No. 16, Jan. 5, 1968, p. 20

Telling it like it is

I have always easily befriended and immediately loved mean people

I have always easily befriended and immediately loved mean people. I have always immediately distrusted and almost. never befriended sweet people. That is because most mean people are concealing their sweetness but most sweet people are concealing their meanness. It is much closer to our nature to be mean and coarse and gruff and irritable than sweet and good and kind, especially having to put up with all this chaos and noise we call civilization. It's the only honest way to react and that is why I love mean people, because they're HONEST. At least they're not building up dragons of discontent inside themselves, they get it out while the gettin's good, NOW, and believe it or not, they will eventually get it ALL out and then they TRULY will be good and kind and sweet and serene all the way home. Not so with the "good people". They will get rottener and uglier as time passes and they will die looking like monsters, every black thing they ever felt in their lives and didn't have enough guts to cough up will engrave its wretched torment all over their hands and faces and legs and back and kidneys and liver and brain and heart and the whole wretched thing will turn into a heap of green shit and go up in a brown greasy streakey puff of smoke and the doctors will label it heart attack or "natural death" or some-such nonsense. What a WASTE! From bouncing baby to heap of refuse and no lessons learned in between... Look, it ain't worth it, if you want to say nigger then SAY it. The good things'll come if you give them room, don't try and lay 'em on yourself before they're ready, all the goodness in the world is inside of every single human being in the world but it ain't to be brought out by stifling the filth. The filth comes FIRST, you were born shitting all over yourself.....

Mel Lyman