If a woman is really a woman, and not just an old girl, then everything she does
is for her man and her only satisfaction is in making her man a greater man.
She is his quiet conscience, she is his home, she is his inspiration
and she is his living proof that his life, his labours, are worthwhile.

A woman who seeks to satisfy herself is the loneliest being in God's creation.
A woman who seeks to surpass her man is only leaving herself behind.
A man can only look ahead, he must have somewhere to LOOK from.
A woman can only look at her man

When the one God came into being as heaven and earth
then Love came into being as the lover and the beloved
and the lover sought to GIVE love
and the beloved sought to RECEIVE love

and God grew

I have stated the Law purely and simply

Mel Lyman

©1967, Trust Inc.