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Daddy. Louise Paverini called Joseph Van Meulen 'Daddy' [papa]. [1957-VOY]

Dambois. Mme. Dambois was taking care of Janvier's children when his wife was out and Janvier was in the hospital. [1951-MEU]

Dambois. M greeted Dambois at the scene of Michel Goldfinger's murder. [1946-mal]

Dambois, the photographer who'd worked all day on the search of Guillaume Serre's, who'd gone to the hardware store to photograph the sales book. [1951-GRA]

Police Constable Dambois had spotted Albert Jorisse around 6:00 at the junction of Place Clichy [Place de Clichy] and Boulevard des Batignolles, coming out of a bar. [1952-BAN]

Dambois, Charles. The lockkeeper at Quai de Valmy, known to everyone as Charles. [1955-COR]

Dames Augustines. see Ladies of St Augustine [1961-BRA]

Dames de Sion. see: Ladies of Sion

Dames, Rue des. [Paris. 17e, Batignolles-Monceau. from Avenue de Clichy to Rue des Lévis]

Philippe Lauer had fallen asleep in the hotel room in the Rue des Dames.... Suddenly Eugène Berniard leapt out the window, and ran off in the direction of the Rue des Dames. [1934-MAI]

Paris was on holiday... M had already taken off his jacket when he got the call from Judge Coméliau to go down to the Rue des Dames where Maurice Tremblet had been killed. [1946-pau]

Julien Foucrier, the man who had shot Janvier, had lived in a hotel in Rue des Dames .... Report came in. She'd lived in the Rue des Dames, in a little hotel, where a man... M told Lucas to tell Lapointe he'd hear the rest later. [1951-MEU]

Désirée Brault had given Lulu [Louise Filon] the name of a doctor near where she lived, Dr. Duclos, in the Rue des Dames. [1953-TRO]

Damme, Joseph Van. see: Van Damme, Joseph

Dampierre. Maître. Raymond Couchet's solicitor, addressed in his will. [1931-OMB]

Damrémont, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Rue de Maistre to Rue Belliard]

M got a call from the Rue Damrémont Police Station, that Mlle. Jeanne, a fortuneteller at 67 bis Rue Caulaincourt had been murdered. Real name was Marie Picard, from Bayeux. [1941-SIG]

Daniel checked with the Rue Damrémont station to confirm that he'd heard a shot from the alarm box. After someone had yelled "Merde to the cops." [1946-mal]

Dancourt, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Boulevard Rochechouart to Place Charles-Dullin]

Bonne Fourchette was a small restaurant on the Rue Dancourt, where Marcel Vivien and Nina Lassave had lunched for 6 months from February through August of 1946. [1971-SEU]

Dandurand, Charles. Formerly Maître Dandurand, had lived in one of the oldest private residences in Fontenay-le-Comte. Had been disbarred there. Occupied the fourth floor in Cécile Pardon's building. About 70, gray complexion, gray hair. M felt he knew him when he met him, M. Charles... They had met at Chez Albert the first time, on the Rue Blanche, a small café patronized by.... The next time in M's office 8 years earlier. Told M he had spent the morning of Cécile's murder at the Palais de Justice, but he had her lured into a back closet where he had strangled her. Known as Monsieur Charles, to the vice squad. Had served a two-year sentence on a vice charge, corruption of minors, eight years earlier (?), before coming to Paris. Had been spotted loitering near the Porte Saint-Martin, Boulevard Sébastopol, and the Bastille. ... Knew Juliette Boynet and her sister in Fontenay-le-Comte. When he rented the apartment he found she owned it. Took care of her business records. ... Would join landlords in a game of belote in the evenings in some bar in Montmartre. Dandurand told Mme. Boynet about Dédé's house on Rue d'Antin being up for sale and she'd bought it. A year later acquired Le Paradis in Béziers for her, one of the most profitable establishments of its kind in the country. She owned many houses of prostitution.... M was very generous toward most forms of human weakness, but there were some people who so revolted him that he physically shrank from them. M. Dandurand was among them. [1940-CEC]

Dandy. Marcel Vivien was know as "The Dandy" at Joseph's hairdressing school. [1971-SEU]

Danet. M went to see Danet, the head of General Information, to see if he knew about Stuart Wilton. [1961-PAR]

Daniel. M's nephew, Daniel, was on duty in the Emergencies Room [Emergency]. [1946-mal]

Daniélou. Lieutenant Daniélou was the constabulary lieutenant at La Rochelle. M called him to say Joseph Gastin was with him, and he'd bring him back.... Lieutenant Daniélou was still young, with a little black mustache and thick eyebrows. He said he'd been born in Toulouse.... Daniélou came of a well-known family at Toulouse, and on the insistence of his parents he'd gone to the Polytechnique, but had opted for the constabulary and read law for two years. [1953-ECO]

Danish. Carl Anderson was Danish. He wore a black monocle, covering a glass eye, a flying accident.... There were some deal bookshelves with paperbacks in French, German, English and probably Danish. [1931-NUI]

A Danish report said that Hans Ziegler's real name was Julius Van Cram. [1954-JEU]

It was a call for the room waiter, Jules, to brin a bottle of Danish beer to one of the guests.... Lucas said he'd just had a call from Copenhagen and didn't know if they were speaking German or Danish. [1957-VOY]

Billy Louette had picked up Hilda at the Bongo the night before. Scandinavian - Danish or Swedish - 22, her father a bigshot in the Civil Service. [1970-FOL]

Dan Mullins. see: Mullins, Dan

Danou, Rue. see: Daunou, Rue

Danse. [Hyacinthe Danse, (former editor of Nanesse), on May 10, 1933, in Boullay-les-Trous, a little village to the south of Paris, murdered both his mother and his mistress. Realizing that he would certainly be caught and guillotined, he took the train to Liège, where on May 12, he tracked down his childhood confessor at the Collège St Servais, the Jesuit Father Hault, and murdered him as well. He hoped that this meant that he would be tried for murder in Belgium, where there was no death penalty. And so it happened. In due course he was condemned to death in Liège in December 1934 for murder, and the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, which meant that he could not be extradited to France until he was dead. (Patrick Marnham: The Man Who Wasn't Maigret, p.81).]
The one thing that might save Jehan d'Oulmont from the guillotine, as had happened with the murderer Danse, was to commit another murder, in Belgium, before he was extradited. [1936-pei]

Danse. Mme. Danse was the landlady of the furnished flat they'd rented in the upper part of town. The ground floor was occupied by a dairy. [1946-cho]

Danton. M called Paris, Danton 44-20, CID [Criminal Investigation Department]. He asked for Lucas. [1957-VOY]

Dantziger. As they reached the Quai des Célestins, Parrain, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, and Dantziger, the Examining Magistrate, arrived from the Palais de Justice at the same time by car. Short, tubby, casually dressed. [1962-CLO]

Danube. [The second longest river in Europe (after the Volga), 1776 miles long, formed by the confluence of the Breg and Brigath rivers in the Black Forest, Baden-Würtemberg, Germany, 37 mi. NW of Lake Constance. It flows E actoss SW Germany, crosses N Austria and central Hungary, enters Yugoslavia, forms a section of the Romanian-Bulgarian border, then crosses SE Romania and E into the Black Sea.]

The tenant of the suite in question was the Prime Minister of a great state on the Danube. [1938-owe]

Danvers. M called the third precinct, from the Bar du Soleil, spoke to Detective Bonfils. Bonfils said that Big Nicolas and Danvers were at the station. [1951-LOG]

Darchambaux, Jean Évariste. Jean Liberge's real name was Jean Évariste Darchambaux, born at Boulogne, now 55. Doctor of medicine, married at 25 to Céline Mornet of Étampes. Settled at Toulouse. Two years later, accused of having poisoned his aunt, Julia Darchambaux. Sentenced to 15 years hard labor. Other records from the Ministry of the Interior showed that the governeor of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, in Guiana, wanted him to work in a hospital but he refused. [1930-PRO]

Darchambaux, Julia. Jean Évariste Darchambaux (Jean Liberge) accused of having poisoned his aunt, Julia Darchambaux, was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in Guiana, in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. [1930-PRO]

Dareau, Rue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Boulevard Saint-Jacques to Avenue du Parc-Montsouris]

Francine Josselin's family had lived nearby on the Rue Dareau.... The taxi driver turned around as he left Rue Dareau, near the railroad embankment, the headed for the cardboard factory in the Rue du Saint-Gothard. [1961-BRA]

Dariman. Oscar Coutant told M that Nicole Prieur was in what they called the Étoile set, drove to school in Jaguars and Ferraris. Most of the group lived near the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Foch, and so on. One was the son of Dariman, of the chemical company. [1964-DEF]

Darroman, Ellen. Ellen Darroman, 24, governess with Oswald Clark at the Majestic. [1939-MAJ]

Darrui. Darrui, the head of the Vice Squad had organized a night raid on the Champs-Élysées. [1961-BRA]

Dartoin, Jules. The shot that killed Maurice Tremblet had been fired from the Hôtel Excelsior, from a fourth floor room which had been registered to Jules Dartoin, actually, Théodore Ballard. [1946-pau]

date. It was April 15, 1913. Paris Police Headquarters was then still known as the Sûreté. That morning a foreign monarch had arrived at Longchamps Station, and the President of the Republic had been there to welcome him. The National Guard, in full dress uniform, had paraded down the Avenue du Bois and along the Champs-Élysées. There had been a gala performance at the Opéra. [1948-PRE]

It was in 1927 or 1928... M couldn't remember the dates, and only recently he'd remembered that Mme M had secretly kept scrapbooks of the newspaper articles about him. [1950-MEM]

Daubois, R. The owner's nameplate in the car said R Daubois, 135 Avenue des Ternes, Paris. [1937-38-noy]

Daudet, Alphonse. The Vieux Garçon had been frequented in the past by Balzac and Alexandre Dumas, and later on, literary luncheon parties brought together by the Goncourt brothers, Flaubert, Zola, Alphonse Daudet and others. [1962-COL]

Daumale, Joseph. The second J was Joseph-Ernest-Dominique Daumale, 24, born in Bayonne, composer. [1946-NEW]

Daumas. Habor Police at Calais found Jeanne Debul's name on the passenger list, along with Daumas, Dazergues ... [1952-REV]

Daumas. Appointed as the Examining Magistrate for the Antoinette Vague case by the Public Prosecutor's Office. M had worked with him several times, a pleasant man, a little on the timid side, about 40. [1968-HES]

Daumesnil, Avenue. [Paris. 12e, Reuilly. from Rue de Lyon to Boulevard Poniatowski]

Machère had been a police constable. Killed in a scuffle two years earlier. His wife received a pension. Had been living on Avenue Daumesnil. No children. [1952-BAN]

Daunard. Daunard, a former hotel porter in Deauville, now a singer in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, had been one of Christine Josset's "protégés". Was beginning to make a name for himself in the nightclubs on the Right Bank, and had an engagement in a music hall, the Bobino. M went to see him in his hotel room on Rue Ponthieu. Same aggressive type as young American stars. Said he could prove he was in Marseilles the night Christine Josset was killed, playing at the Miramar. [1959-CON]

Daunou, Rue. [Paris. 2e, Bourse. from Rue Louis-le-Grand to Boulevard des Capucines]

M was surprised to meet Charlie, a barman he'd known in a place on the Rue Daunou, in the bar near the terrace of the Casino Bar. [1949-DAM]

Dauphin. Priollet called out to Sergeant Dauphin, to have him check the name Louise Laboine. There was nothing. [1954-JEU]

Dauphiné. [Historical region and former province of SE France, bounded anciently on N by Burgundy, E by Savoy (Kingdom of Sardinia), S by Provence, SW by Comtat Venaissin, W by Languedoc, NW by Lyonnais, equivalent to modern depts. of Drôme, Hautes-Alpes, Isère.]

