea.... The Flea's real name was Justin Crotton. He was only 4 feet 11, 45-46, had worked as a messenger boy at the Cellar Rat, a cabaret on Place Pigalle which was then very elegant. Then he'd worked in the brasserie on the Rue Victor-Massé where the underworld gang bosses hung out. He was born in Paris, on the Boulevard de la Chapelle. His mother sent him to one of her sisters in Saint-Mesmin-le-Vieux in the Vendée. He came back to Paris when he was 14. [1971-IND]

Flea Market. Léonard Planchon had taken his daughter Isabelle Planchon to the Flea Market in Saint-Ouen on Sunday morning. [1962-CLI]

Fléchier, Bernard. François Ricain had shared a room with Bernard Fléchier, Rue Coquillière, who drove a delivery truck. [1966-VOL]

Fléchier, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Rue de Châteaudun to Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre]

Lognon was on a stake-out near the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, at the corner of the Rue Fléchier. Rue Fléchier is in the 3rd [precinct], but he was watching a little bar at the corner of Rue des Martyrs. While he was there a car turned the corner of Rue de Châteaudun, slowed down, tossed a body onto the sidewalk, and drove off down Rue Saint-Lazare. [1951-LOG]

Fleet, Jimmy Van. see: Van Fleet, Jimmy

Flémalle. [two communes, Liège prov., Belgium, SW of Liège: Flémalle-Grande, on the Meuse, pop. 1969: 6,254; crystal glass factories; Flémalle-Haute, pop. 1969: 8,410. Nearby is Flémalle fort, one of the circle of forts around Liège.]

Gustave Cassin's barge belonged to a cousin in Flémalle. [1932-FLA]

Fleming. Some Flemings went by along the road, talking loudly. [1930-PRO]

As they were in Seine-et-Oise, M had no authority. It would be up to the Versailles police to get a warrant to question the Flemings. [1962-CLO]

M went into Jef Claes room -- the Fleming was not there. [1965-PAT]

Flemish. Joseph Moers, tall young man, thin and red-haired, of Flemish origin. Worked in the laboratories of the Criminal Records Office. Was reconstructing Émile Gallet's burnt documents from the ashes in the fireplace. [1930-GAL]

Joseph Van Damme had been born in Liège of Flemish parents. [1930-31-PHO]

They heard some people say in Flemish that the truth would never be known. [1932-FLA]

Probably the Flemish woman, Laurence Decoin and her butcher were also talking about M. [1947-VAC]

Another barge was moored above the Pont Marie, De Zwarte Zwaan, a Flemish name that neither M nor Lapointe understood, flying a Belgian flag. [1962-CLO]

Flem, Le. see: Le Flem M was playing billiards in the Café Français, Luçon, with M. Le Flem, the proprieter. [1940-JUG]

Flem, Philippine, Le. see: Le Flem, Philippine Lucas had found a box with Louise Filon's birth certificate: Louise Marie Josephine Filon, born in Paris, 18th, daughter of Louis Filon, tripe seller, Rue de Cambrai, near the slaughter houses of La Villette, and Philippine Le Flem, washerwoman. [1953-TRO]

Fleur d'amour. Jef de Greef's boat, small, green, on which he lived with Anna Bebelmans. [1949-AMI]

Fleuret. Fleuret reported to M on the condition of Feinstein's books. He'd borrowed regularly from Old Ulrich, and secured loans backed by Marcel Basso. [1931-GUI]

Fleurs. One of Justine's houses, at Marseilles. [1949-AMI]

Fleury, Jacques. Jacques Fleury was Auguste Point's parliamentary private secretary. Point had been at Lycée with him and later at the University. Came from Niert, not far from La Roche-sur-Yon. About Point's age. Never passed his law exams. Married, two small children.... Blanche Lamotte got Jacques Fleury a job with her friend Hariel's husband, a commissioner in Les Halles. He quit after three days without a word.... Jacques Fleury had once been seen in Les Halles, counting cabbages coming off a truck. Had a wife and two kids, somewhere towards Vanves. Wife and kids work. Had a girlfriend named Marcelle Luquet, about 40, stout, dark hair, who some say he picked up when she was a cashier in a brasserie in Porte Saint-Martin. For more than a year he'd been seen with Jacqueline Page, 23, sometimes works as a movie extra. They lived together in an apartment on Rue Washington above an Italian grocers. When Lucas went to see her she said two other policemen had already been there.... Had helped Eugène Benoît steal the Calame report. [1954-MIN]

Flophouse Squad. The smell at the Hôtel Beauséjour reminded M of when he had been about Lapointe's age, in the "Flophouse Squad": dirty washing and sweat, unmade beds, slop pails and food warmed up on spirit lamps. [1949-MME]

Floralies. Then Jeanne Grosbois spent two months in Toulon, in the Floralies. [1942-FEL]

Florence. Mme M called her sister, Florence, in Mulhouse. Asked how the children were. [1962-CLO]

Florence. The children had the black hair, knowing faces and long bronzed legs of the street urchins of Naples and Florence. [1946-NEW]

Mrs. Ellen Wilcox had a villa in Italy, Fiesole, on a hill, overlooking Florence. [1949-AMI]

Marco Santoni and Jeanine Armenieu had gone to Florence for their honeymoon. They'd left from Orly. [1954-JEU]

The Pardons (Dr Pardon) had taken a vacation to Italy by car, planning to visit Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice and Milan. [1961-BRA]

Three or four times a year the Maupoises took a trip to Venice, Barcelona, Florence, Naples, Greece, or elsewhere. [1965-PAT]

Florence, Chez. see: Chez Florence

Florence Lenoir. see: Lenoir, Florence

Florence Wilton. see: Wilton, Florence

Florentine. Maria Van Aerts reminded her friend Gertrude Oosting of the painting in the Hague museum, unsigned, but of the Florentine school, of the faun with the naked woman. [1951-GRA]

Florentine, La. see: La Florentine On the back of the photograph the words "La Florentine", obviously the name of Gérard Sabin-Levesque's villa. [1972-CHA]

Florentin, Léon. Old Joseph, the messenger, brought in an engraved visiting card, Léon Florentin, Antique Dealer.... Léon Florentin's face was so flexible it might have been made of india-rubber. [1968-ENF]

Floresco. Mme Roblin, M's neighbor on the fourth floor, had recommended Dr. Floresco, when Mme M needed a dentist. He was a Rumanian, with his office on the third floor of a building on the corner of the Rue Turgot and the Avenue Trudaine, exactly opposite the Place d'Anvers. [1949-MME]

Floria. Philippe Lauer said the day before an arrest warrant had been issued for Pepito Palestrino, proprietor of the Floria, 53 Rue Fontaine - next to the eyeglass shop. M said in his day it was called the Toreador.... Outside the Floria they could see the cap of a police sergeant at the door. [1934-MAI]

Florian. Dr. Florian, who lived on the Avenue Foch, like most society doctors, affected a solemn tone. [1972-CHA]

Florida. Mrs. Mortimer-Levingston's parents were Scots, emigrated to Florida when she was a child. [1929-30-LET]

Michael O'Brien said his wife was in Florida at the moment, and his son was away at college. His daughter had gotten married two years earlier, so his evenings were free. [1946-NEW]

Floride. [Renault Floride, (Caravelle in USA) 1959-1968 ] René Lussac worked for a firm of musical instrument makers and had a car, a Floride.... René Lussac's wife said it was the car that was to blame. He'd set his heart on a Floride, signed some bills... [1961-PAR]

flowers. Berthe's balcony had geraniums, and a canary was hopping about in its cage. [1937-38-ber]

The flowering bushes were so thick that it was like a small jungle: dahlias, lupins, chrysanthemums, other flowers M had only seen reproduced on seed packets. [1949-DAM]

Fly. They'd caught four of the men, including the Fly [Monte-en-l'air], who'd fled to the roof. [1942-FEL]

Flying Squad. For the past month M had been assigned to Rennes to reorganize its mobile unit [Brigade Mobile]. [1931-JAU]

M was talking with the Superintendent Girard of the Le Havre Brigade Mobile, who was officially in charge of the case. [1931-REN]

It was at Caen, where M had been sent to reorganize the Flying Squad. He was not yet used to the harsh and secretive atmosphere of provincial life, and felt less at ease than in his office at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1937-38-bay]

M picked up the phone and called the Orléans Flying Squad. [1937-38-eto]

The gentlemen of the Flying Squad had already broadcast Ernst Owen's description. [1938-owe]

No doubt someone from the Brigade mobile of Orléans would be waiting. [1938-ceu]

