No. 1, June 9-22, 1967
Tim Kelly: Dear World
p 4, 11


I've been reading the newspapers again. Seems that they're divided into two camps: those who know "where it's at" and are being suppressed by a System that is fast running out of logical put-downs; and those who are quickly getting hep to the fact that something is happening, but don't know.

I've been trying to get things going by planning celebrations and that kind of thing, but, just like I said, the hassle is. Take, for instance, a thing on Sunday, June 4. The Group Image from the east village is coming up and they wanted to do a thing outside. I thought the bandstand in the Boston Common would be perfect because the Image has a mess of equipment.

Just like they taught me, I called to ask about the rules (however ridiculous). The Park Department, after two days, referred me to the City Hall. City Hall was a secretary who was very nervous when I told her that I was the Elevated Subway (a group of artists, etc., who are spreading the joy and happiness that is happening). She informed me that, to reserve the bandstand, I would have to be celebrating a holiday (International Grape and Flower Day?) or a member of a "patriotic organization" (United Beautiful People Who Stand in the Universe?) or a large group who is holding a convention in Boston (like the American Legion).

Fine, I said, I'll look up in the Farmers' Almanac and find out what holiday it is and we'll celebrate it.

She was somewhat reluctant, to say the least. She said something about number of bandstands and reviewing a parade. It threw me, because I immediately had a vision of beautiful bell-ringing people parading past the bandstand throwing flowers. Ahh, the good life!

She rambled on until she got stuck and I had to help her out. "Why the problem?" I asked, wondering if this happens all the time.

She needed help again. She passed the buck to higher authority, telling me she would send a memo to someone and they, in turn, would call and inform me what the decision "on this case" was.

I still wait.

Tina, a beautiful person and good friend, is feeling the stupidity of the system. She was recipient of a five year/five year suspended jail term for being in on a bust on River Street just a couple of weeks ago. Someone has said that she'll be away for at least 18 months. I cry for the loss, but my sun shines inside for she is a beautiful person. There are those who will see her beauty even in her confinement.

Send them to us, Tina.

Rock and Davey, San Francisco friends in The Grateful Dead, tell me that because of the numbers expected in Haight Ashbury this summer, the Diggers are getting up tight on the food situation. There is some speculation about their ability to feed everyone. Rock suggested that ,people stop over in Iowa and pick corn or something; or just bring money because there is going to be a need for help in this area.

Someone suggested that the trip between the east village and Haight Ashbury should be filmed and shown in many theaters simultaneously (New York to St. Louis in one; St. Louis to New Orleans in another, et cetera). Thinking of doing it with three cameras, a la Cinerama. Theater of tomorrow? Today?

Christina, Greg, and Charlie wrote the EVO and said there would be a Be-In Saturday, May 3, in Cambridge Common, found out later that the Boy Scouts had something going there then and called it off. Point to be made here.

In the future, so long as I'm around, I will be happy to be a "clearing house" for information on such matters. If you have plans or your plans change or something that might interest anyone happens, give us a call and we'll pass the word along to anyone who wants to know. Okay?

Mr. O'Keefe in the Park Department tells me if you have anything to say, it's all right to do it in the Commons; except from that bandstand mentioned earlier.

Got a groovy idea? The Elevated Subway is moving. We'll try to get your thing a-happening; that's what we're for. Of, if you can do something and would like to help on somebody else's thing, give us a call.

Cris Meli (or Mili or Mele) at 277-0638 wants to build a community art project like those that have been built in Minneapolis and New Orleans in the last five years. He sees a 500-unit building with underground parking and studio space for artists (for free, Cris?). He's already in a hassle with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, but has a good argument.

Good luck.

The Mothers of Invention will be in town sometime late in June for a one-nighter before they do the same in the Cape area. Groooooovy people. Frank Zappa, Mother composer, tells me that little by little he can see, something happening that he thinks is for the better. Yep.

Got a truck or bus or car? Later on, I was thinking it might be groovy if a bunch of people got together and made it to the beach. Like you could all meet in the Commons and trip on out to the sand and sun. Whatta think? Give us a call.

Getting tired of this bag, so I'll sign off for now. Love and happiness to all of you,

PS: Much coast-to-coast movement nowadays. Such as it should be. I think, though, that it should be said that we have much to learn from strangers, as they from us. Say hello to a stranger; it doesn't hurt and you'll feel good when they smile and say hello back. More love, happiness, and good times.

Tim Kelly

Mel Lyman