Désiré Campois had come to Paris at the age of 18 from his native Dauphiné. [1945-FAC]

Dauphine, Brasserie. see: Brasserie Dauphine

Dauphine, Place. [Paris. 1er, Louvre. from Rue Harlay to Place du Pont-Neuf]

M went to the restaurant in the Place Dauphine, whose customers were mostly drawn from Police headquarters. [1931-GUI]

M and Lucas went for dinner in the Place Dauphine, at the table where M had lunched and dined so often it was known as "Maigret's table". [1953-TRO]

In the Place Dauphine, M and Lucas decided to stop for a pernod, so they went into the Brasserie Dauphine. [1953-ECO]

M, in a foul humor, had the car stopped in the Place Dauphine for a drink. [1954-JEU]

M told Dr Paul he'd probably lunch in the Place Dauphine. [1955-COR]

For the past week M had been lunching in the Place Dauphine every other day, because of his wife's dentist appointments. M and Lucas went into the back room, where there was an old-fashioned coal stove, which M liked. blanquette of veau? M agreed. [1956-ECH]

Three or four reporters headed towards the restaurant in the Place Dauphine, as there was no hope for an early finish. [1956-AMU]

As they left the Place Dauphine Lucas had asked if it was worth his while going to bed. [1957-VOY]

M made for the Place Dauphine, to stop at the brasserie. He had a toddy, as that's how he'd started the day. [1958-TEM]

M and Janvier crossed Place Dauphine to the brasserie that had become a kind of annex to Police Headquarters. They stopped at the bar while waiting for a table to become vacant. M had the veal... There was a mall wine from the Loire, very near Meung [Meung-sur-Loire and the house like a rectory. [1959-ASS]

M turned right instead and walked into the Place Dauphine, cutting across it diagonally. He'd suddenly felt an urge to go to the Brasserie Dauphine, and in spite of the advice of his friend Dr Pardon, the Rue Picpus doctor, at whose home he and Mme M had dined the previous week, to treat himself to an apéritif. [1962-COL]

M set off towards the Place Dauphine, went into the Brasserie Dauphine. [1966-VOL]

Lapointe had followed Léon Florentin into the Place Dauphine where he went into the Brasserie Dauphine.... M stopped for a drink at the bar on the Place Dauphine. He told them to charge it to his account. Some colleagues were playing belote in the corner. [1968-ENF]

M went to the Place Dauphine. Though tempted by a pastis, he ordered "The biggest beer you have." [1971-IND]

Dauphine, Porte. [Paris. 16e, Passy. at Place du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny]

Janvier said he'd almost lost [Stephan Strevzki] at Porte Daupine. Took a taxi to the Place de l'Opéra. [1939-hom]

Prosper Donge passed the Bois de Boulogne, reached Porte Dauphine and felt a flat tire. [1939-MAJ]

M told Janvier to check the cafés around the Porte Dauphine. M had a feeling he was a sports fan. [1947-MOR]

The body was discovered in the Bois de Boulogne, Route des Poteaux, a turning off the Avenue Fortunée, not far from the Porte Dauphine. A middle-aged man... [1961-PAR]

Davey. M. Davey lived on the right on the ground floor. A widower, assistant manager of an insurance company. [1961-BRA]

David Hirschfield. see: Hirschfield, David

Davidson, Herbert. M called Oswald Clark's lawyer, Herbert Davidson. Learned that Mimi Clark had gotten letters from Paris, about one every three months. [1939-MAJ]

David Ward. see: Ward, David

Davis Monthan. The base, Davis Monthan, was one of the central rallying points for B-29s. It was located some 6 miles from Tucson, towards Nogales. [1949-CHE]

Dazergues. Habor Police at Calais found Jeanne Debul's name on the passenger list, along with Daumas, Dazergues ... [1952-REV]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



deal. There were some deal bookshelves with paperbacks in French, German, English and probably Danish. [1931-NUI]

There were unpainted deal shelves, used for storing apples in winter no doubt. [1942-FEL]

In the town hall, on the table was a deal coffin. (en bois blanc) [1949-AMI]

Deauville. [commune, NW France, Calvados dept. pop. 1962: 5,239. on the Bay of the Seine about 20 mi. NE of Caen; resort, racecourse, just east of Normandy invasion coast, 1944.]

Mortimer-Levingston led an exhausting life, putting in regular appearances at Deauville, Miami, the Lido, Paris, Cannes and Berlin... [1929-30-LET]

On that night cars had raced along as usual along the main road to Deauville. [1930-31-TET]

The road was lined with hoardings advertising Vichy, Deauville, big hotels or brands of petrol. [1931-NUI]

Some miles along the coast M could see the houses of Dives, and further on, less clearly, Cabourg, Houlgate, and the cliffs behind which lay Deauville and Trouville.... Hélène Grandmaison had left the car at the Deauville turning. [1932-POR]

M. Louis had been director of a large hotel in Deauville for many years. [1938-owe]

Gigi said an American tourist [Oswald Clark] had taken Mimi to Deauville, Biarritz. [1939-MAJ]

Ernest Malik lived in Paris, in the Avenue Hoche, except in summer. Said he'd also bought a country house 3 km from Deauville.... Ernest Malik had taken Bernadette Amorelle to Deauville, her first time in a casino. [1945-FAC]

Théo Besson was always at Maxim's or Fouquet's, summers in Deauville. [1949-DAM]

On the chest of drawers was a photograph, probably taken at Deauville, of Adrienne Laur and Bill Larner. [1951-LOG]

Mlle. Poré said she'd seen Jeanine Armenieu once at Gare Saint-Lazare, when she was going to Mantes-la-Jolie for the day. The train next to hers was a Pullman for Deauville, and she'd seen her in the window. [1954-JEU]

John Arnold said most people thought David Ward did nothing but enjoy himself at Deauville, Cannes, Lausanne or Rome. [1957-VOY]

Virieu spent his life flitting between Fouquet's, Maxim's, and the casino at Deauville.... Daunard, a former hotel porter in Deauville, now a singer in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, had been one of Christine Josset's "protégés". [1959-CON]

M told the Chief that half the jewel robberies had been on the Riviera and in Deauville, outside their jurisdiction. [1964-DEF]

James Stuart made frequent visits to Cannes, Monte Carlo, Deauville, Biarritz and the Swiss resorts in the winter. [1965-PAT]

Félix Nahour had lived in Italy, a year in Cuba before the revolution, and had a villa in Deauville. [1966-NAH]

Not only the most elegant leather shop in Paris, but there were branches in Cannes, Deauville, London, New York and Miami. [1969-TUE]

Raoul Comitat said that Manuel Mori spent most of his time in Deauville, Le Touquet, and places like that. [1971-IND]

Débats, Les. see: Les Débats Joseph offered newspapers to Raymond Auger: Le Temps, Figaro, Les Débats. [1946-obs]

Deberlin. Dr Pardon said he'd spoken on the phone to Deberlin, who'd known Philippe Jave well. He was more or less the only one of their old friends they continued to see. [1956-AMU]

Debul, Jeanne. (Louise Clementine). 3rd floor tenant at 7B Boulevard Richard-Wallace, single woman, left about noon for London the day after André Delteil's body was found. Surprise move, hadn't told her maid, Georgette. 49, pretends to be 40, had lived on the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette previously. Deauville, Nice, Naples, Rome, etc. stickers on her suitcases. Called Gare du Nord to reserve a seat on the Calais Express. (12:13am train to Calais connects with the Dover Mail at 5:30, doesn't stop on the way.) Called François Lagrange "Carpet Slippers".... In her office were: The Stock Exchange Courier, a racing paper, telephone book: milkman, butcher, hardware store on Avenue de Neuilly, shoemaker, Olga, Nadine, Marcel... 5 banks, including American bank on Place Vendôme, André Delteil, Pierre Delteil...... She was apparently an extortionist, using Lagrange to do her collecting. [1952-REV]

Decauville. A little Decauville train travelled backwards and forwards across a building yard, carting earth and rubble. [1930-PRO]

Decaux, Lucile. Mlle Lucile Decaux, Étienne Gouin's assistant, lived around the corner in the Rue des Acacias. [1953-TRO]

Decharme. Émile Ducrau's son-in-law, Decharme, said if he gave him his share of the inheritance he'd settle in Provence. [1933-ECL]

Decharme, Berthe. Émile Ducrau's daughter, Berthe Decharme, had come to dinner with her husband. [1933-ECL]

De Claes. Deputy Public Prosecutor. Tall, fair man, very thin. [1968-HES]

Decoin, Francis. Philippe Bellamy asked his mother to send for Francis Decoin, the valet.... Philippe Bellamy's valet, Francis, was Francis Charles Albert Decoin, born at Huy. 32. Married to Laurence Van Offel, cook. [1947-VAC]

Decoin, Laurence. Francis Decoin's wife was Laurence Decoin, née Laurence Van Offel, a cook. She'd worked at the Hôtel du Remblai. Her last address was the Hôtel Bellevue. M set off to the Hôtel Bellevue, the most luxurious on the Remblai. [1947-VAC]

de Conninck, François. François de Conninck, the Examining Magistrate, whom M. Émile Chabot had been in school with. [1931-GAI]

Dédé. "Have you heard that the house on Rue d'Antin is up for sale? Dédé has had some trouble and he's leaving next week for South America." Comment addressed to M. Charles Dandurand. He'd told Juliette Boynet about it and she'd bought it. [1940-CEC]

The wineseller next to the garage said that Dédé hadn't been in that day, but said he lived in a boarding house near the Place des Ternes. [1948-PRE]

We'll get a hint: "Something's being hatched against Flatfooted Dédé. [1950-MEM]

Thérèse said Françoise Binet had hung around with Dédé, but it hadn't lasted because he'd wanted to put her out in the streets. He was running a bar in Nantes. M rung the flying squad at Nantes on the off chance, to check. Spoke to Grollin, who knew Dédé's bar, by the harbor. [1951-MEU]

Men was met at the doctor's door by Dédé-de-Marseille, who liked to play the bully in the dives of Rue de Douai. [1951-LOG]

Dédé, one of the three toughs who'd just confessed, was built like a gorilla. [1954-JEU]

Léa said Dédé, the smallest of them, was with her the night before under the bridge. [1962-CLO]

De Dion Bouton. [ca. 1900. Typical voiturette (the usual term for any early small car): the pioneering firm of de Dion-Bouton made its first steam vehicle in 1883, so had considerable manufacturing experience when it built a petrol-driven car at the turn of the century. Many early de Dion-Boutons are seen on the annual London -- Brighton Run, reflecting the large numbers built.]
Justin Minard had noticed a De Dion Bouton motor-car parked with its engine running. A woman in a window in 17a Rue Chaptal shouted for help. He heard a shot and the car drove off. He tried to get in but a man named Louis Viaud, a butler, threw him out.... M asked if he'd seen a grey De Dion Bouton.... M saw the car pass by, the De Dion Bouton, and the license was B-780. [1948-PRE]

Degas. Mrs. Ellen Wilcox owned a Renoir, a Degas, and recently a Van Gogh. [1949-AMI]

de Greef, Jef de. see: Greef, Jef de

Deharme. Étienne Naud told Alban Groult-Cotelle he'd met the Public Prosecutor in Fontenay-le-Comte that morning, almost a relative of Alban's, since he'd married a Deharme, from Cholet. Alban said the Cholet Deharme's weren't related to the General's family, but were from Nantes.... M was surprised to hear that Alban Groult-Cotelle was married, and had two children, who lived on the Côte d'Azur. His wife had been a Deharme, like the General, actually, his niece. One winter she moved to Nice and never came back. [1943-CAD]

Delacroix. Maurice Marcia's safe was behind the Delacroix painting to the right of the fireplace. [1971-IND]

Delage. Moers told M that Delage, who knew his job, had identified the hairs on Honoré Cuendet's jacket as wild-cat hairs. [1961-PAR]

Delambre, Rue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Boulevard Montparnasse to Rue Montparnasse]

Everyone except Mrs. Kirby knew that William Kirby would spend the next half hour in the first hotel they came to on the Rue Delambre with the girl he'd just picked up. [1930-31-TET]

Lucas reported on Jean Ramuel. Lived in furnished rooms at 14 Rue Delambre, 14th. [1939-MAJ]

Charles Dandurand had lived in a furnished apartment on Rue Delambre, near Boulevard Montparnasse 14 years before, when he had moved to Bourg-la-Reine. [1940-CEC]

Lucas told M there was nothing much going on, just a knifing in the Rue Delambre. [1945-FAC]

Dupeu called from the Pickwick, a bistro on Rue Delambre, in the Montparnasse area, near Rue de la Gaîté. [1959-ASS]

Delaplanque. The pathologist, Dr. Delaplanque, was relatively new to the job. [1966-VOL]

Delaveau. Odette Delaveau's husband, head of a department at Bon Marché. about 30, good-looking, dark brown hair, moustache. [1971-SEU]

Delaveau, Odette. Marcel Vivien's daughter. About 28. Lived at 12, Rue Marcadet, 2nd floor, around the corner from her mother on Rue Caulaincourt. "Everything is right around the corner in Montmartre." Husband was head of a department at Bon Marché. Two children, girl and boy, 6 and 4. [1971-SEU]

Delcourt. Yves Joris left his dinghy to Capt. Delcourt, who replaced him as harbor-master. [1932-POR]

Delfosse. René Delfosse's father, silver-haired man. Came to the Gai-Moulin the next night and paid the bill owed by his son and Jean Chabot. Owned a bicycle factory in Huy. [1931-GAI]

Delfosse, René. René Delfosse, 18 at most. Weedy, unhealthy-looking, poor features. Killed Ephraim Graphopoulos in his room at the Hotel Moderne, Liège, when Delfosse, thinking he'd seen Graphopoulos dead earlier, came to burgle his room. [1931-GAI]

Delfzijl. [commune, Groningen prov., NE Netherlands, on Ems estuary. pop. 1970: 21,990. port; aluminum; chemicals.]