A telegram came from the Flying Squad at Nantes. The corpse had been identified at Dr. Émile Janin, 35, Rue des Églises, Nantes. M called Guillaume there for the details. [1940-JUG]

M told Joseph Daumale that if he had nothing to say he might find a visit from an officer of the Brigade Mobile. [Flying Squad] [1946-NEW]

The inspectors of the Flying Squad to which M had been seconded for the past few months had thought Justin was making up a story. [1946-cho]

Mansuy said he'd notified the Public Prosecutor at La Roche-sur-Yon. He'd insisted on notifying the Flying Squad at Poitiers. [1947-VAC]

Since Police Headquarters is only concerned with Paris and the neighborhood, for the past 5 months, with the Flying Squad, Colombani had been running the investigation of the Picardy Killers. [1947-MOR]

M had telephoned the Le Havre Flying Squad the day before to inform Inspector Castaing of his coming. But he was at Yport for a funeral and couldn't meet his train, so he wanted to meet him at the Hôtel des Anglais for lunch. [1949-DAM]

M called Detective-Sergeant Féret, of the Flying Squad at Nice. He'd worked under M before transferring there because of his wife's health. [1954-JEU]

The Villa Marie-Thérèse had already been visited twice by the Flying Squad. [1956-AMU]

The Toulon Flying Squad reported that Alfred Meurant was still there. [1959-ASS]

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Foch, Avenue. [Paris. 16e, Passy. from Place de l'Étoile to Boulevard Lannes]

The shutters of the private houses on Avenue Foch were still closed as Prosper Donge wheeled his bicycle past. Only an officer trotting along the bridle path. [1939-MAJ]

Oscar Coutant told M that Nicole Prieur was in what they called the Étoile set, drove to school in Jaguars and Ferraris. Most of the group lived near the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foch, and so on. [1964-DEF]

Dr. Florian, who lived on the Avenue Foch, like most society doctors, affected a solemn tone. [1972-CHA]

fog. The first fog of the year was an unexpected treat, especially as this was no noxious, yellow, winter fog, but, rather, a milky haze interspersed with haloes of light.... The fog, far from dispersing, was thickening, as M rode the streetcar to Cécile Pardon's.... Everything was shrouded in Scotch mist, and Gérard Pardon had only just realized they were near the Place de la Bastille. The driver was approaching Place des Vosges by way of Rue Saint-Antoine. [1940-CEC]

A dense yellowish fog had suddenly descended on Paris, which was unusual. M enjoyed it. [1950-noe]

a kind of yellowish fog seeped in through the chinks in the windows. [1952-BAN]

At the window, Mme M was peering through the fog at the passers-by. [1953-TRO]

By the time he had left the subway at Boulevard Pasteur, the fog had grown thick and yellow, and M could taste its smoky flavor on his lips. [1954-MIN]

The fog was still so thick that M had to turn on the lights in his office. [1969-VIN]

Foire du Trône. Oswald Clark and Ellen Darroman had gone to the Foire du Trône to find a merry-go-round. [1939-MAJ]

Folies-Bergère. Janvier had a glossy photo of Francine Latour, 121 Rue de Longchamp, Passy. He said she was now in the Folies-Bergère. [1947-MOR]

The cab driver, when asked by Loraine Martin who'd sent him, said the Director of the Folies-Bergère. [1950-noe]

Torrence called from the apartment of Adrienne Laur, 28 bis Rue Brunel. Belgian, born in Antwerp, living in France 5 years. A Folies-Bergère nude.... A special delivery letter with a woman's writing and "Very Urgent" had arrived. It asked him to come to the Hôtel de Bretagne, Rue Richier, almost opposite the Folies-Bergère, room 47. Probably signed Mado. [1951-LOG]

Then Germaine Laboine went to the Folies-Bergère, then a tour of South America. [1954-JEU]

Folkestone. [Municipal Borough, Kent, SE England, on Strait of Dover 6 mi. WSW of Dover. pop. 1971: 43,760.]

The huge glass roof of the Gare du Nord gave no protection from the gusts of wind. A Channel gale was announced. One woman, whose son was crossing to Folkestone, was giving him instructions. [1929-30-LET]

Folletier, Alain de. Philippe Bellamy introduced M to Alain de Folletier, the Examining Magistrate at La Roche-sur-Yon. [1947-VAC]

Fontainebleau. [commune, N France, Seine-et-Marne dept. pop. 1968: 18,094. Near left bank of the Seine 35 mi. SSE of Paris.]

At 17 Joseph Heurtin was a waiter at a fancy hotel in Fontainebleau. [1930-31-TET]

The doctor's car had been spottted on the Fontainebleau road but there'd been no sign of it since.... They thought Marcel Basso might be hiding in Melun or Fontainebleau. [1931-GUI]

Someone asked one of the guests if his wife was still at Fontainebleau. [1932-POR]

There were villas and country houses all the way from the Seine to the forest of Fontainbleau. [1933-ECL]

The taxi ran the little road between Morsang [Morsang-sur-Seine] and Fontainebleau, or more exactly between the Morsang and Citanguette locks, stopping at riverside inns. A roadworker recognized Justin of Toulon's picture. [1941-SIG]

Bernadette Amorelle said she'd come from Orsenne, a small village on the bank of the Seine between Corbeil and the forest of Fontainebleau.... Mimile and Georges-Henry wound up on the road to Orléans, all the way from the Fontainebleau road. [1945-FAC]

The shooting of Countess Panetti took place on the Fontainebleau road. Then they drove on to Lagny to get rid of the car. Schwartz lived in a cottage near there at one time. [1949-MME]

Guillaume Serre said that he and his mother had taken a drive on Sunday towards the Forest of Fontainebleau. [1951-GRA]

They followed the Seine, in the direction of the forest of Fontainebleau. Shortly after Corbeil, M remembered an inn, at Morsang, where he had stayed during one of his cases. By the edge of the Seine, setting eel-traps, M recognized the inn-keeper. [1956-AMU]

On Sundays Léon Florentin nad Joséphine Papet went to the Chevreuse Valley, the Forest of Fontainebleau, sometimes the sea. [1968-ENF]

One of Antoine Batille's tapes was "The Forest at Fontainebleau". [1969-TUE]

Fontaine, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Place Blanche to Rue Pigalle]

Rue La Fayette. The whitish pillars of the Trinité Church, surrounded by scaffolding. Rue de Clichy. Motimer-Levingston's limousine stopped in the Rue Fontaine, outside Pickwick's Bar.... M noticed a café-tabac at the corner of the Rue Fontaine. [1929-30-LET]

Nine Moinard told M that the stage door of the Moulin Bleu was in the Rue Fontaine. [1931-OMB]

Philippe Lauer said the day before an arrest warrant had been issued for Pepito Palestrino, proprietor of the Floria, 53 Rue Fontaine - next to the eyeglass shop. M said in his day it was called the Toreador. [1934-MAI]

Charlotte had been a night-club hostess, then a dancer, on the Riviera. Worked in a cloakroom in a club on Rue Fontaine.... M went to the Rue Fontaine, to the Pélican, in Montmartre. [1939-MAJ]

Janvier called to say that Jacques Pétillon had just gone into the tobacconist's on Rue Fontaine, seemed very jumpy. That shop was the haunt of some pretty unsavory characters. [1942-FEL]

The first maid appeared to fetch the milk from the Rue Fontaine, next to the tobacconist's.... Dédé told M he'd pick him up on the Rue Fontaine. [1948-PRE]

Location of Caracci's club, where a shooting took place. M was interrogating Caracci when the call about Marcellin's murder came in. [1949-AMI]

The papers talk a lot about the settling of accounts of gangs in Montmartre or around the Rue Fontaine, but those affairs worry the police least. [1950-MEM]

Officer Jussiaume was on duty near Picratt's. He'd taken shelter in a doorway at the corner of Rue Fontaine and Rue Pigalle. Picratt's red sign was one of the few still lit. [1950-PIC]

Philippe Natali, aka Philippi was sentenced to 10 years for murder in a gang killing. Two or three men killed a man from a rival gang in a tobacco shop in Rue de la Fontaine [typo in Eng. for "de la rue Fontaine"]. He died in Fontevrault. [1952-BAN]

Mazotti had been killed coming out of a bar on the Rue Fontaine. [1962-COL]

Three times that week M had been to Manuel Palmari's, the old owner of the Clou Doré on Rue Fontaine. [1964-DEF]

M had many times upbraided Manuel Palmari at the Clou Doré, the bar he had bought on Rue Fontaine and turned into a luxurious restaurant.... Manuel Palmari had picked Aline up on the Rue Fontaine, by a shady hotel. [1965-PAT]

François Paré had followed the red-haired insurance man to a bar on the Rue Fontaine. His card said Jean-Luc Bodard, of Continentale, offices on the Avenue de l'Opéra. [1968-ENF]

Lourtie called from the Rue Fontaine to say Émile Branchu had gone to a striptease club, the Pink Rabbit. [1969-TUE]

M found Le Grand Marcel in Angèle Louette's apartment. Remembered that he'd worked in a bar on Rue Fontaine. [1970-FOL]

Maurice Marcia had been the proprieter of the Sardine, a truly Parisian restaurant on the Rue Fontaine. [1971-IND]

Blanche Bonnard had another club, Le Doux Frisson, in Montmartre, Rue Fontaine. [1972-CHA]

Fontane, Christine. The maiden name of Christine Josset, who was murdered. [1959-CON]

Fontenay. Alain de Folletier said his wife had taken the car to go to Fontenay. [1947-VAC]

Fontenay-aux-Roses. [commune, N France, Hauts-de-Seine dept. pop. 1968: 23,355. suburb of Paris.]

