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Commemoration Coin
Georges Simenon
The Belgian government, in co-operation with "The friends of Simenon" and the "Fonds Simenon", issued a special 10 EURO coin on the occasion of George Simenon's hundredth birthday.
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The front of this commemoration coin displays an image of the author, in profile, directed to the left and with his pipe. On the other side a map of the European Union, with on the right side, randomly arranged, the twelve stars that symbolize this union, the tri-lingual indication of the country BELGIEN - BELGIQUE - BELGIE and, on the right, the indication of the value 10 EURO. On the underside, the year 2003. This coin was designed and engraved by Luc Luyckx.

This new 10 Euro-coin is only wrought in the highest "proof"-quality. The price of this coin is 31 € and world-wide only 50,000 specimen are issued.
- nominal value: 10 EURO (10.96 $)
- Quality: Proof
- Diameter: 33 mm 1.299 in
- Weight: 18,75 G. 0.6614 ounce
- Percentage: Silver, 925 �/��
- Circulation: Max. 50.000
- Price: 31 € (33.99 $)
La nuit du
The coin can be ordered at:
La guinguette
à deux sous
Shop of the Royal Treasury of Belgium
Book Review
Les larmes
de bougie
Georges Simenon
Vente à la
By: David Carter
Pocket Essentials Literature
2003, Great Britain
ISBN: 1-904048-21-8
La maison
du juge
Mon ami
Dr. David Carter has taught at several UK universities and is presently teaching at Yonsei University in Seoul. He has published on psychoanalysis, literature, drama, film, history and applied linguistics, he is also a freelance journalist and translator.

This small (90 pages) booklet is certainly not a study in debt about Georges Simenon and his work. It is obviously not the intention of this "Essentials"-serie to be detailed and exhaustive.
A report on the author' own acquaintance with Simenon's work as a young student to a undersized biography and a brief article about "The Maigret Works", origin and development, takes Carter only 10 pages.
The remaining part of this booklet gives a survey of the Simenon oeuvre that was translated in English. First a summary of the Maigrets followed by "les romans dur" .
The last two chapters concern Simenon's work on film and adapted for television (BBC series).
The book concludes with a short but useful list of reference materials, Simenon editions, biographies, research institutes and internet sources.
Maigret à
L'Auberge aux
Le notaire de
M.Gallet, décédé
Le charretier de
"La Providence"
Chez les
For more information on localities got to the Travel Log
Concise and well organized, this publication can be a very useful guide, in particular to the recent Simenon-enthusiast.
In addition to the plots of each story this summary of Simenon-works has the advantage of presenting a short comment and a assessment in the form of a quotation from 1 to 5. Although this kind of assessment is rather rigorous and highly subjective, it can be functional in taking into consideration which of Simenon's works to read.

The price of this booklet in the UK is £3.99 (5,90€ - 6.25$)