New York Avatar No. 5,
June 1, 1968, Letters, p 2


It was most ungallant of you to publish such false accusations concerning a situation which was open for, at best, one hundred interpretations. Those views are formed with most validity by the people who were present. The truth of an interpretation has something to do with generosity, irony and a degree of understanding. I choose to view your statements as lacking in taste and accuracy. That the Hill was in a state of crises is true. That they needed help out of that crises is true. That they have asked to be included in the paper they once dismissed as impure is some indication that some of their problems are solved.
One of the primary concerns of an 'Avatar' is truth. And those who are interested in truth are Avatars. The variations are endless.
I remain your obediant servant,


Dear Avatar People,
Hey you guys, why don't you go back to picking on The New York Times? Brother Paul seems to be having enough trouble as it is.

A Realist

Dearest Pisces,
Brian told me that the authorities are worrying you about deportation. Dreadful! Don't let it bother you a bit — we'll have it cleared up in no time. Harvy was flabbergasted to find that you were of royal blood, love — he wanted to know about the rest of us, so in strict confidence I told him they didn't call Faith the baroness for nothing — (mentioned Baron Von Francenstein, etc) Harvy assumed Ian was her lover — I just raised my eyebrows and said he's her brother, but you know the Austrians — so tedious.... he knows nothing of the Austrians.
The Avatar seems straightened out after the big heist — I loved it! The wall is prettier and prettier and the garden is coming alive — I miss you, dear Pisces...


Dearest Jessie,
It was so good to hear from you. I agree with you on every point you raised. I'm not letting them bother me one iota, and concerning the Austrian problem, I've felt that way for many years. In fact my Noble Father singlehandedly fought two rather dreary wars against those   those... Well you of all people know what I mean. Do try to come down to the city soon... Boston can be rather dreary and we miss you so much.

Much love and affection to you & yours