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No. 3, [early 1969], p. [22]

Essay on the New Age

There is a Divine spirit that dwells deep in the heart of man


There is a Divine spirit that dwells deep in the heart of man. It is seldom ever experienced by him, it only waits. That spirit is revealed in the world perceived by the senses as the sun in the heavens, it nourishes from the outside. All beings draw their life from it, all beings seek to BECOME it, it is the beginning and the end. That sun, a long time ago, laid an egg called the Earth. The egg has a spark of life within and is warmed by the sun from the outside to encourage it to grow from the INSIDE. Man is the highest evolved form of earth, he has a heart which IS that inner life and a mind which is the bridge between that inner spark, the heart, and that outer heart, the sun. Man is on his way to completing the link between the inside and the outside. So far, on this planet, that miracle has occurred sparsely and briefly. It has been labelled inspiration, revelation, transformation. It is evidenced as great religious teachings, great works of art, great political revolutions. Whenever spirit is released as an active force on earth all men are affected. That spirit is always seeking a vehicle for its release, a perfect mind, a mind that knows the heart as its creator and the world as its creation, a fully DEVELOPED mind. All men have minds, some are well developed on the WORLD side and others well developed on the HEART side but neither is sufficiently developed on BOTH sides to provide a channel for that release. As an example, a great scientist knows the world well but he has not discovered and HELD the God on the inside, he does not FEEL the totality of the life within. A great saint knows and holds TO the God on the inside but he is not totally acquainted with all the subtleties of the external world, therefore he is unable to APPLY that God force to ALL WORLD SITUATIONS, he is limited by his own lack of experience. Therefore neither the scientist nor the saint is complete enough to serve as that bridge. Christ was that perfect bridge, He was equipped to totally transform the world. And why DIDN'T He? Because men were not sufficiently evolved to RESPOND, they were STRANGERS here, they had not yet mastered the material world. Christ took them as far as they were ready to go and that took 2,000 years. And that brings us up to today. Mankind is now ready to go much much further. I am going to release more of that life spirit than this planet has ever known. I am going to release it according to your ability to RECEIVE it, I am ready and waiting, I am waiting for you to tear down the walls that keep us separated. I will appear on television when there is ROOM for me to appear there, when the walls of ignorance and greed have come tumbling down, I will not have my words interrupted by a commercial for dogfood. It is up to you. I am waiting for you to give me room to be born.

Mel Lyman