The wounded gangster, Joseph Raison, 42, a metal-fitter, lived in Fontenay-aux-Roses. [1961-PAR]

Fontenay-le-Comte. [town, W France, SE Vendée dept. pop. 1968: 12,199. 25 mi. NE of La Rochelle.]

(Fontenay). Juliette Boynet Boynet (Juliette Marie Jeanne Léontine Boynet née Cazenove). 59. Born Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendée. Cécile Pardon's aunt who'd been strangled. Her husband had been a building contractor at Bourg-la-Reine, died before he was 50. About twelve years before her sister had died at Fontenay, and Juliette sent for her three children. ... Émilie Pardon, Juliette Boynet's sister, Cécile's mother. 48 at the time Juliette had met Boynet, who was rich. Married one of the supervisors in the store she worked in in Fontenay. [1940-CEC]

Étienne Naud and his wife and daughter lived about a mile outside the village, and their house almost touched the railway line between Niort and Fontenay-le-Comte.... Justin Cavre had gone to Fontenay-le-Comte, exactly 13 miles from Saint-Aubin-les-Marais. He stopped at the Café du Commerce, on Rue de la République, and met a man. [1943-CAD]

M had promised Julien Chabot to stop off and see him at Fontenay-le-Comte on his way back from Bordeaux.... Two murders in three days was a lot in a town of 8,000 inhabitants. [1953-PEU]

Julien Chabot had become magistrate at Fontenay-le-Comte, where he lived with his mother in the large house where he was born. [1954-MIN]

Annette Duché's father, Martin Duché, was head clerk at the Sous-Préfecture at Fontenay-le-Comte. [1959-CON]

Léonard Planchon's wife, Renée Planchon, came from Saint-Sauveur, near Fontenay-le-Comte in the Vendée, Planchon's mother's town. [1962-CLI]

Fontenay-sous-Bois. Fernand Barillard said he'd worked in a cardboard box factory in Fontenay-sous-Bois before his present job. ... Fernand Barillard moved to Fontenay-sous-Bois with his wife and Jef Claes. [1965-PAT]

Fontevrault. [town, W France, Maine-et-Loire dept. pop. 1862: 2,157. (Fontevrault-l'Abbaye) ESE of Saumur. Since 1804, a prison.]

Mariette Gibon had once lived with Philippe Natali, who was sentenced to 10 years for murder in a gang killing. Two or three men killed a man from a rival gang in a tobacco shop in Rue Fontaine. He died in Fontevrault. [1952-BAN]

Philippe de Lancieux had been living for some months with a prostitute named Angèle. He'd told her he'd escaped from Fontevrault where he'd been serving a 20-year sentence. [1961-BRA]

The old gang leaders had gone into retirement on the Marne, in the south, or wound up in the prison at Fontevrault.... Paris was filled with people M had met, who'd vanished for a short time to Fontevrault or Melun. [1965-PAT]

food. see In Maigret and Food

M and Aurore Gallet waited 25 minutes at the station at Melun, where M bought a package of sandwiches, some fruit, and a bottle of Bordeaux. [1930-GAL]

M said he'd never had better kidneys à la liégeoise than at the Bécasse, behind the Royal Theater in Liège. [1931-GAI]

M dined off a plate of choucroute and called his office. [1931-GUI]

Mme M had made guiches - the whole house smelt of it. [1932-FLA]

Mme M said she'd make a crème au citron for M. She said they served truffles by the dishful, like fried potatoes at the hotel.... For his last meal at the hotel M ordered the truffes en serviette and foie gras for lunch.... Leduc said he'd lunch at the hotel, that it was always good on Thursdays, Confit d'oie.... M was having lamb cutlets, as he had to avoid heavy food. [1932-FOU]

M went into a restaurant famous for its soles normandes and its tripe à la mode de Caen. [1937-38-bay]

At Mère Catherine's they had the fricandeau of veal with sorrel... "One of my favorites" said M. [1937-38-noy]

Not far off was a small restaurant favored by taxi-drivers, and M found fricandeau à l'oseille, veal with sorrel, one of his favorite dishes. He had a bottle of Beaujolais with it, and some Brie.... M went to dinner with his nephew, Jérôme Lacroix, choucroute garnie, sausage, beer, 2nd helping, couple of frankfurters, 3rd beer... [1937-38-ber]

M had a craving for choucroute garnie, in a brasserie in Montmartre or Montparnasse, with Spencer Oats. [1940-CEC]

Thérèse asked M if he'd like the mouclade, mussels in cream. M was sure there was a touch of curry in it.... Dinner at the hotel was calves' liver à la bourgeoise. M couldn't abide liver in any form. [1940-JUG]

choucroute garnie. The waiter brought plates of choucroute garnie and beer to M and Picard at the brasserie. [1941-SIG]

The plat du jour was Navarin printanier, chalked up on the wall. [1942-FEL]

Julie at the Restaurant du Triage told M they had Fricandeau of veal, roast pork with lentils, a nice pâté de compagne to start with. [1946-obs]

[Albert Rochain]'s last meal had been brandade de morue - creamed salt cod - an apple, white wine, and some spirits. Dr Paul said there were no truffles in the brandade, a dish usually made at restaurants.... Marchand was talking to Georges, the maître d'hôtel at the Chope Montmartre, when M and Colombani arrived. partridge aux choux, small trout, au bleu, some hors d'oeuvre, a soufflé. He said the Châteauneuf was one of only 50 bottles left, he'd reserved for himself. [1947-MOR]

Dinner was bouilabaisse, which M liked. pastis, a banned drink.... tripes à la mode de Caen. Before they left Paris for the investigation of Marcellin's murder, M took Inspector Pyke to Les Halles, "the Market" for tripes à la mode de Caen and crêpes Suzettes, brought in attractive copper chafing-dishes.... crêpes Suzettes. Before they left Paris for the investigation of Marcellin's murder, M took Inspector Pyke to Les Halles, "the Market" for tripes à la mode de Caen and crêpes Suzettes, brought in attractive copper chafing-dishes. [1949-AMI]

There were no mussels on the menu so they ate sardines in oil and celery salad. [1949-DAM]

Mme M had left cooking on the stove: a chicken, a fine red carrot, a big onion, a bunch of parsley with the stems sticking out.... Mme M told M she'd love to go out to dinner and eat potée lorraine.... Since Mme M had been out searching for the hat, she brought back cold food from the Italian place: Parma ham, pickled mushrooms, ready-to-eat hors-d'oeuvres. The dinner reminded M of their first meals together, when she was discovering Paris, and was delighted by all the little ready-to-eat items sold in the Italian shops. [1949-MME]

M felt his throat was still fatty from the mutton stew he'd eaten at the Auvignat's and found so savory.... At the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, he would have gotten up and taken a bicarbonate of soda. [1951-MEU]

Pozzo ordered for M and Lognon, scaloppine alla fiorentina. The cook was Giovanni. [1951-LOG]

brandade de morue. fish brandade, with truffles, the dinner planned at Dr Pardon's. [1952-REV]

cassoulet. The first dinner at Dr Pardons. Others: coq au vin, couscous, sole dieppoise... [1952-REV]

lobster à l'Américaine. M ordered for himself and Alain Lagrange at the grill in the Savoy Hotel in London, along with Rhine wine. Alain didn't drink. M talked about the wheeled carts with roast beef and turkey. [1952-REV]

M ordered the veau Marengo at the Brasserie Dauphine, with a half bottle of claret.... Opposite was the brasserie where he enjoyed going for a dish of choucroute. [1952-BAN]

M took the profiteroles, which he didn't want, and which Mme. Chabot had had set out especially for him, since she'd remembered he'd once said he liked them. [1953-PEU]

