No. 1, June 9-22, 1967
Ed Fox: The Aquarian Age
p 4

ELLO. Why did you pick up this Newspaper? Do you want to learn something? I can only tell you what you already know, but do not yet believe. You can never fully understand anything that is not obvious. So I await no congratulations. If I really reach you, you will never believe that I said anything unusual. You will say: "I knew it all the time."

So don't just sit there knowing. Go out and do.

I am an Aquarius with my sun intercepted, so the hardest lesson that I have had to learn is to act. I can sit in the most sophisticated bull sessions all day and all night and shine. For seven years I played in classrooms at games that people call education. All that I learned was how to play with my mind, and the minds of others.

Now I am being educated. I am learning how to act. To do. No more academic discussions of right or wrong. No more morass of thoughts. I must do what is necessary while it is alive. So must you.

Nothing is impossible, and nothing is easy. You must take, as a guide-line, a goal. A lifelong goal. Don't be easy on yourself; when you achieve your goal you will die. You will also die if you sacrifice your singleness of purpose. For your goal must inspire you with a singleness of mind that is called fanatacism. You can't have this and that. Choose one thing and work for it: Learn to see it clearly and to understnad how you can best achieve it. Then work. Any secondary benefits must come of their own accord.

If you want a million dollars, you can have it. But do not think that you can set down the condition for its enjoyment.

If you want to sit in the sun and smile at everybody, you can do that, but do not think that you will be praised for your achievement, for you will achieve nothing.

If you want to create a bigger world out of the little mess we are now stuck with, you can do it. That's what you're here for, but don't think that you can lie in the sun and smile at everyone; you will have to work. You will have to work much harder than you would have to to earn the million dollars, and you will get nothing. You will have to starve and work long hours. You may have to go straight and yet never experience the joys of straight people. You will have to sacrifice the freedom of wanting nothing in order to want for others. Your ego must die. And when you have gotten to the point where you are no one, you must remember that you have done all that sacrificing selfishly. For it was your decision to change the world. I did not ask you to do it.

Mel Lyman