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VOL. 1 - NO. 1    JUNE 9 - 22, '67    BOSTON, MASS.     25¢/35¢ OUT OF BOSTON

145 Columbia Street   Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
TEL. (617) 868-9788
Wayne M. Hansen
David Wilson
CREATIVE STAFFEdward Beardsley
Elisabeth Fuoco
Eben Given
MANAGING EDITORSandi MandevilleGemini
ADVERTISING MANAGERBonnie Lee BrennanScorpio
Stanley BernsAquarius Brian KeatingAquarius
M. Preston BurnsVirgo Tim KellyAquarius
Ed FoxAquarius Mel Lyman Aries
Lenny GibsonAries Steve NelsonGemini
Joey GoldfarbGemini Richard SchweidAries

The A V A T A R sends thanks and Love to: Duane Baker, Muriel Burgin, Linda Emminian, Steve Hansen, Jackie Ledger, Claire Murray, John Palmer, Hal Varian, Al Wagner, Carin Wagner, Marcia Wegman, Bonnie Wodin, and a flock of others..........
The A V A T A R is published bi-weekly by Trust Incorporated
Copyright 1967 by Trust Incorporated
The A V A T A R is associated with the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS)

Those of us who this will reach are not coming together for the first time. Yet it is not often that we have come together.

Throughout history men have organized change, to alter the confines of the existing order, and to bring light into the dark places by sweeping away blindness, confusion, and fear. Long ago these tasks were begun by our greatest universal reformers — Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Lycurgus, the Buddha — and carried to this century by countless visionary philosophers, political men, theologians, and revolutionaries. We must understand, however, that the greatest advances in human consciousness are made by people who demand too much, and thus create a situation in which their over-strained followers inevitably end up either compromisers or dogmatists. And so it is necessary constantly to redirect those advances in human consciousness and to ask how it happens, again and again, that the best become the worst enemies of the good. Dogma, suspicion, and narrow personal pride have always acted upon society's appointed overseers to persuade them to subject laws once resonant with the best spiritual and constructive ideals of an age to thought control and terror. That which began as a towering moral force, and might have remained so if allowed to remain a real part of perpetual community revival, has been shattered and allowed to dissipate into countless petty confusions and quarrels.

AVATAR is the symbol of community revival. Our goals are high, yet we are certain they will come to pass. For a long time we have remained convinced of the rightness of our task — now it is time to bring our message to the world.

— The Editors

Articles & Columns (16 pp.)
"Those of us who this will reach..." (welcome editorial, above)
p.4 Ed Fox: The Aquarian Age
Hip Hip Hooray Abolafia
Farming Community in Upstate New York
Tim Kelly: Dear World
p. 5Joey Goldfard: Using Astrology
p. 6Brian Keating: Cambridge is a City
What is the Underground?
Interview with Bill Baird - Criminal Against Chastity
p. 7Steve Nelson: Legal Hangups
Police Dogs Join Cast of Thousands
"When mind soars..." (poem) by Meher Baba, 1964
p. 8-9United Illuminating Projection (astrological chart)
p. 10Lewis S.W. Crampton: Understanding China
p. 11Dave Wilson: Scaramouche
Drop City Joy Festival
p. 12The Love Experiment in Haight (reprinted from the East Village Other)
Cinematheque To P-Town for Summer
Lenny Gibson: Itinerant Head
p. 13Mel Lyman: To All Who Would Know (To those of you who are unfamiliar with me...) (corrected sheet tipped in)
p. 14Un-Classified (ads)