More truth, are you ready, I'm going to destroy a few more illusions. Everyone is waiting for a miracle to come and change things, a Christ, a World Teacher, a Saviour, someone or something to descend from the clouds and wash us all clean. There are no miracles. Miracles are the result of hard work. No One is coming, he is ALWAYS here, you're just too damn blind to SEE him. Get all that wishy washy garbage and goo out of your system and stand up and face the facts, take your punishment like a man, stop wishing and start DOING. Wishing for a better life stands in the way of CREATING a better life, wishing for a Saviour stands in the way of BECOMING a saviour. No One is coming, he is ALWAYS here. LOOK for him, look for him NOW, all AROUND you, in everything you DO, look for him and look HARD cause he sure as hell aint lookin' for YOU ! There is no Great Compassionate One who watches his lambs with tender loving care. Life is a trial and a STRUGGLE, you get out of it EXACTLY what you put INTO it, there are no free gifts, all you get to keep is what you've MADE out of yourself. This is the Word, the Truth, you must learn to LIVE with it, there is no source of joy outside of yourself. It's really pretty simple, it's SO simple that nobody sees it. The few that have found this truth and made it their own, APPLIED it every moment of their lives, we call great men. THAT is their secret, THAT is what made them great, what made them SHINE. Search your own HEART for the secret. The mind searches for the answer, the heart IS the answer, the heart KNOWS, the heart is God, the heart is Spirit, the heart is love. You have one too, nobody gets left out. Go there, LIVE there and you will find your miracle.
Mel Lyman

©1967, Trust Inc.