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NO. 19     FEB 16 - FEB 29       BOSTON       1968     35¢

  Masthead Changes:
"Distribution" (Mrs. Juliet Greenwood) added. "every two weeks" now "bi-weekly," subscription notice added, manuscript notice removed. Printer moved from Worcester to Auburn.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Tel: (617) 261-8092 or 247-8370
Brian Keating, Wayne Hansen, Editors; Eben Given, Artist; John Wilton, Bob MacQuaid, Ed Fox, Office Boys; Maria Treschock, Office Girl; Ed and Suzanne Beardsley, Advertising; Jeremy Greenwood, Business; Mrs. Juliet Greenwood, Distribution.

AVATAR is published bi-weekly by Avatar Incorporated. Copyright © 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $6.00 a year (26 issues), free to young men serving in Vietnam.
AVATAR is printed by the American Colony Press of Auburn, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17½" x 23" - 12 p.)
p. 1Skip Ascheim: Birth of a Witch Hunt
Wayne Hansen: How Escalation Brought the Chief to the Bargaining Table
p. 2Letters:
    T.H.E. Shac
    Charles E.
    Richard Delman
    Liz (pisces)
    David (Pisces Scorpio)
    Arthur Goulston
    Madame De Sevigne
    I'd sign this but I need my job
    Rob Pepper
    David Evans

Buzy: Dear Wayne...
p. 3J. Michael Friedberg: The Real Failure Of President Johnson
John Wilton: Avatar A Newspaper At Last
John Wilton: Oteri Scores In Court
All Quiet On The Southern Front (Liberation News Service)
The Last Supper Of Eugene McCarthy (Liberation News Service)
"GET A HAIRCUT," Hippie Editor Advises
p. 4Brian Kelly: Freedom of Consciousness
p. 5Skip Ascheim: The Absolute Flu
Skip Ascheim: Whats Happening Mr. Silver
p. 6Phil Stiles: ...summer in new york a long time ago (photos)
p. 7Stephen D. Lerner: Jail
40. Hsieh Deliverance
Seven Point Agreement Between Avatar and the City of Cambridge
John: Mick Cop Tells Wop Lawyer, "Get Your Hebe Out Of Here!"
p. 8Jeremy: The Press
J. Michael Friedberg: Khe San: From the Halls of Montezuma
Sherman Hanna: Chickenshitliberals
p. 9R.G. Davis: Guerilla Theatre
Jonas Mekas: films
Skip Ascheim: theatre
p. 10Kydde Sisder: Patchwork: Stuff and nonsense from Liberation News Service and other rumors
p. 11Calendar
Classified (ads)
Section 2 (111/2" x 171/2" - 24 p.)
p. 2Eben Given: "It is the history of all human inspiration..."
p. 3Mel Lyman: On Abraham Lincoln
p. 4Joey Goldfarb: The Art of Astrology
p. 5RAM: Thru The Past
Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (In the beginning lies the essence of all that is to follow)
Mel [Lyman]: Here is a good test
p. 6Faith [Gude]: "There are cops and there are cops..."
D[avid] Gude: "All policemen are reincarnated gangsters..."
David Libra: "I met a police captain the other day..."
Excerpt from the Massachusetts Police Association Journal
p. 7[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   Oct. 1962, North Carolina. [Mirror: October, 1962, North Carolina]

Bill Ryan: "When God started shitting on me..."
"An idiots wrath can trample heaven..." (From The Box)
p. 9Melinda [Cohn]: How I Met and Took Up With My World Savior or Old Snaggle Tooth As He Is Sometimes Called
p. 12-13Mel [Lyman]: To All Who Would Know (Only a heart that is emptied of sadness can be filled with joy)
p. 14[Eben Given]: Journals of John the Painter
p. 15[Mel Lyman]: Letters to Mel:
    jack cawley
    Michael Feinstein
    brad brean
    Reverend Ray
    Grazia Maria
    An Unsigned Soul
p. 16K. Merlin: Piety
Jim Kweskin: "Fear is a state of mind..."
Hale Bixby: "Dreams die for a long time..."
Rebecca (aries): Tears
Faith [Gude]: "There was a touch of sad sentiment..."
Ian (Sagittarius) [Franckenstein]: "The other evening, sitting in Mel's kitchen..."
p. 17-22Mel Lyman and David Silver: Transcript of Interview between Mel Lyman and Dave Silver (Channel 2 TV)
p. 23Mel Lyman: Essay On The NEW AGE (The United States has led the world)