Avatar No. 18
Feb. 2, 1968, p. 11

New York is these photographs...

New York is these photographs: four or five waiters forever carved into stone awaiting the crowd; a waiter and three women caught in an eternal gabble over the choice between lox or blintzes; Jonas Mekas pondering the moment which must come: Our Lady at Louis's on Second Avenue blossoming as she serves us morning coffee. New York is no more or less, besides being a crease on the inside of an overworked whore who just must be revived, because she's there, awaiting revival for herself, for the crowd, for life.

So AVATAR goes willy-nilly down into New York. It's tough starting on the bottom again and pulling apart the strength we now have in Boston. But there's no way around this siren. She is a bitch.

But look what she's done already. The new format of AVATAR is in a way the result of her wiles. How could AVATAR exist in two cities and be a paper for each city without losing its essence? The answer was found early in the morning on East llth Street when I awoke, saying the NEW YORK TIMES, NEW YORK TIMES. Have a newspaper for each city but with a magazine section common to both. Keep what we have and add what we need.

That's coming in the back door, though. The need in Boston is obvious by itself. So here we start in the city that, despite the knavishness of a few, gave us birth Mother Boston. For Boston must have first the best AVATAR can give. And, Mother, when a few of us go off to New York. we only go to slay an old obnoxious dragon on a roundabout road which must lead home.

Notice the pictures of New York. Where is there anything like the Charles in early evening? That can't be got in New York, you know, unless you continue to let it go on the way it is. So clean up here at home before East River comes to Boston, the mountain to Moses.

Anyway, here is the new AVATAR, dedicated to the community of Boston. Of course, we are by most standards just as eccentric as ever, but that's us... and that's what you spawned. You can't get away from us, even though we cost another dime. But printing costs are something else nothing much can be done about that. 35 is what cigarettes cost, and they cause cancer. Not that we don't except ours is benign.