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No. 5

June 1, 1968 - 25¢


[Eben Given cover]

Number 5 June 1st, 1968

Brian Keating, John Wilton, The Mad Peck, Jon Maslow, Jim Walsh, Maia, Woody Caggiano, Bill Chamberlain, Phil Stiles, Don Lewis.
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and the

It has been brought to our attention by very reliable sources that several instances of FLAGRANT ABUSE of the POWER of the PRESS have occurred. In the first case Walter Winchell, a very old and dear friend of ours was viewing with his customary adjective aplomb the recent disturbances at Columbia. When (out of nowhere) he espied some policemen beating up on several of his colleagues.

'Hey' he said, 'You can't do that, they've got PRESS CARDS!!' To which one of the uniformed patrolmen replied as he strode over, 'Hey you Son of a Bitch, you look like Walter Winchell!' He struck him a Blow to mark the meeting.
Which brings us, folks, down to the moral of this week's sermonette, which is this: That if Walter Winchell, Himself a very well known and respected PressMan can be so smote so to speak in spite of the Power of the Press and his Status as a Member of The Working Press, and officially approved and recognized by Commissioner Leary as such, where do YOU stand?

Articles & Columns
(17½" x 23" - 12 p.)
p. 2Letters: ANON, Aquaranon, Fred and Mike, Arden, A Realist, Jessie, John.
masthead (above)
p. 3Brian Keating: Last Week
Eben Given: drawing
p. 4Irwin Klein: Waiting for God on Grand Street, U.S.A. (photo)
Jon Maslow: Hullo, Good-bye. Paul McCartney (photo)
Phil Stiles: photo
Irwin Klein: The Hotel Americana in New York City (photo)
p. 5The Mad Peck: Victory at All Costs: Saigon Flash (exclusive to the Avatar from the Mad Peck in Bonanzaland)
Brian Keating: Wash Sq
John Wilton: 42nd St
Right in front of God and Everybody
p. 6Bill Chamberlain: The Talk of the Town: Birds
Magician Gets Volunteer... To Be Killed
Pluto [Mel Lyman]: "I have decided to spend three or four hours every day thinking about God..."
The Group Image Enterprises Inc: cartoon
p. 7Peter Stafford: Documents of the Times: d- Lysergic Acid Dimethylamide
p. 8Ardeena the Queena: You Are What You Eat
ads: Broccoli, Different Drummer, Two Suns Worth: Morning Glory, Bill Graham's Fillmore East
p. 9The Mad Peck: Hot Stuff
ads: Joni Mitchell (album)...
p. 10Jon Maslow: Music 'n' the Electric Age
Flentropp Toggle: Theatre of Probability
D.G. Hartwell, Paul Williams: Thrilling Wonder Stories
p. 11Wayne Hansen: Sam Brown
[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist: Dec. 1962, New York City
Amos Moscrip: "It's just Saturday afternoon at Washington Square Park..."
p. 12R. Crump: Head Comix