Avatar No. 9
Sept. 29, 1967, p.15
Avatar No. 12
Nov. 10, 1967, p.16


Well pricks and chiggers
it figures
I don't know just HOW to go
I may catch a bus
I may ride the train
I may take a subway
if it doesn't rain

My old lady wants me to write her a love poem
Now that's a hell of a request
especially when all you can think about is cockroaches

She says if I don't do it she won't feed me
Oh how I love you
Let me count the ways
I wish I could stop thinking about cockroaches

I love you as much as I hate cockroaches
the dirty little things oh how I hate them
and when they come crawling out of the* cracks in the wall
and scurrying around with their ugly little legs
it makes my skin crawl
oh you can see how I hate them
oh you can see how I love you
I love you almost as much as I hate cockroaches
I love you more than cockroaches
I hate them


[hand-corrected in issue No. 9: deletion of "the" before "cracks"]