No. 1, June 9-22, 1967
p 3

HEN a man is freed from ignorance concerning any separate thing, he is shown that that thing exists on the level when it is seen to the eye; and to whatever higher level he attunes himself he sees in the colors of that higher dimension that the thing is there too.

A man approaches a great discovery, a great invention, as he approaches a mountain or a mine — by closing the ground that separates them. He approaches it looking either at it or for it, and it is how much he feels the need for it that determines his way of reaching it.

And so does innovation occur. It is born of need and delivered by reason; but it is not found by chance, like a pebble, or a dollar, or even a gold mine.

A great innovation is the product of the soul. It is reached by a man who is the instrument of the soul, who searches without ceasing because he has got no choice inside him. He searches, often he does not know what for. He is the Soul's servant and he perseveres, led by the Soul's light which is intuition through perpetual dark that is lit with brilliant flashes seconds long and months apart. Yet there is no choice for him. No matter how his mind would negate his actions, what he feels within him is deeper and more strong.

It is taught in the East by the spiritual teachers that when a soul comes together on this earth, who has the force and the life to move men and history, he attracts the attention of the Masters or Hahatmas, World Teachers that exist in the higher worlds or planes of being, ever watchful that they may pour their radiant energy and direction through an open window into the havoc and chaos of man's world.

It is taught that in the times of greatest weakness and sickness in the Plan for Mankind of this earth, have appeared as a compensating force, an inrush of greatest innovation, a return of the plan that had been lost, and the values — and the Law.

A great innovation always reinstates the Law. From far, far into the future he returns to us with the essence of the past which has been forgotten.

These men are Avatars. In the East and in the West. They have attuned themselves to the highest Harmony and they cannot separate their being from that Being; they are attuned in every moment to the Soul, and the Soul knows no respite and no release. It is a gaping hunger and a desperate thirst, and those who know it may never unknow it for they are become it, and their lives are spent toward a single purpose.

And they reinstate the Law that is lost. They stand for the Truth, for they alone know the Truth.

And nothing, but only the Truth appeases the terrible hunger and longing of the Soul, which THEY feel in THEIR bodies and carry with them at every moment that it may speak through their voice and actions and be seen in the world by a few and comprehended.

All great innovations are the handwork of the Avatar.

The Eastern Teaching says that the Plan exists in Heaven and it is disseminated through Space to Earth by the Great Spirits — the Ascended Masters, the Saints and Bodisatvas — whenever a vehicle is created of earth strong enough to bear it here.

It is taught that the disciple, after being singled out by the Master, is constantly under his observation, and is exposed to certain tests and temptations that he might be strengthened and prepared.

And it is taught that in this way the disciple becomes perfected through his master's guidance.

And these teachings are true: yet they are not true enough.

They are not found in the disclosures of the true Western Saints for a reason that has never been known here.

And they never will be.

We have evolved a language in this land and the world has been learning it since we evolved it, and IS learning it and WILL CONTINUE to learn it.

It is simply the language of the greatest truth and opens the vastest area for man's future here.

Yet this language is only half formed. It was created by physical symbols, for our lessons have been physical lessons.

We have been a nation of builders. And every country in the world has evolved materially by our example. Now we have reached an extreme, and like a man who has reached the edge of a cliff, he can't see his way clear to step off. He can't see anything out there. He cannot return. He can only support his stand there.

But, knowing that he cannot return, his eyes search beyond him into the void there. And his ears are strained for the slightest sound that will proclaim that he has not come to the end, but somehow to a new beginning.

And he searches his language for words that can venture beyond him into that nothingness and exist there. And he throws them out like stones and they vanish and nothing is changed.

Yet he persists. And he WILL persist; because he has no choice.

Now in this time a new language is evolving. It is being created as all great innovations are created; by Need.

It is born in the West to complete the half a language that we speak here.

And the entire language will be evolved and created here because no other people are young enough — or strong enough.

We speak a language of material symbols and it is complete. We could stay with it and refine it to infinity, but it would not make us one jot bigger, or one jot happier.

But we will not, for it is complete.

Now a language is being created. The words are not new, yet the symbols are different and the values. And they are the symbols of the Soul.

And this language will be as different from the Spiritual Teachings of the East as the language which was given us (at the forming of this nation by those men who were every bit Avatars and Illumined Masters) was different from the cramped and desiccated orders of Europe.

Now in these times many have turned to the East because they have begun to recognize that they speak only half a language. Looking for the other half and not finding it, they wander into mysticism and myth that are as removed from who they are — as the man in the moon. They leap into eddies of the way that have been going around and around in circles for five thousand years. And they drown. And the Soul loses a little more.

Now the Eastern Teachings say that the Masters are constantly watching the disciple. And the West will say with its first word that there are no masters at all.

And no Greatly Illumined Ones watch over us from above.

The West will say that it is up to us. That it is all here now.

When a man of this Western world has tuned himself into the Soul that is gathered here, he shakes like a leaf in a gale. No chance he will not believe in what is out there whether or not he can see it. If it is the Truth which he searches, that is what he will find. We reap exactly what we sow.

When a man of the Western world aligns himself to the Great Soul here, he runs into a number of men who he thought he knew. And he discovers that he didn't have the foggiest conception of who they REALLY were.

For he is not speaking and seeing in his old language, but in the WHOLE language of the future he is seeing and speaking. And he discovers that that language was their language, that the legacy which they left has never at any time been more than half understood.

And he sees that as he is aligned more and more to the purpose of correcting his half a language, the great ideals, the great mind, the ceaseless unmitigating hunger of the soul which is with him more and more, an image is coming together, being formed on his highest conscious level made up of his purpose; the purpose he can no longer ignore. Doors have been opened too heavy for him to shut.

And he sees that the image is as a man, but a radiant man. He sees that the man is in every way a master. And in time he approaches very close and he sees the face of the master and the master's face is his face, for he has created the master himself.

And there is no Radiant Savior or Son of Man in all of time and space if he has got no counterpart on this hard earth.

He is an extreme. Created by an extreme condition, he becomes flesh to compensate and to balance it. When the way is become lost and the word of Truth is strained by men's minds, he comes with a sword.

There is no new Truth. There is only one Truth. WE ARE CREATING OURSELVES ON THIS PLANET. Not with our bodies alone. Not with our feelings alone. Not with our minds alone.

But we are creating ourselves on this earth because we are in terrible pain — hunger and thirst. We are creating ourselves with the Soul, by expanding the Soul.

There is only one Truth. There is as much God in Heaven as we can manifest here IN Earth. And no more. And this means that it is time for you to wake up. No matter who you are you can connect with the Soul — what Emerson has named the Over-Soul. You have to open yourself. You have to want to know. You have to be greatly more honest with yourselves than you are.

Mel Lyman