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No. 13, Nov. 24, 1967, p. 22
No. 19, Feb. 16, 1968, p. 23

Essay on the New Age

The United States has led the world


The United States has led the world to material expansion, we started it, everyone else followed suit, we're ending it, we've reached the top of the mountain and .we don't know where to go from there. In desperation we're building rockets, we haven't found God HERE, he must be out THERE. I'm not putting down progress, it has been a necessary step in evolution, I'm just saying that the step has .been made, now we have to use it as a means to GREATER progress, all the machines are built and running, where can we go from here. The obvious course is up, but up isn't OUT THERE anymore, the up is IN. We are witnessing the beginning of the most startling chain of events in the history of man, a mechanized civilization about to turn its talents INWARD. Other civilizations have tried it, but they hadn't completed the OUTWARD cycle yet, they hadn't created machines in the image of man. We've conquered the material world and that's never been done before, that is to be our stepping stone to the spiritual world. Right now we're hanging on the precipice, we want another machine, we want to keep going the way we've been going, we have lost our direction because we've come to the end of the road. And so this ridiculous space age, but don't worry about it, it's harmless, it's developing the final touches, it keeps people busy, and meanwhile it gives us time to prepare for our INWARD flight. Can you imagine what it will be like when this vast technological machine has real direction again, when we USE it instead of being used BY it, Christ will be in every home as a real honest to goodness presence instead of an abstract concept. Do you realize that the whole world is now connected with wires, it's like a body all linked together through a nervous system, imagine when that body has direction, when it has a mind, when that understanding can reach out and effect even the remotest portions of humanity, the TOES. That is what all those machines are for, the return of Christ. Last time he was here his direction only reached the people who stood near to him. It took 2000 years for the word to get around, now he can reach the whole world in one broadcast. Do you know what I'm saying? Christ is no abstract concept, it is the spirit of God through understanding, it is intelligence, it is CONSCIOUS DIRECTION. It is not a man, not a religion, not a belief, it is the very SOUL of mankind. Mankind is ONE PERSON, many cells, and that person is about to discover itself, find its SOUL, and that soul will be communicated to all parts of the organism via WIRES, and that's what all this frenzied activity has been about, getting the BODY together, and now it's TOGETHER and Christ is seeking to get CONTROL of it, otherwise it will run wild. First we must get OURSELVES together and then we will find out what part of the body we are, we are ALL of the body of Christ, those of us who know it are making our Christ FELT, we are INFLUENCING, we are PREACHING, we are seeking to GET CONTROL OF THE BODY, we are working as a common mind and we are working FROM a common SOUL, I am reaching from the Christ in ME to the Christ in YOU, I am reaching out to you with words in the name of the AVATAR, I am telling you to get yourself together so we can be "one" in PRACTICE and not just theory. Our dense body is the planet earth, our muscular system is WORK as human beings, our bloodstream is ENERGY, our nervous system is COMMUNICATION, our mind is KNOWLEDGE, our heart is ART, and our soul is CHRIST, how can we not help but love one another. Love means cooperation towards a common goal for the benefit of all, it means that your enemies are the parts of yourself you don't understand yet, it is the BINDING FORCE that keeps this whole fucking mess from flying into a zillion pieces, it is ALL AROUND YOU. But don't let me make it sound too easy, it's not like picking a flower and putting it in your hair, it's more like being the sun and shedding light freely on a dark world, it is the very FORCE ITSELF and you must learn to HANDLE that force. Right now you probably call it being "up tight". Your parents referred to it as "nerves". It ALWAYS makes its initial presence known as an experience called "pain". It enters you from itself, the Soul, through your inner door, the heart, and seeks to recreate itself in your darkness, your mind, and reflect itself in your house, the world. So get your house in order, love cannot exist in chaos, learn how to live and work and play in a state of grace. Wash your feet, comb your hair, make your bed, do the dishes, take a bath, learn to spell, it's the LITTLE things that count, carry on the daily routine of living with grace and respect, every act should be an act of worship, DRIVE CAREFULLY, be as beautiful as you can be every single moment of your life in every infinite DETAIL of your life and you will someday be worthy of Gods Grace, you will find that being beautiful is the most natural experience in the world and God will use you for a smile .....

Mel Lyman