M had mutton and beans at Xavier Bresselles', a home-made apple tart and some old wine, followed by calvados. [1953-ECO]

M called out to Mme M to bring him a crawfish scallop, which had been his favorite dish when they were poor and he was too late at the butcher's.... M had ordered friture de goujons, and then andouillette grillée with pommes frites.... There was Normandy sole and roast veal on the chalk menu, so M decided to have dinner there.... When M returned home he was greeted byt a poulet bonnefemme. [1956-AMU]

M sat down with Martine Gilloux at Gino's, ordered the hors d'oeuvre and spaghetti milanese. [1956-ECH]

M and Janvier were lunching in a restaurant in the Rue de Bourgogne. They started with asparagus and went on to ray with browned butter sauce. [1960-VIE]

M went over to the other side of the café where they were serving meals and ordered sauerkraut. [1961-BRA]

When the Pardons (Dr Pardon) came to dinner they first had a soufflé, then coq au vin. Mme M offered prunelle or framboise after dinner which Pardon refused for both of them, himself and M. (later M asked for "a drop of prunelle" - though Pardon was trying to get him to cut down on drinking.) [1964-DEF]

At the Clou Doré, Jean-Loup Pernelle recommended the paella, starting with ramequins à la niçoise, with a dry Tavel, or a Pouilly Fumé. M chose the Tavel. [1965-PAT]

M ordered two assiettes anglaise. The maître d'hotel corrected, "two cold meats".... Mme M had made Alsatian sauerkraut as could only be found in two restaurants in Paris. The pickled pork was particularly good, and M opened two bottles of Strasbourg beer. [1966-NAH]

Rose Vatan recommended the leg of lamb after the chaudrée, real pré-salé meat. And M and Lapointe had a carafe of red Bordeaux. [1966-VOL]

On the menu at the hotel were cutlet Milanaise and calves' liver à la bourgeoise. M chose the cutlet. It would be grilled, of course. Noodles as a first course. [1967-VIC]

M asked Mme M to prepare skate in black butter if she could get any.... M went to a little dark restaurant on the Rue de Miromesnil, had andouillettes with French fries that didn't taste of grease. The jovial proprieter refilled his Beaujolais, a little young, but exactly the right fruity taste. He was automatically served a baba au rhum, liberally covered with whipped cream, one of the wife's specialties.... M took his wife to a seafood restaurant in the Latin Quarter. M even had some sea urchins, flown in that day from the Midi.They had a bottle of Pouilly Fumé with their grilled red mullet. [1968-HES]

At the Brasserie Dauphine M ordered the blanquette de veau.... Mme M had cooked chicken with taragon, garnished with asparagus tips.... Mme M had made an omelette aux fines herbes, a salad flavored with garlic croutons, and finally, ripe juicy peaches. [1968-ENF]

M phoned Mme M who had snails for lunch. She always had something he especially liked on days he didn't go home to ear. [1969-TUE]

For dinner Mme M had made raie au beurre noire. She said she hoped it wasn't too rich for him.... M had Mme M warm up the choucroute for him, but because of his cold he could barely manage more than a mouthful or two. Mme M brought him two aspirins.... M went home for lunch, where Mme M had mad calves' liver à la bourgeoise. It was one of his favorite dishes.... If anything M preferred calves' liver cold, after it had stood for a day. For dessert he cracked a few walnuts and almonds, and ate the with a couple of gifs. He had had only two glasses of claret with his meal.... Sunday lunch was roast beef, braised celery and mashed potatoes. The Sunday roast. It reminded him of his childhood, except that in those days he had liked his meat well done. [1969-VIN]

M went with Lapointe to the Brasserie Dauphine. Ordered a bottle of Beaujolais, herring filet, and delicious andouillettes, fresh from Auvergne that morning, served with chips.... Since M hadn't been home for lunch, Mme M warmed up the lamb stew. M was delighted.... Lunch was blanquette of veal. [1970-FOL]

M went home for lunch. Mme M had made him coq au vin, one of his favorite dishes, but he ate without seeming to notice what was on his plate, nor did he say a word about it.... Returning from Umbrella Pines, M had a sudden craving for pizza when he spied a little Italian restaurant. Had a plate of seafood and a bottle of Muscadet while waiting for it. At Nantes police station he was offered another glass of Muscadet which he refused: "My doctor's prescribed moderation." [1971-SEU]

When Mme M asked what he'd like for lunch he answered, ham, boiled potatoes lightly fried in oil, a green salad.... M and Janvier ordered the coquilles Saint-Jacques, followed by braised rib of beef, with a Beaujolais.... M had bouillabaisse in a tidy restaurant. [1971-IND]

M usually loved the pot-au-feu with pauvre-homme sauch, but today he hardly noticed what he was eating. He asked for a large cup of coffee, which meant his morning cup, which held a third of a liter. [1972-CHA]

Forain. [Jean-Louis Forain, French painter and print-maker, born at Rheims, 1852-1931, political caricatures filled with verve.]
Even Cayotte's clerk seemed out of a drawing by Forain or Steinlen, and he all but wore linenette sleeves. [1966-NAH]

Ford. An old Ford went by whose front wheels wobbled on the asphalt. [1931-NUI]

Leduc arrived in Bergerac in his old Ford. [1932-FOU]

foreigners. Now, on an average, 65% of the crimes in the Paris area are committed by foreigners.... The Central European who slaved for a false passport to cross into France will inevitably fall into our hands within 6 months, or a year at most. [1950-MEM]

Foreign Legion. M told Aristide Fumel that in all likelihood the body was that of Honoré Cuendet, a Swiss from Vaud, who'd spent five years in the Foreign Legion. [1961-PAR]

Ferdinand Fauchois had been in military prison in Africa when he was in the foreign legion. [1968-HES]

Foreign Minister. The Director said he'd just gotten a call from the Quai d'Orsay, not from the Foreign Minister in person, but from his principal private secretary. Neither of them had much regard for ministries of any sort, least of all one as starchy as the Foreign Office. [1960-VIE]

Foreign Ministry. M chose Janvier to accompany him to the Foreign Ministry at the Quai d'Orsay. [1960-VIE]

Foreign Office. Alain Courmont had already been attached to 3 or 4 embassies and head of an important department in the Foreign Office. Appointed to Buenos Aires. [1954-MIN]

Foreign Service. Possibly they didn't marry as he'd just started his career in the Foreign Service and had been sent to Poland as 2nd or 3rd secretary to the Ambassador. [1960-VIE]

Forensic Laboratory (Department, Institute...). M climbed to the top floor of the Palais de Justice, pushed open the door of the Forensic Laboratory. [1930-31-TET]

At 11:00 the night before, Dr. Hébrard, the famous pathologist, had gone to the Forensic Institute (which is the same as the new morgue) after an opening night at the Comédie Française. [1937-38-amo]

The ambulance went off first, towards the Forensic Institute. [1937-38-amo]

Two men from the Forensic Laboratory had come for the body, two specialists from Criminal Records Office had worked on locker 89 looking for fingerprints.... Ellen Darroman and Oswald Clark went to Avenue Friedland to see a lawyer, finally to the Palais de Justice to see the Examining Magistrate, Bonneau, the Forensic Laboratory to identify the body, and back to the Majestic. [1939-MAJ]

The glass door which provided direct access between the Police Judiciaire headquarters and the Palais de Justice and the Archives. On the right a staircase leading to the attics which housed Police Records and the Forensic Laboratory. [1940-CEC]

In Paris M would have had his trusted team to call on, Lucas, recently promoted to Inspector, Janvier, Torrence, and all the boys in Criminal Records and Forensics. [1940-JUG]

Mlle. Jeanne lay in a drawer in the huge refrigerator at the Forensic Laboratory. [1941-SIG]

Félicie looked around her kitchen to make sure the men from the Forensic Laboratory hadn't disturbed anything. [1942-FEL]

M told Dambois to have the body photographed, then sent to the Forensic Institute to have Dr. Paul do a post-mortem. [1946-mal]

Jussieu was head of the Forensic Laboratory. [1952-REV]

They went to the Forensic Laboratory, on the Pont d'Austerlitz to view Louis Thouret's body.... M told Janvier to get a hold of Moers or someone from the Forensics Lab to look for fingerprints in Thouret's room at Mariette Gibon's. [1952-BAN]

Since M and Lapointe were going to the Forensic Laboratory to hear the results of the analysis of the arm, the put the two new bundles, a leg and a foot in their trunk. A large, bright, modern building, overlooking the Seine, not far from the juncture of the river and the canal. [1955-COR]