M arrived one May afternoon in Delfzijl, a small town on the low coast in the extreme northeast of the Netherlands. [1931-HOL]

The house reminded M of Holland. His thoughts ran back to the case which had taken him to Delfzijl. [1932-FLA]

Delhi. Willy Marco said Walter Lampson had been up and coming in Delhi when a problem with the daughter of an important Indian put him on the retired list. [1930-PRO]

Deligeard, Gérard. Philippe Deligeard had a son, Gérard Deligeard, 20, a student at the Hautes Études Commerciales. [1937-38-bay]

Deligeard, Marie. At 32 Jean Ramuel left for Guayaquil, Ecuador, worked at a Franco-English mining company. There met Marie Deligeard, and together they went to London. [1939-MAJ]

Deligeard, Philippe. Joséphine Crozier's nephew, Philippe Deligeard, 44 or 45, lived in the house at the Rue des Récollets in Caen. [1937-38-bay]

Deligny Baths. Lucas said he'd gone for a swim at Deligny Baths. [1955-TEN]

Delille. The Delilles lived next to René Josselin's, an elderly couple with married children. They were on the Riviera. [1961-BRA]

Deliot. Inspector Deliot, another 18th inspector, greeted M. [1963-FAN]

Delorme. The family below the Martins in Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Colette Martin had said Father Christmas was probably making a hole in her floor to get down to the Delormes', where there was a boy of three. [1950-noe]

Delphin. The mayor called his butler, Delphin, to get M's things. [1931-JAU]

Delteil, André. Deputy. Lived in a big building on Boulevard Suchet, on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne. Mme. Delteil was in Miami till the fall. 10 years ago he'd been a young lawyer, more often to be met at the Roland-Garros races or in the bars of the Champs-Élysées than at the law courts, and was more like a young movie star than a member of the bar. Married an American woman, Pat Delteil, with a private fortune, installed himself on Boulevard Suchet, and three years later was a candidate in the general election, and had been elected. Little brown moustache shaped like two commas. The body in the trunk François Lagrange had brought to Gare du Nord. M. telephoned the Chief Commissioner, catching him at a restaurant on the Left Bank to notify him. [1952-REV]

Delteil, Pat. André Delteil's wife, went to the US because they were planning a divorce. [1952-REV]

Delteil, Pierre. André Delteil's brother, Pierre, lived near the Étoile, phone Balzac 51-02, at a furnished room on the Rue de Ponthieu. M called there, was told to try Le Fouquet. They told him to try Maxim's, where he found him, and had him come to Police Judiciaire. He basically lived off his brother. [1952-REV]

de Lucia, Mario. see: Lucia, Mario de

Delval. Tenant on the ground floor in Jeanne Debul's building, importers with offices on Place des Victoires. [1952-REV]

Delval, Rose. Rose Vatan, Bob Mandille's wife. Sang in the Trianon-Lyrique as Rose Delval. [1966-VOL]

Delvigne. One of the two psychiatrists Dr Paul greeted when they arrived to examine Octave Le Cloaguen. [1941-SIG]

Delvigne. Sûreté Inspector Delvigne, a tall, ginger-haired man. Interrogated Jean Chabot. [1931-GAI]

Demaille. Baron reported that he'd checked the Madeleine Theater. The two seats had been occupied. Behind were the Demailles, Rue de la Pompe in Passy. He'd question them. [1961-BRA]

Demaison. M called Maître Demaison. He knew Gérard Sabin-Levesque. [1972-CHA]

Demarie. M had known Sergeant Demarie for years. [1966-NAH]

M recognized Louvelle's voice at the 11th arrondissement. Told M Demarie picked up Antoine Batille's tape recorder and brought it in. [1969-TUE]

Demarle, Yvon. Yvon Demarle, the small, broad-shouldered man with the scar on his face, was wearing a light-colored, belted raincoat with a brown hat at the time of the robbery.... Yvon Demarle had been born at Quimper. Had been a sailor and was presently on relief. [1969-TUE]

Demonteau. A Parisian lawyer, Demonteau, visited Donald Philps in his suite. [1957-VOY]

de Moricourt, Philippe. see: Moricourt, Philippe de

Denfer. The postmaster called from the #28 post office in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis. He'd spoken to the clerk, Mlle. Denfer, who said he'd seemed frightened. [1947-MOR]

Denfert-Rochereau. At the Quai des Orfèvres there are maps on which little islands are marked, the Jews of the Rue des Rosiers, the Italians of the Hôtel de Ville district, the Russians of Les Ternes and Denfert-Rochereau... [1950-MEM]

Denfert-Rochereau, Avenue. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Avenue de l'Observatoire to Place Denfert-Rochereau]

Lucas told M that another report of the child-sighting had come in from the Avenue Denfert-Rochereau. And one from Gare du Nord, which Torrence had gone to check. [1949-MME]

Denfert-Rochereau, Place. [Paris. 14e, Observatoire. from Boulevard Raspail to Avenue du General-Leclerc]

Doctor Steiner, neurologist in the Place Denfert-Rochereau. [1957-SCR]

One of the students at the Sorbonne, Harteau, had been Antoine Batille's friend. Tall, pale face, light grey eyes. His mother was a concierge on the Place Denfert-Rochereau. [1969-TUE]

Denise. There were inscriptions cut in the stone and on shells: Please make Denise pass her exam... [1932-POR]

Denmark. Yves Le Pommeret was the vice-consul for Denmark. [1931-JAU]

Dennery, Georges. Georges Dennery's Citroën had been stolen on Feb 18. He was a municipal engineer [Bridges and Highways] who lived in the Rue La Boétie. [1972-CHA]

Department of Criminal Investigation. see: Criminal Investigation Department

Department of Social Security. Boulevard des Italiens. Where the Crédit Lyonnais sent closed accounts after a few months. [1971-SEU]

Depaty. Depaty, the estate agent, was livelier, in spite of his 70 years. [1947-VAC]

Dépêche. see: Dispatch

Depoil. Sergeant at Police Headquarters, 3rd Division, at the far end of the Quai de Jemmapes. He was just going off night duty when Jules Jules Naud came in with the arm. He had served 15 years in the 10th Arondissement, and was shocked to hear it was a man's arm. [1955-COR]

Dépôt. The Black Maria drove out of the Préfecture about 2:00 and came back and unloaded its booty in the Dépôt yard. [1931-NUI]

A taxi took them across the Pont-Neuf. An empty Black Maria was just coming out of the Dépôt. The taxi stopped opposite No. 36. Joseph Audiat refused to go in. [1934-MAI]

M had Picard sent to the Dépôt, to keep him in jail one night. The dark quays, the red light over the entrance to the Dépôt. [1941-SIG]

Justin Minard didn't leave him until they reached the gate of the Dépôt, in the Quai de l'Horloge. This was the place where every night the constables brought in all the suspicious characters they'd collected on the street, and the Black Marias emptied the rag-bag they'd gathered on raids. [1948-PRE]

M told Émile Paulus he'd send him to the Depot. [1951-MEU]

M told Louis to have Pierrot [Pierre Eyraud] take a taxi to the opposite side of the Dépôt on the Quai de l'Horloge. [1953-TRO]

M told Lapointe to take Grégoire Brau to the Dépôt. [1958-TEM]

M told Jean-Charles Gaillard if he'd followed his first impulse he'd have sent him directly to the Dépôt. [1962-COL]

M told Line Marcia he'd take them to the Central Police Station [Dépôt] first, in the basement of the Law Courts [Palais de Justice]. [1971-IND]

Deputy Mayor. Pierre Ferchaud, the stationmaster, had discovered Albert Retailleau's body. He'd telephoned the town hall, and the Deputy Mayor had contacted the Benet Police Headquarters, as there was no police Sergeant in Saint-Aubin-les-Marais. [1943-CAD]

Deputy Public Prosecutor. The Deputy Public Prosecutor was a tall young man, distinguished looking and strikingly well dressed. [1970-FOL]

Deputy Sheriff. Just as it happens in cowboy films, M had actually been made a Deputy Sheriff of Tucson. It was the 9th or 10th time. He'd also been made one in 8 or 9 counties of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina, Texas, and the city of New Orleans. [1949-CHE]

Derain. [André Derain [1880-1954], French painter and illustrator. A friend of Simenon's during his Paris period. illus: Charing Cross Bridge, London. 1906.]
M looked at the paintings, two more Cézannes, a Derain, a Sisley. [1969-TUE]

Derain. As Boris Saft, the Beard, left the hotel, Lucas said that Derain would follow him. [1937-38-sta]

Desalle. M called Dr. Desalle at the Forensic Laboratory for the report on Antoine Batille's autopsy. [1969-TUE]

Descharneau, Ernest. Oscar Laget's 54-year-old clerk, Ernest Descharneau, was still sitting at his table in the waiting room. Before the war he'd had a shop in the Boulevard de Courcelles, selling arms and ammunition, sporting equipment. [1936-fen]

Deséglise. M. Tenant at Cécile Pardon's building. 3rd Floor left, inspector with the bus company. [1940-CEC]

Desgrières. Jean-Loup Pernelle said the bill of sale for the Clou Doré had been drawn up by Maître Desgrières, of the Boulevard Pereire. [1965-PAT]

Désiné. Typo for Désiré, the lock-keeper at Pogny, in the Eng ed. [1930-PRO]

Désiré. The lock-keeper at Pogny, Désiré. [1930-PRO]

Oswald Clark had taken Désiré's taxi, usually outside the Majestic, presumably to the Gare de Lyon to go to Rome. [1939-MAJ]

The proprieter of the little restaurant on a side street M chose to lunch at with Spencer Oats. No frills, just a zinc counter, a few marble-topped tables, sawdust on the floor; pleasant, with a florid, somewhat blotchy complexion, wearing a blue denim apron, greeted M. His wife was Mélanie. There was coq au vin, some good cèpes, fresh from the country that morning. "Your usual Beaujolais Monsieur Maigret?" cèpes à la bordelaise. He had originally come from the Gers region, and kept in touch with his old friends, many of whom owned vineyards. After Leloup left they had coffee and Armagnac. [1940-CEC]

M had heard that someone named Désiré had found Albert Retailleau's cap in the reeds along the banks of the canal. [1943-CAD]

The husband of the concierge at Michel Goldfinger's building. Goldfinger had only gone out half an hour earlier. Apartment was third floor, on the right. [1946-mal]

Désiré was the waiter at Picratt's. Lived in the suburbs. Took a train at Gare Saint-Lazare in the morning to go home.... He was bald, with only a crown of hair on his head, looked like the waiter on the advertising posters of one of the big aperitif brands, had let his sideburns grow to cultivate the resemblance. [1950-PIC]

At the fourth house the concierge, bandaging her husband Désirés hand, which he'd cut taking out the dustbins, recognized Honoré Cuendet's picture. [1961-PAR]

Désiré, the proprieter of Chez Désiré, would have been a witness to M's alleged starting a conversation with Nicole Prieur as "You're right, I'm Superintendent Maigret". [1964-DEF]

