Vanguard - 1970

Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band:

Greatest Hits!

Produced by Maynard Solomon

Jim Kweskin -- guitar, vocal, comb
Mel Lyman -- harmonica, banjo
Geoffrey Muldaur -- guitar, vocal, kazoo, washboard
Maria D'Amato (Muldaur) -- vocal, fiddle, kazoo
Bill Keith -- banjo
Fritz Richmond -- jug, washtub bass
Bruno Wolfe -- vocal, harmonica
Bob Siggins -- banjo, vocal

  1. JUG BAND MUSIC 2:57 Lead, Geoff Muldaur (Memphis Jug Band: additional verses Geoff Muldaur)
  2. BEEDLE UM BUM 2:28 Lead, Jim Kweskin
  3. HAWAII 3:08 Lead, Bruno Wolfe
  4. SOMEBODY STOLE MY GAL 3:13 Lead, Jim Kweskin (L. Wood; Robins Music, ASCAP)
  5. THAT'S WHEN I'LL COME BACK TO YOU 2:50 Lead, Geoff Muldaur & Maria D'Amato (Frank Biggs; Leeds Music, ASCAP)
  6. MOBILE LINE 3:25 Lead, Bob Siggins
  7. NEVER SWAT A FLY 3:30 Lead, Geoff Muldaur (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson and Jungnickel Inc., Writers and Publishers, ASCAP)
  8. RAG MAMA 2:08 Lead, Jim Kweskin (Blind Boy Fuller)
  9. RICHLAND WOMAN 4:21 Lead, Maria D'Amato (Mississippi John Hurt; Wynewood Music)
  10. MY GAL 4:21 Lead, Geoff Muldaur & Jim Kweskin
  11. OVERSEAS STOMP 3:25 Lead, Bruno Wolfe
  12. BLUES MY NAUGHTY SWEETIE GIVES TO ME 1:56 Lead, Jim Kweskin (Swanstone-Carvon-Morgan; E.B. Marks, BMI)
  13. BORNEO 2:06 Lead, Jim Kweskin
  14. UKELELE LADY 3:49 Lead, Bruno Wolfe (Gus Kahn-E.A. Whiting; Bourne-Whiting, BMI)
  15. MEMPHIS 3:01 Lead, Geoff Muldaur (Chuck Berry; Ace Music, BMI)
  16. CRAZY WORDS, CRAZY TUNE 2:00 Lead, Jim Kweskin (Yellen-Ager)
  17. I'M A WOMAN 3:51 Lead, Maria D'Amato (Jerry Lieber-Mike Stoller; Trio Music, BMI)
  18. STORYBOOK BALL 3:21 Lead, Jim Kweskin & Fritz Richmond (Montgomery & Perry; Melrose Music, ASCAP)
  19. DOWNTOWN BLUES 2:10 Lead, Geoff Muldaur (Frank Stokes & Dan Sane, The Beal St. Sheiks)
  20. MORNING BLUES 2:10 Lead, Bruno Wolfe (Dave Macon; additional verses, Dave Simon)
  21. WILD ABOUT MY LOVING 3:31 Lead, Geoff Muldaur
  22. I'M SATISFIED WITH MY GAL 1:56 Lead, Jim Kweskin & Bob Siggins
  23. CHEVROLET 3:51 Lead, Geoff Muldaur & Maria D'Amato (Ed & Lonnie Young; Progressive Music Co., BMI)
  24. BLUES IN THE BOTTLE 3:24 Lead, Jim Kweskin (Peter Stampfe1 & Steve Weber; Faithfu1 Virtue, BMI)
Total Time 72:45