M could hear the voices of Mercier, the delegate from the D.A.'s office, and Étienne Gossard, a young coroner [Examining Magistrate]. The men from Forensics would soon take over.... M called Moers in Forensics to send a man over to René Josselin's to check the maid's room for fingerprints. [1961-BRA]

Monsieur Pirouet, in the Forensic Laboratory, up under the roof in the Palais de Justice. [1962-CLI]

M called Lucas to have him go to the hospital and get the bullets, to take over to the Forensic Laboratory. Formerly that sort of work had been done by an outside consultant, a man named Gastinne-Renette, [typo: Gastienne] but the Criminal Investigation Department now had the own ballistics expert, up in the attic of the Palais de Justice. [1963-FAN]

By this time Manuel Palmari's body must be down at the Forensic Laboratory [l'Institut médico-légal]. [1965-PAT]

M said he have one of his inspectors take François Ricain to his office in the Rue des Orfèvres before the Forensic Department arrived. [1966-VOL]

Antoine Batille's body would be taken to the Forensic Institute after his parents had seen the body in the Saint-Antoine Hospital. [1969-TUE]

M told Jeanne Chabut Oscar Chabut's body was at the Forensic Laboratory. [1969-VIN]

Forniaux, the Police doctor who arrived to examine Léontine Antoine's body, said he'd arrange for the hearse to take her to the Forensic Laboratory. [1970-FOL]

M went up to the attics of the Law Courts building, where Moers' empire was: the Forensic Laboratory. [1971-IND]

The Forensic Institute had sent a special van to collect the body, but it would have to wait until the Criminal Identity photographers had done their work. [1972-CHA]

Forêt de Saint Germain. A fish dealer from Honfleur driving along Route 13 in the Forêt de Saint Germain between Poissy and Le Pecq picked up Lognon, unconscious on the side of the road. Took him to Dr. Grenier's at Saint-Germain. [1951-LOG]

Forlacroix. Judge Forlacroix, formerly a magistrate at Versailles, lived in the biggest house in the village of L'Aiguillon.... Mme. Forlacroix, née Valentine Constantinesco, Villa des Roches-Grises, Rue Commandant-Marchand, Nice, was the last address for Judge Forlacroix's wife. [1940-JUG]

Forlacroix, Albert. Justin Hulot said on the night of the bridge party Albert Forlacroix had visited his father. [1940-JUG]

Forlacroix, Lise. Judge Forlacroix's daughter, Lise Forlacroix, had flaming red hair. [1940-JUG]

Forlacroix, Valentine. Valentine Forlacroix was staying at the Hôtel des Deux Cerfs in La Roche-sur-Yon. [1940-JUG]

formol. The foreman of the team from the Paris City Health Department, who'd disinfected François Ricain's apartment, warned M not to stay to long, as there was still formol in the air. [1966-VOL]

Forniaux. Forniaux, the Police doctor who arrived to examine Léontine Antoine's body, said he'd arrange for the hearse to take her to the Forensic Laboratory. [1970-FOL]

Forrentin, Ernest. Jules Lapie had made his will, witnessed by Ernest Forrentin and François Lepape, both of Jeanneville, in the district of Orgeval. [1942-FEL]

Fortunée, Avenue. The body was discovered in the Bois de Boulogne, Route des Poteaux, a turning off the Avenue Fortunée, not far from the Porte Dauphine. A middle-aged man... [1961-PAR]

Fortuny, Rue. [Paris. 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Rue de Prony to Avenue de Villiers]

Inspector Fourquet of the 17th, a wealthy, upper-middle-class residential district had called. There'd been a murder on the Rue Fortuny, a few hundred yards from the Parc Monceau, of a wholesale wine merchant.... M recognized the house in the Rue Fortuny in front of which Oscar Chabut had been killed. Mme. Blanche's, built in the style popular in the 1900s, fancy stonework, carved with arabesques, surrounding the windows. The front door was brass-studded oak, with a small barred window. [1969-VIN]

Fouad Ouéni. see: Ouéni, Fouad

Fouché. [Fouché, Joseph, Duc d'Otrante. born 1758?, Le Pellerin, near Nantes, Fr., died 1820, Trieste. French statesman and organizer of the police, whose efficiency and opportunism enabled him to serve every government from 1792 to 1815.]
M spent his time in the bottom of his garden, reading Fouché's Memoires. [1938-ceu]

Foucrier, Julien. Julien Foucrier was the man who shot Janvier. Had met Françoise Boursicault when he was 20. Had just been up before the medical board and had been discharged. Born in the Nièvre, parents fairly well off. Three years of college. Did office work. Met her in a bar, she four years older than him. Lived in a hotel in Rue des Dames , opposite, behind the Boulevard des Batignolles, lived an old man called Mabille, a moneylender. Killed him with a candlestick when he opened his safe. Foucrier went abroad when he heard someone else'd been arrested. Spain, Portugal, Panama. In Portugal he got a fake passport in the name Vermersch, since his name had been published in the Paris papers. Stayed 18 years in Panama. Worked as a waiter, opened a restaurant, did well. Got sick. Returned to France seven years ago, two years before Françoise got sick. Ran into her one day by chance in the métro. Lived in the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, on the corner of Rue du Chemin-Vert, a few houses along from M. Used to meet in a café on the Boulevard Sébastopol when her husband was at sea. When he'd lived in the Rue des Dames , she'd stayed at a room in Boulevard Rochechouart. Used Boursicault's revolver to shoot Janvier, as he thought they were staking out the house for him. [1951-MEU]

Fouque, Lucien. Valentine Besson's third brother, Lucien Fouque, had worked in Paris as a hairdresser, was knifed in a café near the Bastille. [1949-DAM]

Fouquet's. see Maigret at Fouquet's (Maigret au Fouquet's) by Robert J. Courtine

see Boulevard of broken English (Japan Times, 3/26/98) by Adam Sage

Pietr stopped across from Fouquet's, thinking of an aperitif, perhaps, but suddenly darted into the Rue Washington and went into a bistro of the type serving taxi drivers and servants. [1929-30-LET]

Marchand said Jean Bronsky and Francine Latour were probably having a drink in a bar on the Champs-Élysées. After her show they'd go for dinner at Fouquet's, Maxim's or Ciro's. [1947-MOR]

Théo Besson was always at Maxim's or Fouquet's, summers in Deauville. [1949-DAM]

M called Le Fouquet to find André Delteil's brother, Pierre Delteil. They told him to try Maxim's. [1952-REV]

Lognon had questioned the barman at Fouquet's, in the Champs-Élysées, but had been unable to interview the barman at Maxim's as he lived out of town and hadn't arrived yet. [1954-JEU]

Lucas knew that Jacques Fleury was a customer of the bars on the Champs-Élysées, so he went to Fouquet's. [1954-MIN]

The woman at Roger Gaillardin's said they'd had dinner at Fouquet's. Lapointe said he thought it was the mistress speaking. [1956-ECH]

Anna de Groot had met Marco Paverini at Fouquet's, where they ate before going to the theater.... Fouquet's, on the corner of the Champs-Élysées, was closed, and the brasserie opposite it. Two shopwindows not far from the Lido were still lighted up. [1957-VOY]

Véronique Lachaume's boyfriend was called Jacques Sainval, 44, 23 Rue de Ponthieu. His real name was Arthur Baquet, too plain for an advertising man. He handled film advertising, so he frequented Fouquet's, Maxim's, the Élysée Club... [1958-TEM]

Virieu spent his life flitting between Fouquet's, Maxim's, and the casino at Deauville. [1959-CON]

Jean-Charles Gaillard said he'd been driving along the Champs-Élysées and noticed a Russian film he'd heard people speak of... Afterwards he'd dropped into Fouquet's for a drink. [1962-COL]

The maid in Gino Masoletti 's apartment said her mistress had gone to meet her husband at Fouquet's. [1965-PAT]

Nora said on Thursday she had dined at Fouquet's, not the first floor dining room, but on the ground floor. [1966-VOL]

No doubt Léon Florentin had haunted Fouquet's and other smart bars on the Champs-Élysées in his time. [1968-ENF]

Fouque, Valentine. Valentine Besson's maiden name was Fouque. [1949-DAM]

Fourquet. Inspector Fourquet of the 17th, a wealthy, upper-middle-class residential district had called. There'd been a murder on the Rue Fortuny, a few hundred yards from the Parc Monceau, of a wholesale wine merchant. [1969-VIN]

Fourras. That reminded M of the beach at Fourras, the sunshine, the oysters he eaten at about 10:30 in the morning on the terrace of a little bistro, washing them down with a bottle of the local white wine.... The substitute teacher said he'd taught at La Rochelle and Fourras. [1953-ECO]

