Avatar No. 12, Nov 10 - Nov 23, 1967.
Avatar No. 14, Dec 8 - Dec 21, 1967.


Human experience is at an all time high in the western world, we are the college of life. There are lessons to be learned here that cannot be learned anywhere else in the world. In the East spiritual values are on a level with childhood, they are in the PRE-material stage. In the West spiritual values are about to create an adult, the POST-material stage is the beginning. The house has been built, now we learn that LIVING in it isn't enough. What do you do once you have abandoned the freedom of childhood, dedicated your life to building a home for your family and ACCOMPLISHED it? Where can you go from there, how can you continue to grow? You can take up golf or bowling. Maybe you should join the P.T.A. You can drive yourself to expand your business and create 30 more kinds of soap. Or you can live for your kids, that's a good way to forget that you don't have anything to live for anymore. Or you can look yourself square in the face and ADMIT that you haven't even BEGUN to be a person yet. Everyone is here to do a much bigger job than he knows, few succeed, most of em just die off unfulfilled. The few who have the guts to make this next step are called great men. And how did they do it? Usually by accident. Some awful tragedy occurred which took their loved ones away and they were stuck with themselves. A few, though, figured it out for themselves without having to set up some kind of a catastrophe for a teacher. A warning, if you have anything in you at all, and you are carefully safeguarding your way of life, and things are going along well for you, and you are even entertaining the belief that life can be good and rich and worthwhile, and you identify those nice things with some kind of external security, then you are about to LOSE that security. If your security isn't IN you, it isn't gonna be OUTSIDE of you, your house will burn down, your wife will run off with the milkman, your little boy will get run over by a truck, you will lose your job, your health, your money, you will lose whatever you cling to the most because THAT, my friend, is what is keeping you from being more than you are. . . .

Mel Lyman