No. 1, June 9-22, 1967
Lenny Gibson: Itinerant Head
p 12

F YOU are taking acid, it may be helpful to know the information in issue number three of Inner Space magazine.
It tells that emergency abortion of a trip can be accomplished with massive doses of ordinary vitamins. One to three grams of niacin or macinamide will bring you down in about an hour. Niacin has side effects of itching and flushing, but sometimes it's groovy to have something happen that you can expect.
There is also a prescription drug called Frenquel which immediately aborts.
It's best to follow the trip to the end, but if you still belong to the nine-to-five world, this information might make Monday morning at the office more pseudo-compatible with weekend tripping.

Turn on, tune in, drop out, and dropping out will turn you on. But it is not enough to drop out once, because real dropping out is dropping in — into novelty. Boredom is the turn off. Keep dropping out, dropping in. Novelty will turn you on. Proof by opposite: Imagine being sentenced to the Hayes-Bickford for five years.
The society as a whole is super-bored with its infinite plastic replicas. Madison Avenue is digging underground to mine the novelty vein.
The radio waves are filled with flotsam hippy jargon. Everything will turn you on. Happenings abound. Soon headline: Billy Graham at President's Prayer Happening; ad on same page tells of fashion be-in.

While hippies are still a minority, one can groove with the flashes of psychedelilia that light up the straight world. A carpet ad in the New Yorker some months ago claimed its product as proof even against little Igor's chemistry set. When Igor spilled a flask of lysergic-diethyamine, it wiped right up with a damp sponge.
Next to the new psychedelic shop in Cambridge is an ordinary appliance store. It matter of factly uses the advertising displays that the advertising company provides. The annual mother's day promotion spawned a poster which ended up in the window adjacent to the head shop. The poster: full-blown psychedelic, letters flowing.

Anyone interested in participating in a grow-in can leave his name at the paper.
It is impossible to get a job driving, a cab around Boston if one has long hair or a beard. An attorney advises me to give up on frontal attacks. The flanks are the weak spot. Test cases can be forced by people who start out clipped, then grow in.

The Provos have been stimulating Boston heads. Rumors have it that the Sons of Liberty, dormant since the '76 Revolution, will be revived for the '67 one. Due to the advent of women's suffrage, there will be a ladies' auxiliary associated with this venerable fraternity. Love to Johnny Tremain.

And God said, Let the earth put forth grass, herbs yielding seed, after their kind, and trees bearing fruit, wherein is the seed thereof, after their kind: and God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, a third day (Genesis 1:11-13)

Mel Lyman