No. 20, Mar. 1, 1968, p. 14

Telling it like it is

Today I am speaking only to those who want to learn

Today I am speaking only to those who want to learn, I am giving some good advice. I am going to tell you about the teacher-pupil relationship. Now a teacher isn't necessarily a person, it can be an event, but whatever form it takes your attitude TOWARDS it should be the same, you must assume an attitude of ACCEPTANCE. That means staying open all the time, only a void attracts. You must initially accept things you do not yet understand as being good and true, and then, in your own way, find out WHY. Don't limit what you do not yet understand with your own understanding, any lesson that might come your way only holds something for you if it is GREATER than your present understanding, you must aspire to IT, not try and make IT conform to you. Often I tell people things about themselves that are good and true and they say, "that's not how I see it". Of course it isn't, that's why I said it, to EXPAND you, if you reject my good intention you are only diminishing YOURSELF, I speak solely for your benefit, I only gain if YOU gain, if you repulse me I wait. Men are fools and I know it well, they know so little and they puff it up so big. The less they know the greater they make it seem, you can always tell a fool by his claim to wisdom. But there is another kind of fool I am acquainted with these days and he is even a GREATER fool than the loudmouth, the quiet one. At least the loudmouth is going to get himself into trouble, the quiet proud one is totally isolated. He sits quietly with his teeny understanding gloating over his superiority. Somewhere along the line he has picked up a bit of information that suited him and he's been sitting on it ever since, cackling to himself like a hen on an egg. This one is really a joke, him and his rotten egg and let the rest of the world go by. And when he comes upon something that he can't comfortably sit on then he simply denies it, in fact by this time he usually has developed an elaborate system for denying whatever he can't fit into his teeny understanding, his hen house. And so he sits and dreams of his nirvana, he lovingly peers down at his rotten egg and knows that it's just him and his egg now, and of course anyone else who might like to sit on his egg WITH him, and he knows that when that egg finally hatches he will be free. But the egg will never hatch, it was sterile from the beginning, you can't buy a fertilized egg in a grocery store .....

Mel Lyman