New York Avatar No. 7, p. 3, August, 1968
[Mel Lyman]

I am trying to remember everybody in my life I ever wanted
to hate and I am hating them full force. What a ball!
I am even hating a few I'm not even sure I hate just for the
sake of hating.
I'm hating everyone who ever said an unkind word to me,
I'm hating everybody who has ever tried to STOP me,
I'm just wallowing in black filthy hate and I LOVE it!

Now that that's out I almost feel like loving somebody,
what a shame I've gone and chopped all their heads off,
guess I'll have to sew them back on.

I'm stitching now,
kind of like a sick apology,
got to sew them on good and tight so I can WHOP them off

I'm getting tired of all this, think I'll go to church.