Désiré Boursicault. see: Boursicault, Désiré

Désiré Campois. see: Campois, Désiré

Désiré Chabut. see: Chabut, Désiré

Désirée Brault. see: Brault, Désirée

Désiré Lecoeur. see: Lecoeur, Désiré

Désiré Loiseau. see: Loiseau, Désiré

Désir, Le. see: Le Désir Martine Gilloux had met Ferdinand Fumal at a little nightclub in Montmartre, Le Désir. [1956-ECH]

Desjardins and Brosse. Roger Prou had worked for Desjardins and Brosse, Boulevard Rochechouart, in the painting-decorating business. [1962-CLI]

Desprez. M learned in a letter from Julien Chabot about Hubert Vernoux's fit of madness, and his attempt to slash his wrists. Desprez, the psychiatrist from Niort, said there was hardly any doubt as to Vernoux's madness. [1953-PEU]

Desquerre, Valentin. see: Valentin

Desquiens. 1st floor tenant in Jeanne Debul's building, to the left. rich widower, on vacation with his children, who have a place in the Midi. [1952-REV]

desserts. see Maigret's desserts... (Maigret au dessert...) by Murielle Wenger

Destouches, Jean. Jean Destouches lived on the third floor at Aline's. physical training instructor at a gymnasium at Porte Maillot. [1965-PAT]

detective story. see Are the Maigrets detective stories? (Les Maigret: des romans policiers ? ) by Murielle Wenger

Detour, Arlette. February 2, Avenue Rachel, close to Place de Clichy, just off the brightly lit Boulevard de Clichy, Arlette Detour, 28, prostitute who lived in a cheap hotel on Rue d'Amsterdam, stabbed in the back. [1955-TEN]

Detroit. Oswald Clark, industrialist of Detroit, Michigan. [1939-MAJ]

Pozzo asked M if he'd ever gone to Chicago, Detroit, St Louis... [1951-LOG]

Deux Cerfs, Hôtel des. see: Hôtel des Deux Cerfs

Deux Frères. Gustave Cassin said he'd seen them throw something into the river between his barge and the Deux Frères. [1932-FLA]

Deuxième Bureau. During the war William Brown had worked for French intelligence, the Deuxième Bureau. [1932-LIB]

Deveaud. Polyte said he'd been playing cards with Deveaud and Fraigne when Albert Forlacroix came to get some sole. [1940-JUG]

Devil's Island. [(Île du Diable) one of the Safety Is. off the N coast of French Guiana; became a penal colony of the French government in the latter part of the 19th c.; here Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was a prisoner 1895-99; penal colonies abolished 1938.]

One month earlier a newspaper photo showed Ernest Michoux embarking from the Île de Ré, on the Martinière, which was carrying 180 convicts to Devil's Island. [1931-JAU]

Devoisin, Jeanne. Guillaume Serre's first wife had been Jeanne Devoisin, whom they'd met one summer at Dieppe, a widow with no relatives except a sister in Indo-China. Died of a heart attack. [1951-GRA]

Devon, Germaine. Ernst Owen's nurse was Germaine Devon. [1938-owe]

Devries, Eugène. Ernest Descharneau said it had been a wrong number, someone asking for a dentist, but on the desk in front of him, where he'd just glanced, was an envelope from M. Eugène Devries, dental surgeon. M found it hard not to smile. [1936-fen]

de Vries, Hubert. M called the Netherlands Embassy, to speak with the first secretary, M. Goudekamp. He was in conference, so he was connected with Hubert de Vries, the second secretary. [1963-FAN]

Dewey. Baron said if Harry Pills was successful, he'd be almost as famous as Dewey after he cleaned the gangsters out of New York. [1951-LOG]

Dewey, Jessie. Lucille couldn't remember whether it was Joachim [John Maura] or Joseph [Joseph Daumale] whom Jessie [Jessie Dewey] had been with. She was sure it wasn't Bessie since they'd been the 3 Js.... Lieutenant Lewis had found a marriage license for John Maura and Jessie Dewey, dated four days before he left for France. [1946-NEW]

Dexter, Ronald. Michael O'Brien called M back to say he'd found him a private detective, Ronald Dexter. [1946-NEW]

De Zwarte Zwaan. Another barge was moored above the Pont Marie, De Zwarte Zwaan, a Flemish name that neither M nor Lapointe understood, flying a Belgian flag. [1962-CLO]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



Diabolo. Lucas came to report to M, since Torrence had the flu. At the Diabolo, a seedy nightclub in the Rue de l'Étoile, a drunken old woman called Thérèse, (M had probably seen her around Ternes) said she'd known Françoise Binet. Lapointe was with her at the Quai des Orfèvres. [1951-MEU]

diamond. M knew the center of the diamond trade, a big café in the Rue Lafayette, where important brokers met at a special table. [1946-mal]

Diana. Most of the postcards were addressed to the S.S. Diana, Anglo-Norman Navigation Co., Caen. [1932-POR]

Dicelle. Lecoeur had sent one of his men, Dicelle, to call M in from the street. [1967-VIC]

Dick. Everyone called each other Bob or Dick or Tom or Tony. [1946-NEW]

Didine Hulot. see: Hulot, Adine

died. M asked for M. Couvrer, of Couvreur et Bellechasse. "Private business?" "Extremely" "He died five years ago". [1946-pau]

M went to the office of Larue et Georget, in the Rue Saint-Charles, and asked a typist for M. Larue. He'd died two months earlier. From the next room the voice of M Georget said, "Show him in, Berthe." [1947-VAC]

Dieppe. [seaport, N France, Seine-Maritime dept. pop. 1968: 29,970. on English Channel 34 mi. N of Rouen]

At the Gare Saint-Lazare there had been a notice: Storm in the Channel, Dieppe-Newhaven crossing may be delayed. [1937-38-man]

Nine Rochain said that when she was just 20 she'd spent her holidays with her mother at Dieppe. M had spent a fortnight there with Mme M, at the Hôtel Beauséjour. [1947-MOR]

Charles Besson called and said he'd had to go to Dieppe where his mother-in-law was dying. [1949-DAM]

Mme M kept a scrapbook of all M's articles. One has a photo of them taken three years earlier by a journalist in Normandy, where they were spending a few days at Dieppe, on the steps of their pension. [1949-MME]

Guillaume Serre's first wife had been Jeanne Devoisin, whom they'd met one summer at Dieppe, a widow with no relatives except a sister in Indo-China. Died of a heart attack. [1951-GRA]

According to the passport, Mr. & Mrs. John Perkins had sailed from Halifax six weeks before, landed in Southampton, then entered France via Dieppe. [1951-LOG]

Éveline Schneider and Honoré Cuendet had once gone to Dieppe for a few days, once to Savoy, another time a bus trip to Nice and along the Riviera. [1961-PAR]

The station staff remembered Hélène Lange had gone to Strasbourg, Brest, Carcassonne, Dieppe, Lyon, Nancy, Montélimar, always a fairly large town. [1967-VIC]

Joséphine Papet had told Jean-Luc Bodard that she came from Dieppe. She hadn't bothered to lie to him. She'd been born there 34 years before to Hector Papet, deep-sea fisherman, and Léontine Marchaud, housewife. [1968-ENF]

They found a large seashell with "Dieppe" carved on it in Léontine Antoine's apartment. [1970-FOL]

Dietrich, Marlene. Louis the Kid said he'd been at a Marlene Dietrich picture at the cinema on the Rue Rochechouart. [1937-38-ber]

Dieudonné. Torrence was back in the inspectors' room. He'd been relieved by Dieudonné, who was new to the job. [1968-ENF]

Dieudonné Pape. see: Pape, Dieudonné

digitalis. Dr. Blind declared that Louise Voivin had died of digitalis poisoning. The police had found a packet marked 'bicarbonate of soda' which contained enough digitalis to kill 100 people. [1936-bea]

A considerable quantity of digitalis had been found in Éveline Jave's intestines. Prof. Loireau provided some comments. Rather than digitalis, he said, which for her was counter-indicated, she'd needed camphor or Pressyl, fashionable nowadays. [1956-AMU]

Digue, Rue de la. [Dieppe] The men said that Jeanne Fénard had been shot dead with a revolver as she was going along the Rue de la Digue. The policeman said he lived there, a little street that runs from the quay to the far end of the harbor, beyond the tobacco factory. Nobody ever goes down it. [1937-38-man]

Dijon. [commercial and manufacturing city, E France, capital, Côte-d'Or dept. pop. 1968: 145,357. on Ouche river 168 mi. SE of Paris.]

While M was talking with Mme. Leroy, the Director had come in and called him out to talk about the arrest warrant which had just been telegraphed from Dijon. M had said Torrence would take care of it. [1945-pip]

Ronald Dexter had given the cab driver an address in Greenwich Village, which was like a little town, houses no taller than those in Bordeaux or Dijon. [1946-NEW]

The train to Toulon stopped at Dijon, Lyons, Avignon, and Marseilles. [1959-ASS]

Dinant. [commune, Namur prov., S Belgium on the Meuse. pop. 1969: 9,815; in the Ardennes forest region; sacked by the Germans Aug 15, 1914.]

One of the bargees said it was doubtful whether they could get under the bridge at Dinant. [1932-FLA]

Dinard. [commune, NW France, Ille-et-Vilaine dept. pop. 1962: 9,432. on the gulf of Saint-Malo at the mouth of the Rance, opp. Saint-Malo; resort]

Raymond Couchet's second wife, Germaine Couchet, née Dormoy, was from Dinard, where they'd met. [1931-OMB]

Dingo. Lucas had checked at the Coupole, where the girls were known. They'd sent him to the Dingo, then to the Cigogne. Finally he found them in a little American bar in the Rue Vavin. [1930-PRO]

Director. M reached Tarraud at the Préfecture. Told him to go to the Chief's place and have him come to meet M at the Majestic Hotel. An hour later the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department knocked at the door. [1929-30-LET]

The Director of the Police Judiciaire was in as bad a mood as M. [1931-GUI]

There was one solitary visitor sitting in the corner of the Director's waiting room, with it's red plush sofas: Philippe Lauer. [1934-MAI]

The Director of the Police Judiciaire got out of his car and asked Lucas where M was. [1937-38-sta]

The Director of Police Judiciaire called in to see if anything had happened. [1941-SIG]

A few minutes later the superintendent pushed open the padded door of the office of the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department. [1942-men]

In the Director's office, M heaved a sigh mingled with relief and exhaustion. [1945-pip]

M told the whole story to the Director of the Police Judiciaire. [1951-LOG]

As on every morning, at about 9:15 in the office of the Director of the Police Judiciaire, there was the department heads meeting. The windows looked out on a dirty-colored Seine, and the Pont Saint-Michel was windswept. [1953-TRO]

M stayed with the Director for half an hour. Later Lognon went in too. [1955-TEN]

M got a call from the Director of the Judicial Police, The Minister of the Interior was... bothered. [1956-ECH]

M asked Joseph if the Director was in, but he was in conference with the Prefect. All the same, M went into the office of the Director of Police Headquarters. The next morning he went to see the Director to tell him of the two Xavier Marton visitors. Called the Director "Chief". Asked permission to mention it to the Public Prosecutor. [1957-SCR]

M said his investigation had the consent of the Director of Police Headquarters. The Public Prosecutor's office had not been informed, and he had only mentioned it to the Examining Magistrate in passing. He was not acting on his instructions, nor on those of the Attorney General. [1959-ASS]

The Director called and asked him to come over. [1960-VIE]

M wasn't the only member of the Judicial Police who had a sense of discouragement, and twice the Director had threatened to resign. [1961-PAR]

At 9:30 M was leaving the office of the Director of Police Headquarters, where he'd sat through the morning meeting without opening his mouth. [1962-COL]

M's badge had the number 0004. Number 1 was the Prefect, 2 the Director General of the Police Department. [1966-VOL]

the Director was on holilday, so there was no daily briefing. [1971-SEU]

Director of Prosecutions. The Chief said the Director of Prosecutions had put Judge Coméliau in charge of the preliminary investigations.... M passed through the small door which led from Police Headquarters to the Palais de Justice. [1947-MOR]

M told Mme. Serre that as soon as the Director of Prosecutions arrived at the Palais de Justice her son would be indicted. [1951-GRA]

