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NO. 20     MAR 1 - MAR 13       BOSTON       1968     35¢

  Masthead Changes:
issue & date added, new phone number, many new categories and staff. Bob MacQuaid becomes Robert McQuaid, Ed Fox, the Beardsleys, Jeremy Greenwood removed. "in two sections" and "to men serving prison sentences" added.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Telephone: (617) 261-8634
Issue Number 20March 1, 1968
Brian Keating, Supereditor; Wayne Hansen, Boston Editor; John Wilton, New York City Editor (forthcoming); Eben Given, Chief Artist; Robert McQuaid, Magazine Editor; Abercrombie, Etc., Advertising; Juliet Hentz Greenwood, Business Manager; Maria Treschock, Kay Rose, Jerri Frazier, and Bess, Office Lovelies; Paula, Milli-bopper; Joyce Newmark, Tracy Thompson, and Dvora, Very Important Typistolaries; Sam and the Cat, with whom we put up; United Illuminating (Fort Hill), Without-Whom-All-This-Would-Be-Inconceivable.

AVATAR is published bi-weekly in two sections and copyright © 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $6.00 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 35 cents. Subscriptions are free to men serving in Vietnam and to men serving prison sentences. AVATAR is printed by The American Colony Press of Auburn, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17" x 23" - 12 p.)
p. 1Jim Oestereich: Praise the Lord
p. 2Letters:
    Maria Maria
    P.O. employee
    Harvey Bronstein
    Jack Filioque
    Marion M. Bommer (Mrs. A.M.)
    Joseph D. Pope
    Paul Salenger
    Mark Dionne
    Carl Peterson
    (unsigned - on Maharishi)
    Emmet Libra
    Woody Coggiano
    Marilyn (Gemini) & Nancy (Capricorn)
    Alex Gross
p. 3Skip Ascheim: How DOW
Here are two reactions from Harvard Students:
    randy foote
    Steve Lerner
p. 4Wesley R. White (Scorpio): Canada
Pebbles: You Can't Be Hip
Wayne Hansen: Poisoning the Media... and the minds of the people
p. 5Brian Kelly: National Underground Television
p. 6Tom Jarrell: Confessions of a two-time Dropout
p. 7[George Jalbert, David O'Brien, John Phillips]: Ex-Cons Talk!
Kydde Sisder: Patchwork: mostly LIBERATION News Service and a few lies
p. 8J. Winsley Homus: Social Chatter: Miss Juliet Hentz Really Weds Mr. Jeremy Greenwood!
Jeremy: The Press: Pale Crimson
J. Michael Friedberg: One Way To Bring A Metropolitan Boston About
Ken Emerson: Music!: Club 47
John Wilton: Jean Jacques
p. 9John Wilton: Kill A Priest
(March 1968 Almanac): "I have decided to spend three or four hours every day..."
Wayne Hansen: Abbie Hoffman in Boston
p. 10Alexander Sorenson: vietnam journal
"Boston Resistance is busy..."
Thy Will be Done...
p. 11Calendar
Classified (unclassifed ads)
Section 2 (11" x 17" - [20] p. unnumbered)
p. [3]Mel Lyman: Essay on the New Age (Tim Leary used to say...)
p. [4]RAM: Thru The Past
Bill Ryan: "Mel: GIMME! I like to blast people's minds..."
Joey [Goldfarb]: "I read a story, about issue 19..."
p. [5][Eben Given]: Journals of John the Painter
p. [6]Faith [Gude]: "Windows are for weeping out of..."
Jessie [Benton Lyman]: "The only time you are in contact with your soul..."
p. [7-9]David (Tony) Glover: Kenneth Patchen: The horror and the hope
p. [10]Faith [Gude]: The Way God Enters Into Everything That's Done On The Planet Earth
Tom Jarrell: "How can the mute tell the deaf man..."
p. [11][Mel Lyman]: When the rain came
Saggitarius II: "I feel games are for children..."
Faith [Gude]: "An angel trades her habit for fun..."
Ed: In a day of sorrow..."
p. [12]Who Bill Is
[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   Oct, 1962, No Car. [Mirror: October, 1962, North Carolina]
p. [13]George Millaway: "God created Adam..."
p. [14][Michael Kindman]: Note from a Visitor
Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (Today I am speaking only to those who want to learn)
p. [15]Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (Understanding can only be created out of MIS-understanding)
p. [16-17][Mel Lyman]: Letters to Mel:
    Bobbie (Saggitarius)
    Kay - Virgo
    Al Farrah
    Marcy Edelstein
    Christine Dwyer
    David Rabbi
p. [18]"I skim the sheets of sand..." (from the Box Poems)
Eben Given: "The moments of the most truth..."
p. [19]Mel [Lyman]: Every new day is a new door