Avatar Vol. II, No. 5, p. 2
August 2-15 [1968]

Black Panther Party merges with white subversives to form Peace and Freedom Party. Eldridge Cleaver, author of Soul on Ice, to be Presidential candidate. Party workers are active in Boston area and have held mass rallies at Arlington Street Church and on the Boston Common. Main plank of Platform is patrolling the Police in the Ghetto, armed with shotguns. Panthers pledge they will give up their guns when the Pigs (cops– give up theirs. Panther patrols eliminated police brutality in Oakland for a period of three months before the Pigs cornered panther leaders in a wild gun duel and killed Bobby Hutton. Panther leaders Eldridge Cleaver and Huey Newton were jailed over the incident.

Gun duel in Cleveland touches off first major violence in the nation this summer. Many were injured, and four cops were killed in the exchange. The Black assassins were armed with M-1 rifles and carbines. Well armed and determined Black Power advocates are looking for scalps this hunting season.

Image Magazine, a highly creative venture printed in England and distributed in U.S. as well at $1.00 per copy. Avatar handling local distribution, or write directly to England, Ian Duncan Ltd.; 20 Gerard St., W1, or 5326 Harper St., Chicago Illinois. Image is primarily, as the name implies, a magazine devoted to photography and art. David Larcher, who does work for Evergreen and other magazines, is Photo Ed.

Gene Swenson of NY Free Press indicts artists for non-participation in the revolution. Apathy of the artists absolutely appalling, says critic Swenson. Goes on to say people like Rosenquist who painted the F-111 several years ago has taken an ostrich position in regard to war.

All of Columbus Avenue is quickly disappearing to make way for alleged route 95, which will cut through Roxbury Crossing.

Hearst Magazine EYE in trouble with yellow journalist syndicate. The editorial policy seems too free-wheeling and Hippie for the arch-reactionary, rightist syndicate. Despite massive national circulation and moderate popularity with the kids, rumor has it the Eye's have had it.

One million Indians in U.S. prior to the coming of White Man. In systematic genocide far more effective than the destruction of 8 million Jews under Nazi Germany, U.S. slaughtered 750,000 Indians up to the last battle of Chief Joseph and the Nez Pierce in the 1870's. Seminole Indians have never settled up with U.S. government and a declaration of war still exists on both sides. Down to a mere 250,000 after the long Indian Wars, many died on forced marches to reservations and as a result of white man's diseases - liquor, VD, smallpox. Indians now total 440,000.

Mass. Pike near bankruptcy and getting pretty shoddy toward the end in Western Mass. Many cracks and repairs under way. Despite heavy soaking inflicted in the run from Wellesley to Boston (a fast .45), Turnpike preaching poverty.

Cambridge feeling the political heat. McCarthy, Rockefeller, and Cleaver workers actively soliciting passersby. McCarthy and Cleaver speaking to people in Boston. Even Wallace active in the Bay State.

Born Loser, Tricky Dick Nixon, solidly behind at the polls. Rocky gaining momentum with worried delegates, many of whom would rather see the Republicans lose than put in the troublesome Rocky, who refused to endorse their candidate, Goldwater, last time around. Wallace vote hurting Nixon support, while Cleaver not much of a threat to McCarthy, front running liberal (don't forget, HHH was once considered a liberal). If Rocky and Nixon fight it out at the convention, John Lindsay may slip in on a later ballot. Look for Lindsay in the 6th or 7th. On the Democratic side, McCarthy hopes looking up, but it's a long climb to the top. The dream ticket, Lindsay vs. McCarthy, could be the best choice since Roosevelt vs Wilkie.

Afghan Girl desperately sought for demanding role. Must be affluent, haughty, have very long, beautiful hair, or she can be the simple country girl, fresh and pink type. The French Director behind BB and JF is using Avatar as a screen to find proper talent. Send photo and statistics of you and your Afghan to Avatar.

Police Brutality still common on the Common. Even the mayor's office is outraged. Observing an obvious case of brutality, a mayor's aide approached the officer and said, "I think you should leave that boy alone." "Go fuck yourself if you don't want to get arrested," was the officer's reply. The gentleman then informed the officer that he was from the mayor's office. This evoked a string of police obscenity that if repeated would bust Avatar.

10% of Nation's Real Estate owned by Clergy Tax Free. Millions of dollars worth of land untaxed. Added to the Universities who are taxed only for dormitories. this represents a huge strangling tax loss, especially to the cities of Boston and Cambridge, which have heavy concentrations of both University and Church Owned land. It is only natural under these circumstances that the city of Boston will get the $130 tax rate. One would never wish to tax actual churches, rectories, or land immediately around them. The Cardinal's vast Villa on Lake Street is another matter.

Alice's Restaurant to be new Arthur Penn movie. Says director, Alice's Restaurant to be bigger than Bonnie and Clyde. Shot on location at the Church, the film will have a heavy Resistance slant and will feature life of Ray and Alice. Arlo has an incidental theme and, of course, the musical score. Alice pretty up tight these days suing for rights to name et al.