Directory Enquiries. M called Directory Enquiries to ask for a list of telephone subscribers at Boissancourt-par-Saint-André. [1955-COR]

disappearance. M had known a man who'd disappeared in a similar way to Marcel Vivien several years earlier. A prosperous Paris businessman, a little over 50, wife and two children: boy, 21, in college, girl 18. No problems. Left for his factory in Levallois one day by car, and was not heard of again for years. His car had been found not far from Rue du Temple. Actually, he had decided to become a tramp. Had gone to a pawnbroker on Rue des Blancs-Manteaux and exchanged his clothes for a set of rags. Had been recognized on a street in Nice three years later, by one of his former suppliers, in spite of his heavy beard. Died 15 years later in Marseilles. [1971-SEU]

Diseases of Concrete. Julien Calame wrote a book called "The Diseases of Concrete". [1954-MIN]

disguise. M knew what it was to play a part. The police do not disguise themselves and make up their faces as often as people think, but it had to be done at times. But M in disguise was still M. M as a big cattle dealer, for instance. [1929-30-LET]

Torrence, who loved dressing up, had disguised himself as a milkman, causing M to shrug his shoulders. [1939-hom]

Lucas, watching the house at Boulevard des Batignolles, had been dressed as a tramp. Everybody in the Police Judiciaire knew that M hated anything in the nature of a disguise. But Lucas loved nothing better than to act a part. [1941-SIG]

M thought of his police manual: "a cap, a scarf, and an old coat have been proved by experience to constitute a very effective disguise." M decided to put on a collar and tie, and to wear his bowler hat. [1948-PRE]

M's first arrest in the Special Squad was on the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, in a rooming house, a Czech. M assisted Inspector Dufour. It was the first time M disguised himself, old clothes, 48 hours without shaving. They waited for dawn. M's first forcible arrest. [1950-MEM]

M told Lapointe to get into the clothes of a professional bum looking for work, with a cap. [1950-PIC]

Neveu acted drunk when he went with Lourtie to the Pink Rabbit. He liked putting on disguises, which he carried out in great detail. [1969-TUE]

Dispatch. Jean Servières said he had worked for the Petit Parisien, Excelsior and the Dispatch. [Dépêche], in Paris. [1931-JAU]

District Attorney. Saint-Hubert said he'd notified the District Attorney [Parquet] and Police Headquarters [PJ]. [1961-BRA]

Dives. [town, NW France, Calvados dept. pop. 1962: 6,521. (Dives-sur-Mer) on the Bay of the Seine about a mile inland from the harbor from which William the Conqueror set sail on his first attempt to reach England 1066.]

Some miles along the coast M could see the houses of Dives, and further on, less clearly, Cabourg, Houlgate, and the cliffs behind which lay Deauville and Trouville. [1932-POR]

Divisional Superintendent. The heading of the anonymous letter addressed M as Divisional Superintendent, his official title. [1968-HES]

Dizy. The find of the corpse by the two carters from Dizy was, so to speak, impossible.... Arriving at Dizy, M had seen nothing but a narrow canal, three miles from Épernay, and a small village near a stone bridge. [1930-PRO]

There were two tugs of the Eagle class going up to Dizy again that day, and five going downstream. [1933-ECL]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



Doc. Léa said they called the man they fished out of the Seine "Doc" [Toubib] (François Keller) as he was educated, and some said he'd been a doctor. He'd been living under bridges for years. [1962-CLO]

Dochet. M called on Mlle. Dochet in Versailles, the concierge, to ask about M. Constantinesco. [1940-JUG]

Dodds, Angela. The current owners of Judge Forlacroix's house in Versailles were Angela Dodds and Mrs. Perkins. The doorman was Jean. The house was littered with African and Chinese artifacts, all the bric-à-brac of Montparnasse bohemians. [1940-JUG]

Dodger. How many times had M followed the pickpocket known as the Dodger? [1950-MEM]

dog. The lock-keeper at Sarry said his dog had barked during the night. [1930-PRO]

The yellow dog circled among the many legs. No one had seen him before. [1931-JAU]

The lock keeper said he could see it was the Astrolabe, with old Claessens on deck with his Alsatian dog. [1936-pen]

Frédéric Michaux had a fierce Alsatian dog, so no one could have gotten in from outside. [1939-ven]

Lucas brought up the rear, as calm as a Newfoundland dog. [1945-pip]

Raymonde told M that Ernest Malik had a shooting lodge and some dogs at Sologne. [1945-FAC]

Mme Roblin, M's neighbor on the fourth floor, with the dog, had recommended Dr. Floresco, when Mme M needed a dentist. [1949-MME]

Bibi, Guillaume Serres' dog, which had died four years earlier. [1951-GRA]

Further on a yellowish dog brushed against his leg and he gave a startled jump. [1953-ECO]

M's intimate enemy, as he liked to call him, Coméliau, had retired now, and become just an elderly gentleman taking his dog for its morning walk, arm-in-arm with a lady whose hair was dyed mauve. [1958-TEM]

The only arm chair was occupied by a small, sandy-haired dog, Toto, and a cat, white with coffee-colored spots, who scarcely opened his green eyes. [1961-PAR]

The waiter at the bar said René Josselin had had an old dog, a crippled Alsatian that tagged along after him with its head down, seven or eight years ago. [1961-BRA]

A little white dog came slowly from the hall and rubbed itself again Line Marcia's legs. [1971-IND]

In one of the photos there was a hugh Alsatian dog standing next to Gérard Sabin-Levesque. [1972-CHA]

Dolly. Genviève, the new girl at Picratt's who replaced Arlette. 23. Was going to be called Dolly. [1950-PIC]

Dolores. Torrence said a Spanish or South American looking girl, naked, had opened the door when he and the locksmith were checking the locks on the sixth floor, the Aresco's maid. Her name was Dolores. She'd heard noises in the next room, René Josselin's maid's room, the night before. [1961-BRA]

Dôme. The policeman asked if the man who'd eaten caviar and couldn't pay had been at the Dôme. "No, at the Coupole". [1930-31-TET]

Dominican. Mirella Jonker was wearing a painter's smock that looked like the habit worn by Dominican friars, seemingly made of Turkish toweling. [1963-FAN]

dominoes. M said he'd guessed Lucas had been playing dominoes, as he didn't play cards, and he and the landlord were all alone. [1942-FEL]

Donahue, Helen. The owner of Au Bon Vivant was Helen Donahue, a tall blonde American, around 50. [1951-LOG]

Donald Philps. see: Philps, Donald

Donat & Moutier. Léonard Lachaume had been married to Marcelle Donat, from the family of Donat & Moutier, the big firm of government contractors. [1958-TEM]

Donat, Marcelle. Léonard Lachaume had been married to Marcelle Donat, from the family of Donat & Moutier, the big firm of government contractors. [1958-TEM]

Donavant, Gérard. Armande Motte's fiancé, Gérard Donavant, a penniless painter, living in a small rented house beside the Loire. [1937-38-not]

Doncoeur. Mme. Doncoeur, from across the street, on the same floor as the Ms, did fine embroidery for a ship in the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. 45 or 50. Mme M thought she had a crush on M.... Mme. Doncoeur said she'd lived in her apartment 25 years, remembered that M had already lived across the street, and had had a long mustache. [1950-noe]

Donge, Prosper. Prosper Donge, 45-48, tall, carroty red hair, blue eyes, pock-marked face. Had been at the Majestic five years, before that the Miramar in Cannes.... Prosper Donge said he'd been a foster child, lived till he was 15 on a farm in Vitry-le-François. He'd been a waiter in Marseilles, Cannes. At the Miramar, they'd switched him from waiter to breakfast cook. [1939-MAJ]

Donkey Bar. Bill gave the driver the address of a bar near Broadway, the Donkey Bar. M said he thought the Donkey Bar was something straight out of Hollywood. Negro barman, Chinese barman, everybody at the bar knew everyone else, or seemed to. Everyone called each other Bob or Dick or Tom or Tony. [1946-NEW]

Donley, John. John Donley, one of the aliases of Hans Ziegler. He was found in London as John Donley, a native of San Francisco. [1954-JEU]

doodling. see Maigret's Drawings (Les dessins de Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

Dora Strevzki. see: Strevzki, Dora

Dordogne. [dept, SWC France pop. 1968: 374,073. (River, SW France, 293 mi. long, formed by confluence of Dor and Dogne rivers in Puy-de-Dôme dept, SC France.)]

M received a letter from Leduc, an old friend who had retired two years earlier from the Police Judiciaire, to settle down to country life in Dordogne.... The Dordogne flowed behind the hotel. [1932-FOU]

M spoke to M. Jean, the proprieter of the Cadran. He hadn't known Albert Rochain, known as Little Albert. He said that an old waiter, Ernest, had known him, but he'd gone back to the Dordogne. [1947-MOR]

Jean Martin, a commercial traveler, was in Dordogne. [1950-noe]

Doré, Gustave. The drawings in Jef Lombard's office suggested a student imitating the style of Gustave Doré. [1930-31-PHO]

Doric. Georges Simenon reminded M of the Doric columns, whose lines appear straight because they're curved. [1950-MEM]

Dorin. Moers said Dorin was a world authority on fibers. He said the silk threads were over 300 years old and came from a Chinese rug. [1971-IND]

Dorine. Zoé said she'd sent M. Charles to her friend Dorine's, in the Avenue des Ternes. [1972-CHA]

Dormoy, Colonel. M was introduced to Germaine Couchet's uncle, Colonel Dormoy.... Colonel Dormoy called M to say Raymond Couchet's will had been found. M answered the phone, "Hello... Elysée 17-62... Inspector Maigret speaking, Police Headquarters." [1931-OMB]

Dormoy, Henry. M was introduced to Germaine Couchet's brother, Henry Dormoy, barrister-at-law. [1931-OMB]

Dorothy Payne. see: Payne, Dorothy

Dorval, Marthe. Marthe Dorval, middle-aged, a former light-opera singer, had been Jean Vertbois' mistress, whom he'd killed for her savings. [1937-38-noy]

Dossin, Gabriel. Judge. The tallest magistrate in Paris. Examining Magistrate in the Frans Steuvels case. He always seemed to be apologizing for having the aristocratic figure of a Russian wolfhound.... M had noticed the judge's initial G. and asked him his name. He said it was Gabriel, but not to tell anyone. [1949-MME]

Douai. [commercial and manufacturing city, N France, Nord dept. pop. 1968: 49,187. [formerly Douay] on Scarpe river 19 mi. S of Lille.]

Jef Claes had lost his family in the bombing of the station in Douai in 1940. [1965-PAT]

Douai, Rue de. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Rue Pigalle to Rue de Clichy]

At the corner of Rue de Douai M and Fernande shook hands and parted. M went along the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. [1934-MAI]

On the Boulevard Rochechouart, Rue de Douai, Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, dim figures loomed out of the shadows. All the exits were sealed. [1942-FEL]

Constable Piedboeuf, on duty in front of a night-club in the Rue de Douai reported that a man of two couples going in reported that the body [Albert Rochain] had been dumped from a yellow Citroën, with Paris numbers ending in 38. [1947-MOR]

Afterwards Alfonsi had returned with his girlfriend to his rooms at the hotel in the Rue de Douai.... Alfonsi lived in the Hôtel du Massif Central, room 33, Rue de Douai. M told Lapointe to check his room for the suitcase if it wasn't at Philippe Liotard's.... Lapointe called M from the cigar store on the corner of Rue de Douai to tell him he'd found the suitcase at Alfonsi's. Called M "Chief" for the first time. [1949-MME]

If someone shoots down Luciano in a bar on Rue de Douai, the Corsicans will inevitably take their revenge before long. [1950-MEM]

The other woman, who should have walked towards the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, walked toward the tabac on the corner of Rue de Douai.... M went to the tabac on the corner of the Rue de Douai, where he had been a hundred times, and where they recognized him. [1950-PIC]

Men was met at the doctor's door by Dédé-de-Marseille, who liked to play the bully in the dives of Rue de Douai. [1951-LOG]

Arlette had called Marco for Mariette Gibon from a restaurant on the Boulevard Voltaire, to tell him not to come to the house till she told him it was clear. Left a message for him with Félix, a waiter in Le Poker d'As, a bar in Rue de Douai. [1952-BAN]

There was a tab on the dress, Mademoiselle Irène, 35b, Rue de Douai, close to the Place de Vintimille. [1954-JEU]

When a Corsican gangster strikes down a gangster from Marseilles in a bar in the Rue de Douai, the police have recourse to standard procedures. [1955-COR]

The owner of the Eucalyptus was Lisca, known as Freddo, who'd been a bartender on Rue de Douai in Montmartre for a long time. [1959-ASS]

Pierre Sabatini, a member of the Corsican gang, sentenced to 20 years hard labor at Saint-Martin-de-Ré for shooting down two members of the Marseilles gang in a bar in the Rue de Douai. [1961-PAR]

Doux Frisson, Le. see: Le Doux Frisson Blanche Bonnard had another club, Le Doux Frisson, in Montmartre, Rue Fontaine. [1972-CHA]

Dovstoiesky. Rose Trochu had asked Dr. Jolly what he thought of Freud. He said she'd also probably read a volume of Dovstoievsky. [1949-DAM]

downs. These things happened so frequently in the luxury hotels that if they got a call from the 16th, someone would invariably ask, "downs?", meanining barbituates [Gardénal]. [1957-VOY]

Doyen, Elizabeth. Jean Chabot's mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Doyen. [1931-GAI]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



DPP. Janvier informed the District Police Superintendent, the people from the DPP, and the Records Department, while M paced the room scowling. [1936-fen]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



Draguignan. [commune, SE France, capital, Var dept. pop. 1968: 18,376. 40m m. NE of Toulon; tanneries, textiles, resort.]

