No. 24, Apr. 26, 1968, p. 26

Telling it like it is

I used to be degraded but now I am divine

I used to be degraded but now I am divine. I can't believe the whole transition all took place in such a short time. From junkie to swami in only six months, from a dirty needle to a clean heart. You probably think I'm putting you on, like it just can't be done all that easily, but that's because you don't know what I know, you never went to the ashram like I did, you're still operating on an egoic level of karma. I've transcended the self and am now only manifesting the Divine in me, that's the difference. I've only come back here to help guide, some of my brothers who have fallen by the wayside back to the path of goodness and beauty. Drugs isn't where it's at baby. Dig why you're sticking that needle in your arm, it's fear man, you think you're doing it because it makes you feel so good but really man it's because you're afraid to feel what's REALLY inside of you and man if you only knew how beautiful that really is you'd NEVER put another drop of that garbage in your system. So what are you afraid of, dig the buddha in you, he's in EVERYBODY man, DIG IT! The whole drug ritual is just a cop out, it's so EMPTY man, so NOWHERE! Man if you could just have a little taste of where it's REALLY at you'd see what I mean, I could talk all day but if you could only just FEEL it for one single moment I wouldn't even have to be here. It's a big drag for me to have to come out of my seclusion and try and lay this on you, this isn't my scene anymore, and to have to sit here and watch you pump that crap into your veins, it pisses me off, that you could be so fucking stupid. Yeah and now you think you're really somewhere don't you, with that silly blissful smile on your face, well enjoy it man, you'll pay for it later, you'll see that I was right, if it isn't too late. Oh sure, you don't care, not as long as you've got enough dope to last you the rest of the day, and tomorrow it will be the same thing, and the next day and the next, man I know that, trip, I've BEEN that route you fucking lousy dirty junkie, you filthy foul-ass shiteating dopefiend. Well have a ball man, I'll find somebody ELSE to talk to, somebody around here's got to have a little sense .......


Mel Lyman