To those of you who are unfamiliar with me let me introduce myself by saying that I am not a man, not a personality, not a tormented struggling individual. I am all those things but much much more. I am the truth and I speak the truth. I do not express ideas, opinions, personal views. I speak truth. My understanding is tinged by no predjudice, no unconscious motivation, no confusion. I speak clearly, simply, openly and I speak only to reveal, to teach, to guide. I have no delusions about what I am, who I am, why I am. I have no pride to contend with, no hopes, no fears, In all humility I tell you that I am the greatest man in the world and it doesn't trouble me in the least. I write here because I know that somewhere out in the jungle of the world there will be a few ears that can hear. The rest of you might just as well pass right now and write me off as an egomaniac, a madman, a self centered schmuck because I am going to attack everything you believe in, everything you cling to, I am going to shed light on your dark truths, I'm going to show you things as they REALLY ARE and not how you would like them to be. First I'm going to attack what you mistakingly call love. Today love is hip. Love used to be something you were supposed to have for your wife. Now love is supposed to be something you have for your fellow man. Love is learning how to smile like a Yogi, love is not getting mad when you're mad, love is being free and running around having a good time, love is helping the negroes or being against the war in Viet Nam or studying Zen Buddhism, love is the thing to do because nothing else is real, love is being spiritual, love is hip. It makes me sick. Love doesn't even EXIST on this planet except in rare fleeting moments. I have never met a truly loving person in my life. I've met many who TALK about love and many who THINK they are loving but it aint that easy gang, it aint something you get for doing a good deed or following a set of rules, you can't make bargains with God. Love isn't something you find, something you do, something you study, love is something you BECOME only after there is no more YOU. There is no easy way to become love, to become one with the Creator. All the spiritual schools such as Zen, Scientology, Macrobiotics, Yoga ad infinitum are the faintest beginnings and are packed with the proudest sickest people in the world because they think there is a system to find love and they think they've FOUND it, a painless way to joy. Believe me gang, it just doesn't exist. You can't be beautiful by being nice, you can't be beautiful by being good, you CAN'T MAKE BARGAINS WITH GOD! Accept that fact NOW! Love comes through complete sacrifice of the personality, giving up everything you want for yourself and accepting everything you are and I don't mean running off someplace to do it, I mean here and now, I mean doing what's right in front of you to the very best of your ability every single moment of your life because you HAVE to, not to earn love, not to be beautiful but only because you HAVE to because it's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Try it. It's damn near impossible but it's your only salvation, there just aint no other way, there is no other world, it's all right here now. There is no escape, you must make the best of what you have, there is no short cut to freedom, there is no freedom. Life is hard work, we're here to make a paradise out of this mess. Accepting that is the ONLY freedom. There is no magic, no supernatural powers. There is only ONE power and only ONE way to find it, through HARD WORK. There will ALWAYS be opposition and you must ACCEPT that, otherwise you will only resist and your resistance will produce nothing but conflict, confusion, heartache, and in the end you will do what you could have done WITHOUT all that interference anyhow. If there was no opposition you wouldn't be worth a damn, it'll make a man out of you, work WITH it instead of against it. Don't expect any peace, don't expect any rewards, don't expect anything. Follow Abraham Lincolns example if you want a REAL MAN to look up to, read Emersons essays if you need words but do your damndest to make the most out of every moment of your life right here and now and if you do I promise you nothing.
Mel Lyman




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