Where Inspector Lechat was a member of the flying squad. The call to the Chief requesting M came in from there. [1949-AMI]

Dramin, Gérard. Gérard Dramin was an assistant director François Ricain had worked with when Ricain was a third assistant. [1966-VOL]

drawings. see Maigret's Drawings (Les dessins de Maigret) by Murielle Wenger

dream. M was in the throes of a harassing dream... he was something between a seal and a whale... stranded on the beach, and he had to reach the sea... [1932-FOU]

It was as if a sea lion, after ages of captivity as a circus performer, were to suddenly find itself back in the glacial waters of the Arctic. (cf. FOU, the dream of the beached "seal"). [1940-JUG]

M fell asleep dreaming of the Mass in his own village, and of Marie Titin's inn, which he'd used to run past, as he was afraid... [1946-cho]

The whole of the first part of the night went by in a sort of nightmare. He kept ringing bells, hundreds of bells... looking for the doctor and Lucile [Lucile Duffieux]. [1947-VAC]

M was dreaming, reconstructing the case so far. [1948-PRE]

At one moment, when he was trying to get to sleep, or was it only a dream, he had the impression that he'd discovered a really important fact. [1949-AMI]

Later, M dreamt he was playing chess. His opponent was Lognon. [1954-JEU]

Once in a dream M had found the solution to a problem he'd worked on all day as a student. He was dreaming now, and he knew it. [1956-ECH]

In M's dream Angelot hadn't appeared, though he'd been there, in the background.... When Mme M shook him awake he was worn out. [1958-TEM]

M had had a number of dreams, but couldn't remember them well. Dr Pardon had been there, Armand de Saint-Hilaire, even the old Comtesse de Saint-Fiacre.... [1960-VIE]

M was woken in the middle of a bad dream by Superintendent Saint-Hubert, about the same age as M, whom he'd known since the start of his career. [1961-BRA]

M told Mme M he'd dreamed a great deal but couldn't remember. [1965-PAT]

M was having a nightmare that he was seized by the shoulder and was struggling - tried to deal a punch but couldn't. [1966-NAH]

Dréan. Marchand said Francine Latour appeared in a couple of sketches with Dréan. [1947-MOR]

Drenthe. Drenthe, an endless stretch of heather, had taken M by surprise. A 20-mile horizon sectioned by canals. [1931-HOL]

Dreux. [commune, NC France, Eure-et-Loir dept. pop. 1968: 29,408. 20 mi. NNW of Chartres]

The driver of the Urbaine Taxi Company cab which had picked up Gloria Lotti and the boy had made a trip out of town, to Dreux, so hadn't called sooner. Said he'd taken them to the corner of Rue Montmartre and the Grands Boulevards. M had the Flophouse Squad check out hotels in the area of Carrefour Montmartre. [1949-MME]

It was only after the investigation was over that Évelina Nahour, Vicente Alvaredo and Nelly Velthuis were allowed to leave Paris and hide in a little house near Dreux. [1966-NAH]

Grosjean called M to say that by the testimony of the lookout, Gouvion, they'd found witness in two of the cases, the Château de l'Épine, near Arpajon, and the other at a villa in the forest of Dreux. [1969-TUE]

Drevant. Drevant was a village about two miles from Saint-Amand-Mont-Rond, on the Cher. One day Robert Bureau had seen the girl he loved, Renée, about 13, and a boy Raymond Pomel, the pork butcher's son, making love in the bushes. Afterwards he'd killed the boy with the Swedish knife he'd stolen from his uncle. [1969-TUE]

Dréville. Assistant Public Prosecutor Dréville came to the scene of Sophie Ricain's murder. Camus, the magistrate, was talking with Chief Inspector Piget, of the 15th. [1966-VOL]

Drie Gebrouders. Jef van Houtte had been working on the Drie Gebrouders before the De Zwarte Zwaan. [1962-CLO]

drinks. Torrence poured M a glass of an excellent white Maçon.... M hated champagne, but sipped it because he was thirsty, at Pickwick's Bar.... M ordered a Vermouth at the bar next to Pietr, who had ordered an absinthe substitute. [1929-30-LET]

Someone in the American bar at the Coupole ordered a Manhattan. M ordered the same, though he was not of the cocktail generation. The barman pushed a dish of olives towards M, but he didn't touch them. [though he ate them all in JEU]. [1930-31-TET]

M had a whiskey with the mayor at his house. [1931-JAU]

Pijpekamp had Saint-Emilion served with his luncheon. [1931-HOL]

M had a Pernod with James at the Taverne Royale. [1931-GUI]

M helped himself to a glass of whiskey, wiped his lips, and filled a last pipe before leaving.... The lawyer ordered a lemon Raphaël. [1932-FIA]

Anna Peeters' mother brought out Schiedam schnapps for M. [1932-FLA]

the half bottle of claret he'd had with dinner and the two brandies after lay heavy on his stomach. [1932-FOU]

As M made his rounds of Cannes looking for a bar with a slot machine he drank vermouth.... gentian. M remembered an old friend who'd said he drank gentian, bitter, not strong... the queer bitter taste is the one thing you can still get a kick out of after years of drinking.... Pernod. The lump of ice melted slowly in M's second milky-green Pernod. [1932-LIB]

M said he didn't drink champagne, but Émile Ducrau said he'd drink this: extra dry still, 1897, sent to him by the biggest vintner in Rheims. [1933-ECL]

M took a bottle of brandy and two glasses out of a cupboard. Mme M put on sabots and went out of fetch some wood from the shed.... M ran into Lucas in the Chope de Pont-Neuf. He had a Pernod. [1934-MAI]

M joined Janvier in the Nain Jaune, and they drank a hot picon. [Stephan Strevzki] was drinking brandy. [1939-hom]

Armagnac. After Leloup left Désiré's they had coffee and Armagnac. [1940-CEC]

Forlacroix offered M an Armagnac, which he said an old friend, who had been the Public Prosecutor in Versailles, sends him from his estate in the Gers region.... whisky. Angela Dodds asked him if he wanted a whisky. If there was anything he couldn't abide, it was whisky. [1940-JUG]

Alsatian wine. M ordered Alsatian wine for the lunch with Berthe Janiveau, Joseph Mascouvin's foster sister.... calvados. M asked Mme. Roy for a calvados. [1941-SIG]

M spent the night drinking kümmel with Jeanne, and vowed never to drink kümmel again.... In Corbeil, M stopped the taxi and bought a brandy for himself and the driver. Marc had become the distinctive drink in the case, and it was probably his least favorite drink. [1945-FAC]

In at least two bistros the man [Albert Rochain] had ordered Suze-citron, a bitter drink with fairly low alcohol content, the kind of drink someone who has to drink at his job might take.... At Au Petit Albert, M asked Lucas what he'd like to drink, Picon-grenadine? cassis? Lucas had a Cassis, and M a Suze-citron, probably to identify himself more strongly with Albert Rochain. [1947-MOR]

anisette. M drank mostly wine, then a glass of champagne, then, "God knows why," anisette.... Calvados. M drank a capful of whisky with Inspector Pyke as a nightcap on the train from Paris, but didn't like it. He imagined that Pyke may not have been liking the Calvados he'd been having him drink for the past three days.... marc. Paul suggests drinking marc after the garlic mayonaisse.... pastis. Dinner was bouilabaisse, which M liked, with pastis, a banned drink. [1949-AMI]

In an incalculable number of bars he had drunk an incalculable number of bottles of beer, Manhattan cocktails, shots of whiskey.... In one corner was a red Coca Cola vending machine.... Mike O'Rourke took M and Harry Cole to a private club, which had 42 types of whiskey, not counting 7 or 8 brandies from France, and a bottle of genuine Pernod, which hadn't been seen in a public bar in France since 1914.... The bartender, remembering M from the night before, asked if he wanted a Manhattan.... The beer was as strong as it was in England. [1949-CHE]

Valentine Besson served M calvados that was over 30 years old.... Arlette Sudre wanted a martini, so M ordered one too.... drink. Charles Besson ordered a picon-grenadine, and M decided to have one too. [1949-DAM]

chartreuse. Mlle. Clément offered M a glass of chartreuse.... M couldn't sleep. Was it the fault of the charetreuse? He always hated liqueurs. [1951-MEU]

M drank 3 glasses of white wine at the Auvignat's for breakfast. [1951-MEU]

sloe gin. M poured himself a sloe gin at home, waiting for his call to come in, finally contacting his wife at the hospital in Alsace, where she was staying with her sister. [1951-MEU]

M had time before the ambulance arrived, so went into a bar for a Calvados.... For the sake of local color, M ordered a whiskey at the Manhattan Bar.... M was happy to have an excuse to return to the Manhattan Bar, and having gotten back his taste for whiskey, looked forward to another. He ordered the same. The waiter asked if it was bourbon. M said he didn't know.... M had whiskey with Harry Pills in a bar on the Boulevard Saint-Michel. [1951-LOG]

beer. M ordered a beer from a chair in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel. [1952-REV]

cognac. M poured himself a glass from the bottle in his office. [1952-REV]

pastis. M and Lourtie went for a pastis at the Brasserie Dauphine.... Returning home from François Lagranges, M passed a café, and stopped for a pastis, like the day before. [1952-REV]

pineau. Dr Pardon brought out a pineau from Charentes, which the vineyard owner Jonzac had sent him. [1952-REV]

Scotch. M ordered Scotch, double, with soda, at the Savoy bar, which didn't open till 11:30. [1952-REV]

M had a Calvados, then another, at the little bar around the corner from Mlle. Léone's.... M had another hot toddy at the Brasserie de la République, like he'd had with Neveu after Louis Thouret's funeral. [1952-BAN]

The fog had turned into a fine cold rain, which made M think of a cold in the head, and he stopped at the corner bar for a hot toddy.... M ordered a marc. They often teased him about it at the Quai des Orfèvres - if he began an investigation on calvados, it was calvados throughout; the result was there had been cases on beer, red wine, even a few on whiskey... M opened the sideboard cupboard to pour himself a glass of prunelle... After wine with dinner, M had ordered an old marc de Bourgogne. [1953-TRO]

M and Daniélou went into the Bon Coin, where M ordered a chopine. "Don't you think those peasants were laughing at us?" asked Daniélou. [1953-ECO]

Pernod. Lucas ordered a second Pernod, and at the last minute M changed his mind and ordered one too.... plum brandy. M poured himself a drop of plum brandy before going to Auguste Point's.... Pouilly. M order a bottle of Pouilly with his sole at lunch at the Filet de Sole. [1954-MIN]

Calvados. In the Chez Calas at night, M took a drink of Calvados... M poured himself one at Chez Calas while Moers was investigating, dropped the money into the till.... fines. Canonge ordered fines champagnes for both of them.... marc brandy. M and Lapointe went into a bistro for a marc brandy. Lapointe felt a little queasy after viewing the Omer Calas autopsy. [1955-COR]

sloe gin. M helped himself to a small glass of sloe gin. [1955-TEN]

