Issue 25   Boston, Mass.   May 9, 1968

Avatar 25

"the 'lost' issue"

pages: 24
copies printed: 45,000
copies distributed: ca. 1000

Images of Avatar 25, previously assumed 'extinct', are presented here, 40 years after the dateline.

Brian Keating in NY Avatar #5 (June 1, 1968):

"Last week or so, at about four o'clock on Saturday morning, I confiscated 45,000 copies of a newspaper. Or, as some sticklers for semantics would have, I stole the 45,000 copies."

Both Giuliano 2007 and Kindman 1993 report that the "confiscated" paper was sold as scrap. But a few issues escaped. Charles Giuliano, the editor, reports (2007) that he "took a bundle home" when they were first delivered; Brian Kelly, in Boston Free Press (May, 1968), that "approximately 1000 copies of No. 25... were distributed in the Harvard Square area."

In 2008 I corresponded with Todd S., who had a complete collection of Avatars, including, as it turned out, the elusive #25. The images shown here are based on Todd's issue, from which he generously provided excellent high-quality scans.

Published sources of information relating to the event...

1. Boston Free Press, May 1968 - "Avatar Job Nets 45000" - Brian Kelly

2. Boston Free Press, June 1968 - "Avatar Heist" - Brian Kelly

3. NY Avatar #4, May 10 1968, pp9-11 - "Last Week" by John Wilton (NY editor)
4. NY Avatar #5, June 1, 1968, p3 - "Last Week" by Brian Keating (editor)
5. NY Avatar #5, June 1, 1968, p2 "Letters" - letter to Wilton from Arden re: 3
6. NY Avatar #6, July, 1968, p5 "Letters" - letter to Keating from Giuliano re: 4

7. Boston Avatar Volume II, 1968

8. Avatar #25, "Changes" - Brian Kelly, 1968

9. Avatar #25, "An Editorial, Huh?" - Charles Giuliano, 1968

10. Michael Kindman, 1993, on Avatar issue No. 24...

In December, 2007 I wrote to Charles Giuliano, Editor of the issue, asking for information about #25. He generously agreed to provide a brief article with some of his recollections of the times and the event:

11. "Avatar Issue #25" - Charles Giuliano, 2007.

Ardeena the Queena, 17
Bill Bool, 2
Blind Jim, 18
Brian Kelly, 3, 5
Charles Giuliano, 7, 15, 16
Chris Pearne, 20
Edward Beardsley, 3
Ethel, 21
J. Michael Freedberg, 6
Jerry Whelan, 11
Jon Marciano, 11
Ken Emerson, 14
[M. Preston Burns], 2
Pebbles, 20
Randy Foote, 9
Richard Joos, 12-13
Thomas Alexander, 8
Tim Kelly, 15
William Andrews, 22

p.2 - B.U.R.P. Boston Urban Renewal Plan Bill Bool - What is the Underground? What Are YOU? [M. Preston Burns]
p.3 - What Are YOU Doing About It? Edward Beardsley - Masthead - Day in the Life - Welcome To Boston! Edward Beardsley - National Resistance Conference Brian Kelly - One of the most positive proposals for the South End... - Subscribe
p.4 - [photos of John Kostick making stars...]
p.5 - Changes Brian Kelly
p.6 - Not False Gods, But Real Men J. Michael Freedberg - A Mödern Mass In An Old Church : Genet's "The Maids" J. Michael Freedberg
p.7 - String Quartet [drawing] - An Editorial, Huh? Charles Giuliano
p.8 - Down in Roxbury Thomas Alexander
p.9 - Somerville Randy Foote
p.10 - [drawing]
p.11 - Ernest Hemingway portrait by Karsh and quote - [three poems:] "Debate", "Pardon Me", "In a Hurry" Jerry Whelan - Bein' Nasty Jon Marciano
p.12-13 - For Tomorrow Richard Joos
p.14 - The Only Regret Ken Emerson
p.15 - [Tim Hardin] Charles Giuliano - Paradox of the re-made image Tim Kelly (June 1967)
p.16 - Contemporary Arts : On the Run! Charles Giuliano
p.17 - You ARE what you EAT Ardeena the Queena
p.18 - The Science Article Blind Jim
p.19 - A Call to Celebration!
p.20 - The Waiting Song Chris Pearne - Food for Thought and a Word to Live by Pebbles
p.21 - The Straight Creep Nothing Ethel
p.22 - Myths About Drugs William Andrews
p.23 - Calendar / Classified
p.24 - [IChing] 10. Lii / Treading [Conduct]


p.1 "held up to the light"