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New York Avatar

No. 2

April 12, 1968 - 25¢ - 2 Sections


(b/w photocopy)
[Eben Given cover, Avatar 9

80 Wooster Street
New York, New York
Telephone: 925-3890

"I would not want to be bach mozart tolstoy joe hill gertrude stein or james dean / they are all dead"

Number 2 April 12, 1968

Brian Keating, Editor; John Wilton, New York Editor. Wayne Hanson, Boston Editor; Bob McQuaid, Magazine Editor; Eben Given, Artist; Jeremy Greenwood, Business Manager. New York Staff: Bill Chamberlain, Phil Stiles, Carl Nagin, Jon Maslow, Jim Walsh.

Avatar is published in two sections in Boston and New York and is copyrighted by Avatar Incorporated, 1968.

Subscriptions are $6.00 for 26 issues, $11 for 52. Single copies are 35 cents.

Avatar is printed by the American Colony Press in Auburn Massachusetts.

(Also at the 80 Wooster Street address: "...increasing losses forced [Jonas] Mekas to discontinue the [Filmmakers'] Cinematheque at the Forty-First Street Theater. He managed to reopen it in 1968, in what he hoped would be a permanent location in an artists's cooperative building (owned by George Maciunas, the founder of Fluxus) at 80 Wooster Street in SoHo...")

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17½" x 23" - 8 p.)
p. 2Brian Keating: There were several Enthusiastic People in the Streets the Other Day
masthead (above)
p. 3Brian Keating: "I can't know exactly how other people reacted..."
Bill Chamberlain: "One brother in a long squirming file..."
John Wilton: "In Times Square last night after Martin Luther King was murdered..."
p. 4Michael Rossman writes Jerry Rubin (from the Berkeley Barb, March 22, 1968)
p. 5John Wilton: This Weeks Hipocrite: New York Bell or Let's All Flog a Dead Horse
AC Opening
Snydley Purnishes: bricks for seed
John Wilton: confrontation
Bill Chamberlain: "In the center of the little park..."
Snydley Purnishes: even the Brits?
Pluto Speaks [Mel Lyman]: "I'm a very healthy person..."
A new cartoon series
p. 6Jon Maslow: The Start of
Mrs. Murphy: "Few people have heard of Venture Cigarattes..."
D.G. Hartwell and Paul Williams: Thrilling Wonder Stories
p. 7This man would like you to know (Avatar ad)
p. 8ads:
Blue Cheer
Film Maker's Cinemathique
Group Image 900 show
Bill Graham presents in New York
Section 2 (11½" x 17½" - [16] p. unnumbered)

as in Boston Avatar 23