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NO. 15     UNITED FREE PRESS     EASTCOAST    DEC 22 - JAN 4   1967     WESTCOAST 30 CENTS     25¢

  Masthead Changes:
staff names all removed. Copyright: Avatar Inc.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Tel: (617) 261-8092 or 247-8370
Manuscripts submitted for editorial consideration should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope to guarantee return.
AVATAR is printed by the American Colony Press in Worcester, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns (24 pp.)
p. 2Letters:
    J. Press
    Alfred Newman
    Rick Herndon
    John Kreidl
    (Mrs.) Lilian Quinn
    Me, Norbert
p. 3Wayne [Hansen]: WOMEN - God, how I hate 'em
p. 5Skip Ascheim: the Great Cambridge Obscenity trial
Wayne Hansen: "I had the feeling at the trial on Tuesday..."
p. 6[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   October, 1962, North Carolina [Mirror: October, 1962, North Carolina (longer version)]

[Eben Given]: Journals of John the Wasted
p. 7"A wisp of tangled angel hair..."
p. 8Brian Keating: Antifreeze & Dropping Out
p. 9John : cop-out of the century
Charles Giuliano: Gallery - Tour
p.10Charles Giuliano: Captain High was last seen in Panama looking for Red
p. 11Mel [Lyman]: I am going to fuck the world
p. 14Kydde Sisder: Patchwork: A crazy quilt of scraps and ends from the free papers and Liberation News Service
Faith [Gude]: Good Grief!
p. 15Mrs. Murphy's Chowder:
    New on the Swami Front
    Harrassment on the Lower East Side
    What's Happening in the Media Dept.
    Death of a Prime Minister

"Balloon King has heard about the dying star."
p. 16Wayne Hansen: Reply to Harry Duncan of The Blue Bus
Barry Burns: On a Mother's Milk
Faith [Gude]: "Every angel felt the fire leave..."
Joey [Goldfarb]: "There is only one law in all of Gods creation..."
Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (When I was a boy growing up in the mountains)
Faith [Gude]: "A lonely girl rolled over in her lonely sleep..."
p. 17Joey Goldfarb: Using Astrology
"He and She..." (from the Box Poems)
[Mel Lyman](?): Jesus preached compassion
p. 18-19[Mel Lyman]: Letters to Mel:
    David Ames
    C.T. Griggs
    Nick Libra
    Mrs. Monroe
    Ernie Bayar
    J. MacMann
    Cynthia Cooperman
    A disciple
    Dianne (for Shaggie)
    Eric Nadel
    Vic Lapuszynski
p. 20Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (If a woman is really a woman)
p. 21Pepper Lyman: My Dear
Jessie [Benton] Lyman: "To be a Woman is supreme joy..."
p. 22Christmas in Washington
Baruh Sharmon: Paranoia's Playground
p. 23Classified (ads)