Avatar heavily in debt. Misappropriation of funds and general lack of business sense gradually wrecked the finances of the Avatar. Saddled with an $8000 debt the New Avatar has been struggling issue by issue to get ahead of printing bills. American Colony Press has patiently borne the difficulties of Avatar for more than a year. You can help with subscription and general donations of equipment. Typewriters are badly needed, and a light table. After running up phone bills of over $500 a month with calls to North Dakota and Wyoming, locks have been placed on phones by astute business manager Brian C. Faunce who is a penny-pinching son of a bitch. Help the editors to become independent of the creditors by giving up a little bread to get out of the hole and bring you a better Avatar, of course.

Kasoundra, Kasoundra, who has a rabbit named benny and lives in a basement store in the Lower East Side madly in love with Leonard Cohen, poet and lyricist. Kooky Kasoundra running into more than her usual share of ill fortune. In Europe her work was destroyed by non-art appreciating burglar. Back in New York, her pad was boosted of personal belongings. Kasoundra, who models at the league, is a legend in her own time for her old theatrical clothing and eccentric but lovable ways.

Leather business, in tough shape a few years ago, in better shape now with rise of sado-masochistic cults which use leather whips and chains as fetish items.

Food Revolution - The most basic of health foods is Brown Rice. You can buy it for 25 cents a pound from Howard Kilby through Avatar. To prepare it, measure exactly one and a half cups of water to one cup of rice. The Arabs wash the rice thoroughly before cooking to remove excess starch - then your rice doesn't stick together. Add a little soy sauce to the water for flavor, and a pinch of salt - kosher, of course. Bring rapidly to a boil, immediately turn down to the lowest possible flame, cover, and wait approximately a half hour to 45 minutes, depending upon humidity and altitude. Rice is cooked when all water seems to have disappeared from the pot. In another pot you have been boiling black eye beans which you soaked the night before. Throw a little salt pork and some miso into the beans. Serve the beans over the rice as a topping. Arrox and beanth himme three can shaffah. Next week we go Arab with Kus Kus.

Blind Jim, master of the Cray Pas, opens to mixed crowds at Alpine Gallery. The very latest in spontaneous Avante Garde, Afro, Alpine Gallery is a true Gallery of the people. Much more natural dancing to soul music and sipping punch in relaxing bare footed atmosphere chatting with professor and declaimer, author and hippie. Good time was had by all. Blind Jim wore a jeweled dog collar for the occasion.

Lobsters and certain species of fish fast disappearing from coastal fisheries. Scarcity has pushed the lobster dinner into the 7 dollar category. Lobstermen are baffled by loss of lobsters, but tend to blame it on Scuba divers who have scored the beds of shorts (young lobsters), hence the breeding cycle is interrupted. Only rigid measures will save the lobster.

Mayor White pouring a lot of bread into churning up Copley Square to create a little park with his plaque on it, in turn allocates a mere thousand dollars to Roxbury volunteers who are working without pay to recondition playgrounds, paint murals, and build playground equipment. Volunteers have been destroying walls by hand and carrying bricks, when a single MDC bulldozer could help the kids with a day's work.

Establishment Press and other media taking a good look at the Avatar. At least one book has been written about Avatar and several others are in the works. Seems to be generally conceded Avatar fastest growing new medium in the business, Time, Life, a word from the wise.

Water and Air Pollution studies being prepared for extensive coverage in Avatar. We will soon be running an extended series on conservation and social ills. You are what you eat. The Food Revolution, The Sex Revolution, and Agrarian Reform. Grim facts of current pollution.

Judge Adlow having a ball with Hippies. Imposing $20 fines on kids breaking curfew on the Common. Mr. and Mrs. Weston of 28 Flagg Street, Cambridge, were given a month's suspended sentence. Arresting officer showed the judge arm and wrist scratches inflicted while arresting Mrs. Weston. In handing down decision, Judge Adlow commented, "No cop is safe while you're around."

Fred Shibley, Rising Star of Avatar, gets a lot of hair off his chest to beat the summer heat. Down to his fighting skin, Shibley is a walking encyclopedia of Boston Politics and the BRA.

Avatar has been trying for a year now to get Press Cards from the Police Department. Daily calls to the mayor's office in the past few weeks to inquire as to where we could apply has revealed Mr. Flavin. Mr. Flavin's office, may I help you, he's not in right now may I help you, Mr. Flavin's office he's not in may I help you, only after a long frustrating time that the Mayor is helpless in the matter that I will have to chase after the Public Relations Man for the Police, lawd have mercy. Calling this week at McCarthy Headquarters to make arrangements to cover Eugene's Press Conference, an aide told me that since we haven't got press cards we will have to be investigated by the CIA to see whether or not it is likely that we will bring a 45 to the reception. All attempts to deny presence of Avatar seem to fail.