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NO. 14     UNITED FREE PRESS     EASTCOAST    DEC 8 - DEC 21   1967     WESTCOAST 30 CENTS     25¢

  Masthead Changes:
staff names all replaced by famous names with some new categories. "printed by" statement reappears.

37 Rutland Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Tel: (617) 261-8092 or 247-8370
EditorRalph Waldo Emerson
Co-EditorBenjamin Franklin
ArtistAlbert Rhyder
Poet Ronald Reagan
Good Witch of the EastJoan of Arc
Our Girl-At-The-OfficeMae West
MadameElizabeth Taylor
Warlock In ResidenceAdolph Hitler
AdvertisingB.B.D. & O.
Public RelationsJoe Pyne
WritersWilliam Shakespeare
Henry Miller
Copy BoyWilliam Randolph Hearst
Business ManagerAbraham Lincoln
DistributionPaul Revere
OppositionStephen Douglas
Members of the Board Tom Jefferson
Tom Payne
Andrew Jackson
William Buckley
Tim Leary
Allen Ginsberg
Robert Kennedy
Clarence Darrow
Alec Guiness
Marlon Brando
Rod Steiger
newest memberWarren Beatty
Manuscripts submitted for editorial consideration should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope to guarantee return.
AVATAR is printed by the American Colony Press in Worcester, Massachusetts

Articles & Columns (20 pp.)
p. 2Letters to Avatar:
    Joe Trainee
    M. Pope Barrow Jr. (From the Crimson)
    C.V. Griggs
    Virginia MacLean
p. 3Harassment
"Will you never risk me..." (from the Box Poems)
p. 4John Rogers: What a drag it is getting BUSTED
Pope Barrow: "goog"
Marc Steiner: Brown rapes (Liberation News Service)
Dan Oates: notice To Street Vendors
p. 5Charles Giuliano: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow another Sunday supplement
p. 6[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist:
   Fall, 1962, North Carolina [Mirror: Fall, 1962, North Carolina; last 2 paragraphs: October, 1962, North Carolina (final paragraph, order changed)]

Cheryl Wadsworth: Speed
p. 7Scotty Frame: Mutiny (reprinted from The Rag (Austin and Houston))
Allen Young: "Pentagon spokesmen, questioned about the incident..." (Liberation News Service)
Richard D. Bailey: Deserters (Liberation News Service)
p. 8Wayne Hansen: street - choir
p. 9Charles Giuliano: Gallery - Tour
p.10-11[Mel Lyman, Jane DeLong & Lew Crampton trip to Munich, Germany]:
    LSWC [Lew Crampton]: "America owes the United Illuminating family..."
    Mel Lyman: "To have to leave what you love..."
    Mel [Lyman]: An Americano in Doitchland
    Rupp Doinet: "Drei waschechte Hippies aus New York erläuterten in Schwabing ihre Philosophie"
p. 12John J. Phillips: how I was evicted from federal prison
p. 13Mel Lyman: Telling It Like It Is (Time for me to blast the filthy eastern ways)
Wayne Hansen: The Illuminated Beggar (letter from Richard L. Ketchen and reply)
p. 14Joey Gemini [Goldfarb]: Look
Mel Lyman: ESSAY ON THE NEW AGE (Human experience is at an all time high)
p. 15Pluto:
    Mel [Lyman]: "Dear Joey, This one I had to write for you..."
    Joey Goldfarb: "Mel said 'Pluto is Neptune's Moon...'"
p. 16Mel [Lyman]: To All Who Would Know (In the beginning. . . . there was God)
Melinda [Cohn] Lyman : "A tree grows where I used to stand..."
Jessie [Benton] Lyman: "White diamonds of snow piled on my windows..."
Faith [Gude] Lyman: "Every turn told the mad dogs..."
p. 17[Mel Lyman]: Letters to Mel:
    Morgan Davis
    unsigned (King Fag)
    Mrs. Monroe
    Ernie Bayar
    Judie Jamison
p. 18[Eben Given]: The Journals of John the Waspegg
Mrs. Murphy's Chowder:
    Cambridge Creeps
    Pot Notes
    New York
    Flower Power
The Biggest Draft Card Burning Yet
p. 19[Edward &] Suzanne Beardsley: Calendar
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