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MAR 29-APR 11  NO.22  35¢           BOSTON       1968

  Masthead Changes:
"Karl Marx" quote. Many changes in titles and staff listings - Wayne Hansen sole editor, Managing Editor (Michael Kindman) added, Keating and Wilton now "our supermen in New York."  now: "Avatar IN BOSTON."*

*Subscribe! (p. 4)
Avatar in NEW YORK exists as of now. The magazine section of Avatar in BOSTON will be common to both cities, but the newspaper sections of the respective papers will be quite distinct from each other. For those who would like to subscribe to both editions...

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Telephone: (617) 261-8634
    Better that the whole world should be destroyed and perish utterly than that a free man should refrain from one act to which his nature moves him.
-Karl Marx
Issue Number 22March 29, 1968
Wayne Hansen, Editor; Michael Kindman, Managing Editor; Eben Given, The Artist, Edward Beardsley-Jordan, Graphics; Bob McQuaid, Magazine Editor; Abercrombie, Etc., Advertising; Jeremy Greenwood, Business; Juliet Hentz Greenwood, Distribution; Jerri Frazier, and Bess Turner, Real Office Workers; andnow Lew Crampton, Office Manager; Paula, Milli-bopper; Dan Oates, Production Manager; Joyce Newmark, Tracy Thompson, and Dvora, Very Important Typistolaries; United Illuminating; and of course our supermen in New York who made this list possible. Brian Keating and John Wilton.

Advertising, Abercrombie, Etc., 261-8636; Distribution, Juliet Hentz Greenwood.

Avatar IN BOSTON is published fortnightly in two sections and copyright c 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $6.00 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 35 cents. Subscriptions are free to men in prison and servicemen in Vietnam. Avatar is printed by American Colony Press, Auburn, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17½" x 23" - 12 p.)
p. 1Wayne Hansen: Gospel of the Good News
p. 2Letters:
    Diane Rache
    Irving Werner
    Helen C. LaVey
    William J. Foley
    Gasper Vaughn
    L. Westbrook
    Gail Thomas
    Jerome Laskowski
    S.L. Marvin, L.R. Austring
    Morgan F. Davis
    Kathleen O'Connell
    Rej (Pisces)
    Sp/4 Ralph Keenhold

p. 3An Interview with Louis Kampf
"April 3 is the next national day of Resistance..."
p. 4Mike O'Sullivan: It's a Green Machine
Chastity: "This is a real military communique..."
p. 5Skip Ascheim: Black
Dan Oates: Spotlight
PEBBLES: Beatitude
Skip Ascheim: Demonstration Succeeds?
p. 6Larry Wolken: Sunday Walk in the South End (photos)
p. 7J. Michael Freedberg: East Boston Is a Very Cold Place in March
Skip Ascheim: The Commonwealth (you) vs. Bill Baird
PEBBLES: Son of 'You Can't Be Hip'
PEBBLES: Where Do You Live?
p. 8Charles Giuliano: Eben Given at the Paul Schuster Gallery
KARMA SQUAD: First N.U.T.S. Meeting
Brian Kelly: "The second meeting of the Community Undertaking National Television..."
J. Winsley Homus: Social Chatter
"April First - 8:PM, United Illuminating Presents: An Evening With The Lyman Family..." (ad)
p. 9Ken Emerson: The Boston Sound:
    Eden's Children
    The Bead Game
p. 10William Andrews: The Illuminated Pharmacologist: Pharmacology and Speed
Snydely Purnishes: Patchwork
p. 11Suzanne Beardsley: Calendar
Classified (ads)
p. 12J. Michael Friedberg and Kenneth A. Weene: Gold, Goods and Currency: Do You Believe in Transsubstantiation?
Section 2 (11½" x 17½" - [16] p. unnumbered)
p. [3]Eben Given: United Illuminating Charter (signed by: Eben Given, Jessie Benton, David Gude, Richard Guerin, George L. Peper, Jim Kweskin, Wayne M. Hansen, Robert McDaniel, Joseph Goldfarb, Owen de Long, John M. Kostick, Edward W. Fox Jr.), March 21st, 1968.
p. [4][Mel Lyman]: A Mel Master Disciple Dialogue
p. [5]Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (To those of you who are unfamiliar with me)
p. [6]Mel [Lyman]: Ride a subway during rush hour in New York City [Telling It Like It Is].
"The wind and rain have gone on seven hours..."
Millie: "It doesn't hurt when someone leans on you..."
p. [7]Joey Goldfarb: Using Astrology: The Moon Over Manhattan
p. [8]Faith [Gude]: "For 2,000 years hope harbored a promise..."
p. [9]Faith [Gude]: not desperate sister
p. [10-13]Mel Lyman, David Gude, Jim Kweskin, Joey Goldfarb: The Structure of Structure (Act I)
p. [14]Letters:
    Anne Stevens (Cancer)
    Bill G.
    David Ames
    Paul Leo
    rosko, japan
    Peter Lantz
p. [15][Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   November, 1962, Florida. [Mirror: November, 1962, Florida]

Bill Ryan: Two Guns

Michael Kindman's comments on issue No. 22, from My Odyssey through the Underground Press.