The Hip Movement is guilt ridden, it represents everything it condems. It overflows with prejudice, war, lovelessness, pride, injustice, and contempt. It totally lacks compsasion. There is more truth in a cop directing traffic than in a hippie preaching love, there is more truth in a soldier fighting against Viet Nam than a hippie fighting for freedom, there is more truth in President Lyndon Johnson than in all the Learys and Ginsbergs and all the rest of the professional lovers in the world and I hope you hate me for telling you the truth because there is much hate IN you and you might as well use it up on me because at least I can fight back. The little narcotics officers, the little politicians, the little businessmen are at your mercy oh mighty and powerful Hippy Generation and they CAN'T fight back, they're bewildered because you don't tell them the truth, they don't know WHAT you want because YOU haven't learned how to TALK yet. The mighty indignant little hippie has risen up to slay the dragon and there is no dragon outside of himself. Once more the blind are leading the blind nowhere and leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. I am AGAINST everything you stand for. I stand only for truth, however, wherever, in whatever form it takes. If there is more truth in a Southerner HATING a negro than in a hippie LOVING him then I am for the southerner, if there is more truth in Sgt. Barry Sadler HATING a Viet Namese than in a hippie hating Barry Sadler then I am for Barry Sadler. I am not swayed by great shows of Love and Freedom, I see the truth wherever it appears with no rose colored glasses, I recognize it IMMEDIATELY and I recognize the LACK of it immediately, it has no permanent home, it is not partial, it cannot take sides, no one owns it, it cannot be bought or fought for, it is only where it needs to be, it reveals itself only to those who have stripped themselves of all UNtruth and believe me oh hippie generation you are buried in lies and deceit, you don't recognize the truth because there is NO TRUTH IN YOU. In your blind misguided way you are SEARCHING for it but you have failed to search your OWN HEARTS, they're as cold as ice. I read your newspapers, I attend your gatherings, I listen to your prophets, I find no truth there. You are no different than your fathers and mothers, you are only younger and angrier. At least in their own way they love you, you don't love ANYBODY. They work for what they believe in, you don't believe in anything but your own grand free hippie glory. It's empty, so so empty. Someday you will learn that you reap exactly what you sow, you are setting yourself up for much suffering, your freedom will end in pain, your love colony will end up on the same old heap and some poor old tired Johnson or Humphrey or Reagan will have to drag himself to the top of it and kill himself trying to scrape together enough pieces to call it a country or a nation or a home of the brave over your last little wisps of namecalling rising up from somewhere deep down in the bottom of the pit. Wise up. This doesn't HAVE to happen, what we have today here in America is a result of negligence, the negligence of people just like you BEFORE you, the ammassed negligence of a selfish race, a negligence that you reflect beautifully, a LACK OF SELF DISCIPLINE. Why don't you take yourself in hand NOW before someone else has to do it FOR you, why don't you be a good person YOURSELF before you demand it of others, why don't you expose the murderer in YOURSELF before you expose it in others, why don't you look at your OWN deceit, you OWN hate. The poor old leaders of this country have ENOUGH on their hands without having to fight YOU. Why don't you try and UNDERSTAND why they do what they do. They are working for the same things YOU are working for, they're not evil villains striving for personal power, they're doing the best they can with what they have to DO it with, all humanity is ONE unit trying to get itself together, why don't you try and get YOURSELF together and THEN take a look at the world, why don't you try and UNDERSTAND, do you really know what the word responsibility means, you haven't the foggiest, neither have our leaders but they are a lot closer to it than you are. WAKE UP, you haven't the remotest conception of where it's really at. I'm so weary of fools.
Mel Lyman

©1967, Trust Inc.