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New York Avatar

No. 6

July, 1968 - 25¢


[Eben Given cover]

New York Avatar Number Six

Brian Keating Editor & Ace Reporter
John Wilton Engineer & Arch Designer
John Peck alias The Mad Peck
Eben Given Artist
Jim Walsh Treasurer until retrenched
Wayne Hansen Ace Reporter
Carl Nagin Other Ace Reporter
Jon Maslow Sometime Ace Photographer
Phil Stiles Sometime Ace Photographer
Mel Lyman Ace in the Hole
Woody Caggiano Ear to the Ground
Maia, Evann Rather Indispensible

New York Avatar: Published Every Second Week by Eighty Wooster Press Incorporated, 80 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012.
Telephone: 212*925*3890

Closing date for advertising in Issue Number 7: Friday June 21st

Entire contents Copyrighted, very little of it by Eighty Wooster Press Inc.

Single copies 25 cents in New York City, 35 cents Out of Town. Subscriptions Four Dollars for 26 issues or a Year.

Printed by the American Colony Press in Auburn Massachusetts, three hours away.

Articles & Columns
(8½" x 11" - 32 p.)
p. 2ad: Psychedelicatessen
masthead (above)
p. 3"A new issue of Boston Avatar was finally gotten out on Memorial Day..."
subscription appeal
ad: Channel One Underground Television
p. 4-5Letters: Carl Nagin, Mike Moorcock, Harold Westfall, Charles Giuliano
p. 6Subscription Form
Pluto [Mel Lyman]: "I am dissatisfied..."
p. 7Jim Walsh: Fuzzy Columbia
p. 8-9drawing
p. 9John [Wilton]: "I've been trying for days to get into writing something for Andy..."
p. 10-15Brian Keating "Ah, the poor guys, why don't they leave them alone..."
p. 16-17Carl Nagin: "In the year 2001 there will be two billion chinese..."
p. 18Music: Pop Scene Crawling
Press: You Too?
Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is: "Time for me to blast the filthy eastern ways..."
p. 19International: Asia: Thai Hippies get Bums Rush
Religion: Astrology: The Pisces Problem
Life and Leisure: Drug Agents: Where do they come from?
p. 20Paul Williams & DG Hartwell: Thrilling Wonder Stories
p. 20-21Jon Maslow: Let Me Catch Up To You I Am Your Leader
p. 21Michael O'Donoghue: In the country of the blind the Hathaway man is king
p. 22-27Brian Keating: Imperview (with Look reporter)
p. 27Burn Today... Gone Tomorrow!
p. 28-29Group Image Enterprises: Family Snapshots at the "Beach" (cartoons)
p. 30Treats for the Small; Treats for them all (cartoon)
p. 31Blue (cartoon)
p. 32ad: Film Makers' Cinematheque