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NO. 6    BOSTON - UNITED FREE PRESS - AUG 18 - AUG 31 - 1967

  Masthead Changes:
"Editorial Board" changed to "Editors," Lewis S.W. Crampton, Lenny Gibson and Dave Wilson removed, Brian Keating added. "Creative Staff" changed to "Artists," Given and Fox moved up. "Circulation Manager" (Jack Fuchs) removed. Editorial Office and Manuscript notices added. "associated with the Underground Free Press" replaced by "is a member of..."

145 Columbia Street   Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
TEL.  (617) 868-9788
EDITORSWayne M. Hansen
Brian Keating
ARTISTS Eben Given
Edward Fox
Edward Beardsley

Editorial offices at:

40 Highland Avenue
Roxbury, Massachusetts 02120
tel: (617) 427-3590

Manuscripts submitted for editorial consideration should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope to guarantee return.

The AVATAR sends thanks and Love to writers, readers, advertisers, and all others who have helped to make the AVATAR possible.

The AVATAR is published bi-weekly by Trust Incorporated
Copyright 1967 by Trust Incorporated
The AVATAR is a member of the Underground Free Press

Articles & Columns (20 pp.)
p. 2Letters:
    D.D. Yamer
    Charles J. Browne
    Mary Klein

"My bones are clean..." (from the Box Poems)
"Gentlemen never inspire jokes..." (from the Box Poems)
p. 3 Wayne M. Hansen: Speed
p. 4Ed Fox: The Aquarian Age
Lennie Gibson: Itinerant Head
[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist
    Summer, '60 Minneapolis (typos in last two lines hand-corrected: know knot, they you) [Mirror: Summer, 1960, 514½ 22nd Ave. So., Minneapolis]
p. 5Joey Goldfarb : Looking Without
Joey Goldfarb : Using Astrology
Bill Ryan: Secrets of the Heart
p. 6-7Rick Strauss: Speed (reprinted from the Oracle of Southern California)
p. 7Gerard Malanga: Two Years After the Disaster
p. 8Charles Dexter Ward: The Spoonful Speaks
p. 9Boston Draft Resistance Group
Mel Miller: A Time of Crisis (from the Bay State Banner)
p. 10-11WBZ Bob Kennedy radio interview with Wayne, Mel and Eben. (June, 1967. partial transcript)
p. 12David Kupferman: Dialectics of Liberation
"He and She..." (from the Box Poems)
p. 13Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (The only thing I know...)
S.F. Com/co (UPS): Haight-Hate
p. 14Mel Lyman: Letters to Mel:
   A.C. Spectorsky
   Charles Giuliano
   Mason McCracken
p. 16Mrs. Murphy's Chowder:
    San Francisco
    Legalization of Marijuana
    Viet Nam
    Psychedelic Exposition
    War Resister's League
    Artist's Cooperative
    San Francisco Mime Troupe

Deac Rossell: Canadian Underground Films
p. 17Dave Wilson: Scaramouche
Bud Burns: Paranoia's Playground
p. 18Classified (ads)