Vanguard - 79184 - 1965
Cover design: Jules Halfant, Photo: Seymour Solomon

The Newport Folk Festival - 1964

Evening Concerts, Vol. 1

Recorded live at the
Newport Folk Festival,
July 23-26

from the liner notes by
Stacey Williams:

In the spring of 1963, from the banks of the Charles River, which runs between Boston and Cambridge, came an exciting new sound. Using such old instruments as the jug, the washtub bass, the comb, kazoo, washboard and anything else lying around, the jugband made a curiously compelling rhythmic sound. One of the best, if not the best, of the revival jugbands is the one led by Jim Kweskin. Its members have included Maria D'Amato, Geoff Muldaur, Fritz Richmond, Mel Lyman, Bruno Wolf, Bob Siggins and Bill Keith. With successive lead vocals by Maria D'Amato, Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur, the jugband rattles and rolls through three songs that fuse the beat of ragtime, the flavor of the blues and the undefinable good-time sound of the jugband, which comes from a Memphis Negro tradition.

"...there were the professionally equipped musicians and "city" singers and instrumentalists who had done pioneer work in restoring the treasurehouse of old styles and songs (like Hedy West, the Greenbriar Boys, Jim Kweskin and the jug band..."

--Stacey Williams


Pete Seeger
1. Oh Mary Don't You Weep (4:25)
2. Never Wed an Old Man (2:25)
Sleepy John Estes (with Hammy Nixon and Yank Rachel)
3. Corinna (2:35)
Buffy Sainte-Marie
4. Melora (3:05)
5. Cod'ine (4:35)
Jose Feliciano
6. La Bamba (2:42)
7. El Pastor (2:22)
8. I'm Satisfied with My Babe (1:55)


Rodriguez Brothers
1. Yo Soy Negro (2:45)
Phil Ochs
2. The Power and the Glory (2:00)
3. Draft Dodger Rag (2:15)
Frank Proffitt
4. Tom Dooley (2:20)
5. Moonshine Still (1:50)
Jim Kweskin and The Jug Band
6. I'm a Woman (3:50)
7. Sadie Green (2:45)
8. My Gal (3:18)

Compiled and programmed by Jack Lothrop and Maynard Solomon
Recording Engineers: Marc Aubort, Jack Bryant, Ed Friedner
Assistant Engineer: David Gude
Tape Editor: Jack Lothrop