Telling It Like It Is

Such a beautiful day dawning

Such a beautiful day dawning I feel as if I should like to go out in it and be in it, I would like to eat it and get it inside of me and have all that beauty, to open up and let it fill me and yet there is nowhere to go, no matter how far I chase it I can't get any closer, I can never be out in it, I can only seek to BE it. Those who grow black in the sun are a sickness in the soul of man. The distance between I and it is a gap that demands closing, it is the gap in ME, it only lessens when I stop reaching out to fill it. My eyes say its out THERE but when I close them I know that I was only peering into a mirror, if all that beauty is in me then what divine reflections I shall one day cast out to admire, if that is me out there then how much MORE of me I long to put out there, I yearn to be dazzled by my own brilliance. Oh such a glorious world I know I can create out of myself and draw into myself for comfort, my ache can burst shimmering radiance and splendour that only God himself longs to embrace, swelling the hungry mouth of earth and sky, fulfilling, gorging such long desperate aching dissatisfaction, I know I can make it whole....... I WILL

Mel Lyman