Rose Vatan asked M if he'd stay for dinner. She was born in La Rochelle, had mouclade, chaudrée fourrassienne - M knew it, made of eel, baby sole, cuttlefish... M said he'd been to La Rochelle, and to Fourras. The chaudrée was good, accompanied by a pleasing Charentes wine, not usually sold commercially, the tart wine used to make cognac. [1966-VOL]

Four, Rue du. [Caen] Hélène Grandmaison had arrived at her house in Caen, Rue du Four. [1932-POR]

Fox, Richard. There was an article in the Lancet by the London doctor, Richard Fox, who said that a good schoomaster, novelist or detective might understand people better than doctors. [1960-VIE]

FA  FB  FE  FF  FI  FL  FO  FR  FU  



Fragonard. Norris Jonker showed M his wife's bedroom with the two Fragonards he had chosen for her. [1963-FAN]

Fraigne. Polyte said he'd been playing cards with Deveaud and Fraigne when Albert Forlacroix came to get some sole. [1940-JUG]

franc. see The value of francs in Maigret stories

M found a tube of Veronal... a screw of paper that had contained heroin. He found eleven packets, each containing one gramme in the rep cover of the armchair, worth at least 1,000 francs at retail prices. ... M, a senior police Superintendent with a salary of 2,200 francs a month.... [1929-30-LET]

Abeille Company, life insurance company paying Aurore Gallet 300,000 francs on policy taken out by Émile Gallet in 1925. ... Gallet told M he had 30,000 francs when they married, had had a difficult time as a child, and spent several years in Indo-China. ... Duranty de la Roche paid Tiburce de Saint-Hilaire 30,000 francs to switch names, as he had some money from his father who was a horse dealer in Nantes. [1930-GAL]

M had seen the man, Louis Jeunet, send himself a package of 30,000 Belgian francs, to 18, Rue de la Roquette, from Brussels, as "printed matter".... [1930-31-PHO]

William Kirby and his wife came in. They had been driven there in a chrome-plated American car, at least 250,000 francs. ... By Pont Mirabeau he fished in his pocket for the 10-franc note. ... Johann Radek said that Bob, the barman at the Coupole, had a fine house in Versailles, and a fancy car, an income of 4-500,000 francs a year.... from tips. [1930-31-TET]

M hailed a taxi for the Gare d'Orsay, changed his mind and took it to Arpajon, 300 francs round-trip. ... Else Anderson's Turkish cigarette was burning in a porcelain bowl. The price on the packet was 20 fr. 95.... They lived on 2,000 francs a month and she smoked one or two packs a day. (over 1,000 francs).... [1931-NUI]

1,000-franc notes had been found floating in the Seine at the Bougival lock the day after the murder. [1931-OMB]

M could hear billiard balls colliding. A sign on the wall: cocktails, 6 francs. ... A salesman accosted passersby, a winter overcoat, fine English cloth from 200 francs. [1932-FIA]

Yves Joris' account had been credited with 300,000 francs, from the Dutch Bank, Hamburg. [1932-POR]

In the Guide Michelin the Hôtel d'Angleterre was listed as first class, rooms from 25 francs, bathrooms, meals from 15 to 18 francs... [1932-FOU]

M read in the paper that a M. Graphopoulos had been arrested in Nice, after winning over 500,000 francs in a salle de baccarat. [1932-LIB]

Émile Ducrau said he was offering the police 20,000 francs if they found out who'd attacked him. ... He said he gave his mistress 2,000 francs a month and her clothes. … M. asked Ducrau, "I imagine your company's worth about 40 million francs?" "Close. About 50." … Ducrau asked M if he made about 60,000 francs. "Much less," he replied… Ducrau offered M. 100,000 francs a year to come in with him. He raised it to 150, but realized M. wasn't interested. Later he said he'd go to 200,000 if M were interested… At the Tabac Henri IV, the conversation was about a Belgian with three motor-barges who'd taken 52 francs for coal from Charleroi. … They stopped for gas - his chauffeur asked Ducrau for 100 francs. … Ducrau bought a cherrywood pipe for 2 francs. [1933-ECL]

Old Arthur Aerts, the skipper of the Astrolabe was Belgian, said to have a hoard of 100,000 francs on board. [1936-pen]

M calculated that they must not have more than 300 Belgian francs left. [1936-pei]

It must have been the precious piece Motte had spoken of, where the Oriental artist had carved a scene with six figures. It was perhaps 10 or 12 centuries old, worth tens of thousands of francs. [1937-38-not]

Rita was not really a maid. She was shocked at getting change from a franc, wasn't familiar with sous... [1937-38-amo]

Joséphine Crozier had received a million francs insurance at her husband's death. After investments she was worth four or five million. Mme. Deligeard paid Dr. Liévin 200 francs for coming to see "her aunt". He usually got a 10-franc fee from his patients. M. said that they were actually in such dire straits that on some days the Philippe Deligeard's didn't have 100 francs in cash in the house. [1937-38-bay]

Jean Vertbois had paid for the car, luxurious but old-fashioned, with five 1,000-franc notes. ... Germain La Pommeraye said his wife had died in South America, to which she'd run off with a coffee planter. She'd taken 100,000 francs from his safe before she left. [1937-38-noy]

Stephan Strevzki lived in a 12,000-franc flat in Passy, 17 Rue de la Pompe. [1939-hom]

Canut said he'd brought 150,000 francs with him to bid on the farm. ... A fat wallet containing over a hundred 1,000-franc notes. ... Frédéric Michaux said he had an insurance policy for 100,000 francs he could draw on when he was 50. [1939-ven]

A man named Jaminet, a bookmaker, had presented a check at the Brussels office of the Société Générale, for 280,000 francs. ... Bonneau told M that when Prosper Donge was 16, as a dishwasher in Vitry-le-François, he'd stolen 50 francs from the till and caught a train to Lyons. ... M saw flowers worth several hundred francs in a Chinese vase in Oswald Clark's suite. [1939-MAJ]

Charles Dandurand had brought Mme. Boynet 52,000 francs, quarterly rents from the house on Rue d'Antin. [1940-CEC]

Albert Forlacroix's sister, Lise Forlacroix had run away to Poitiers. She bought M a razor for 3 francs 50. [1940-JUG]

A lawyer came to the Octave Le Cloaguen's every year from Saint-Raphaël with the 200,000 francs. [1941-SIG]

Alban Groult-Cotelle showed M a bill from the Hôtel de l'Europe in La Roche-sur-Yon, dated Jan. 7: breakfast, 6 francs, room, 30 francs... Désiré had gone to the post office and mailed a money order for 500 francs to his son in Morocco. [1943-CAD]

Bernadette Amorelle came to M to have him take up her case. Would be 82 on Sept. 7. She offered him 50,000 francs if successful, 10,000 in any event. [1945-FAC]

Tremblet's wallet contained 100 francs and photos of his children. ... M had a beer at the Brasserie Dauphine. He called out to Joseph to ask what he owed. It was four francs. ... Seven years earlier Maurice Tremblet had won 3 million francs. [1946-pau]

At the outset of his career, a public servant earned somewhat under 100 francs a month.... [1950-MEM]

The hailstorm was one of the worst on record, damage amounting to millions of francs round Argenteuil. [1951-MEU]

When M had bought his goose-dung shoes, he had been in the Saint-Georges district, and had just been informed by his supervisor that he was to get a 10 franc per month raise, when 10 francs were really 10 francs.... [1952-BAN]

The jewels in Éveline Jave's jewel case, about 30 million francs worth, came from the best shops in the Rue de la Paix. [1956-AMU]

Like people who make up numbers for the National Lottery, René Josselin had apparently bet at the pari-mutuel two or three times a week for 5000 francs, without knowing anything about horses. [1961-BRA]

Roger Prou's brother-in-law, François Mourier who lent him 10,000 francs to buy out Léonard Planchon, had a butcher shop on Boulevard de Charonne. [1962-CLI]

M overheard a conversation in the street, about buying appliances, "hundred-franc monthly installments, Louis... [1966-VOL]

Hélène Lange had a bank account with the Crédit Lyonnais, on the corner of Rue Georges-Clemenceau. Deposited about 5,000 francs each month. [1967-VIC]

