On Abraham Lincoln


On Abraham Lincoln. His look penetrates, it comes from the depths
and it seeks out the depths, a mountain of spirit that waited for you
to give him room to fill you, a new country embodied in a giant,
a country that was to be all countries that had ever been,
a new influx of spirit into an old world, a force that separates to unite,
a physical reality bearing witness to all that man has hoped could be,
it actually happened and you didn't even know it, and it's STILL happening,
and you know it even less. When giants roam the earth men fall asleep at his feet,
and after he has gone they clamour to fill his footsteps, never having seen his face.
Lincoln was all those giants.
I would tell you about the man but there WAS no man,
only the ideal, only the purpose, only God.
How can I tell men about God?

There was a personality attached to this god as there was a personality
attached to Jesus Christ, the one that cried out in the Garden of Gethsemane.
The only sign of a personality attached to a god is whatever weakness has not
yet been overcome. Therefore I can only speak of Abraham Lincoln by relating
his weakness. He had none. His only weakness is what you are not big enough
to understand about him, his PEOPLE are his weakness, that's what he was for,
to make them stronger. His personality is called Humanity, he was the SOUL
of humanity, his weakness is YOUR weakness, his sadness is YOUR sadness,
his battle is YOUR battle, he is still here.

Mel Lyman