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APR 12-25  NO.23  35¢           BOSTON       1968

  Masthead Changes:
"LBJ" quote. "News Editor (Skip Ascheim) added, and "Candy, Office; Bess Turner, Street Sales; Neil Scorpio. Crampton, Oates, et al removed. Split into Boston and New York.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Telephone: (617) 261-8634
    We have talked long enough in this country about equal rights. We have talked 100 years or more. It is time to write the next chapter
—President Jouhnson's first address
to Congress
Issue Number 23April 12, 1968
Wayne Hansen, Editor; Michael Kindman, Managing Editor; Skip Ascheim, News Editor; Eben Given, The Artist, Edward Beardsley-Jordan, Graphics; Bob McQuaid, Magazine Editor; Abercrombie, Etc., Advertising; Jeremy Greenwood, Business; Juliet Hentz Greenwood, Distribution; Candy, Office; Bess Turner, Street Sales; Neil Scorpio, Almost Indispensible; Joyce Newmark, Super Compositeuse; United Illuminating, Inspiration.

New York
Brian Keating, John Wilton.

AVATAR IN BOSTON is published fortnightly in two sections and copyright © 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $6.00 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 35 cents. Subscriptions are free to men in prison and servicemen in Vietnam. AVATAR is printed by American Colony Press, Auburn, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17½" x 23" - 12 p.)
p. 1Wayne Hansen: "I wrote what follows two days before Martin Luther King was shot..."
p. 2Spec/4 John ------: The Edge of All Hell
Ken Emerson: Mud in Your EYE
Arthur Mutable Earth: My Body and Soul Through Five Issues Going
    The Swamp Fox
    Digger Bill
    Bill Barrell
    Kenneth F. Kister
    Senie Blake
    D. Peter (Aquarius)
    Gloria (Cancer)

randy foote: Harrassment: A Postscript
p. 3Skip Ascheim: After King, the Liberation
Washington Poor People's Campaign
J. Michael Freedberg: Martin Luther King's Death
p. 4Wayne Hansen: Mr. Johnson and the Future of America
Skip Ascheim: Panthers and Police
Skip Ascheim: Resistance April 3
randy foote: Awake America
April 15: An Academic Day of Conscience
"The Lyman Family, At the ATMA Coffeehouse...April 15... At the Club 47... April 22-23..." (ad)
p. 5Richard Wellins: And the War Drags On
Tom Jarrell: Saint Joan at Harvard: Where Was God Then?
"I am a man of God..."
p. 6-7UNITS:
    Carol Morrissey: photographs
    Arden Harrison: "I wouldn't let animals live in these things..."
    Charles Giuliano: "Beantown is cutting a big one in urban renewal these days..."
    J. Michael Freedberg: Not Just The Eskimos Leave Their Old Behind
p. 8J. Michael Freedberg: The Stockholm Monetary Conferences: A Victory for World Free Trade, a Defeat for Economic Isolationism
Kevin Black (Emerson): Patchwork
p. 9Wayne: Commonwealth vs. God, Joe and Harvey
randy foote: A Time for Community
p. 10William Andrews: The Illuminated Pharmacologist: Drug Use and Abuse
p. 11Classified (ads)
p. 12Advertising Information
Picture Credits
Section 2 (11½" x 17½" - [16] p. unnumbered)
p. [2][Eben Given]: "Mine eyes have seen the glory" (Martin Luther King)
p. [4][Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   November, 1962, Florida. [Mirror: November, 1962, Florida]
p. [5]Millie: Life
To You I Love
p. [6]Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (Now that I'm a writer again)
p. [7]Joey Goldfarb helped by Melinda Cohn: Using Astrology
Bob: "Remember, at all times the stars are in balance..."
Ed: "You want the truth now..."
p. [8]Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (To speak what is ON your MIND) Second Printing
Joey [Goldfarb]: "We must lose that which we need..."
Dan: "I keep grabbing at the rosetrees..."
p. [9-13]Eben [Given] and Brian [Keating]: "I came to New York with my box of paints..."
p. [14]Letters:
    Gayle (Libra)
    Les Sweetnam

Dan: "I was sitting in the palace eating ice cream..."
p. [15]Paul Leo: the adventure of super-liberal, or how whitey gets a hard head