American Avatar (3 - 1969), p [17]


Although it seems that many days have passed I am at a loss to recall what, if any, events may have transpired in that time. I believe my time has been well spent, I have found something: I breathe, therefore I am! To lie quietly awake for days on end cannot be without results. To dream with eyes wide open is a treasure I had not heretofore truly appreciated, a great wealth lying fallow within the grasp of the humblest beggar. That mean world outside is no longer the sum total of my existence but merely a fragment among myriads of moons; I am so much more than that. From now on things are going to be different with me, I have found a place of peace, an oasis in a troubled world, and I am not apt to forget this refuge of the spirit, this solitude of the troubled mind, this home for the heavy heart. Here I am master of my own fate, no harmful influence can penetrate these deep resources, no heavy hand knows entrance here. . . . Aah, but the time has come for my departure, I leave you now to brave the world of men, I bid you farewell oh mighty television set.

untitled, unsigned, by Mel Lyman