No. 12, Nov. 10, 1967, p. 18

Telling it like it is

Gerard asked me to come by the Factory

Gerard asked me to come by the Factory and see the rushes on a new film Andy was making but I walked past the door as it didn't seem the right time to go in yet and instead I walked on a block further until I came to a little park which had some benches in it and being as how I was feeling a little stiff I sat down in one and started to do a few yoga exercises when I saw a man approaching pushing a little sidewalk hot dog vendor rig and he stopped at a big litter can in front of me and proceeded to throw away all of his bagels which came as a surprise to me since they appeared to be very fresh but then I heard him remark to an old fellow a little ways down the bench from me that he just couldn't sell them and I thought what a waste as he dumped handful after handful into the barrel and then he went away and I thought about all the people who would like to eat those bagels and just about the time I was into the full lotus I saw an old bum coming towards me slowly working his way through all the garbage cans and I thought oh good he's going to find those poor wasted bagels and sure enough when he got to that can his face lit up and he started filling up his bag and once it was full he filled up all his pockets and I knew he even had enough for tomorrow and all of his friends and the fellow down the bench from me looked up and smiled because even HE hated to see all that food go to waste and then I thought what a good thing this is and nothing in New York is ever wasted it just keeps changing hands until it's all gone and then I got up and walked back to the factory

Mel Lyman