No. 14, Dec. 8, 1967, p. 4



We've got to get organized, you fucking slobs. AVATAR is not reaching its full potential audience. Harvard Square, B.U., Boston Common, and Charles Street are swamped with street vendors. That's good. These four places are probably the best locations in Boston for selling AVATAR, and you can make good bread selling there. However, nobody seems to want to sell anywhere else. And there are plenty of other places where you can make a small fortune, both inside and outside of Boston. For example: M.I.T., Tufts, Brandeis, the small colleges around Boylston Street, concerts, lectures, plays, dances, etc. Just use your imagination. Also, if you're going on a trip anywhere, take some AVATARS with you. You might be able to make back the cost of transportation. Anyway, about the organization thing. They're putting me in charge of street sales, so I'll be keeping track of who's selling where and when. What I want you to do is let me or whoever's in the office know where you're going to sell papers. Then if there are already enough vendors in one spot we can send you someplace else. I'm going to make up a weekly list of likely places for selling AVATAR, so you'll be assured of a good location. To you materialistic and/or cowardly bastards who are hesitant to become street vendors, let me assure you that selling AVATAR is not only safe but profitable. The cops have already busted everyone they're going to, and you've got to make $2.00 an hour even if you're repulsive. I've made as much as $10.00 an hour on occasion. But then, of course, I'm beautiful. As a final inducement to would-be vendors, I want to tell you that selling AVATAR is fun. You get great remarks from passing virgins, such as, "Up yours" and "Keep your filthy trash". And you can have a fantastic time trying to communicate with straight people who stop to talk to you. Really. You might even make the CIA's dangerous radical list. Think of the status!

Dan Oates