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NO. 18     FEB 2 - FEB 15       BOSTON       1968     35¢

  Masthead Changes:
"Big Boy in New York" (Charles Giuliano) removed.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Tel: (617) 261-8092 or 247-8370
Brian Keating, Wayne Hansen, Editors; Eben Given, Artist; John Wilton, Bob MacQuaid, Ed Fox, Office Boys; Maria Treschock, Office Girl; Ed and Suzanne Beardsley, Advertising; Jeremy Greenwood, Business.

AVATAR is published every second week by Avatar Incorporated. Copyright © 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Office Hours basically 10 to 6, usually later. Manuscripts submitted for editorial consideration should be accompanied by a stamped return envelope to enhance the possibility of return.
AVATAR is printed by the American Colony Press in Worcester, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns
Section 1 (17½" x 23" - 8 p.)
p. 1Tom Jarrell: Confessions of a two-time draft card burner
p. 2Letters:
    Richard L. Ketchem
    Sp4----- (Virgo)
    matt filipwoski
    Rick M.
    Christopher Sammartano
    Celeste Johnson
    Paul Easton
    A. Hayes
    Michael L. Herman

Pope Barrow: AVATAR and the Law
p. 3Wayne Hansen: RIOT!
"I brought home a carton of milk from the supermarket the other day..."
[Spock, Hayden speak at Sunday night rally]
p. 4Adler Smith: films
Mrs. Murphy's Kydde Sisder: Patchwork: A crazy quilt of scraps and ends from Liberation News Service and the free papers
p. 5Brian Kelly: Center for the Visual Arts ?
Wayne [Hansen]: $$ for T
Jeremy: The Press
p. 6Alexander Sorenson: vietnam journal
Rick Herndon: SPEED
p. 7Calendar
Avatar Classified Get Results!! Read This!!
Classified (ads)
p. 8Brian [Keating]: "New York is these photographs..."
Section 2 (11" x 17" - 16 p.)
p. 2Paul: A Letter
David Libra: "I wonder where I'll go next..."
Mother: "Dear David..."
Mama beth-Cambridge: "Was it so long ago..."
p. 3Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (Without dignity I am nothing)
p. 4[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   Late fall, 1962, No. Car. [Mirror: September, 1962, North Carolina]

Mel Lyman: Reflections on an empty stomach
p. 5The Tale of Two Taurus
p. 6Millie: "I'm no great authority, only a human being..."
p. 7Jessie [Benton Lyman]: "Oh Mamma she cried..."
p. 8Charles Giuliano: There ain't never enough
p. 9Mel Lyman: Essay on the New Age (Would it surprise you)
"Destroy pink poetry..." (from the box)
RAM: Thru The Past
p. 10[Eben Given]: Journal of John the Baptist
p. 11On the Bowery:
    Joey [Goldfarb]: Avatar in New York
    Bill: Another Story
Rene Daumal: "Tell you what..."
p. 12Melinda [Cohn]: "I traded my son for long moments of despair..."
Rita: "I had a poem for the AVATAR..."
Faith [Gude]: "For Rita..."
Joey [Goldfarb]: "I expect everything from you..."
Mel [Lyman]: Telling It Like It Is (In the beginning lies the essence of all that is to follow)
p. 13Joey Goldfarb: "The elements used in astrology..."
Faith [Gude]: The Water Signs
Eben [Given]: "A study of the planets..."
R.W. Emerson: "I look for the hour when that Supreme Beauty..."
p. 14-15[Mel Lyman]: Letters to Mel:
    Jay Dodd
    David J. Tulbert
    Janie O'Dell
    Kathy (aries)
    Cindy Cooperman
    ramona libra

"I scoop a thousand whys out of my heart..." (from the box)
"I have nothing to sing but the same old song..." (from the box)