Now calvados was being served to the men, liqueurs to the two wives. [1956-AMU]

M said he'd just had a whisky - he'd better stick to that. [1957-VOY]

cognac. When Gisèle Marton left his office, M poured himself a drink from the bottle he kept there, usually for his clients. Gave a drink to Jenny when she was being interrogated. [1957-SCR]

prunelle. M, fed up with psychiatric texts, took the bottle of prunelle and filled one of the little gilt-edged glasses. [1957-SCR]

Bruart made his wife Alice Bruart sit down, and got a Dutch liqueur for the woman, armagnac for the men. [1959-CON]

The only thing Fernand ever drank was Mandarin-Curaçao.... M's house, like Justine Cuendet's, had a bottle of white spirits, plum brandy in this case, and Mme M poured him a glass. [1961-PAR]

M, Lapointe and Dr. Larue had brandies and water at the café.... The waiter said René Josselin had drunk a quarter bottle of Vittel, the other man asked for a specific brand of whiskey. [1961-BRA]

Calvados. M took the decanter of calvados from the sideboard to pour a drink for Léonard Planchon. [1962-CLI]

hot toddy. M had a hot toddy with lemon at the café in Place des Abbesses, as he felt a cold coming on. [1962-CLI]

Although he had no desire for Chianti at 11:30 in the morning he moistened his lips all the same. [1962-COL]

mandarin-curaçao. M drank a mandarin-curaçao with a squirt of lemon at the Brasserie Dauphine. It had been a new drink when he had first been in Paris, and it'd been his favorite for a few years. [1964-DEF]

M asked for a beer. The bartender, "Carlsberg, Heineken?"... M ordered a whisky; he needed one before the task he was to undertake. [1966-NAH]

Vouvray. M said if he happend to to go into a bar where Vouvray was a specialty, he'd go on drinking Vouvray through a case. [1967-VIC]

Armagnac. Émile Parendon offered M a 40-year-old armagnac....M had treated himself to a pastis at the Brasserie Dauphine.... Bambi Parendon brought M a bottle of six-year-old Saint-Émilion and a large glass. [1968-HES]

Pouilly-Fuissé. Mme M brought sandwiches to M and Robert Bureau, and a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé. [1969-TUE]

M went into a bar and had a glass of rum, hoping it would make him feel better. Lapointe had a fruit juice to keep him company.... M went into the little bar, where he found Lapointe reading the afternoon paper, and had a rum.... Mme M told M his grog would be ready in a minute.... On hearing of his son's death, Désiré Chabut poured himself and M a marc brandy. Lapointe, who loathed marc brandy, refused. [1969-VIN]

M stopped at the Brasserie Dauphine for a white wine from the Loire. More appropriate than beer for a spring day. He ordered another. Dr Pardon would never know. [1970-FOL]

Muscadet. Returning from Umbrella Pines, M had a sudden craving for pizza when he spied a little Italian restaurant. Had a plate of seafood and a bottle of Muscadet while waiting for it. At Nantes police station he was offered another glass of Muscadet which he refused: "My doctor's prescribed moderation." [1971-SEU]

M ordered a pastis. Since his friend Dr Pardon had warned him, he drank less, smoked less. [1971-IND]

M filled his pipe and poured himself a small glass of prunelle. [1972-CHA]

drinks business. M told Coméliau he was sure the man [Albert Rochain] was in the drinks business. [1947-MOR]

driving. M never took the wheel. He had tried several times, after Headquarters had been provided with a number of small black cars, and he had forgotten he was driving, he was so deep in thought. Two or three times he had remembered his brakes only at the last moment, and now he had no wish to repeat the experience. Lapointe drove them to Joseph Mascoulin's. [1954-MIN]

Drouhet, Oscar. Mme. Retailleau said there'd never been a court action, that Oscar Drouhet, the manager, had made the necessary arrangements when her husband was killed. [1943-CAD]

Drouin. Proud and Drouin, real estate agent on Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, where Joseph Mascouvin had worked for 15 years. [1941-SIG]

Drouot, Hôtel. see: Hôtel Drouot

Drouot, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Boulevard Montmartre to Rue Lafayette]

Justin Cavre had got into trouble because of his wife. One evening he'd emerged from the Chief's office with his head down, and a few months later he set up a private detective agency above a stamp shop on the Rue Drouot. [1943-CAD]

M told Bonfils to have two or three uniformed men ready at the Rue Drouout, with revolvers. [1951-LOG]

Some 15 years or more earlier, Jef Schrameck, somewhere between Rue de Richelieu and Rue Drouot, had been spotted in a building, and led the police on an aerial chase, climbing buildings and rooftops, finally arrested in the Rue de la Grange-Batelière. [1952-BAN]

Bonfils had gone to see Alain Mazeron in his antique shop. Mazeron had gone to the Rue Drouot to an auction, include some weapons of the Napoleonic period, then a restaurant on the Rue de Seine. [1960-VIE]

M had brought out of his cellar one of the last bottles of an old Châteauneuf du Pape he had once bought a case of, marked down, when he was on Rue Drouot. [1971-IND]

Drowned Men's Inn. There was no village, just a single inn, the Auberge des Pêcheurs, and M knew that it was known locally as L'Auberge aux Noyés, the Drowned Men's Inn. [1937-38-noy]

Dr Rivière's Serums. Raymond Couchet's company, Dr. Rivière's Serums, had its labs in the Place des Vosges. [1931-OMB]

Druet, Alain. The Deputy Public Prosecutor [le substitut] in the Manuel Palmari murder, a tall young man with an equine face, Alain Druet. [1965-PAT]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



Dubard. M read through the letters he had glanced at, merely learning more names, Dubard, Cornu, Gillet, Rateau, Boncoeur... He could have pieced together the family histories, how the Rateaus had been related by marriage to the Dubards for two generations back, that a Cornu daughter had married a Piedboeuf... [1953-ECO]

Dubois. Dr. Dubois was on hand to examine the body. [1938-ceu]

The concierge at the Boulevard Haussmann, Mme. Dubois, had a 10-year-old son. [1956-AMU]

Dubois. Sûreté inspector Dubois, one of the four when Jean Chabot was brought in, confirmed that the cigarette butts they found behind the Gai-Moulin were cork-tipped Luxors, like Jean's. [1931-GAI]

Lucas said Dubois had relieved him watching Victor Gaillard. He spent the night under the Pont Marie. [1931-GUI]

Mansuy asked Dubois if he knew Philippe Bellamy's valet, Francis Decoin. He answered that he was a Belgian. [1947-VAC]

Dubois and Moers had been upstairs at Chez Calas, looking around. [1955-COR]

M called Dubois in the 8th, to go to Mario de Lucia's in the Rue de Berri. [1963-FAN]

Judge Page told Dubois to make a note of M's request. [1968-ENF]

Constable on duty at the police station in Rue Lambert, when M went to find Gabrielle Vivien's address. [1971-SEU]

Dubois, Madeleine. Madeleine Dubois, the switchboard operator at the Hôtel de la Gare, had heard the conversation of the man who'd called Francine Lange the night before she checked out. Lively little woman, dark hair, very expressive eyes. [1967-VIC]

Dubonnet. M sent Dubonnet to the Vice Squad to look up all the Nines he could find. He was young, just out of training school, somewhat stiff, always very dapper, very polite. [1947-MOR]

Dubuc. Dr. Dubuc had come to see Maria Van Aerts when she'd had what she said was a heart attack.... Dubuc had been Maria Van Aerts' doctor before she married Guillaume Serre. About 50, ginger beard, glasses. [1951-GRA]

Dubuisson, Laure. Nicole Prieur had told M her friend's name was Laure Dubuisson, daughter of a fishseller in La Rochelle. [1964-DEF]

Dubut, Blanche. Mlle. Blanche Dubut, 22. One of the boarders at Mlle. Clément's, room on the first floor, next to the Eugène Lotards', looking on the street. She'd heard the gunshot and saw Janvier's body in the street. Born at La Châtaigneraie (Vendée). Stage artiste. Single. Considered herself a dramatic artiste. Sometimes got small parts in the Châtelet and places like that. Her 'uncle' came to see her two or three times a week.... Told M she'd sometimes noticed a change in the blinds in Françoise Boursicault's rooms. Usually open, but sometimes closed for days. [1951-MEU]

Duché, Annette. Adrien Josset's secretary and mistress. 20. Father was head clerk at the Sous-Préfecture at Fontenay-le-Comte. Had lived with her aunt in the Rue Lamarck when she first came to Paris, but they quarreled and she rented a small apartment on Rue Caulaincourt. [1959-CON]

Duché, Martin. Martin Duché, Annette Duchés father, had stayed at the Hôtel de la Reine et de Poitiers, near the Gare d'Austerlitz.... The hotel man said he looked like a sick man; He stood still as if to listen to his heart beating... M asked Pecqueur if he'd ever seen Duché stop still in the street. [1959-CON]

Duchemin. Hôtel Myosotis on Rue Blanche. a seedy hotel. M called and spoke with Francis, the proprieter. Told him to send young Duchemin over to M, a 19-year-old, son of a prosperous industrialist... The Commissioner had asked M to take care of it... a family welfare problem. [1940-CEC]

Duché, Pierre. Pierre Duché, counsel for the defense, was young, and this was his first important case. [1959-ASS]

Duclos. Désirée Brault had given Lulu [Louise Filon] the name of a doctor near where she lived, Dr. Duclos, in the Rue des Dames. [1953-TRO]

Duclos, Jean. Jean Duclos, a professor at the University of Nancy had been a guest of Conrad Popinga at Delfzijl, and Popinga had been murdered. [1931-HOL]

Ducrau, Émile. The other body in the water had been Émile Ducrau, called Mimile, the barge and quarry owner. [1933-ECL]

Ducrau, Jean. Aline Gassin said it wasn't Jean Ducrau who'd come. [1933-ECL]

Ducrau, Jeanne. Mme. Jeanne Ducrau shook hands awkwardly and backed out. [1933-ECL]

Ducrau, Mimile. see: Ducrau, Émile

Ducuing. The magistrate told M he'd contacted Inspector Ducuing with regard to Oswald Clark. When M saw Ducuing at the PJ he was telling a funny story to Torrence. [1939-MAJ]

Dufayel's. When M returned to the Place des Vosges, he found the concierge, Mme. Bourcier, telling the murder story to an errand boy from Dufayel's, who carried a little inkpot slung across his blue uniform.... The concierge called to Juliette Martin that there was a package from Dufayel's. [1931-OMB]

Duffieu. M decided he should alert his station. It would be Besson on duty, or Colombani, while Sergeant Duffieu would be playing cards. [1948-PRE]

Duffieux. Aristide Fumel said he'd seen Duffieux of the 18th. He worked with "your friend Inspector Lognon." When Lognon saw Honoré Cuendet's photo he put it in his pocket. He went to ask questions in the bars and little restaurants in the Rue Caulaincourt and the Place Constantin-Pequeur. [1961-PAR]

Duffieux, Émile. M asked if the son, Émile Duffieux had been notified. [1947-VAC]

Duffieux, Gérard. The old woman said she'd told Gérard Duffieux it must have been a madman who'd killed his daughter.... Lucile Duffieux's father, Gérard Duffieux, must have heard their conversation as distant noise. [1947-VAC]

Duffieux, Lucile. Mansuy called to say the girl, Lucile Duffieux, had been strangled during the night, next door to her mother's room.... The girl had told Francis Decoin to tell Odette Bellamy that Lucile [Lucile Duffieux] had come. [1947-VAC]

Duffieux, Marthe. Marthe Duffieux had believed her son Émile Duffieux, when he'd said he'd have to work all night, and then ran off to Paris. [1947-VAC]

Dufieu, Joseph. Joseph Dufieu, the night clerk, born at Moissac. [1937-38-eto]

Dufoin, Berthe Marie. Investigation at Aubervilliers produced nothing. The civil register showed a Louis Jeunet, son of Gaston Jeunet and Berthe Marie Dufoin. Gaston had died ten years before and his wife had left the district. [1930-31-PHO]

Dufour. M told the policeman from the Place Saint-Paul to call the Judicial Police, and tell them to send an inspector, Dufour if possible, to the Au Roi-de-Sicile. A man of 35, who spoke three languages fairly fluently; useful, despite his passion for complicating even the simplest matters. [1929-30-LET]

