Los Angeles Free Press
July 11, 1971, p. 5


The World is Dying

and you are dying with it. Haven't you noticed? There is no longer anything worth doing. Art is dead, government is dead, we are even having a dead WAR! I walk the street looking for vital people, there aren't any, just a lot of hairy corpses. Once there was great hope in our youth, we even mildly anticipated a revolution, the hippies were going to SAVE THE WORLD! But they all died. Even the blacks went middle class. The hippies went out into the woods and turned into trees. The world is dying, and I refuse to die with it, I'm too young to die. The other day I ran into a bunch of young people who thought they had the answer, JESUS. They pray for Him to lift them up into heaven. When I tried to talk to them they just spouted scriptures at me. They know the world is dying too, and they want to get the hell out of here. It made me so mad I beat them all up, they didn't even fight back.
I'm stuck here myself, everyone else seems to be leaving. Some retreat into the woods, some retreat into drugs, some retreat into their own private head trips, some go to Jesus, and they ALL talk about Love as if that is what they're doing. That ain't what I'm doing, I'm full of hate. I hate everyone who hasn't got the courage to make a decision and act on it. I hate everyone who "loves." I hate the hippies because they disappointed me. I hate the old generation because they are asleep at the wheel. I hate the Women's Liberation League because they make men out of women. I hate men because they haven't got the balls to do anything about it. I hate filmmakers because they haven't got anything to say and they spend so much time and money saying it. I guess the only people I love anymore are cops, they warm my heart. I don't even mind being arrested by them, at least it's some kind of personal contact. I haven't met a cop yet who spouted Scriptures at me or told me about peace and love or tried to make me wash the dishes while my wife mows the lawn or promised me he was going to end the war in Viet Nam. "O.K. buddy, you're under arrest," now there's a real statement, I can understand that, I can get behind that, he's SINCERE.
I don't even know why I bother to write this at all people are so silly and puffed up and empty and boring and stupid. You probably don't like me very much. You probably think I'm "hostile." Now there's a word that really burns my ass. Every time someone tells me I'm hostile I kill him. The other day I made some tapes of old Rhythm and Blues records to play over the air on KPFK in Los Angeles, and they were pretty good. I really put a lot into them. I wanted people to hear some real music. Well it didn't work out. All those empty faggots at KPFK have been listening to dead Danish composers for so long they don't know real music when it's right in front of them. They thought my music was "hostile," so I beat them all up. They even called the cops on me, the stinking hypocrites, and THEY'RE the ones who got famous by call the cops "pigs." Anyhow the cops took my side and even beat up a couple of them for me and gave me a full scale escort all the way home. It was a delightful evening. Me and the cops spent the rest of the night drinking beer and listening to my Rhythm and Blues tapes. At least SOMEONE still appreciates good music.
You know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get up an army of all the people in the world who still have enough balls to fight this creeping decay and we're gonna go around raiding all you creeps, and there ain't nothing you can do about it, just sit on your beards and wait for us to come. It will probably take me a long time, but there's nothing else to do. I don't give a damn about my life anymore because I'm a living, feeling, dedicated human being all alone on a big dead planet. I just want to do God's Will. God is angry at you. I know, he tells me so. You killed Him. You stuck a joint in his mouth and put him out to pasture, you palmed him off on your friends as "peace and love." You made a mockery of His Great Strength. You crucified Him in HIS NAME! But he'll get you, he aint that easy to lay aside, he's inside you right now and made as hell. You forgot about His Wrath. He'll make a Big Earthquake and swallow you all up, ideas and all. And He's inside ME! He makes my heart pound He's so big inside me. He's coming back and not like you thought he would, he's coming back MAD. HE IS THE GREAT DESTROYER...

War and hate,
Richard Herbruck

And cast a light on your naked soul?
Can you face what you will see there?
Do you even know how to look?
You have NEVER seen the LIVING GOD.
Spencer Tracy and Jesus cannot help you now.
The Fort Hill Community is waiting for you

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