Often people get mad at me for waking them up, but still I do it,
I can't help it, I'm a waker of sleepers.
At first they don't suspect me, I appear among them as one of them, a sleeper,
I've even been known to smile serenely.
Sometimes I come on in full battle array but generally I approach softly,
no one suspects my motives,
not even me.
If you are asleep, and you are,
I enter your dream only to bring you OUT of it.
Soon you will search your dream for me and I will be gone
Your dream will no longer satisfy
You will be faced with the dreadful proposition of waking up
. . . and you will face it alone.
You will try desperately to crawl back into bed and "get away"
but with every attempt to go back you will only succeed in coming forward
Your dream bubble will slowly begin to evaporate around you
and always I will be one step ahead of you urging you onward,
an IRRESISTIBLE urge because it is your own.
I'm only doing what you would have me do though you do not yet KNOW it.
I'm TIRED of your dream, you've worn it out, it is beginning to turn to STONE.
I wait and I watch.
I watch for signs of stirring in you sleep
I will not disturb you until you have shown me you are ready,
until you have slept LONG ENOUGH.
I cannot be dissuaded once I have caught the scent,
you cannot conceal it once it is ripe,
I will know and I will act, I will AROUSE you.
I hope you don't wake up in a bad mood, you can come gently if you wish,
either way, you will still come.
I knew you before you fell asleep, I've watched you for a long time,
I await your return to our home.
My words strike a note of familiarity,
they are the part of you that is WITH me, the part that has NEVER slept,
the part that you futily seek to regain in your sleeping world.
You will never find it there, you will only devour your own bubble.
Sleeping can only lead to waking and you will awake to the world you created in your sleep
it will be a mess
it will be YOUR mess
you have not functioned well in your sleep
. . . you wet the bed

©1967, Trust Inc.