Lucas said he'd told Inspector Dufour to keep an eye on Lia and Suzy. [1930-PRO]

Dufour was meticulous, a dapper little man, with a special air of mystery.... Joseph Heurtin had headed off towards Boulevard Arago. Dufour and Janvier were following him.... M took a bus to the Bastille, and rang the bell of the third floor apartment on Rue du Chemin-Vert. The door was opened by Mme. Dufour, young and pretty. [1930-31-TET]

M's first arrest in the Special Squad was on the Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, in a rooming house, a Czech. M assisted Inspector Dufour. It was the first time M disguised himself, old clothes, 48 hours without shaving. They waited for dawn. M's first forcible arrest. [1950-MEM]

Dugodet. Someone shouted "If you meet the Atlantique, don't forget to tell Dugodet about his wife..." [1931-REN]

Duhourceau. The Public Prosecutor, Duhourceau, said M's doctor, Jacques Rivaud, had been a student of Martel. His sister was the widow of a sea captain, in an asylum.... Françoise Beausoleil called Duhourceau at #167 to come to M's room. [1932-FOU]

Dujardin. The school teacher, Dujardin, asked M if people had the right to shoot the man with the big feet [Léon Le Glérec]. M said "Leave me the hell alone." [1931-JAU]

Dumas, Alexandre. It was M's habit, when he was unwell, to bury himself in a novel by Alexandre Dumas; he had the complete works in an old popular edition with yellowed pages and romantic illustrations. [1947-MOR]

The Vieux Garçon had been frequented in the past by Balzac and Alexandre Dumas, and later on, literary luncheon parties brought together by the Goncourt brothers, Flaubert, Zola, Alphonse Daudet and others. [1962-COL]

Dumas and Son. Carl Anderson said he delivered his work, fabric design, to Dumas and Son, in the Rue du Quatre-Septembre, once a month. [1931-NUI]

Dumoncel. Janvier had noticed Dumoncel from the Vice Squad watching Mariette Gibon's house. [1952-BAN]

Dumont, Rosalie. Fred Alfonsi's wife, known as Rose Alfonsi. [1950-PIC]

Dumourois, Joseph. Joseph Dumourois, day-laborer, Upper-Flémalle. Jean Chabot could read part of a testimony for theft of rabbits on the inspector's desk. [1931-GAI]

Dunan. The Chief Commissioner asked M if it was he who sent Dunan to the Rue Lepic. [1942-FEL]

Dunkerque, Rue de. [Paris. 10e, Entrepôt - 9e, Opéra. from Rue d'Alsace to Boulevard Rochechouart]

The wallet Alain Lagrange stole was found on the Rue de Dunkerque, near Gare du Nord. [1952-REV]

Dunkirk. [fortified seaport and incustrial city, N France, Nord dept. pop. 1968: 27,504. on Strait of Dover 44 mi. NW of Lille]

The patient before Mme M at Dr. Floresco's had been born in Dunkirk, and lived with his married daughter in the neighborhood. [1949-MME]

Jean-Charles Gaillard had lost his four fingers in the war, at Dunkirk. In England he'd joined the Free French forces, went throught the African campaign, and was in Syria. He was a lieutenant in the Commandos. [1962-COL]

Dunlop. Hans Schmider, one of the sheriff's men, testified on the tire tracks at the scene. One was an old Dunlop, not like Ward's. [1949-CHE]

Duperré, Rue. [Paris. 9e, Opéra. from Place Pigalle to Rue de Douai]

The Tripoli had been a brasserie in the Rue Duperré, close to the Lotus. [1962-COL]

Dupeu. Dupeu was the second musician at Picratt's, along with Jean-Jean. [1950-PIC]

Dupeu. M got a call at home from Dupeu in the Ternes district [Quartier des Ternes]. He was police inspector in the Rue de l'Étoile. He squinted, had a perpetual cold, was overly conscientious, and, in a word, dreary. [1953-TRO]

It was Dupeu and Baron who took over, outside, at 6 am.... Dupeu called from the Pickwick, a bistro on Rue Delambre, in the Montparnasse area, near Rue de la Gaîté. Dupeu was an excellent detective, but he recited his reports in an undertone. [1959-ASS]

Lucas told M Dupeu was there to see him. Inspector Dupeu had a large family, six or seven children. He'd found the girl coming out of a hotel with an American soldier. [1960-VIE]

Torrence said that in the office were Dupeu, interrogating a suspect in a jewel case, Vacher, and Lapointe had just come in. [1961-BRA]

Torrence reported another jewel robbery, at the Plaza Athénée, on Avenue Montaigne. Vacher had been there. Torrence sent Dupeu to help. [1962-CLI]

One of Jean-Charles Gaillard's cases was Gaston Mauran, stealing cars. Dupeu had been in charge of the case. 19, red-haired. He'd kept watch while Mad Justin stole the cars. [1962-COL]

One of the three inspectors checking leads on Marcel Vivien the day M visited the Crédit Lyonnais. Called in from the Hôtel du Morvan that Marcel Vivien had lived there for a while. [1971-SEU]

Duphot, Rue. [Paris. 1er, Louvre - 8e, Élycée. from Rue Saint-Honoré to Boulevard de la Madeleine]

Valentine Besson had lunch in a restaurant in the Rue Duphot, did some shopping near the Madeleine. [1949-DAM]

Dupin, Jeanine. Jean-Charles Gaillard's wife, Jeanine Gaillard, had been called "the beautiful Lara". Her real name was Jeanine Dupin, but she used the name Jeanine de Lara as a dancer. [1962-COL]

Dupin, Marie. Lucas phoned to Moulins. Found out Mary Lampson's birth certificate had been from there, under the name Marie Dupin. But the Marie Dupin registered in Moulins was 42, married to a baker, Piedboeuf, in the Rue Haute, three children, weighed 13 stone. [1930-PRO]

Dupont. When Harry Pills had pretended to be as his place he'd simply gone in and asked for Durand or Dupont. [1951-LOG]

Dupont d' Hastier. see: Hastier, Dupont d'

Dupré. M called the Police Judiciaire, and found that Dupré was on duty. Told him to check on Émile Blaise at the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, but to look natural. [1941-SIG]

Dupré, Christophe. Former name of Honoré de Boissancourt. [1955-COR]

Dupré de Boissancourt, Alain. Former name of Aline Calas ' grandfather. (see Boissancourt, Honoré de). [1955-COR]

Durand. Hubert de Vries told M that Jonker [Norris Jonker] was as common a name in Holland as Durand was in France. [1963-FAN]

Durand. When Harry Pills had pretended to be as his place he'd simply gone in and asked for Durand or Dupont. [1951-LOG]

Durandeau. The new victim was Jeanine Laurent, a maid working for the Durandeaus on Rue de Clignancourt. [1955-TEN]

Durantel. Someone at the Town Hall told M that Durantel had gone to notify Mme. Solange Lognon. [1963-FAN]

Durantin, Rue. [Paris. 18e, Butte-Montmartre. from Rut Ravignan to Rue Lepic]

June 15, Rue Durantin, Marie Bernard, widow, 52, Post Office clerk, living with her daughter and son-in-law on Boulevard Rochechouart, stabbed twice. [1955-TEN]

Duranty de la Roche. see: Roche, Duranty de la

Durat. A local branch of the Crédit Lyonnais said a woman matching Léontine Faverges' description had bought bearer bonds at various times. One of the cashiers, Durat, recognized her photo. [1959-ASS]

Durroy. Elderly couple with a villa on the other side of the river from the Pretty Pigeon. [1941-SIG]

Düsseldorf. [industrial city and riverport, capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, on Rhine river 21 mi. NNW of Cologne. pop. 1970: 663,586.]

Else Anderson said she was born in Hamburg. Her father had been a docker, executed at Düsseldorf. [1931-NUI]

Düsseldorf Vampire. [Peter Kurten, 1881-1931, born in Cologne-Mulheim. For forty years Kurten seemingly killed at will and at random in Dusseldorf, Germany, mainly by strangulation and stabbing. His victims were both male and female and included a number of children. After having been called in by the police for routine questioning, Kurten confessed his crimes to his wife and urged her to turn him in to collect the reward. He claimed no remorse and was guillotined on 2nd July, 1931.]
M had been studying all the historical cases which bore some resemblance... Jack the Ripper, the Düsseldorf Vampire, the Viennese lamplighter, and the Pole who operated among the farms in the Aisne Department. [1955-TEN]

Dutch. Through the windows the German and Dutch Customs and railway officials could still be seen pacing up and down the platform. [1930-31-PHO]

M had made it all the more unofficial by taking no steps to notify the Dutch police that he was coming. [1931-HOL]

The Saint-Michel had gone to British and Dutch ports before returning to France. [1932-POR]

Anna Peeters' father was born somewhere beyond Limbourg, near the Dutch frontier. They came from the north of Belgium. [1932-FLA]

Émile Ducrau asked M if he liked Dutch schnappes. Gassin swept everything onto the floor. [1933-ECL]

M asked Motte if he knew that Gérard Gassin's father was better known as the Commodore, or the Dutchman's Swindler. M had arrested the Commodore three times, an extraordinary man who only frequented grand hotels and clubs, and who confined his swindling to Dutch banks and big businessmen. [1937-38-not]

Jef de Greef was Dutch, a painter, 24. [1949-AMI]

Mme. Serre said her son's second wife was Dutch, had lived alone in Paris. [1951-GRA]

Hans Ziegler spoke fluent French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and a little Polish. [1954-JEU]

The woman who had been seen in Monte Carlo turned out not to be Muriel Britt; it was a similar-looking Dutchwoman. [1956-ECH]

David Ward and Louise Paverini had met Marco Paverini with a big blonde Dutchwoman. [1957-VOY]

Bruart made his wife Alice Bruart sit down, and got a Dutch liqueur for the woman, armagnac for the men. [1959-CON]

With her florid pink complexion, she reminded one of those stout Dutch-women you see in colored prints and postcards. [1960-VIE]

Even the most trivial objects seemed to have a life of their own, as in old Dutch paintings...... There was a Dutch cooking stove of a type seldom seen nowadays. [1961-PAR]

The couple last night had been a Colombian and a Dutch woman; now Félix Nahour and the Near East. [1966-NAH]

An apparently Dutch couple had taken the seats M and his wife usually sat in. [1967-VIC]

Dutch Bank. Among Yves Joris' letters: a letter from the Caen branch of the Bank of Normandie: Your account (#14173) has been credited with 300,000 francs, from the Dutch Bank, Hamburg. [1932-POR]

Dutchman. Judge Forlacroix's wife had been living for years in Nice with a wealthy Dutchman named Horace Van Usschen, who had made his fortune in cocoa. [1940-JUG]

M thought of Sergeant Jimmy Van Fleet as the Dutchman. His friends called him Pinky. [1949-CHE]

At Instanbul Germaine Laboine met a man called Julius Van Cram, a Dutchman apparently, staying at the Pera Palace. [1954-JEU]

Maclet talked mostly of the Dutchman, Norris Jonker, who lived in the house opposite, 64, married to a fine-looking woman much younger than himself. [1963-FAN]

Dutchman's Swindler. M asked Motte if he knew that Gérard Gassin's father was better known as the Commodore, or the Dutchman's Swindler. [1937-38-not]

Dutilleul. Colombani told Dutilleul to let them know as soon as the Nice call went through. [1957-VOY]

Dutilleux. Doctor Dutilleux, who'd attended Guillaume Serre's father when he died, had died ten years earlier. Had also attended his first wife's death. [1951-GRA]

Dutilleux. The driver told M the drunk they'd just passed was Dutilleux, a pal of his, who loved dressing up, especially as a drunk. M told him to stop outside the Brasserie Pigalle. [1955-TEN]

Duty Room. M went into the Duty Room at the Quai des Orfèvres and asked Lucas if he'd had any calls. [1954-JEU]

Duvivier, Louis. A policeman in the 6th located the doctor, Louis Duvivier, 17 bis Rue Monsieur-le-Prince. [1951-LOG]

DA  DE  DI  DO  DP  DR  DU  DY  



dynamite. M opened his right hand to show him a stick of dynamite such as is used in a quarry. [1933-ECL]

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