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No 24      AVATAR BOSTON       APR 26 - May 9  1968     50¢

Masthead Changes:

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copyright © 1968 Avatar Incorporated.

Articles & Columns ( 11½" x 15½" - [28] p. unnumbered)
p. [1]You know what we've been doing up here on Fort Hill? We've been building a wall around Mel's house out of heavy, heavy stone.
p. [2-3]photos of wall-building
p. [4][Mel Lyman]: [Letter to Mel from Kathy and reply]
p. [5]photo of eclipse
p. [6][Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   Dec. 1962, New York City. [Mirror: December, 1962, Bowery loft, New York City]
p. [7]photo (of Alison Peper)
p. [8]Mel Lyman: [Letter from Mel Lyman to David Silver of "What's Happening Mr. Silver" concerning the show telecast on Channel 2, April 24, 1968.]
p. [9-13]photos (of Alison Peper)
p. [14]Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (How much you feel is an exact measure of just how alive you are) Second Printing
p. [15-25]photos (of Alison Peper)
p. [26]Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (I used to be degraded but now I am divine)
p. [27]photo (of Alison Peper)
p. [28]Mel Lyman: Love (Like a monkey swinging from limb to limb)

Michael Kindman's comments on issue No. 24, from My Odyssey through the Underground Press.