New York Avatar No. 6,
July, 1968, p 3

A new issue of Boston Avatar was finally gotten out on Memorial Day. It can be bought at East Side Books & at the 8th St Paperback Booksmith or at the NY Avatar offices. Barely literate myself, I've read very few of the words in the paper, there's not that many of them anyway, as Someone once said, we print news not because we are a newspaper with an unstable format, but only because we are able to say certain things about life using news as a language. A good way but not the ONLY way. The new Boston paper is an absolutely stunning advance in dealing effectively with those gigantic pages. Done by Eben Given & Ed Beardsley, mind-snap surprises for you, our Gentle & Grateless Readers. Those fortunate folk who read this rag regularly will observe that having completely mastered the full sized newspaper we (Readers & Avatar) are now going to try the Magazine number. Should be lotsa work for us & a Ton of Fun for you.

Write us for our back issues, we've got lots on hand so we will part with them for only a quarter each. Numbers Three & Five were especially fine examples of this publication.

Somebody around here suggested that we were not doing what we should be doing thereby abusing the trust placed in us as PressMen because we have not been running a WHAT'S HAPPENING
column. We are unrepentant but will do our best to slake your thirst for knowledge. Meanwhile, don't flip out waiting for the new issue, let the flick 2001 do it for you. $4.50 may sound like a burn but it's Cinerama and it isn't. Other things in my mind that I'd like to do if I had any time or money, Sutters on Greenwhich Ave for coffee and rolls, the Fillmore on Second Ave is for music.
I have recieved many letters asking for a Burn of the Fortnight Competition. Unchallenged & Leading Contender: Gem's Spa of St Marks Place.

About Entwhistle Books: don't call, write. The shadowy people behind Entwhistle will put you on their mailing list, and sooner or later something will be mailed to you.

Good Advice: Subscribe to this fledgling publication. Then not only would you be sure to receive your copy, not only would you be the first to get it on your block, you might get the only copy on your block. Meaning we need your four bucks real bad so send them to us.