Men like Léon Florentin might try to touch you for a loan of 100,000 francs to build a seaport in some remote territory, but might settle for 100 f. to avoid being thrown out of their lodgings. ... M. found a biscuit tin with Josephine Papet's 48,000 francs in Florentin's shop. ... Fernand Courcel lent Florentin a few thousand francs to "register the plans" for a seaside resort. ... Florentin told M. all he had left to his name was a 50-centime piece. ... He said he could sometimes sell a piece of furniture for a couple of hundred francs... M. gave him a 100-franc note. ... Victor Lamotte said he left Joséphine Papet 2,000 francs a month in an envelope. ... Flotentin's neighbor, the painter, said he'd lent him 20 francs once or twice, occasionally as much as 50. ... The concierge's bankbook went back many years, from 10 to 20 franc deposits, to 50 per month, except in January when it climbed to 100 to 150. The total was 8,322 francs and a few centimes. M. found 3 500-franc and 7 100-franc notes in her magazine. ... Florentin had tried to blackmail Lamotte for 50,000 francs. [1968-ENF]

Pigou had been staying at the Hôtel du Cygne, three francs a day for an iron bed with a straw mattress, no running water, toilet in the back yard. [1969-VIN]

A withdrawal of 2,500 francs from Léontine Antoine's account suggested that she'd used it to buy her television set the previous Christmas. [1970-FOL]

Marcel Vivien had closed out his account, withdrawing around 12,500 francs... [1971-SEU]

Français, Le. see: Le Français Café were M met François Lagrange's daughter, on the terrace, when she took time off from her shop to meet him. [1952-REV]

France, Anatole. M had read in a paper that Anatole France, having sat for the painter Van Dongen, refused to accept the picture and forbade it to be shown to the public. [1950-MEM]

France district. Their hotel at Vichy was in the France district, a quiet part of the town near the Célestins spring. [1967-VIC]

France, Hôtel de. see: Hôtel de France

France, Lili. Germaine Laboine had toured for years in the Near East and Asia Minor as an artiste under the name Lili France. [1954-JEU]

France-Soir. Lucas said the third edition of France-Soir had come out with a front-page article. [1957-VOY]

Francette. Léon Le Glérec wound up fishing for herring in the North Sea, aboard the Francette, his wife, Emma, expecting a baby. [1931-JAU]

Francine de Lancieux. see: Josselin, Francine

Francine Josselin. see: Josselin, Francine

Francine Lange. see: Lange, Francine

Francine Latour. see: Latour, Francine

Francine Pardon. see: Pardon

Francine Tremblet. see: Tremblet, Francine

Francis. Hôtel Myosotis on Rue Blanche. a seedy hotel. M called and spoke with Francis, the proprieter. Told him to send young Duchemin over to M, a 19-year-old, son of a prosperous industrialist... The Commissioner had asked M to take care of it... a family welfare problem. [1940-CEC]

Inspector Louis might say to a bartender, "I didn't know Francis was back from Toulon." "He was with Madeleine, his old girl friend. [1971-IND]

Francis Decoin. see: Decoin, Francis

Francis Ricain. see: Ricain, Francis

Franco-English. At 32 Jean Ramuel left for Guayaquil, Ecuador, to work at a Franco-English mining company. [1939-MAJ]

François. The lock-keeper at Pogny, Désiré, told the carter François to open the sluices himself. His bicycle had been used the night before [1930-PRO]

François dashed into the Tabac Henri IV from the boat, with the news that Jean Ducrau had hanged himself. [1933-ECL]

Bernadette Amorelle had had François bring her over in the old Renault. François was the gardener's boy. [1945-FAC]

M. Jean, proprieter of the Cadran, called out to a waiter, Jules, to take care of No. 24. Then to François to take care of a woman's luggage. [1947-MOR]

Antoinette Ollivier said she mainly talked about their nephew François, who'd been ordained a year ago, and was about to go to the north of Canada as a missionary. [1953-TRO]

When he left the Commissioner's office, M went into a café at the corner of the street, facing the embankment, where for years he used to stop in for a drink. He ordered two large brandies from François, the bartender. [1964-DEF]

François. M walked heavily up the stairs of the Police Judiciaire. François, the receptionist, pounced on him before he could reach his office. "They're waiting for you, Superintendent." [1941-SIG]

François Augier. see: Augier, François

François de Conninck. see: de Conninck, François

Françoise. Aurore Gallet's sister, younger by two or three years, from Épinal. Husband was Jacques, owner of "one of the biggest tanneries in the Vosges." [1930-GAL]

Françoise Beausoleil. see: Beausoleil, Françoise

Françoise Bidou. see: Bidou, Françoise

Françoise Binet. see: Binet, Françoise

Françoise Boursicault. see: Boursicault, Françoise

Françoise Brénéol. see: Brénéol, Françoise

Françoise Paget. see: Paget, Françoise

François Keller. see: Keller, François

François Lagrange. see: Lagrange, François

François Lalinde. see: Lalinde, François

François Lebon. see: Lebon, François

François Lepape. see: Lepape, François

François Mélan. see: Mélan, François

François Mourier. see: Mourier, François

François Paré. see: Paré, François

François Premier. They'd begun to tour the antique shops, and had bought a wooden chest with the coat of arms of François Premier. [1959-ASS]

François-Premier, Rue. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt to Avenue George-V]

Ferdinand Fumal said that Roger Gaillardin, of the "Economic Agencies" might want to kill him, as he'd ruined him. 26 Rue François-Premier. [1956-ECH]

Dr. Frère had been reached at one of his patient's on the Rue François-Premier.... The intersection of Rue François-Premier and Avenue Montaigne constituted a world apart.... From the roof M could see the Rue François-Premier, and the English pharmacy at its intersection with Avenue George-V was still open. [1957-VOY]

Véronique Lachaume lived at 17 bis Rue François-Premier. [1958-TEM]

François Ricain said he'd abandoned his car, an old Triumph convertible, on the corner of Rue François-Premier and Rue Marbeuf when he'd run out of gas.... Walter Carus had rented a furnished studio in a new apartment house on the corner of Avenue George-V and the Rue François-Premier for his meetings with Sophie Ricain. [1966-VOL]

The main topic of discussion at the morning's briefing in the director's office was the son or a Minister of State, who'd had a car crash at 4:00 am on the corner of Rue François Ier, drunk, with a girl whose name would cause a scandal. [1968-HES]

The list of Oscar Chabut's probable mistresses went on, a famous dress designer on the Rue François-Premier, Gérard Aubin, partner in the bank of Aubin et Boitel…. [1969-VIN]

François Ricain. see: Ricain, François

François Taponnier. see: Taponnier, François

François Vignon. see: Vignon, François

Franco-Italienne. M said he'd meet Lapointe at the Brasserie Franco-Italienne, next to an art supply store. [1961-BRA]

Francs-Bourgeois, Rue des. [Paris. 4e, Hotel-de-Ville. from Place des Vosges to Rue des Archives]

The man [Albert Rochain] called again, from the Tabac des Vosges, at the corner of the Place des Vosges and the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. [1947-MOR]

M knew the district well, had once thought of living there, less than 50 yards from the Place des Vosges. Leaving the narrow Rue des Francs-Bourgeois at the corner of the square, and following the Rue de Turenne toward the Place de la République, you come first on the left to a yellow-painted bistro, then to a little restaurant, the Crémerie Salmon. Right next door was Frans Steuvels' glass-fronted studio with the sign "Art Binding". In the shop next door, Mme. Veuve Rancé ran an umbrella business. [1949-MME]

Honoré Cuendet had been found with a bundle of furs from a furrier in the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. [1961-PAR]

Jean Guillot and Lucien Hardoin stopped for a drink at a café on the corner of the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, close to the Place des Vosges. [1962-CLO]

Vivier gave M Mlle. Motte's address, in the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. She'd agreed to see him. M said he knew the building, that he'd lived near there for some time, in Place des Vosges. It was in the Marais district, with a few historic houses, mainly small artisans, from Poland, Hungary or Lithuania. [1964-DEF]

M said there were no more than 50 diamond cutters in Paris, all living in the Marais, near Rue des Francs-Bourgeois. [1965-PAT]

Frankelstein. A foreigner named Frankelstein, a dealer in jewelry, lived at number 14 Rue Sainte-Catherine, five houses from the corner. M told Besson that he was a fence, to arrest him and search the house for the body. [1946-cho]

Frankfurt. Walter Carus said he'd had to fly to Frankfurt on Wednesday, the day of the murder, and from there to London. [1966-VOL]

Frans Steuvels. see: Steuvels, Frans

Franz Lehel. see: Lehel, Franz

Frassier, Louis. Mme. Nathalie Sabin-Levesque's father was Louis Frassier. Her mother was Countess Outchevka. [1972-CHA]

Frassier, Nathalie. M check to see if there was anything in the police archives under Nathalie Frassier, Nathalie Sabin-Levesque's maiden name. [1972-CHA]

Fraternal Assurance. Marinette Augier's brother, François Augier, married, lived in Vanves. Worked for an insurance company, Fraternal Assurance, office in Rue Le Peletier. [1963-FAN]

