All that really matters in this life is a man's inner worth, what he still has left when all the chips are down. All other accomplishments are conditional. The ever-changing world of form is a result, not a cause, of what we are. When a man is alone with himself and all his deeds are behind him what is there left that he can truly call his own. If there is nothing then he is nothing. If there is understanding then he has made good use of his time here. Life is a struggle even for the least of us, all men know that in their hearts. And whether or not the struggle is worthwhile we cannot alter the force that eternally creates us. I do not know why I do what I do, even as I sleep the road unfolds before me. And each new step that I take forms a new world behind me. And all of my many many achievements are of no value to to me, they do not help me to do what I now must do. I am alone with myself, and waiting to find out what happens next, and there is only one thing that I know for sure: I am more than I have ever been before.
Mel Lyman