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New York Avatar

No. 4

May 10, 1968 - 25¢


[Eben Given cover]

A Cast of Thousands

Brian Keating, Eben Given, Carl Nagin, Jimmy Walsh, Woody Caggiano, The Mad Peck, Jon Maslow, Bill Chamberlain, Phil Stiles, Maia, Liz O'Melveny, Wayne Hansen, Bob McQuaid, Jeremy Greenwood, Michael Kindman, Skip Ascheim.

Copyright © 1968 by AVATAR Inc, 80 Wooster St. NY, NY 10012. All rights RESERVED. Printed in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! This Publication is FICTION. No resemblance is intended between any character herein and any person LIVING or DEAD; any such resemblance is PURELY COINCIDENTAL.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, dictated, or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever including photocopy, recording, word of mouth, or any information storage and retrieval system with or without permission in writing from the editors.
Number 4; May 10th, 1968. Single copies are a steal at 25¢, subscribe NOW for only FOUR BUCKS.

Articles & Columns
(8½" x 11" - 32 p.)
p. 2John Wilton: "Dear friends, we turn on this show for your amusement and delight..."
masthead (above)
The Farinasceous Weed: "I consider this to be an object of oscillating density!"
p. 3Jim Walsh: Keep Spinning
Steven Heller: drawing
Brian Keating: "Jim is right about the paying of dues..."
p. 4John Wilton: Astrology
Avatar Quiz
p. 5-7Letters: Randy, Peter Leahy, Paul, Paul, Paul, Carl
p. 8Steven Heller: drawing
p. 9-11John Wilton: Last Week
p. 12The Acid Test! (old American Legion ad)
p. 13Bill Chamberlain: I meet my Special Agent
p. 14-15Paul Williams & D.G. Hartwell: Thrilling Wonder Stories
p. 16-17Cartoon Time No. 3 by Group Images Incorporated
p. 18-21Carl Nagin: Melville, Pound...
p. 22Jon Maslow: "The world, I don't think, has ever experienced anything like this before..."
p. 23ad: Film Maker's Cinematheque
p. 24Bob: Riff on One Sheet of Paper
p. 25Bill Chamberlain: Radio Jammer
Pluto [Mel Lyman]: "I have some kind of a funny growth thing happening with my body..."
p. 26-27Carl Nagin: Sunday
p. 28Eben Given: drawing
p. 29Mel Lyman: Telling it like it is: "I used to be degraded but now I am divine..." (av24)
p. 30Laff-a-Minit Comix presents: Hope for the Rest (cartoon)
p. 31The Adventures of Mini Mouse (cartoon)
p. 32Steven Heller: drawing