Fraud Squad. Langlois from the Fraud Squad recognized the name Lorilleux, who had been seen frequently crossing the boarder into Switzerland, during the gold smuggling wave. [1950-noe]

Jules Raison said it wasn't only the Vice Squad, but the Fraud Squad that was always checking on them. [1962-COL]

Fred. Fred, who'd been Christiani's accomplice on various occasions, emerged from the bedroom. [1936-pig]

M spoke to his informant, Fred, who'd come from a small residential hotel on the Rue Lepic. From time to time the twitch of his nostrils betrayed the drug addict. [1947-MOR]

Fred Alfonsi. see: Alfonsi, Fred

Freddie. M said that's two f's, f, for Freddie. [1947-VAC]

Freddie, Sad. see: Sad Freddie

Freddo Lisca. see: Lisca, Freddo

Freddy Strazzia. see: Strazzia, Freddy

Fréderic. The lock-keeper said the Fréderic had locked through at Ay about 5:00 am. [1930-PRO]

Frédéric Michaux. see: Michaux, Frédéric

Frédéric Zuberski. see: Zuberski, Frédéric

Fred, Fat. see: Fat Fred

Fred Masson. see: Masson, Fred

Fred the Boxer. see: Michaux, Frédéric

Fred the Clown. Jef Schrameck was also known as Fred the Clown, and "the acrobat". [1952-BAN]

Fred-the-Marseillais. M told Bonneau that he'd seen Fred-the-Marseillais at Angelino's on Place d'Italie about three weeks earlier. [1939-MAJ]

Fred Ward. see: Ward, Fred

Free French. Jean-Charles Gaillard had lost his four fingers in the war, at Dunkirk. In England he'd joined the Free French forces. [1962-COL]

Frémiet. The editor of one of the largest morning papers, Frémiet, called M. They'd known each other for many years. An anonymous letter had come by pneumatique, from the Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre pneumatique office. [1969-TUE]

French Forces of the Interior. After the Liberation the French Forces of the Interior hunted for Lemke. [1962-CLO]

French Line. The steamer had tied up at the French Line pier. [1946-NEW]

French Revolution. The last book Honoré Cuendet had gotten from the library was by Lenôtre on an episode during the French Revolution. [1961-PAR]

Frère. Mlle. Genévrier told Jules to have the operator call Dr. Frère, that it was urgent... Nearby, in his apartment on Avenue Marceau, Dr. Frère dressed hurriedly. [1957-VOY]

Frères. Stationery business next to Bousquet's shoe shop. [1949-MME]

Fresnes. P'tit Louis said that sailing ships make only one trip, but trawlers had to go twice to the Banks. He said he'd rather go to Fresnes. [1931-REN]

M said the infirmary at Fresnes was as good as a hospital. [1934-MAI]

The man M found in the inn at Chelles was Nicolas. M said he'd thought he was locked up in Fresnes. [1945-pip]

The life of a prisoner in Fresnes Prison was no more regular than M's. [1947-VAC]

When Ginette developed TB, M got her into a sanatorium at Savoie while Marcellin was in prison at Fresnes. [1949-AMI]

Ernestine Jussiaume told M Sergeant Boissier had arrested Alfred Jussiaume two or three times, and he'd once gotten five years in Fresnes.... When Guillaume Serre came out of Fresnes two years later, he fell right back into his old routine. [1951-GRA]

Victor Ricou died in the prison hospital at Fresnes, where M had been the only one to visit him, two or three times. [1956-ECH]

After an initial stay in Santé prison, Honoré Cuendet had spent a little more than a year at Fresnes. [1961-PAR]

Gaston Nouveau who'd set up the job at the Lotus, a small bar on the Rue Saint-Antoine, was an ex-con out of Fresnes Prison only 2 months. [1963-FAN]

Louise Bodin said her ex-husband was at Fresnes. [1966-NAH]

M told Louis Mahossier he would probably be detained in the Santé until the preliminary stages of the proceedings are completed. Later he would probably be moved to Fresnes prison until the trial. [1971-SEU]

Freud. M told Jean Duclos he assumed he'd quoted Lombroso, and no doubt Freud. [1931-HOL]

Rose Trochu had asked Dr. Jolly what he thought of Freud. He said she'd also probably read a volume of Dovstoievsky. [1949-DAM]

Tissot had said that if he were a blind believer in the theories of Freud, Adler or others, he wouldn't hesitate to assign sexual overtones to the crimes. [1955-TEN]

Inspector Complex had read Freud, Adler, and a few others, and claimed to be able to explain every case by psychoanalysis. [1957-SCR]

Friedland, Avenue. [Paris. 8e, Élycée. from Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré to Place de l'Étoile]

Ellen Darroman and Oswald Clark went to Avenue Friedland to see a lawyer. [1939-MAJ]

Friesland. [province, N Netherlands, 1464 sq. mi. pop. 1970: 521,751. capital Leeuwarden; dairy farming, livestock raising.]

Guillaume Serre's wife had been Maria Van Aerts, 51, from Sneeck in Friesland, Holland. She'd lived in a boarding house in Neuilly, Rue de Longchamp. [1951-GRA]

Nelly Velthuis was 24, born in Friesland in the north of Holland, had gone to Amsterdam when she was 15. [1966-NAH]

Frisian. M began his investigation by helping a purebred Frisian calf enter the world. [1931-HOL]

Frochot. The oldest clerk at the Rue Lepic branch of the Crédit Lyonnais. Humorous face, eyes twinkled behind thick spectacles. Remembered when Marcel Vivien had closed out his account, withdrawing around 12,500 francs, and that Vivien had had the workshop eight or nine years. [1971-SEU]

Froidevaux, Rue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Place Denfert-Rochereau to Avenue du Maine]

M had Lapointe take him to Liliane Pigou's, 57B Rue Froidevaux. They drove along Boulevard Saint-Michel, and then turned right toward the Montparnasse Cemetery. M went up to the 4th floor. The window looked out onto the cemetery. The furniture was the sort to be found in any of the big stores on the Boulevard Barbès, called "provincial". [1969-VIN]

Fromentin, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Rue Duperré to Boulevard de Clichy]

The Flea lived with a hostess at the Canary on Rue Pigalle, Blanche Pigoud, who lived at 28 Rue Fromentin, close to the Boulevard de Clichy. [1971-IND]

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Fualdès, Eusebio. On the studio portraits, Zebio was called Eusebio Fualdès, but his real name was Edgar Fagonet, born in Lille. [1939-MAJ]

Full Moon. There was a zinc plate with some words crudely stamped on it: "The Full Moon", the name of the club next to Émile Boulay's. [1962-COL]

Fumal, Ferdinand. The Minister said Fumal, who'd donated millions to the party funds, wanted to speak to M personally. The name reminded M of something unpleasant, but he couldn't say what.... Back in the village school in Saint-Fiacre, Allier dept., Mlle. Chaigné had been the school mistress, his father bailiff at the Château de Saint-Fiacre: Ferdinand Fumal was the son of the butcher at Les Quatre-Vents, a hamlet a mile or so away. They'd teased him "Fatty Ferdinand" "Boum-Boum".... They had never been friends, never played together. Ferdinand Fumal had never played with anyone. [1956-ECH]

Fumal, Jeanne. Mme. Jeanne Fumal said it was in his office that she'd seen her father for the last time, and three hours later he was found hanging. [1956-ECH]

Fumal, Louis. Ferdinand Fumal's father, Louis Fumal, like many country butchers, had been a bit of a cattle-dealer as well. His wife was the local beauty, and it was said she never wore drawers, so as not to miss a chance. [1956-ECH]

Fumel, Aristide. The call was from Aristide Fumel, of the 16th.... Poor Aristide Fumel had stuck at the bottom of the ladder because he could never learn to spell or write up a report.... Fumel had been ugly even in the old days, and people at laughed at him for his name, but he was always involved in some love drama. He was 51. [1961-PAR]

funeral. William Kirby's funeral took place, mixing two worlds, bankers and diplomats and the tawdry from Montparnasse, on Oct. 22. [1930-31-TET]

The procession had caused a congestion in Charenton. Émile Ducrau was all in black, with white linen. [1933-ECL]

The smell of burning wax and chrysanthemums was enough to convey the atmosphere immediately. [1937-38-bay]

Inspector Castaing told M he'd gone to the funeral of Rose Trochu [La Rose]; "If what I've heard is true, that's also your method." [1949-DAM]

M could already smell the flowers and tapers at Émile Boulay's. [1962-COL]

M told Judge Libart he always made a point of going to the funerals. He'd often been put on the right track by watching the mourners. [1970-FOL]

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